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The lesser known DE is having a big camp

You know Cameron Wake. He's one of the NFL's top 100 players as selected by his peers.

You know Dion Jordan. He was the player the Dolphins boldly moved up in the draft to take at No. 3 overall and has already been likened to Jason Taylor and Aldon Smith.

You know Olivier Vernon. Much has been written about his fine start to this training camp and his potential to be a starter this season.

You should know Derrick Shelby.

He's having a fine camp. He had a sack in the scrimmage. He had a sack in the preseason-opener against Dallas. Coaches love him.

“Derrick is a very sound football player," coach Joe Philbin said. "He is going to do it exactly the way [assistants] Kacy Rodgers, Charlie Bullen and Kevin Coyle want it done. I love him because he keeps his shoulder pads square. He gives effort. He is in the right spots when he is supposed to be. He knows what gap he has. He’s not jumping around things. He plays through people. He’s doing a nice job."

Shelby made the team last season as a rookie that took well to coaching and rarely made mistakes. This camp, he's trying to make the jump to actually making plays.

And so far, so good.

"I see more production out of Derrick, stating the other night," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. " He’s always a guy that you can count on the be in the right place, he’s very dependable, yet we saw that playmaking ability the other night and we’ve seen it throughout training camp.  He’s been difficult to block, he’s gotten more pressure on the quarterback, he’s been the guy that we feel very pleased with at this point in camp and he’s made a lot of progress."

As the Dolphins added talent at defensive end in the draft -- obviously with Jordan -- the idea of keeping Shelby seemed like something of a luxury. But Shelby so far has earned his spot. He is so far entrenched on the second team defense.

And because he's 280 pounds, he seems more able to hold the point on early run downs aside from his growing pass rush skills.

In other words, Shelby is finding a good niche on the team. And his prospects of staying on the team seem very, very good.

[Injury update: FB Jorvorskie Lane, who missed practice Wednesday with an unkown injury, is expected to play against the Jaguars Friday. The Dolphins are still finalizing decisions on playing Lamar Miller (ankle) and Mike Wallace (groin). Jared Odrick (groin), Brian Hartline (calf) and Olivier Vernon (groin), all of whom missed the preseason-opener, are expected to play. Dannell Ellerbe, who missed the preseason opener, is expected to play. Randy Starks (knee) and John Jerry (knee) are definitely out.]

[Update: Miller, who has been nursing the tender ankle the last two practices, is expected to play barring a last minute complication ... CB Jamar Taylor (hernia recovery) is not expected to play.]

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What's really funny is that Kristy, when asked, has never responded as to whether he'd want his grown up daughter to bring home an odinstank or dashIdiot.

He just evades the question, which is of course a firm answer.

So basically his blog buddies are nobody he'd ever want his daugher associated with. I don't blame him.

On another note.

When did Armando ask you to troll for him?

There was a time when him and you were always fighting here. You kept telling him this is a Public Blog and him telling you this was his Blog.

So when did you convince him that you won't insult him if he let's you troll all you want. You know for the Blog hits.

You actually convinced him that you will bring hits to the Blog. Instead of him realizing the Hits were going to come anyways. People like to talk Dolphin Football.

Posted by: The Truth Old Man | August 08, 2013 at 10:12 PM

Excuse me, but, your above post doesn't wreak of paranoia schizophrenia to you? Noooo.... "SANE" person could miss this.....

Hell, you may as well believe Armando and I are pimping out your sister too. I mean.... why not?

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Posted by: 7-11 | August 08, 2013 at 10:20 PM

Hell, the 7-11 store knows its open 24hrs simply because its there more often than the customer that comes into its store.

I do believe this fully explains you... How many slushees have you sold today? How about "big gulps" Mr Dashi Swallows?

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YG is so old that even the words he use don't mean the same thing anymore.

People called each other Tweets when All TVs were Black and White. Or when Looney tunes was actually famous. They haven't made those Tweety Bird Cartoons since the 70s.

Which way did he go. Which way did he go..

Why isn't Oscar Canola here? I would like to discuss pigeons and traditional Latvian folk dancing with him.

Can all you guys who are going to attach major significance to tomorrow's utterly meaningless and dreadfully boring exhibition game please announce yourselves before kickoff so that I will know in advance which posts to skip over for the next three days?

Thanks in advance.

