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The post-mortem from preseason opening loss

After Sunday night's 24-20 loss to the Cowboys, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin did his postgame press conference out on the field, by the end zone. As a group of reporters surrounded him for his four-minute talk, a nearby fan yelled over at the top of his lungs:

"Breaking news," the fan yelled, "the Dolphins still suck."

I wouldn't go that far nor would I make assumptions on a season or even a preaseason based on this preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

But on this night the Dolphins definitely didn't present much of a counter-argument against that heckler.

They didn't just lose this one 24-20, but lost it ugly. They played poorly, they played sloopy, and they got beat. Not a good recipe for turning the thing around in time to start the season fast.

"I told the team I thought we would play better," coach Joe Philbin said. "That's obviously not the way you want to start any football game, I don't care if it's preseason, Game 1, the Super Bowl or any game in between."

The start was ugly. Lamar Miller fumbled on the first offensive play.

The Cowboys recovered inside the Dolphins 10 yard line and scored.

The galling thing?

The defense that started for Dallas was missing every defensive starter in the lineup save one. Yes, coach Jason Garrett sat practically everyone and still won.

"I told our team we've talked a lot about taking the ball away. We've talked a lot about ball security. We spent a lot of practice time but it didn't show up on the field today. We have to go back to work and get that corrected. That's the reason we lost the game and that's what's going to turn this program around more than anything else is us doing a much, much better job in that category."

Yes, it was a bad start for Miller, who is trying to replace Reggie Bush, but he recovered a little bit. He finished with two carries for 21 yards.

"I had to make up for it and look forward to the next play," Miller said. "I was trying to move the chains and help the football team."

Miller added the team, "can only get better."

Obviously. The Dolphins lost the turnover margin, 2-0. One of those was a 75-yard interception return TD by reserve linebacker Devonte Holloman, who picked off Matt Moore. The pick goes on Moore's stat sheet, but the problem was that rookie receiver Chad Bumphis sat down in the zone when Moore was expecting him to run through.

"It was a bad read on my part," Bumphis said. "That one's on me. But I'm going to learn from that and that miscommunication won't happen again."

Bumphis wasn't bad otherwise. He caught five passes for 85 yards to lead the team. Michael Egnew had four catches for 52 yards but had a drop. Keenan Davis had three catches for 48 yards and a TD.

"Keenan Davis made a couple of plays," Philbin said. "Bumphis has caught the ball in practice ... The kid gets open and he catches the ball."

Moore finished the game with 19 completions on 29 attempts for 238 yards. He played most of the second quarter but was forced back in the game in the fourth quarter when third-stringer Pat Devlin "got nicked," according to Philbin.

Dolphins05 rmattsacked jwrI'm sure Moore loved the idea of coming back in the game. He was sacked once (which you see courtesy a photo by Joe Rimkus) and hit hard on multiple occasions as the second-team line -- particularly reserve left tackle Dallas Thomas -- seemed to struggle. Frankly, I'm wondering if Thomas has the quickness to play left tackle. If he does, he didn't show it tonight.

It looked like Devlin took a shot that had him a little glassy-eyed in the locker room afterward.

Speaking of quarterbacks, starter Ryan Tannehill completed two of five passes for 1 yards. His 47.9 QB rating was the lowest of the Miami QBs. His inability to connect on a couple of simple slant throws to WRs showed either his lack or work with those receivers, or a twinge of inaccuracy or both.

Afterward, Tannehill conceded the Dolphins looked ugly.

"It wasn't our cleanest game, wasn't our best game," he said. "I'm glad we can get that one out of the way early. We have four more preseason games before we get into the regular season. So hopefully this was our sloppy game."

The leading rusher on the night for Miami was Jonas Gray. He rushed for 41 yards on seven carries. Gray missed all of last season as he rehabilitated a knee injury from his Notre Dame days. 

"This was a reassurance that my knee is 100 percent," he said.


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And what might you be an alien possibly

Remember I told you that would happen? I was right. Look at me. I have witnesses. I told you it would rain and it rained.

Look at me. I was right....

