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The post-mortem from preseason opening loss

After Sunday night's 24-20 loss to the Cowboys, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin did his postgame press conference out on the field, by the end zone. As a group of reporters surrounded him for his four-minute talk, a nearby fan yelled over at the top of his lungs:

"Breaking news," the fan yelled, "the Dolphins still suck."

I wouldn't go that far nor would I make assumptions on a season or even a preaseason based on this preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

But on this night the Dolphins definitely didn't present much of a counter-argument against that heckler.

They didn't just lose this one 24-20, but lost it ugly. They played poorly, they played sloopy, and they got beat. Not a good recipe for turning the thing around in time to start the season fast.

"I told the team I thought we would play better," coach Joe Philbin said. "That's obviously not the way you want to start any football game, I don't care if it's preseason, Game 1, the Super Bowl or any game in between."

The start was ugly. Lamar Miller fumbled on the first offensive play.

The Cowboys recovered inside the Dolphins 10 yard line and scored.

The galling thing?

The defense that started for Dallas was missing every defensive starter in the lineup save one. Yes, coach Jason Garrett sat practically everyone and still won.

"I told our team we've talked a lot about taking the ball away. We've talked a lot about ball security. We spent a lot of practice time but it didn't show up on the field today. We have to go back to work and get that corrected. That's the reason we lost the game and that's what's going to turn this program around more than anything else is us doing a much, much better job in that category."

Yes, it was a bad start for Miller, who is trying to replace Reggie Bush, but he recovered a little bit. He finished with two carries for 21 yards.

"I had to make up for it and look forward to the next play," Miller said. "I was trying to move the chains and help the football team."

Miller added the team, "can only get better."

Obviously. The Dolphins lost the turnover margin, 2-0. One of those was a 75-yard interception return TD by reserve linebacker Devonte Holloman, who picked off Matt Moore. The pick goes on Moore's stat sheet, but the problem was that rookie receiver Chad Bumphis sat down in the zone when Moore was expecting him to run through.

"It was a bad read on my part," Bumphis said. "That one's on me. But I'm going to learn from that and that miscommunication won't happen again."

Bumphis wasn't bad otherwise. He caught five passes for 85 yards to lead the team. Michael Egnew had four catches for 52 yards but had a drop. Keenan Davis had three catches for 48 yards and a TD.

"Keenan Davis made a couple of plays," Philbin said. "Bumphis has caught the ball in practice ... The kid gets open and he catches the ball."

Moore finished the game with 19 completions on 29 attempts for 238 yards. He played most of the second quarter but was forced back in the game in the fourth quarter when third-stringer Pat Devlin "got nicked," according to Philbin.

Dolphins05 rmattsacked jwrI'm sure Moore loved the idea of coming back in the game. He was sacked once (which you see courtesy a photo by Joe Rimkus) and hit hard on multiple occasions as the second-team line -- particularly reserve left tackle Dallas Thomas -- seemed to struggle. Frankly, I'm wondering if Thomas has the quickness to play left tackle. If he does, he didn't show it tonight.

It looked like Devlin took a shot that had him a little glassy-eyed in the locker room afterward.

Speaking of quarterbacks, starter Ryan Tannehill completed two of five passes for 1 yards. His 47.9 QB rating was the lowest of the Miami QBs. His inability to connect on a couple of simple slant throws to WRs showed either his lack or work with those receivers, or a twinge of inaccuracy or both.

Afterward, Tannehill conceded the Dolphins looked ugly.

"It wasn't our cleanest game, wasn't our best game," he said. "I'm glad we can get that one out of the way early. We have four more preseason games before we get into the regular season. So hopefully this was our sloppy game."

The leading rusher on the night for Miami was Jonas Gray. He rushed for 41 yards on seven carries. Gray missed all of last season as he rehabilitated a knee injury from his Notre Dame days. 

"This was a reassurance that my knee is 100 percent," he said.


