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The lesser known DE is having a big camp

You know Cameron Wake. He's one of the NFL's top 100 players as selected by his peers.

You know Dion Jordan. He was the player the Dolphins boldly moved up in the draft to take at No. 3 overall and has already been likened to Jason Taylor and Aldon Smith.

You know Olivier Vernon. Much has been written about his fine start to this training camp and his potential to be a starter this season.

You should know Derrick Shelby.

He's having a fine camp. He had a sack in the scrimmage. He had a sack in the preseason-opener against Dallas. Coaches love him.

“Derrick is a very sound football player," coach Joe Philbin said. "He is going to do it exactly the way [assistants] Kacy Rodgers, Charlie Bullen and Kevin Coyle want it done. I love him because he keeps his shoulder pads square. He gives effort. He is in the right spots when he is supposed to be. He knows what gap he has. He’s not jumping around things. He plays through people. He’s doing a nice job."

Shelby made the team last season as a rookie that took well to coaching and rarely made mistakes. This camp, he's trying to make the jump to actually making plays.

And so far, so good.

"I see more production out of Derrick, stating the other night," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. " He’s always a guy that you can count on the be in the right place, he’s very dependable, yet we saw that playmaking ability the other night and we’ve seen it throughout training camp.  He’s been difficult to block, he’s gotten more pressure on the quarterback, he’s been the guy that we feel very pleased with at this point in camp and he’s made a lot of progress."

As the Dolphins added talent at defensive end in the draft -- obviously with Jordan -- the idea of keeping Shelby seemed like something of a luxury. But Shelby so far has earned his spot. He is so far entrenched on the second team defense.

And because he's 280 pounds, he seems more able to hold the point on early run downs aside from his growing pass rush skills.

In other words, Shelby is finding a good niche on the team. And his prospects of staying on the team seem very, very good.

[Injury update: FB Jorvorskie Lane, who missed practice Wednesday with an unkown injury, is expected to play against the Jaguars Friday. The Dolphins are still finalizing decisions on playing Lamar Miller (ankle) and Mike Wallace (groin). Jared Odrick (groin), Brian Hartline (calf) and Olivier Vernon (groin), all of whom missed the preseason-opener, are expected to play. Dannell Ellerbe, who missed the preseason opener, is expected to play. Randy Starks (knee) and John Jerry (knee) are definitely out.]

[Update: Miller, who has been nursing the tender ankle the last two practices, is expected to play barring a last minute complication ... CB Jamar Taylor (hernia recovery) is not expected to play.]

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Tanne was NOT one of those positives....

thats just the way it was....

Posted by: Kris | August 09, 2013 at 10:32 AM

Kris I agree with this post to a certain extent. But if you're talking about the first preseason game in which he only threw 5 passes, two of which were basically throw aways because the receivers were covered, then I can't agree. Imo Qbs just like rbs need time to get on a roll and they can't do that on 5 passes.

I'm a little more agreeable (not that you care but I'm bored up here during this rainy day!)if you are using training camp reports as well and painting a larger picture. I'm just skeptical because for one he did have a stretch of 6 practices including a scrimmage where he was killing it. And I would read one report of how his day went and then go to another writers blog and read the exact opposite so I'm not sure who to believe and like I said a couple of days ago I wish we could see these things with our own eyes.


rusty trombone!!!!!!

Cleveland bowtie!!!

I must be wet behind my ears because Ive never heard of any of though terms Mark mentioned before

Ahh, Chilean wine and lobstert..., who cares about the Game?

No truth, Mark had it right. Thanks Mark, I'll use that trick if I ever have to type the word again. Haha


And Kris won't like me saying this....but I truly believe Kris is still upset that this team didn't draft Mallett. I' m not saying he doesn't want to see Tannehill do we'll, cause he's a Dolfan first but I am saying if Tannehill does poorly he's going to hammer him. That's totally his right.

Kris, I don't think anyone would say Tannehill played well Sunday but I felt your comments and subsequent criticism of him has been unfair. I expect you'll deny it's about Mallett, I'm just sharing my thoughts on the topic.

Craig M...


onto Wilson...

I didn't see the game...so it is hard for me to comment on him....

but to answer your question...I don't think anyone is immune to struggles....

I DO think Wilson has "IT"....

and...again....I think he has EARNED the right to a shaky game or 3....after all...he has a POST-SEASON win under his belt....

Tanne can earn ALL of thes benifits as well....I just don't thing we should hand them to him on a silver-platter...to this point...Tanne is nothing but inconsitent....with out a FLASH of anything special....

can that change....

I hope it does....but until it does...let's not crown him...or even excuse lack-luster performances....