We're all hoping that
several years from now...


will be mentioned in the same conversation with


Posted by: Cooz | August 08, 2013 at 12:58 PM

Right now, lets just hope Ryan Tannehill can become the Ken O'Brien(1983) of this draft class(2012).

O'Brien was always pretty solid, but never overly spectacular. Even beating Marino a few times.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 08, 2013 at 01:28 PM

Again your STANDARD for QB play is LAUGHABLE! I remember O'Brien well! I believe he took the Jets to the Playoffs a GRAND TOTAL of 2 X's in his storied carrier!!!

LMFAO at your observations of what you consider steady to good QB play in history, let me guess O'Brien was another player snubbed by HOF VOTERS while not getting much deserved respect along with the GREAT Joe Furgeson, BWAAAAAAH HAAAAAAH!

I haven't looked it up but BET THE F'N HOUSE he lost more games than he won as an NFL QB. In your detraction of Marino's career you claimed that while Marino put up numbers his inability to win in the post Season made him a footnote historically then you make outlandish posts about who you'd LIKE TO SEE Tannehill's game mirror??

At this point POSTING in absolute cicles, one guy was GREAT because the #'s don't LIE another was legendary because while the #'s don't bare out he was a WINNER?? Can't seem to ever make up your mind, was it the #'s or was it the wins, guess it all depends on the argument your looking to make, sounds like alot of FLIP FLOPPING to me!

Listen BRAINIAC O'Brien was a SACK-MACHINE in the NFL, yes he beat Marino head-to-head given our D in the late 80's took the mantra from the early 80's Chargers about how really TERRIBLE D could KILL even the GREATEST OF OFFENSES, PERIOD! TJ Turner, Mike Charles and Co. had career games Vs. your guy cause he held the ball to long! There's even a famous clip of O'
Brien being sacked by LT were the camera's catch Taylor relling him,"Son your gonna have to do better than this"

In straight up competition the Jets won games were O'Brien managed to put up over 35 points if not they had no shot given Marino was always close to dropping 40 on them. The difference being their Defense was much better starting up front with the DL with Klecko, Gastineau, Marty Lyons and Abdul Salaam OR The N.Y. SACK EXCHANGE, MLB Lance Mehl was no push over either yet Marino scored on them at will!

Please do yourself a favor and go look up this guys stats before embarrassing yourself with such idiotic comments any further!! If you want to make a smart reference or paralell about a QB from the 83 Class whose name doesn't get mentioned with the BIG-3 (Marino, Elway, Kelly) an who you'd like to see Tannehill end up being like from the 2012 QB Class in terms of how they'll fair historically TRY Tony Eason who WON MORE THAN HE LOST and beat Miami & Marino at home in an AFC Champoinship game actually taking his team to S.B.XX.


In our home, watching Dolphins football is a wholesome and Christian experience.

Whenever Cameron Wake bust through the line to viciously plunder and disembowel an opposing quarterback and leave his maimed and bloodied body writhing on the turf in painful agony with a career-threatening ACL tear, we give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the Blessings he has anointed upon us.


5/8 passing 33 Yds, 5 rushes 33 yds, TD, 2Pt, Game Winning Score and 2 pt conversion with 2:30 4th on clock.

Cross Pat White with Mike Shanahan what do you get?
A: Big Plays & Production

Shanahan got more from Pat White in 1 qtr than Soprano & Ireland did in a year.

Listen, don't get these rednecks mad, we have to play them tomorrow. Of course it sukkkks.

Everytime an unsuccessful Player that was here in Miami succeeds on another Team I feel kind of bad. COACHING HERE HAS SUKKKKED BIG BALLS FOR AT LEAST 20 YEARS!!!

Actually, as I knew Luck and RG3 were out of our range, I preferred Brandon Weeden out of the rest of the QBs last year until Ireland with his insistence made me look closer at RT.

Thank You
'fin4life' (@ 11:11PM)

From what I remember.....Marino consistently threw frozen ropes
DOWN THE FIELD to win football games (for like 17 years)(There's plenty of footage on 'You Tube' in case anyone has forgotten.)

In contrast...
O'Brien is most noted for getting crunched by Lawrence Taylor.

Tannehill HAS to play better than O'Brien or it's gonna be a frustrating season.

