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The lesser known DE is having a big camp

You know Cameron Wake. He's one of the NFL's top 100 players as selected by his peers.

You know Dion Jordan. He was the player the Dolphins boldly moved up in the draft to take at No. 3 overall and has already been likened to Jason Taylor and Aldon Smith.

You know Olivier Vernon. Much has been written about his fine start to this training camp and his potential to be a starter this season.

You should know Derrick Shelby.

He's having a fine camp. He had a sack in the scrimmage. He had a sack in the preseason-opener against Dallas. Coaches love him.

“Derrick is a very sound football player," coach Joe Philbin said. "He is going to do it exactly the way [assistants] Kacy Rodgers, Charlie Bullen and Kevin Coyle want it done. I love him because he keeps his shoulder pads square. He gives effort. He is in the right spots when he is supposed to be. He knows what gap he has. He’s not jumping around things. He plays through people. He’s doing a nice job."

Shelby made the team last season as a rookie that took well to coaching and rarely made mistakes. This camp, he's trying to make the jump to actually making plays.

And so far, so good.

"I see more production out of Derrick, stating the other night," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. " He’s always a guy that you can count on the be in the right place, he’s very dependable, yet we saw that playmaking ability the other night and we’ve seen it throughout training camp.  He’s been difficult to block, he’s gotten more pressure on the quarterback, he’s been the guy that we feel very pleased with at this point in camp and he’s made a lot of progress."

As the Dolphins added talent at defensive end in the draft -- obviously with Jordan -- the idea of keeping Shelby seemed like something of a luxury. But Shelby so far has earned his spot. He is so far entrenched on the second team defense.

And because he's 280 pounds, he seems more able to hold the point on early run downs aside from his growing pass rush skills.

In other words, Shelby is finding a good niche on the team. And his prospects of staying on the team seem very, very good.

[Injury update: FB Jorvorskie Lane, who missed practice Wednesday with an unkown injury, is expected to play against the Jaguars Friday. The Dolphins are still finalizing decisions on playing Lamar Miller (ankle) and Mike Wallace (groin). Jared Odrick (groin), Brian Hartline (calf) and Olivier Vernon (groin), all of whom missed the preseason-opener, are expected to play. Dannell Ellerbe, who missed the preseason opener, is expected to play. Randy Starks (knee) and John Jerry (knee) are definitely out.]

[Update: Miller, who has been nursing the tender ankle the last two practices, is expected to play barring a last minute complication ... CB Jamar Taylor (hernia recovery) is not expected to play.]

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There were already clowns on here whining about why we got rid of Pat White father he had a good night last night. I guarantee you these are the same guys that criticized the pick and wanted him gone.

Guys seriously, thank you for a great blog today. It's so nice when everyone is respectful and it's especially nice to see people be able to debate like adults. Kudos to everyone involved and I'll catch up with you guys later. Have a great day and an awesome weekend.

Chad Henne use to go 10 for 10. Then he would have a meltdown.

T-Hill will be alright.

Mike Sherman is the OC. Our Offense will be Productive.

And T-Hill goes up against a Top 5 Defense everyday. Unless the Fins have a Top 5 Offense. Doubt we will hear the offense dominating practice for long periods of time.

At least it isn't like the Offense during the Zach and JT days. When at Practice the Offense did Nothing everyday.

And again they have to practice their bread and butter plays during preseason. So don't expect nothing fancy this game either. Just expect the starters to play 1 whole Qtr.

And being critical about 1 pass that was only thrown where the WR can get it, after the WR ran the Route Wrong. And said WR might not even make the team. Is a bit hypocritical.

It wasn't like T-Hill threw a Pick 6.

See...there are the Pat White comments....

Just a matter of time before guys start telling us we gave up the next RGIII.

Phins78, he does indeed drive a Vette. Posted a video of it here. Must look like one of those old McDonald Happy meal toys (where the driver looks way too big for the car) driving around town though.

L.Miller didn't Fumble.

Just like the old Marshall Faulk commercials...

I don't fumble

Those were great.

Like the latest Mannings commercial.

