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The lesser known DE is having a big camp

You know Cameron Wake. He's one of the NFL's top 100 players as selected by his peers.

You know Dion Jordan. He was the player the Dolphins boldly moved up in the draft to take at No. 3 overall and has already been likened to Jason Taylor and Aldon Smith.

You know Olivier Vernon. Much has been written about his fine start to this training camp and his potential to be a starter this season.

You should know Derrick Shelby.

He's having a fine camp. He had a sack in the scrimmage. He had a sack in the preseason-opener against Dallas. Coaches love him.

“Derrick is a very sound football player," coach Joe Philbin said. "He is going to do it exactly the way [assistants] Kacy Rodgers, Charlie Bullen and Kevin Coyle want it done. I love him because he keeps his shoulder pads square. He gives effort. He is in the right spots when he is supposed to be. He knows what gap he has. He’s not jumping around things. He plays through people. He’s doing a nice job."

Shelby made the team last season as a rookie that took well to coaching and rarely made mistakes. This camp, he's trying to make the jump to actually making plays.

And so far, so good.

"I see more production out of Derrick, stating the other night," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. " He’s always a guy that you can count on the be in the right place, he’s very dependable, yet we saw that playmaking ability the other night and we’ve seen it throughout training camp.  He’s been difficult to block, he’s gotten more pressure on the quarterback, he’s been the guy that we feel very pleased with at this point in camp and he’s made a lot of progress."

As the Dolphins added talent at defensive end in the draft -- obviously with Jordan -- the idea of keeping Shelby seemed like something of a luxury. But Shelby so far has earned his spot. He is so far entrenched on the second team defense.

And because he's 280 pounds, he seems more able to hold the point on early run downs aside from his growing pass rush skills.

In other words, Shelby is finding a good niche on the team. And his prospects of staying on the team seem very, very good.

[Injury update: FB Jorvorskie Lane, who missed practice Wednesday with an unkown injury, is expected to play against the Jaguars Friday. The Dolphins are still finalizing decisions on playing Lamar Miller (ankle) and Mike Wallace (groin). Jared Odrick (groin), Brian Hartline (calf) and Olivier Vernon (groin), all of whom missed the preseason-opener, are expected to play. Dannell Ellerbe, who missed the preseason opener, is expected to play. Randy Starks (knee) and John Jerry (knee) are definitely out.]

[Update: Miller, who has been nursing the tender ankle the last two practices, is expected to play barring a last minute complication ... CB Jamar Taylor (hernia recovery) is not expected to play.]

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Barry had over 1100yds a Season each Year he was in The League. And That number goes up to 1300 when you look at season he played at least 13 games in. Barry was a Top 5 rusher every year he was in the League.

Barry retired before his time was up.

I know all that, Dashi. I only said that Barry was a superior R. Bush. Here, only for you. Barry was a MUCH superior R. Bush.

bush solid fantasy pick this year

Could be that these Phenoms outshine most others around them so much as to make them blind and unable to see well.

I got bush in the 4th and miller in the 6th in one of my leagues


I wasn't braking down Barrys Greatness for you.

I know you know how great Barry was.

I get what you were trying to say. Reggie had the Potential coming out of College to be like Barry.

It is like when people compared players to Jordan. Just cause some of the things they did was similar at a Young Age.

Barry was MUCH MUCH MORE superior to Reggie.

Barry Ran Scared, Bush played Scared.

Barry juked people, reggie jukes himself.

What an idiot.

We all love our former players and we wish them well:

Miller will have a Better season than Reggie.

Hate to say it. You over drafted on Reggie.

NFC North. Play Reggie at the Beginning. When it gets cold, Reggie will freeze up.

I expect to see Tannehill play well tonight. If he doesn't play well you can begin to write off the season.

wow drafting way to early. money drafts shouldnt be till sept


I don't want to see Grimes in the game. Grimes is too important to waste on this crap game.
I do not want to see Grimes in a game before our 4th preseason.
There is nothing to gain by playing Grimes tonight.
There is everything to lose by playing Grimes tonight.

YG @ 1:22....

stop impostering and grow up dude...

we had good conversation today....

Agreed with Dusty.

My Draft is Usually last week of Preseason.

Need to do some scouting before picking. And Guys get Injured in Preseason.

not you and me...

but the blog in general....

Hard to make some People reason here. Oh, well, we'll keep on trying.