When we drafted Pat White, he was a major component configuered into the diabolical sabotage of Bill "I'm not real" Parcels.
The kid displayed a lot of talent in college, but he was a twig. I don't know how much he has matured physically, but unless he has grown a "whole lot of Rosie"; he can not be succeseful in this league.


You're right.

It started with Dave Wanstat and has been that way ever since.

fin4life shut your pie hole fool

I never thought there could be such passes like, How the hell did he complete that one! Another privilege for me in having watched Dan Marino at work. Life is good.

Marino knew what to expect out of his receivers. I am looking forward to the day Tannehill has this luxury.

The lack of physical extraordinaire is often circumvented by intellectual prowess.
Not to undermine the importance of raw talent,but talent without perception in the passing game has very little value.
I am looking forward to seeing how our coaching staff plays its personnel this preseason after this last display.

Cooz | August 09, 2013 at 12:09 AM

Your more than welcome! Point of advice don't waste your time debating any of your knowlege regarding comparisons of former greats and the strengths of their particular game with anybody ignorant or sick enough to use a handle about faking things in other men's anuses, the very term with which he chooses to describe himself with should be self evident enough! I mean the man is basically saying "I LOVE THINGS IN THE MALE BUTT" GRADE A SICKO!

After having high hopes of getting Peyton Manning, then Matt Flynn, then Andrew Luck, and then RG3, I just cant get excited about Ryan freakin Tannehill.


Did you not see me standing there?

Did you.




I was standing there. I think you saw me.



Marino knew what to expect out of his receivers. I am looking forward to the day Tannehill has this luxury.

Posted by: Good Sense | August 09, 2013 at 12:57 AM

Your either kidding or forget what Marino actually had to work with through his career.

Duper was the real definition of ONE TRICK PONY. He ran fly patterns almost exclusively and when the speed startd to go really just 5 Yrs. into his career (83-89) his effectivety dropped sharply till Shula replaced with Fryar.

I KNOW given the stop watch doesn't lie that Wallace is faster and can take a hitch, slant and screen house aside from running the fly/wheel route making him the most explosive player (speed wise) we've ever had.

Clayton didn't have the speed of Duper but was explosive and an excellent route runner with ZERO fear over the middle.

We have between our 2nd and 3rd WR's the ability to combine these attributes.

If you think Fasano was slow then you obviously don't remember Bruce Hardy, Dan Johnson and Joe Rose combining at T.E. for Marino who wished he'd had a Keller with a goodlooking rookie like Sims. He briefly had one in Keith Jackson (92-94) who Shula inexplicably trades to G.B. for a 12 pack of beer essentially but when togther proved what a T.E. might have done for Dan's career.

Lastly no RB or specialty back either outside of slow as molasses Nathan or QB convert Jim Jensen with guys like Lorenzo Hampton, Troy Stradfford and Sammie Smith amongst a long list of busts to ever run play action effectively.

The truth is Dan was a SUPER talent who made those around him better case in point was the fact Duper and his speed wasted away between 82 and almost middle of 83 Seasons on roster before Marino took over.

So Tannehill has the horses the big question is whether he has the talent and smarts to maximize them?

This is True.

There is a blogger here that will post anything and under any name to create more blog hits. You have just commented on such a person and have been replied by the same in four minutes.

Darryl Dunphy, where are you my friend?

Odin, you still playing music in MI?

YG why all the hate against you? I've been off the blog for months....wazzup?

My comment was not an indictment of Marino's talent, it was meant to emphasize that Marino had a familiarity with his receivers that Tannehill has not had a chance to develop.
Duper, Clayton and Nathan (the vet so to speak )all grew up with Marino.
And the mention you made of the multitude of RBs that Marino infused into the offense, were all after the fact that he had an intelligent pro to break in with that would be most reliable in the passing game.

Good Sense,

My point wasn't emphasized on a QB talent comparison but on what each had to work with going into Yr. #2. I believe from a speed and athletic prespective Tannehill has more of an abundance than Dan did however we will see if he has the mental make up to grow with and max it there is little doubt that calling this team an upgrade talent wise is ar certain Offensive Positions is an understatement so we will see what we have moving forward at QB by Mid-Season and in this aspect my fingers are crossed because I can only imagine what the early 80's Marino would have done with the group assembled for R.T.

Well good day Gents!