I want Tanne & Henne both to put up good numbers tonight.
Together with Pat White's heroic return to the NFL last night we can all celebrate that all 3 QBs drafted by Ireland are doing well in the NFL.
Remember one of Parcells requirements for a QB was that they WON at least 25 games in college. White and Henne both did.

yeah because Parcells was a master at churning out NFL qbs.

Simms pre dated Parcells

Bledsoe was forced on him in New England

Testaverde was in his 30s at the jets

And Romo was an UDFA

The only QB he ever had his fingerprints on was Pennington. A good Qb but no HOFer

Pat White is not the next RG 3.
RG3 is the next Pat White.

Pat White:
- outrushed CJ Spliier in college with > 5000 yards
- Passed for 6000 yards
- Started and won 4 Bowl Games

I have a suggestion for the future: let's make the backup QB part of the offense with 20 plays a season. That way if he gets hurt we will not have a backup when we need one (see Tebow last season).
If he does not get hurt we will be able to judge and predict his whole future based on the 1-2 snaps he took per game.
I believe that is how guys like Shanahan, Belichick, Carroll & Mike Sherman handle thier young QBs.
Remember when Rogers was the backup to Favre for 4 years? Mike Sherman used to work Rogers into the offense 1-2 plays a game.

Did everyone see Pat Whites avg per completed pass in the preseason game. 3.9!! Ill pass

Mark, your imagery about the happy meal toy reminds me of this guy who came into my store.
I called him Fat Damon, cuz he looked like a fat Matt Damon, he bought one of those little smart cars. When he is in it, it looks like he is wearing a Halloween costume, F'n priceless

To clarify I am not crying fore the return of Pat White.
I simply grinding my teeth and taking antacids 24/7 as I lament the extraordinary bad luck of both Henne and White to cross paths with Soprano/NoodleArm/Ireland.

But I'm happy for all 3 of them now (Henne/White/Tanne) because they can all be productive now.

What I want to watch tonight.

Pat Devlin. How many 4th downs will he convert. The man can play. He single handily made the game respectable again.

The RBs. Other than L.Miller. I know what L.Miller can do. I want to see the other guys. Can they reach the edge. Can they be more decisive. Can they have more than 1 good run. Only good RB last game was Gray. Can he keep it up or get even better. This will be his 2nd game in 2 years.

The WRs. Not Wallace and Hartline. The other guys. Right now Bumphis and K.Davis are my favorite from the Scrubs.

The O-Line. J.Martin will be OK. I want to see his backups. Cause if he goes down, then we will be screwed. L.Louis, want to see if all the hype people are giving him is worth it.

Egnew, Clay, Sims. I want to see how the future of our TEs look. If these 3 can Click we might only need Keller for 1 Season. Keller is good, but I rather see these 3 Succeed.

The Defense. Not a lot to watch. That they clean up the tackling, and keep the pass defense tight. Hopefully most of our starters play on defense. If Soliai, Starks, and Odrick play, doubt that the Jags will run all over us to start the game.

Phins, you took Kris' side over mine, so my respect ends here!!! Just kidding. That's fine, we'll all see sooner or later what we have with Tannehill. And worst comes to worst, Kris' dream might come true after all, we can trade for Mallett.


Pretty funny @ 11:54....

Parcells delivered .500 teams in the age of parity - BFD.

I was just pointing out that Ireland's first major decision with out Parcells was Tanne who does not fit Parcells criteria.

I like Tanne just fine and I want him to win.


That is the only thing that I would say E.Smith did good. He took care of the Football. He rarely fumbled.

M.Faulk was a better RB though.

rdubs, that's some funny stuff. Fatt Damon ... classic

ETF, my point i could care less what Parcells says about anything. That's my point. man did nothing as a dolphin. he's nothing to me.

On McMando and his happy meal car.

Am I the only one who thinks Mando looks like the Hamburglar.

Dashi, Emmitt was also the toughest SOB pound for pound.... and decisive. Man did not play when he got on the field... he was there to conduct some business.

Faulk was great. Won me one of my few fantasy league titles before I hung it up for good with that business.

