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The post-mortem from preseason opening loss

After Sunday night's 24-20 loss to the Cowboys, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin did his postgame press conference out on the field, by the end zone. As a group of reporters surrounded him for his four-minute talk, a nearby fan yelled over at the top of his lungs:

"Breaking news," the fan yelled, "the Dolphins still suck."

I wouldn't go that far nor would I make assumptions on a season or even a preaseason based on this preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

But on this night the Dolphins definitely didn't present much of a counter-argument against that heckler.

They didn't just lose this one 24-20, but lost it ugly. They played poorly, they played sloopy, and they got beat. Not a good recipe for turning the thing around in time to start the season fast.

"I told the team I thought we would play better," coach Joe Philbin said. "That's obviously not the way you want to start any football game, I don't care if it's preseason, Game 1, the Super Bowl or any game in between."

The start was ugly. Lamar Miller fumbled on the first offensive play.

The Cowboys recovered inside the Dolphins 10 yard line and scored.

The galling thing?

The defense that started for Dallas was missing every defensive starter in the lineup save one. Yes, coach Jason Garrett sat practically everyone and still won.

"I told our team we've talked a lot about taking the ball away. We've talked a lot about ball security. We spent a lot of practice time but it didn't show up on the field today. We have to go back to work and get that corrected. That's the reason we lost the game and that's what's going to turn this program around more than anything else is us doing a much, much better job in that category."

Yes, it was a bad start for Miller, who is trying to replace Reggie Bush, but he recovered a little bit. He finished with two carries for 21 yards.

"I had to make up for it and look forward to the next play," Miller said. "I was trying to move the chains and help the football team."

Miller added the team, "can only get better."

Obviously. The Dolphins lost the turnover margin, 2-0. One of those was a 75-yard interception return TD by reserve linebacker Devonte Holloman, who picked off Matt Moore. The pick goes on Moore's stat sheet, but the problem was that rookie receiver Chad Bumphis sat down in the zone when Moore was expecting him to run through.

"It was a bad read on my part," Bumphis said. "That one's on me. But I'm going to learn from that and that miscommunication won't happen again."

Bumphis wasn't bad otherwise. He caught five passes for 85 yards to lead the team. Michael Egnew had four catches for 52 yards but had a drop. Keenan Davis had three catches for 48 yards and a TD.

"Keenan Davis made a couple of plays," Philbin said. "Bumphis has caught the ball in practice ... The kid gets open and he catches the ball."

Moore finished the game with 19 completions on 29 attempts for 238 yards. He played most of the second quarter but was forced back in the game in the fourth quarter when third-stringer Pat Devlin "got nicked," according to Philbin.

Dolphins05 rmattsacked jwrI'm sure Moore loved the idea of coming back in the game. He was sacked once (which you see courtesy a photo by Joe Rimkus) and hit hard on multiple occasions as the second-team line -- particularly reserve left tackle Dallas Thomas -- seemed to struggle. Frankly, I'm wondering if Thomas has the quickness to play left tackle. If he does, he didn't show it tonight.

It looked like Devlin took a shot that had him a little glassy-eyed in the locker room afterward.

Speaking of quarterbacks, starter Ryan Tannehill completed two of five passes for 1 yards. His 47.9 QB rating was the lowest of the Miami QBs. His inability to connect on a couple of simple slant throws to WRs showed either his lack or work with those receivers, or a twinge of inaccuracy or both.

Afterward, Tannehill conceded the Dolphins looked ugly.

"It wasn't our cleanest game, wasn't our best game," he said. "I'm glad we can get that one out of the way early. We have four more preseason games before we get into the regular season. So hopefully this was our sloppy game."

The leading rusher on the night for Miami was Jonas Gray. He rushed for 41 yards on seven carries. Gray missed all of last season as he rehabilitated a knee injury from his Notre Dame days. 

"This was a reassurance that my knee is 100 percent," he said.