You fantasy dorks need to educate yourselves and get a life.

miller def wont have a better season than bush. lions offense much better and will throw to him a ton also. i love miller but he wont touch bushs numbers in detroit this year.

Hey, Obama, please improve the education here. You are making it awful hard on Us highly Educated!

people forget this is only thills second season, let him play the entire first half of these games.

And there it is the other shoe dropped. Who hates Kris and calls him Krissy? YG. How do we know this? Because they got into one of YGs famous hair pulling fights and while Kris tried to ignore YG after the fact YG couldn't stop obsessing over him going as far as writing about him when he's not here in an effort to pull him into another moronic fight. And then YG comes into a blog that is going well and tries to talk football which is great. But he's pissed off so many people (not to mention the offensive sign in name) that other bloggers just ignore him and talk around him now. He can't handle being ignored because for some reason he has convinced himself that he is important to this blog. So then he steals Kris' sign in name in an effort to make him look bad to the rest of us who can see right through his games. He's hurt that no one will talk with him so now he will lash out.

bush is gonna have a beast year 4 of last 8 are at home in the dome. 1 away is a dome game


Bush has gotten 1000yds 1 Time his whole Career.

Miller will have a Better Season.

The funny thing is some of you are still believing the Reggie hype.

bush will prbaly start off great and like always get injured

But the subject was Sanders.

Bush is going to be utilized correctly in Detroit. They throw the ball more than anybody in the nfl. They love screens and hb passes in the flat. He will put up 1000 rushing and 400 receiving yards with id say about 12 td total. that's 212 pts. Cant beat that for a 4th rounder

reggie wasn't the featured back in nawlins....he split time with 3 other backs. He will have a career year this year just because he wants to

@ 1:18, you wouldn't be referring to Vince Carter, now would you (ref to jordan). Vince Carter , SMH

The blog is an absolute moron who needs to find better things to think about. You put all that effort into one post huh ? Why don't you try jogging instead ? It'
s healthier.


YG is the King of this Blog.

We will always remember YG when he is gone.

YG is the Man.

YG is Never wrong.

YG never uses another Sign-In Name.

YG doesn't Obsess about others.

YG is Rich and has lead a Happy life.

YG is the Most Successful person that has ever posted here.

If it wasn't for YG this Blog won't be here.

When I have a Daughter I will offer her to YG so he can have Mercy on me and my Family.

What a dork.

The other thing YG likes to yell about is the fact that he is not all of the trolls. That there is another person who hates people as much as he does. What he doesn't understand is that the other person or persons who treat people like he does are just as bad. And they change names so much you never know who is who. So they have all become YG to us. It doesn't matter if it's YG or not, if you act like YG you get called YG. He is such a whiny sniveling a-hole that he made the sign in YG infamous. It's now a description to describe a sniveling brat who is intent on putting others down.

Please remove Long from your love list.

Thank you

@ 1:23, please use the name Grimes more in your next post.

Thank you

agreed mark


I guess this is where you and I differ. On the one hand you say, 'players need to be ready from the first snap' and then when I point out that Miller wasn't ready, you change the story to meet you argument. So I'm sayiong which is it? If you're going to hold Tannehill to that standard, then why not Miller?

Then you say 'Miller responded like a CHAMP'. I'm saying by that point, who fukking cares. He took the wind out of the team's sails before they even got started. Inexcusable. I'm saying, were that the regular season, Miller would have been benched by Philbin, as Bush was last year. And should be.

You're a good guy Kris and I like you, I just can't follow your logic some times.


I don't hate people I just hate you...

August 09, 2013 at 01:41 PM

It sucks when strangers have your number right YG? It must be very embarrassing because it's obvious you find yourself to be clever and sneaky. This must be a crushing blow to your massive ego. Thanks for ruining another blog, you're setting records.


Not just Vince Carter. Jerry Stackhouse, Harold Miner(Former Heat Player), and Many More.

Why is LeBron the Next Great One. Because he has no Comparison. All the Great ones have No Comparison. MJ, Shaq, Bird, Kareem, LeBron. You can't compare them to someone else.

Yes, Bird. No one can shot like him. Ever.

I've heard stories about when Bird use to Shoot Free Throws his Team wouldn't even stand on the Line. It would look like a Technical Foul. With the other team standing on the line.