They say it like we should all suddenly assume they will always be right about everything. Well know, that Johnny was right about the rain, I guess he knows who will win the SB this year.

Posted by: ? | August 05, 2013 at 08:14 PM

Funny because that's what everyone does. People who think the team will win 3 games call us morons because we think they will win 9. And vice versa. You're a regular so you must also know that it's just the way the blog goes. Everyone in here is a moron to someone else and if you haven't seen that during your time here, well then you're a bigger moron than the rest of us.

Pathetic bologgers that fit into the Look at Me I was Right crowd...

Craig M
Craig M
Craig M

THey will be hitherto known as Barnacles.

Steve Ross, the worst owner ever?

lol Have a good night losers. Maybe someday you will see a girls private parts. But first you will have to leave this blog for more than an hour at a time. Ahhh who am I kidding, that means it's never happening for you :)


LMAO Seriously before I go, who is the person that hangs out in here 24/7?! It's so sad! I just started thinking about that for the first time. One of you, at LEAST one, hangs out in here SO much that he knows every single thing anyone ever writes. He even remembers the exact blogs they were written in as if he keeps notes. I'm sorry,,,,(I can't stop laughing) that is so so so so sad but also very funny at the same time! HA! Goodnight and kudos to the professional bloggers, too bad you don't get paid to be here because you would be rich. Too frickin funny!

Have a good night losers.
Posted by: Phins78 | August 05, 2013 at 08:34 PM

Even Phins 78 knows that Fin fans are losers.

I like the moves Ireland has made this off season. Specifically the moves he didnt make:)

Armando Salguero embarrassing yourself on NFL.com. they were laughing at you, i don't follow idiots. I'm never coming back this site ever again!

Phins78 always says he's out yet appears again shortly after. Who can't stay away?

Miami had won their last four opening pre-season games in a row and five of their last six coming into Sunday nights Hall of Fame game. The last time they lost? 2008. 2008 was also the last time they won the AFC East Championship. Just sayin.

There will be alot a ugly preseason games in this first week,lol

7.5 wins...take the under.
Pathetic franchise.
Dumbo owner.
Glowing uniforms.
Sissy whale logo.

I think People are being paid to write on this Blog.

Yeah Fins 78 often says goodbye but doesnt leave. Its a sign of major insecurity.

Yeah Fins 78 often says goodbye but doesnt leave. Its a sign of major insecurity.

Posted by: Dr. Alan | August 05, 2013 at 09:14 PM

Dolphins fans don't need to worry about Jeff Ireland. He saw what we all saw last night. He has dedicated himself to addressing the personnel weaknesses that were on display against the Cowboys. To demonstrate his laser-like focus and dedication to this task, he announced to staff that he has cancelled his regular Tuesday afternoon massage.

ESPN’s Merril Hoge on Ryan Tannehill

“He looked awful; the offense looked awful,” Hoge said. “What I saw early on, I would be bothered if I were a coach of the Miami Dolphins.”

Get ready people. This team is going to suck again. Unprepared, and in no way ready to play. Speaks to the coaching this team has. When your late getting a play off, coming back from a commercial break. Then have to call a time out. Nothing has changed with this team. Defense had holes all through it.
And Im just speaking of the first teamers. The offensive line is horrible. Strength coach needs to be replaced. They were getting shoved around leaft and right.
Before all the idiots start going crazy on here, saying its the first pre-season game.
You dont expect much, but you would like to see a little talent come out of this. I saw none. The one good thing about this season is Bill Cowher will be available next year.

I copied all the posts. Ran them through a filter to remove all posts that had LOL, LMAO, Moron, Fool, Idiot, Loser, Stupid, Jet Fan and Gay.

Out of 12934 posts, only 2 remained.

Who cares what Merill Hoge says.

Yes, we played ugly and we lost the game up front. It will get better though because it can't look any worse.

Ryan Tannehill = Another Ireland bust

Not me, I'm a Doctor.


When are you going to make a post with some substance.?All you do is state the obvious or meander.

Who cares what Merill Hoge says.
Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 05, 2013 at 09:36 PM

Dolphin fans care you idiot. Its embarrassing to be riduculed on national TV.