When you are as athletic as he is with his size why limit him to just a hand in the dirt pass rusher.

Posted by: AndyNJ | August 09, 2013 at 10:34 AM

Absolutely. His best attributes are his length and speed. Those are two attributes best utilized playing in space.

My point to go along with that is keep him away from the LOS on running downs/ formations to prevent injury. I would rather have him making big plays for us on 2nd and longs/3rd downs for the next 10 years than have him make plays on every down for 1-3 years before having his career ended by injury.

With a 3rd overall pick, we can't afford another Yatil Green type of career out of this young man.

Mark @ 10:47...

That is ALL I am saying...

point plank...balls on....


Good post to Kris earlier.

My advice when trying to figure out what to believe on Tannehill, listen to what Armando has to say because he was here and watched Marino in practice....LMFAO.

that's right Oscar, chilean wine, hand lotion, box of kleenex and lobstertube.com ... maybe some romantic music in the background ... who needs football??


Good post @ 10:54am.....very valid.


I might try a little of that tonight when I'm out with 5foot 11, Meg Ryan......lol.

Craig, maybe but personally I was hopinh they would go QB in that draft too just because I thought it was a wasted year otherwise. I also like Mallett, didn't know much about Dalton or Kape but Mallett's arm is electric.

Truth, how long have you been married. I started using the P word when my wife wouldnt put out. Now I prefer the P word.

Like Adam Carolla says "Sex is almost as good as the real thing"

Mark true at 10:47. The point I was making in my post was that sometimes a qb needs more time. So lets say they left him in for two quarters. Sure he started 2-5 but that could have turned into 9-12 110 yds and a td. He didn't have a chance to get warm especially after the fumble. Way too small of a sample size to judge but that's my opinion.

I am still worried about Tannehill but it has nothing to do with the preseason game. I'm waiting to see this kid get pissed and take the team over as a leader. He got mad one time that I heard of in camp after the line let their guys through again and he spiked the ball into the turf. I want to see more of that passion out of him.

And by the way, Mark.....

I talked to her about football and the Dolphins this morning. She tells me she is 'committed to the team'. A step up in life....

Try what? The Cleveland Bowtie??? be careful with that ... most women do not approve...

If it's the bottle of wine, yeah go for it ... i love liqoured up women myself..

Phins 78....

I don't put much stock in practice reports for this reason...

1) NOBODY is trying to kill the QB (and the QB knows it)

2) I don't know what the DC was working on when the play (good or bad) was trying to accomplish....perhaps he just wanted technique...o he didn't care if this play (pass) was completed...he just wanted to see the "Scheme" run properly...and discipline displayed....

3) "nobody is going home until we complete this pass"

4) its against our own players....the same ones who have given us 4-5 losing season's...

but that is just me....


Good post@ 11am. That was my point to Kris yesterday. It's just too small a sample to be conclusive. All we can say is he didn't looked good.

Truth, my bad if I didn't catch your sarcasm about switching teams. But, if you've spent any time on this blog, you'll see that there are haters everywhere. Must be because it's Miami (and they are all transplants or something), but all these Jets (and other) fans come here to antagonize the classiest fan base in the NFL. I don't blame them, I wouldn't want to talk to a bunch of Jets/Bills/Patriots fans either (frankly because they speak in mono-syllabic increments). It's probably the most boring blog to be at (I wouldn't know, I'm not a big enough loser to spend any amount of time on another team's blog). So it's hard to take negativity lying down (someone's gotta step up for the fish here).

But honestly, I hold my team accountable if they deserve it. Come mid-Season, if we're not demonstrably better than the last few years, I'll be the hardest one on the team here. But my humble suggestion to us all is let's give Philbin and the team a chance to show us what they are. No one knows anything yet. You can't really tell much from a PS game. SF scored 6 points last night. Denver scored 10. I doubt that score is telling about either of those teams.

Craig at 10:56 I don't mean to come down on the guy who said that but yeah, it was pretty silly. lol

Truth you haven't heard of a Rusty Trombone?! Man you have not lived yet! ;)

rdubs, 5 years, sometimes I just want to rub one out and get it over vs tryna turn my wife on and all the other stuff we have to do. Dont make the mistake of leaving the site open on the computer like I did. LMAO

Craig M....

I hope to GOD that I am on here Monday (perhaps sooner)....singing Tanne's praise....

again...I am NOT closing the book on the Tanne era....I am merley commenting on what happened....

I don't know why some are so sensitve about that....