Likewise, I am intrigued by the influx of talent Tannehill has to work with this year; but I do not take lightly the talent of Duper and Clayton. I am, at this point no more willing to anoint Tannyhill than to condemn him. I do, however see much promise in this very raw QB and I am very optimistic about our future endeavors with him at the helm.

Ireland not picking Da'Rick Rogers in the draft with a late round selection is going to come back to hunt him. He's killing it in Buffalo so far. With the poor depth at WR itnis really inexcusable.

If we don't dominate the Jville Jags tonight, we have serious problems!

C'mon, c'mon, rise and shine, lots to do in Jacksonville today.

I'm mighty happy with my Windows 8.

5/8 passing 33 Yds, 5 rushes 33 yds, TD, 2Pt, Game Winning Score and 2 pt conversion with 2:30 4th on clock.


You guys are hilarious. Since when does the meaningless preseason mean ANYTHING. The Buffalo Bills imfamously lost every preseason game for 4 straight seasons and those were also the years they went to the Super Bowl 4 straight years!

Peyton Manning is done by the way! Finished, a fried turkey! He's a shell of himself now and last year after going 2-4 for 13 yards in his first preseason game last night. The sophomore slump is also in full effect for Russell Wilson and last season was a fluke because in his first preseason game he was an abysmal 2-6 for 23 yards. The Seahawks may try to reacquire Matt Flynn from Oakland. Andy Dalton will lose his starting job after leading the Bengals to back to back playoffs (3-7 37 yards) and John Skelton is the going to be a STAR because after all he went 4-5 72 yards and a TD. Last but not least Brandon Weeden is on his way to the Super Bowl and will win league MVP after all he was 10-13 for 112 yards and TD with a QB rating of 127.7.

The panic button is on in Miami tonight. This game is HUGE. It's the biggest way to determine Ryan Tannehill's future in preseason game #2 vs the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is the precursor for Tannehill's future in the NFL.

I now hope you realize how silly this all is. Do you want to play well in the preseason? Absolutely. Does it mean anything if you play great or terrible? Like come on guys. This blog is full of either non-sense from trolls which is for a 5 year old or negativity when you don't have a clue.

I was watching some of the Titans game and boy does their OL look insane. You know you have a good line when you make Shonn Greene look like a stud and the long CJ run, were all by products of that monster line


So with Russel's and Dalton's performance. Do you think Merril Hodge and Dennis green are gonna say that they are terrible or is the sky only falling for Tannehill LOL


Lol! You know how it goes the media always has their favorites they pick up for and no way Dennis Green trashes R. Wilson, ever. And Hoge always craps on Miami. Tannehill will always be the odd man out in the 2012 QB class. His only answer no matter how well he plays is to win a Super Bowl.

I actually was looking forward to checking the box scores out because I knew more then not would put up pedestrian to below average QB numbers. And then naturally guys like Skelton and Brandon Weeden are on fire and it means nothing as well.

The sky isnt falling. It already fell. Ross/Ireland cant get it off the ground. No one cares about the garbage franchis anymore. Can u say empty stadium, again?

Im curious to know how you non south florida Dol-fans watch the Dolphins play if it isnt a national game??


I'd like to get your thoughts on Russell Wilson with Seattle last night. 2-6 for 23 yards. Didn't look very good. Should Seattle be panicking this morning?


2 ways I can watch the games, obviously Direct TV and then preseason games either the replay or firstrowus.eu can get streaming feeds as well. The streams are actually good for the most part. Then there are a few sports bars that get all the games as well in Philly.

Craig, the person who should be panicking is Tom Brady. He's about to be outshined this year by Ryan Tannehill. These jokers here can compare Tannehill and Henne all they want tonight, but at the end of this Season, Tannehill might get enshired in the Hall of Fame, that's my bold claim.

There's a cute little channel called the NFL network. They show every Pre-Season game (not all live, but they all get shown). So that's how an out-of-area fan can watch these games.


I live in NC, I will watch the preseason replay on NFL Network, it comes on at 7am. I will DVR it and watch it at 1 o'clock with some beers. For non preseason games I get Sunday ticket. That's right, I pay 300 dollars a year to watch my team lose, but dont care!! I love my phins

I live in Atlanta, maybe I should switch my allegiance to the Falcons since the Dolphins have been horrible the last decade besides that fluke 08 year. I guess I'll continue to watch games on my computer although it sucks.

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