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I agree with everyone else about 17-O (DB/YG).
He must have been the guy at the beach that got sand kicked in his face and he never recovered.
The event turned "her" into a permanent assshole who daily feels the need to ruin everybody else's day at the beach.
17-0 can FOAD like the little POS that "she" is.

..Did anyone notice on Dallas first drive that we had 3 different guys that were the Mike on 3 consecutive plays? Misi, Spitler, Wheeler. This is what I am talking about. How many times during the regular season will this happen? With this rotation of players?

As a team we failed to execute. If you think we need to gut the roster today, fire the coach-GM-Cheerleader coordinator. Well that's on you. What would be different today if the first team would have scored on it's first drive? Get a grip.

J-Mart's a bum at LT. If description of Dallas Thomas' LT play was akin to DUI, he should never be allowed to play the position again.

Not even in practice....

Any QB in camp happen to be left handed??
Posted by: Not A Kool-Aid drinker. | August 05, 2013 at 10:50 AM
irecorn is getting pat white.

17 and 0,
Click on my sign in name to see how horrible Martin is...

I must be the only guy who likes the uniforms, it reflects the auora of the So Fl life which is beaches and bishes.


Once past our starting mlb, we have atrocious depth. Spitler's a st's ace. Nothing more, nothing less.

Misi' horrible in the middle too. He's a little better on the outside because he almost always over runs the play when station inside.

17 and 0,
Click on my sign in name to see how horrible Martin is...

Posted by: Not A Kool-Aid drinker. | August 05, 2013 at 10:55 AM

If I wasn't a fins fan I would say very funny stuff. But being completely manhandled by a guy 60-70lbs lighter is nearly unforgivable.

The comments on here are ridiculous but would anyone expect anything different after a Dolphins loss?

Why are we talking to KC about Albert? Martin hardly played. There is no way anyone could form an opinion on him after last nights game, trust a ridiculous comment!


What's the deal with Maggie's hair? Looks ridiculous! What was the inspiration, Cyndi Lauper? Don't like her character. Not an attractive woman.

It's amazing how clairvoyant people are. They can tell so much from 2 series worth of work about the QB, oline, RBs, defense. Please, one of you, tell me the lottery number on Wed., I want to get rich.

With the upcoming schedule, last season's 7-9 record will be a trip to the sb in comparison to what this year's record will be.

Our LT position is so horrible, Tannehill will be lucky to get through the Cleveland game without going on IR for the year.

It's amazing how clairvoyant people are. They can tell so much from 2 series worth of work about the QB, oline, RBs, defense. Please, one of you, tell me the lottery number on Wed., I want to get rich.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 05, 2013 at 11:02 AM

Sorry, but, we have over a decade's worth of experience at this. Just like you guys have over a decade's worth of experience with these same old retorts and failing seasonal results.

From what I can tell, I wouldn't say Tannehill will be completely awful. I just feel his play will be another up and down rollercoaster ride.

Marino/Griese almost always looked sharped the 1-2 preseason possessions they played. None of the throwing behind the receiver crap we witnessed from Tannehill last night.

Keep your seatbelts buckled tight. Looks like another very bumpy roller coaster ride with Tannehill and the sieve we call the LT position.

Beating up the team is now officially over.

On Friday we get to cheer for our 2 favorite QBs:
Tanne & Henne

We know in advance that both will act manly and that is the most important thing.

Somehow, some of you think that every new season is going to be different, yet its always the "same ole' results".

Are you guys tired yet?

One more preseason game like last night and Im on the "move Tannehill back to wr" bandwagon.

Dallas Thomas deserves a poor grade for last nights performance but to say Martin was a failure last night is a total over reaction. He wasn't on the field for very long and he was never totally beaten or dominated in that time. He looked good in run blocking and gave Tannehill plenty of time to throw on most downs. His competition was second string and he made an early exit. Thats atleast a C in my book. Certainly this will contnue to play out during the preseason.

Coach Philbin has preached turnovers as being important to the team, to the point of hanging footballs from the walls of meeting rooms throughout parts of the Davie facility (I chit you not).

dw ii.