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I keep hearing the words fast and explosive as adjectives to our wr's last night. I guess my tv set wa slowing everything in slow motion.

I see Matthews being retained & either Davis or Bumphis making the 53 with the other making the PS.

Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Matthews, Bumphis/Allen.

Bumphis may catch everything but he is like Bess. he is not a game changer. He's short. Davis looks more the part & showed a lil ability last night.

I think those 2 continue to get a lot of looks.

If who wins the kicker battle becomes very important this season. It means the offense really sucked and we'll finish no better than 7-9 again, tops.....

Even during ota's and camp beginning, we kept hearing reports Tannehill's passes were off target but catchable, if you're both wr and contortionist.

Last night we saw for ourselves......

Carpenter is gone. Guaranteed. You don't spend a 5th on a K when your guy sucked last year and expect the holdover to keep the job, unless the rook has sucked balls. But by all accounts it has been close. Top that off with the fact that our GM is a former kicker and there is your answer. Carpenter was terrible last year, and one of his major probs has always been low trajectory kicks. Add in his blocked PAT and the day he went 2 for 4 in practice, plus his contract, and there is your answer. Carpy is gone unless Sturgis absolutely sucks or is seriously injured.

Lmao @ people saying Tyms was "explosive" or that Bumphis is an outstanding #3! They are practice squad guys, nothing more and nothing less. *Maybe* one develops into a decent 3 one day, but I lmao @ all the anointing of crappy UDFA's who have LOTS of work to do in order to even be considered our 4 or 5 right now.

If we've been hearing this about Tannehill in camp and then saw for ourselves last night. Plus saw it last season.

How's he going to magically correct it by gm 1?

Qb's have to have an innate sense of timing the wr's speed with his throws. Obviously, Tannehill struggles at time to calculate speed of moving targets.

However, I guess some here doesn't see that has a problem or critical to being an accurate qb.

FAKING- Ohhhhhhh, I don't know, maybe because its a part of the game, we pay over $2 million per year on Carpenter, and lost 3 games last year by missed FG's?

Green Bay has lost starting LT Brian Baluga for the season. Lets see if GB gm Ted Thompson beats Jeff Ireland to landing a competent LT.

My money's on Ted Thompson.

About 17-0. I too agree. I suspect some transgender issues.
17-0 probably isn't getting a sex change operation soon enough and that make her angry. It shows in her posts.

Craig M:

Good point - only thing that scares me with Carpenter is once he wins his job (security) will he be inconsistent again and we pass on a promising rookie. But I guess not too hard to find a FG kicker down the road.

Really on Baluga? If so, ouch for the Pack! That is a big hit to take. They'll probably send a 2nd to KC for Albert. I certainly would if I was them, as you can't risk your millions upon millions invested in Rodgers.


Bloggers here are so used to crappy wr's that any wr not wearing cement cleets looks explosive to them. Many here think Bess is an explosive wr.

Stevet- Exactly on Carp. The entire coaching staff has GOT to feel the same way.

Really on Baluga? If so, ouch for the Pack! That is a big hit to take. They'll probably send a 2nd to KC for Albert. I certainly would if I was them, as you can't risk your millions upon millions invested in Rodgers.

Posted by: BillyBumpkins | August 05, 2013 at 03:05 PM

Same thing I was thinking. Ted Thompson beats Ireland to Branden Albert. Heck, KC may not want to talk to Ireland period, or make him pay a king's ransom for the way he handled the situation the first time.

If we cant score tds this season, it wont matter how good or crappy the fg is anyway. In the nfl, you don't win very many games being overdependant on your fg kicke anyway.


You never though, GB's backup LT is probably better than J-Martin....

tnt against dallass' 5's + 6's.

Oh hail yeh. We looked greatrz. 13-3 coming zup up lzozlozlzz

pounceys got 34 to grow 2 more arms becuz cog is gonna b helpin the turnstile next 2 him all game long.