Just recently, read on ESPN. Bird was at a Pacers Practice and the Ball rolls to him on the Bench. He gets up Proceeds to Make 15 straight shots from the Corner 3. Then walks away. The players said they basically stopped practicing after that. They didn't want to shoot the rest of the Day. No warm up shot or anything. Bird being Bird.


Dashi, Reggie Miller a better shooter than Bird

Dashi, I agree with that logic @ 1:50.

And I remember Bird quite fondly. I'm not even a basketball fan but those lakers-Celtics series were super awesome. Transcended the sport - didn't need t be a fan to get caught up. After Bird fell off I just stopped watching for a long time.

Hey, I was just responding because you thought someone else was me Yesterday, In-Yur-Ass.

Just signed up for the preseason package. I think if you follow this link you can save 10%

@NFLPreseasonLive allows me to watch live NFL games. Use my link to sign up and save 10%! http://preseason.nfl.com/nflpl/raf/YRKFT47V94FP …

If someone did it, i would appreciate it

Lookidat, People hating People on Internet. Unbelievable. Paul, take note.

Reggie Miller is the Luckiest Shooter of all time. He would run to the 3-pt line without even looking and release that Ugly shot of his.

But Nobody beats Bird. Greatest Shooter ever.

Bird was the reason they stopped having a 3-pt Contest for a while. He won it 3 years in a Row. And by such a wide margin they decided to retire the Contest until Bird retires.

Tanny will be benched at the bye week if not before. If he continues to stink in preseason Matt Moore will start the opener.

Here's what I want to see tonight: NO INJURIES.

Could care less about the rest of these preseason abortions. It's just unimaginably awful, boring, and sloppy football with virtually no meaning at all.

Wake me in September.

Who the heck would go out of their way to impress the Mouth? LOL

She'll learn the hard way.

Oscar, do you like Buena Vista Social Club?

I would like to eat cheese with you one afternoon and discuss their song "Chan Chan."

I'd caution Dolphins fans not to get too excited if Tannehill and company have a good game tonight. This is the Jacksonville Jaguars they are playing. Definitely a bottom 5 team in the league and a candidate to be picking first overall come April. On the other hand of the offenc eis flat again tonight it's time to start asking questions and wondering what's going on.

What a fruitcake.

I know I said I wasn't even going to respond to anything you say. But to question Barry's Greatness.

You are showing how much you really know about Football.

Posted by: Dashi | August 09, 2013 at 12:43 PM

You're a dumb b-tch. What about these posts do you find questioning Barry's greatness. At least a "SANE" person reading them wouldn't think so:

I don't quite know how to fully evaluate Barry Sanders, except to say maybe if he ran behind a great oline, he may unquestionably be recognized greatest rb ever.

So many games that seemed like, 19 carries 30yds, then pops a 60-70-80yarder. No matter how many carries and how few yardage, you almost knew, soon he would pop a big one...

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 09, 2013 at 12:35 PM


Barry Sanders was the only rb I ever seen who could avg 1.5ypc for nearly 4qtrs and finish the game over 5ypc.....

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 09, 2013 at 12:39 PM

Full Proof Some Here Are Only Here To Start Sh-t....

Craig, no offense but I really don't think the relative strength/weakness of ANY team means a whole lot in the preseason.

There is no game planning by the coaches at all and a majority of the contest will be played by guys on both sides who won't even be on the regular season roster.

I tend to think of these "games" for what they really are. Practice.


What an idiot.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 09, 2013 at 01:20 PM

You're fionally figuring Dashi out......

preseason games = tryouts

I like how Marv Levy used to treat the preseason years ago.

The guy thought these games were so useless that he would routinely sit anyone even remotely important, with the result being the Bills would almost always go 0-4 and get blown out by comical margins.

Then, when the games counted, they'd put up a 12-4 season.

In fact, I think the league office once scolded and/or fined Levy for being so publically dismissive of preseason in his comments---I guess they were upset anyone would dare question the sanctity of these "games" and the ludicrous ticket prices people pay to watch them.

I wish there were others like him around today.

tj turner,

You're not wrong with that comment. I'd just hate to see anyone get too excited if the 'Phins come out strong tonight. Means nothing IMO. Yeah it's nice to see some chemistry develop and it's good for team confidence etc....but I'm going to get too excited about it.

YG @ 1:22....

stop impostering and grow up dude...

we had good conversation today....

Posted by: Kris | August 09, 2013 at 01:25 PM





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