Well there you have it the 1st game was one for collecting preseason checks for the players and the PRACTICE SQUAD they might have played better than the coddled millionaires that think they are the worlds greatest athletes in this TEAM SPORT.
More reruns of Gilligans Island.Can the Skipper and his little buddy Ireland get off Irelands Island by spending money.Steinbrenner did it but he was an original Huizinga and Loria copied in baseball only to sell off the next season like if those players were stocks and they were taking profits.They play for the money and cant afford to stub their little toe.

Pat Devlin used to be a southpaw according to Armando.

no dayz off
fri.nite is a com'n quick.


It says a lot about people's lives that have this need to be the first to report on the teams demise. There's very little that people can take away from last night's game, other than Dallas Thomas has got a long way to go as an NFL LT. Everything else is purely guesswork at this point.

Where was Ellerbe? Did he play at all?

Now, now, this upcoming Game really scares me. Is Henne going to beat us and embarrass the hell out of Us?

What would it matter if Henne looks good against us? Still a pre-season game. No biggie.

I just want the phins to show improvement each week, especially LT,

Unis were ok except for the horrendous blue pants and helmet stripe. Needed orange instead or no stripe period but I agree fashion statements mean nothing, now onto some actual football.

It is a preseason game folks but the LT situation is all on Ireland. How could any competent GM think that JM could replace JL is beyond comprehension but arguable I guess; however having DT as the backup is unforgivable. Martin looks as an adequate backup but Thomas does not even belong to Canadian football. Serious misjudgment -again- by OL scouting. With several options in FA and worse yet on the very same draft class where we spent 3rd rounder nonetheless for Thomas (Brennan Williams comes to mind and be was picked later).

Bottom line this team better make the playoffs or be very close to them or fire Ireland at last.

Poizen, not just LT but RT.

Well, there is one good thing about preseason. It makes it easy to separate the rational fans from the imbeciles.

The rational ones are fully aware of just how meaningless these glorified practice games are. They are the ones not stupidly pontificating about the future careers of players doing 10 minutes of practice work in a pointless game that nobody really cares if they win or not. They are the ones who know all of the exhibition junk is forgotten once the bell rings for real and the main goal of these "games" is to hope the players stay healthy and (as a fan) stay awake trying to watch godawful, boring football.

The imbeciles are the ones who take it seriously.


It says a lot about people's lives that have this need to be the first to report on the teams demise.

Posted by: Craig M | August 05, 2013 at 11:28 AM

On the flip side to that coin, it also says a lot about people that have the need to be first in reporting on what other people report on.

You're a broken friggin record!


'Horrendous blue pants'? What game were you watching? On my TV the pants were white. I actually like the new unis and logo. Always good to change things up a bit and it all looks more modern.

Also, it's clear Long wanted to be somewhere else other than Miami. I was a big Long fan but it was clear he wasn't the same guy and not worth the money. It remains to be seen what was right and what was wrong.

Wow...sky's not fallin' but its pretty dreary in Dolphinland. Martin STINKS. He's not so-so or a work in progress...HE STINKS!!! We've seen him for over a year look horrible. No wonder the early reports outta camp looked so good on Vernon O. - he lined up against Marshmallow Fluff.
And Tannehill STILL can't hit the broadside of a barn. Accuracy can't be taught. He scares the hell outta the future. Got kinda the typical NFL back-up MO...can look great at times but day-in-day-out very inconsistent. I hope he pulls it together but I'm not nearly as optimistic on him as many are. All we can do is hope....

I'm not going to join the 'freak out over a meaningless 5th preseason game' brigade. Especially one in which they didn't use their playbooks. Tannehill's two inaccurate throws are troubling but not too bad considering most QBs take a few throws to get into a groove and he didn't have much of a chance out there. I'll worry after the dress rehearsal. If the starters don't play well in that game then ok. But in saying that I'm not expecting the Phins to win more than 9 this season so there will be at least 7 losses that could resemble last night's game.