Tim Tebow: 35
Fins: 0

watch, by k/o at clev, j phil is gonna c enuff and when he runs out of the tunnel onto the field he is gonna keep going to the other tunnel and jump on the team bus.

Craig, you didn't see the blue stripe on those pants? Other than that the unis are fine, ppl are correct to point that is actually the original aqua the Phins had way back then, we just did not have HD tv in those days.

Now again about the LT situation. Martin was ok, but barely, I mean he did give up a pressure -an ugly one- against a scrub so there is legitimate reason to be somewhat concerned. The biggest problem though is the complete lack of depth at the position because D Thomas should never play LT ever again in an NFL game. So here we are, an injury away from a season going down the toilet.

If Long or Albert were no options then Ireland should have found depth in the draft and Thomas was listed as a G. In a draft with so much depth at OT it is incredibly incompetent not to find one.

Lots of jitters on a very young team in the first pre-season game after only a few weeks of Training Camp. That's why Philbin agreed to the extra pre-season game! Duh!
What do you look for in a Pre-season game?
1) Find out what works and what doesn't! Well, the Fins did that...'nuff said.
2) Find out who plays better in games and who just plays well in practice! Ok, check that one off the list.
3) Try not to get injured! Alright, for the most part, that happened. Devlin just has a little ding.

So, it was a successful outing. Yes, improvement is needed. In a lot of areas. And, I expect we'll see a better team before the season opener.

I think once Wallace is on the field the offense will start to click. Miller looked super fast and once Wallace is there to pull back the safeties, lookout.

I think miller could get 1200 yards.

17 loves being "in the lead" on this blog. So he gurgles his negativity because that what this blog reacts to. If we look good against the jags he will be no where to be found. Watch. Reminds me of the temper tantrum odin through during the draft last year. Whhhaaaaaaaaa whhhhaaaaaaaa boooohooooooo!!




I agree a lot of ppl are perhaps overreacting to a preseason game; however depth at LT must be addressed. Two players I would keep my eye on if i was Mr. Ireland: Jeff Otah who is trying to revive his career somewhere in 2013 and Lydon Murtha, who definitely has the size to st least be an LT backup, he can do no worse than Dallas Thomas.

Otah was a dominant player when healthy but was seriously mismanaged by the Panthers. He could be an ideal backup to Martin.

I DO expect that Miami will be practicing a lot of basic skills during practice...

That's what was so sloppy about that game!

oline is horrible, has to be fixed

People need to get off the crack. This is a bad football team...period. The Dolphins are more likely to go 1-15 than 10-6. Inaccurate quarterback, unproven rb's, poor offensive line, unproven lb's, poor secondary, injury concerns (Grimes, Keller), unproven coaching, team chemistry problems, difficult schedule...idiotic gm, moronic owner, laughingstock uniforms, sea world logo. In all seriousness this could be one of the worst teams in franchise history, just a handful of injuries and this club is 3-13...glad to see some of you have come back to reality.

Posted by: Piss Poor Organization | August 05, 2013 at 04:36 PM

You sound like you just got pissed on.

PPO, Would you like some Kool-Aid??

GUYS, Guy's, Settle Down now and have a cool drink of Kool-Aid..

Trolls here have zero basis for their claims. They start off with BS they call facts when it's opinion. They say whatever negative spew they heard elsewhere. The reality is this...by the time the second team was on the field we were only down 7-0. 7 of which was spotted to them by the Miller fumble. Just say no to their made up drama, lies and BS.

Definitely disappointed in our O-line at this point. I can't make much out of Tannehill considering he only had 5 attempts. It looked like he expected McNutt to stop on one of those incompletions (he should've as he was headed straight into two defenders). Miscommunication with the #5 WR is expected at this point considering his starting 2 WRs were out.

I was really impressed with Jordan and how our coaches used him. He will be much more disruptive when Vernon,Starks and Odrick return. Shelby looks like a solid pass rusher but needs to set that edge better in run support.