Craig, you are on your way man!! You got to get them early in the process when they are still trying to impress you. You wait too long and it's too late. Instead of the Dolphins and Patriots in a december battle you're watching a Jennifer Lopez movie where she's poor and falls in love with a rich white guy and doesn't think she's good enough. You'll feel like driving a ball pean hammer upside your head

Get em early and often


Opinions are opinions particularly on here and you took me wrong on that one. What Im basically saying that would both argue until we are blue in the face and it don't matter until it does matter on September 8th. If Tannehill plays badly vs the Browns I will be the first to say it.


I don't really care about who won or lost a PRE-SEASON game....

I just want our STARTERS to EXECUTE and look sharp....I don't think that is to high a standard to ask....

win...lose...tie...who cares....

complete passes

run the ball

make stops

pick up asignments

look better next week...

that is all I ask....

No Kris I'm with you but remember this. You said you don't know what the d coordinator is working on and that's a GREAT point. I've been using that in some of my debates. Because it's the same on offense in that sometimes the offense is working on 3rd down and long situations. The defense knows exactly what they're doing because the play stays the same whether or not they (the O) convert. They just come back to the line and it's 3rd and 12 again. So same for O as the D. Sometimes they are working on specific plays and Coyle with Sherm help each others units along in teaching by setting up situations that will either favor or stack against each unit.

So totally agree on training camp and the 6 game stretch doesn't tell a whole lot. The scrimmage was okay to use but that's it. And I won't judge him on 5 passes either. He needs more passes , and more time to get rolling. Sometimes qbs start rusty as we all know.

Tannehill is a 2nd year QB, the most inexperienced QB in his class coming out of college (at least of the guys taken in the 1st 3 rounds), who both WON a starting position and started his entire rookie year, with talent-wise one of the worst offenses in the NFL. And in my opinion did enough to lead the team to a 9-7 record (he can't be blamed for a kicker's misses IMHO). That's who Tannehill is. He has tons of upside.

The way you can judge backups (Mallett, Moore, Cousins, etc.) is how much attention they get from the rest of the league. Are they hot on the FA market? Teams banging doors to trade for them? That generally gives you a sense of what you have. No one wants Brady Quinn as anything but a backup. No one thinks Pat White is ever going to make it as a starter in this league. Mallett, Moore, Cousins need to prove in PS what they could be to another team as a starter. The proof is in the pudding.

look at that shite:

mono-syllabic increments

YG will be stuck on that post until Wednesday

My bad Andy NJ.....

I did take it the wrong way...

guess you are right...my heels are dug in...and so are yours....

The only person that can change my mind @ thi point is Tanne himself...and Philbin to a lesser extent....

I don't want to hear anymore of Sherman's cheerleading....

So Andy...yu probably read the situation right...

My apologies....


That sounds about every J-LO movie she's ever done. No thanks....

Only thing is her Dads a Bills fan....but it's an imperfect world.

Truth @ 11:04 ... yeah ... welcome to Ice Lounge...


Tissues leave little pieces behind and you have to peel off, move up to paper towels!! Dont want to leave behind tissue crumblies or any evidence to the wife

Kris, very hard to look sharp in a few series in PS. I don't think that matters. I want my starters to be ready Week 1, and be better Week 17 than they were Week 1. If you can tell ANYTHING from PS, then the only game that matters is the 3rd (this year 4th) game where starters play for a half or so. That's the closest dress rehearsal to the Season. All these other games are glorified scrimmages.


Spoken like a man that has ben busted....


The other thing I would say is, if Tannehill goes out and throws three TDs tonight I'd use caution. It's Jacksonville for Gods sake. Their first game of the year under a new HC. They'll probably make lots of mistakes tonight. Everything is magnified right now, just as it is in baseball Spring Training. We're all starved for football right now and we're all over-analyzing.

Phins 78...

were speaking the same language....i understand you....

Craig, that was exactly my point. That is every movie she made. She's a plague on the senses (other than sight). I swear I broke up with one old gf in the past just because she insisted on watching that crap and even worse insisted that we watch them together. What kind of cruel torture is that? I don't even think they would think of that in North Korea.


Are we talking Meg Ryan circa late 80's early 90's or Meg Ryan circa 2013. HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

Rdubs, nice suggestion. Are wet naps any good? I'm a newlywed so I never had to really consider the forensic evidence before


The other thing I would say is, if Tannehill goes out and throws three TDs tonight I'd use caution. It's Jacksonville for Gods sake. Their first game of the year under a new HC. They'll probably make lots of mistakes tonight. Everything is magnified right now, just as it is in baseball Spring Training. We're all starved for football right now and we're all over-analyzing.

Posted by: Craig M | August 09, 2013 at 11:16 AM

But it will be nice for the next week not to hear how Henne outplayed Tannehill and we let him go too soon and Miami sucks for getting rid of Henne and all that other b.s. we tend to hear about effing Chad Henne.