The people who constantly lose their minds in here, I'm starting to think maybe they're hoping Super Bowl? Maybe that's why they can't accept the fact the team isn't great? They are young and in the second year of a rebuild under a new coaching staff. I don't know why Dolphins fans have such a hard time keeping things in perspective.

Hey, I was just happy not to see Coldumbo at RT. :) I thougt Calbo looked alright... Or however he spells it. Everyone needs to improve in general. So either way, just hope to see steps forward.

More Art Donovan....


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, here we go,
more spppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn.
the same f'ing excuses from the last 10 f'ing p/seasons.

Anyone saying Martin was a disaster isn't worth talking to because they either didn't watch the game or they have no clue how football is played. He gave up exactly ONE pressure and NO sacks. Yeah, horrible.

As far a uni's go, Just wish there was more orange. I do like the old school look...

Can't really judge much on what this team will be in any of these pre-season games. Not sure if its a bad omen but I am critical of Tanny's ability to turn the ball over, and that first offensive play he bumbles the hand off. Yikes. Hope that is not a sign of things to come.

There is only one thing that can be determined from that game. Those new uniforms and logos really suck. They look like a USFL team.

Craig I think you need a new t.v. hahaha

or they have no clue how football is played. He gave up exactly ONE pressure and NO sacks. Yeah, horrible.
against scrubs who wil b loading trux in sept.

Rhino, That fumble was all LM, Tanny put the ball where it needed to be. 1st O play of the year, so you can over look it since it is not a trend for LM. Siome people did not like DT running the ball yesterday. I fr one thought he was alright. Every run he made sure he fell forward, He also ran hard, I like Gray also.

They were definitely wearing colored pants. And I want to log a complaint. The color sucks. It's definitely way too light. It reminds me of baby blue, like the color you would paint a newborn baby boys room. Absolutely hated it and will look forward to when they wear their whites. The logo is fine, who cares, but the color has to be darker because it's embarrassing imo.

2 watt your posts are uninspiring and ignorant. Not even worth picking apart.

The aqua is exactly the same shade the team wore in the 70s.

Amazing what so-called Dolphins fans don't know about their own team.

I'm reading a lot of excuses. Forget the score or one position or the other. The Dolphins were not ready to play football last night. Dallas was, why?

I was 5 in 1979, don't remember what color their pants were. I can tell you what color Burt and Ernies shirts were though if that makes you feel better.

It's just the overall down feeling that gets to you after watching this fiasco. Somehow, we would like to see a team that plays with enthusiasm and desire. Year after year we see the Dolphins play lackluster football. They play with no anger but just acceptance while they are getting smeared. Where is a team that says to itself, "I'm tired of this BS and I'm not going to take it anymore." In fact that should become one of their theme songs, "We're not gonna take it anymore." Dolphins, your fans need some wins. Get mad as hell and give us a few.

here 78. i'll dense it down for you,ready.?
get it yet.?

This is a bad football team and you homers should jump off of a cliff along with all of the other lemmings.

girls league colors 4 a girls league team.

IMO lets just hope the starter make a big difference because the offense is waayyyy behind the defense and looks the same exact way. I cant tell you the last time we beat the Dolphins was it the 94 Thanksgiving game with the Leon Lett fiasco??


Cocoajoe my thing is,, it was one game. During the season EVERY team in the league has games where they aren't ready to play. The Dolphins weren't ready to play last night, no excuses it just happens all of the time with every team. Dallas could suck in this weekends game and Miami could kill it. I'm just saying we need more of a body of work until we can form more accurate opinions on what this team's season will look like. If they still play like this during the third preseason game then it's time to worry.

Glad he "densed" it down for me. lol

Impossible to debate with the braindead.

12-4. We didn't play our guys.

We should get Bo Jackson out of retirement, give him 7 five-hour energy drinks, and put him at LT.

Bo knows football.

78,take dinks' advice will ya.?

thenne vs. chad ryan.

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