All in all though, we need our Oline to perform better. Especially at LT!

Just like Henne had no chemistry with Marshall, Tannehill does not appear to have chemistry with Wallace. I don't think it is just a speed thing, it is just that Tannehill doesn't have a feel for Wallace's cadence and rhythm.

Judging by camp reports Tannehill is doing much better with the other receivers. Maybe he needs to just focus on that first. Let Wallace be the decoy and look for him on the broken plays, for now anyway.

Where are the CJers at anyway?, You know Odinsmell,His BFF Pinhead4life,And what about Douchie??, I know Odinstan I stll asleep(Which his BFF P4L is with hm( Cause he-s ubemployed but I wonder what HAPPEN TO dASHE?? Mr 24 hour a day Blogger..

$60,000,000.00 for a decoy.
I want some of what you are smokin'

Hi ALoco!

It is what it is, no?

Chemistry? How can that be an issue if the guy wasn't even on the field? Wallace and Tannehill have no chemistry based on what in the game last night???

I concede that the Dolphins played sloppily.My larger concern was that anyone thinks that Dallas Thomas is a tackle. My understanding was that he is projected as a guard ? Did I miss something ? Yes, RT had the "yips".
I believe he'll settle down. But this was a tryout for the 3rd and 4th stringers. I thought Bumphis and WR Davis did well. I heard nothing about the right side of the O-line - so they must have done well ? And D. Jordan was no slouch either. U guys really have to let the preseason play-out before U panic and join the "troll-patrol". Geez, doesn't anyone have any faith anymore. Mark my words - 10-6 and a playoff spot.

Odinsmell should be waking up from his night of boozing and drugfest covered in his own bodily fluids.

The more I post here the more I think you are all teenage dropouts. So many of you have no analytical skills or no ability to remember anything beyond the last 24 hour period.

Tannehill and Wallace have been working out together for months now. Don't you guys read ANYYING? Or can't you remember? Even Wallace says (not me) the chemistry is not there yet.

Say it aint so...the Phins played a sloppy 1st preseason game with a lot of rookies and young guys? This is panic button time surprising? And D. Thomas needs time to learn the NFL game? You mean he's not ready to start on the first team on his first game out of the gate? Wow! Unbelievable.

Anything...of course...

2015. I have read that also. The only thing is you are placing blame on the QB and the QB only. Or it seems that way. You brought up Henne and Marshall. Marshall dropped 4 easy TD's in 3 games. He also did not run his routes. Chemistry is not just the QB, it is both parties. JMO.

All the money that's been paid to Tanne and Wallace means you make that chemistry and you make it now.

Sure, it's both parties to a degree. But...the WR needs to run his routes and react to the defense, not react to the QB, the QB has to react to the receiver. Whose fault the chemistry is I can't say, but it looks like Tannehill is doing much better with Gibson Hartline and Keller...chemistry.

Is there any Player now that you like the way they play, YG, 17, Poizen, et al?

The chemistry between us and Dashi is wonderful.

Hi oscar!

Huh? I like alot of our players, Im not bashing anyone...

Dion Jordan looks good. I thought Gray and D Thomas did some good things. Besides the fumble LM did well. I was not impressed with the receivers last night.

Which ones specifically?

well on the bright side,um, er,jordan looked ok and um um ummm,devlin moved the3/4 teamers um sort of,and umm ummm matt moore had that 75 yard TD,oh wait never mind that,well at least expectations just got a whole lot lower along with season ticket holders so less traffic at the games.im trying to be positive!!however they still cant run , block,catch,or throw.and on D they cant cover or tackle.should be another great season!(for another high botched draft pick )

I did not judge the D to much, there awas no time to get a rythem. Plus the first fumble just started things poorly.

You no like how J Martin plays?

ya but when your 1's play against 3's and 2's and they look like #2 doing it id say houston we have a problem(multi[ple problems

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