My worst Tannehill fear is not that he'll be bust, That would be the no-brainer evaluation, and "EASIEST" to move on from.

My worst fear is that he becomes a "TEASE" in the worst kind of way. Never bad enough to definitively say move on. Never good enough to fully realize the great expectations placed on him.

You know, 5-6-7yrs in before fans give in to he would never be a "Championship QB". Sort of a weird crossbreed between Chad Henne and Tony Romo.

ahhaa @ 12:06

Double McMando with cheese ...

You all bore me with your qb talk. You all know nothing about the game. All of you are just writing nonsense. All of you need to just go take a knitting class and sit on the front porch and make me a scarf. Since I am cold and need a scarf to keep me warm. Knit me one with pictures of all the qb's you are writing about. That will make me happy.

I get tired of everyone blaming the poor performance last week on it being the first contact game since last year. It was also the first game for the cowboys and it didnt seem to bother them. Quit making excuses and play the game.

Can I knit one honoring the vaunted QB class of 1999. That draft included

Tim Couch
Akili Smith
Duante Culpepper
Cade McNown
Donovan McNabb

Other than Mcnabb and Culpepper for a couple of years ... epic fail. Supposed to be the 2nd coming of 1983 too

Some fine preseason games last night. My two favorites were Chris Johnson's 58yd td run and watching Pat White lead the come from behind victory at the end.

Cudos to Pat White. Though he's no longer a Dolphin I wish him well in attempt to revive his pro football career.

Pat White back from the dead

I have no problem with P.White doing good. Spo messed that up. My problem is will P.White like to keep playing football after he gets lit up again.

Cousins is the one that has to worry. P.White runs the same Offense RG3 does. It would be easier for Shanahan to put White in when RG3 gets injured.

Cousins is a good QB, who is getting shafted by being drafted by the Redskins.

If we didn't draft T-Hill in the 1st and Drafted Kuechly. We could've drafted N.Foles or K.Cousin in the Mid rounds. That was my scenario. But Sherman was the OC and T-Hill has the Talent and Potential to be great someday. So I understand.


I'm not a Emmitt Fan. I would only say the pound for pound comment is True because he was so Small.

If Barry had E.Smith line or a Team as Stacked as the Cowboys. Barry would've been the First RB to 2500yds. And the first to 20k total for his Career.

I was high on K Cousins the entire 2012 draft. His college stats and draft position(3rd rd) seem to be career that exactly mirrored an all time great nfl qb.

Joe Montana.

If ever put on the trading blocks, Ireland need to seriously consider reeling him in. So, I for one would love to see Pat White make Cousins expendable. I highly doubt it though...

YG, that's the trap I hope we DON'T get into. Tannehill here 5 years down the road, still leading a mediocre team into mediocrity. I would much rather he prove he's the solution or the problem (i.e. sh*t or get off the pot).

Would love to Dion Jordan crack Chad Henne's helmet tonight.

Sorry ETF.........

Well, they don't look like much as a pass rushing line. Not a good test for our Oline. Have to wait till next week.

Craig M....

I ffumbles happen...as do INTs and dropped INTs (see shawn smith)

The ral question is WHAT do you do when those things happen to you....

Miller responded like a CHAMP.....probably averaged 8-10 yards a pop after that miscue....ofcourse...with help from the OL...but he still could have folded his tent...but he didn't....

Tanne will throw pics...there will be defenders that he NEVER saw....and thats OK....

I want to know what happens AFTER THAT.....how you reacy after those things determine if you are special...or just good enough...imo....

perhaps you think these are inconsistencies....from my perspective they all line up well....

I still believe Barry can come in and get 1000yds in his sleep.

Just like Marino did things we still haven't seen another QB do.

We might never see another RB do what Barry did. Barry changed directions in the Air. The Prettiest Juke Ever.

Barry Sanders made Madden. He Created the Juke Button.

And the other side of the coin is to ask the Dallas Cowboys fans if they care that their team looked good in the 1st PS game. If they had 2 brain cells they would say they could care less. How'd that help them last few years. They missed the Playoffs last week of the Season 2 years running. They haven't WON a Playoff game in forever. So ending strong is MUCH more important than starting strong.