Isn't Meg Ryan like 50 years old now? Craig has a37 year old..

Because Kris! We want you to loooovvveeeee him unconditionally! Hahahaa

I think we're probably all a little scared and obviously want Tannehill to succeed not only for the teams sake but because we don't want to start over again next year.

Lets be honest folks, we don't know if Tanny is going to have the it factor, we're hoping but that's all we have. And if HE fails this season and doesn't improve, the team will fail, the gm will be fired, the coaches will all be fired, a new gm will be hired and will draft another qb, sign a new coach who will once AGAIN change the offense and defense. And we will be reading again how we have to be patient through the rebuild.

I can't take it, my heart isn't that strong! We desperately need Tanny to be that guy and when someone suggests he might not, or even to point out a shortcoming makes us all think about the worst case scenario. And we attack "how dare you say Tanny didn't blah blah" because it's too hurtful to think you may be right.

Somebody wake up Mando already ... get him to put up a new blog before it reaches 12 and hits the Golden Corral lunch time buffet .. otherwise we are waiting until 3pm for a new topic.


I disagree...I don't think its that hard @ all (to look sharp)....perhaps because its game one many think Iam being to critical...but like Lombardi said....

” Gentlemen, we are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect. But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence. “


Strive for PERFECTION each snap....and if the worse you do is excellence....then we are well on our way...

but that is just me...and Lombardi....

BRAWNY the quicker picker upper!!! Dont use anything fabric!! Socks look very suspicous when your wife goes to do some laundry and the mouth of the sock is glued shut.


So, Without sarcasm, if possible. I heard Daniel Thomas took the place of LM in the 1st offense for practice. How did he look?

I personally rather an old towel or old shirt, the paper towels are to coarse and wet naps are to wet for me just my opinion. If your wife catches you or suspects you spanking your monkey she'll be pissed, thinking she did something wrong which isnt the reality.

hahaa!!!! I refuse to say anythign without my lawyer present!

I agree with Kris on that one DC. I know it's not the be all end all but I would like to see the starters put together some solid work by week three which would be the one following this game. And the dress rehearsal is what I'm really waiting for.

No it doesn't tell the whole story but it's a good indicator. All of the best offenses come on for a series by week three in preseason and usually look really solid. You then have a level of comfortability going into the season. If we still have a bunch of question marks before the last preseason game then I'm not going to feel comfortable.

I agree with him and would like to see some progress in the coming games. But I'm not worried,,,,yet.

rbdus, it doesnt get glued shut, just smells like Clorox Bleach. LMAO

Guys, I'd caution against even calling one of these glorified practices a "game."

The starters (again) will only play an extremely limited amount of time, neither staff has spent even one second actually game planning for it, and even individual matchups are often worthless as they commonly have players going against each other who would never be on the field at the same time in a real game.

Not to mention that much of the "game" will be played by guys who won't even BE Miami Dolphins or Jacksonville Jaguars this season.

Sure, there are thing you want to see. Better timing and execution...some of the younger guys flashing ability, etc. But it's mostly worthless and very forgettable. Avoiding injuries in these "games" is the true goal.

I know MOST of you get it. But I always see a few attaching WAAAY too much importance to these exhibitions. They shouldn't.


She did do something wrong. She gained weight!!!


Do they even have Golden Corral's in FLA? I heard Mando drives a vette, I'm sure nothing but the best for his lunches! (but that was funny ;)


No problem at all. We all will find out soon enough. I think we are officially 30 days and 1 hour and 29 minutes away from beginning to find out what Tannehill's all about!

Kris that line is so classic. Thanks for posting it I haven't heard it since the documentary. And it always fires me up so now I feel the need for a workout or anything because I'm not going to achieve excellence by being in here all day! Hahahaha few more minutes though because the blog has a great flow today.

Poizen LM is nursing some sort of minor thing but their were no reports that I saw on Thomas and they haven't practiced since Wed.


I don't want to keep besting a dead horse here but you talking about looking sharp from the first snap and yet you let Miller off the hook with the fumble on the first snap. He was careless and obviously wasn't as focused as he should have, something that's inexcusable for me to strt the game inside the 10. Last year Philbin benched Bush for a similar incident and I think he would have done the same thing had that been the regular season.

This is the inconsistencies I'm talking about.

I want Tanne & Henne both to put up good numbers tonight.
Together with Pat White's heroic return to the NFL last night we can all celebrate that all 3 QBs drafted by Ireland are doing well in the NFL.

Remember one of Parcells requirements for a QB was that they WON at least 25 games in college. White and Henne both did.

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