Dashi, I don't doubt that. barry is still the most special football player I've ever seen personally.

Emmitt still had a acdream career tho and nothing should be taken from him even though I wasn't really a fan.

Barry Sanders...

Hands down...the BEST I have EVER seen...

great story on him as well on NFLN....also like RIGGINS story as well...

man..when pop is tough on you....those things never seem to heal....what is Rigo...60-something...and still cries when talking about how his pop wantedthe older brother to be the one that made it....

huge responsibility man....

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 09, 2013 at 12:22 PM

Exactly! Never bad enough to be bust, and never good enough to mentioned amongst the upper echelons. It like perennial fan and franchise purgatory.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 09, 2013 at 12:22 PM

Exactly! Never bad enough to be bust, and never good enough to mentioned amongst the upper echelons. It like perennial fan and franchise purgatory.

Agreed, Kris.

If your argument is that you want to see what T-Hill is made of. I agree. But that won't happen until the regular season. I know to you he might have more to prove than to others. But we all have our players that we are more Critical of.

Is he C.Henne or Is he D.Marino

What do you do after the Turnover. Does he just Short circuit or does he go out there with even more Passion to want to score Again.

I don't quite know how to fully evaluate Barry Sanders, except to say maybe if he ran behind a great oline, he may unquestionably be recognized greatest rb ever.

So many games that seemed like, 19 carries 30yds, then pops a 60-70-80yarder. No matter how many carries and how few yardage, you almost knew, soon he would pop a big one...

Remember the old Nike ads with Barry? "BUt I'm too small they say" then show him make complete clowns of much bigger men on the field ... great source of motivation for the undersized athlete..

Barry Sanders was the only rb I ever seen who could avg 1.5ypc for nearly 4qtrs and finish the game over 5ypc.....


Barry Sanders was a superior Reggie Bush.

Barry gained more than 1000yds in a season 10+ Times.

Has the most 100yd games in a Career.

Has The Highest YPC for a Career.

Barry was Dan Marino Running The Football. 1 Man No Team. Lebron James in Cleveland. Just like LeBron in Cleveland. Barry never even had a Coach. At least LeBron has a Team now.

I know I said I wasn't even going to respond to anything you say. But to question Barry's Greatness.

You are showing how much you really know about Football.

sanders never did that even once

Barry Sanders would not have fitted our O system here(still, I think Philbin would have found something for him to do here).

Reggie Bush got 1,000 yards once.

Reggie Bush has some of the same athletic traits but he belongs nowhere near Barry in discussion. 5'8 200 lbs and whooped everyone's arse..

Careful what you wish for.
The nex Jax coach is Gus Bradley who was D-Coord for Seattle last 4 years and he loves to rush the passer.

You see, there are Players that do not fit any system, they ARE the System.

True Oscar but they are few and far between. Emmitt was a great player but he wasn't "Barry Special"

Measure Barry by how many ACLs he tore on opposing defenses.

I've seen him even make Reggie White look like a Fool.

That is Blasphemy putting Reggie and Barry in the Same Sentence

Reggie Bush = Peter Warwick

Barry has no comparison.

M.Faulk was close. But still nobody can Cut like Barry Can.

L.Tomlinson was close to being Barry, but Nobody has that running style.

Barry can make people miss in a Phone Booth. Seriously, look at his Highlight tapes. Barry can stand in the same spot Juke Twice and guys will Dive at air.

17 @ 12:07,
Please add the following to your list of 'TEASE' QBs:

Everybody was bashing T-Hill after our game saying he was a bust....Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, and Russell Wilson all looked terrible. Where yall at on them....oh its just preseason they will be ready for the opener....douchebags

It would have been foolish for Shula not to have developed the O around Marino as Dan WAS the System. But just like Barry he had little support.

17 @ 12:07,
I only added active players to the list.
If I were to add former players then I may start ranting uncontrollably about Jaws and NoodleArm etc.
I don't want to be institutionalized today because a)I would miss the game and the live blog and b)I wouldn't get to see a judge until Monday.


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