Here we go again dudes jokes on all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6-10 and yet another rebuild

Philbin what the hell is going on down there


All we heard was we can't turn the ball over for 10 months and what happens the first play

Fisher knew better than to take this job. He has the Rams ready to roll.

Glad to see the team god Reshad Jones locked u. Yesterday was ugly. Nothing to panic about though, at least give it a couple more preseason games.

I'm glad I cancelled the Sunday ticket

Philbin made everyone so fearful of turnovers that they can't even concentrate and let loose. So what happens? Turnovers.


Reading alot of posts about the terrible play of J.Martin??? He wasn't playing Vs. Ware (so heaping praise or crucifying is jumping the gun to say the least) Really outside a stunt the Cowboys ran were the Weakside OLB blitzed and he let him and the DE go without chipping either (FROZE on the play) were Tannehill was rolling to his right (DANGEROUS play were the D guessed right and caught our QB blind and naked to the rush) I didn't see anything to get overly concerened about although I would like to have seen him take the inside rush with the DE leaving the RB to chip on the LB!

That said he made the type of error he can learn from and the book says heady blue collar player who adjusts well. I've been following Jake Long on NFL Network's around Training Camp and Long has been absent so far in full contact drills were a player wearing #60 is playing LT in their full contact stuff with Long subbing in exclusively on team drills. Could mean nothing but until Jake finishes 2013 vertical dominating the type of pass rushers he'll face in the NFC West I'll hold off on any comparisons much less critique the move to allow him to walk regardless of what Cris Collinsworth was talking last night. Seems Cris whose a host on Showtime's Inside the NFL didn't see the highlights or lowlight that was our play at LT with Long in there last Yr.

Dallas Thomas was alarmingly scary at LT last night but J.Jerry (closed 2011 at LT) and Garner have played there for us before when the games count so if pressed into duty because of injury seem to be the 1st off the bench before Thomas gets any call. The rest was pretty much garbage time from the get go when taking into account that Trusnik actually started at MLB for the first 4 plays before Wheeler moved over so again our gaping holes in the middle were nothing to cry home about with Odrick and Starks also out.

By the way have read on a few posts how Miller's runs were off RT???? His 1st run was off LT folks were Martin, Cogs and Pouncey plowed him a truck lane! By the way NFL should allow teams in this contest have their Pre-Season home Sports crews calling the action! Last night couldn't get any calls on substitutions while Collinsworth kept talking about how Anthony Armstrong had a great rookie Yr. in Wash. ect.... They (Collinsworth and Micheals sleep walked through contractual obligation and in the process deprived me of who the heck we were shuffling in and out which well meant something to me as a Dolphan!


Well said fine4life, agree on most of the points.

Who cares what Merill Hoge says.
Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 05, 2013 at 09:36 PM

Dolphin fans care you idiot. Its embarrassing to be riduculed on national TV.

Posted by: Nat Moore | August 05, 2013 at 09:46 PM

Merill Hoge is a NO TALENT HACK! Sort of like the Joe Thiesman of prognosticators!


Alot of people acting as if the Seasons already done! LMFAO!

Our O line is pedestrian at best, f4l. Reshad Jones is above average but no star. This is the first Draft in a huge Time that I feel we got some potential stars, DJ, the kid Davis, maybe Dion Simms. StrictlyMO.

Yeah, all these HOFers saying the same crap.


You say our OL is pedestrian and that's your right! I disagree with you, I believe were fielding our best RT in Yrs. I also feel we have the best Center in Football who would be an elite Guard as well in NFL, PERIOD! Our LG is one alot of teams wouldn't mind having in the FA ERA and have some blue chippers who'll fight it out for RG. Our only ? is Marin and the alternative was/is becoming Tony Bosselli from were I sit and you might remember me posting it as faaaar back as the end of 2011 when Jerry closed out at LT for Boles, so to me until Long proves otherwise by ctually earning his next Pro Bowl bid I'm all right with the move/experiment. The team addressed alot this Off-Season more than alot on here posted possible and now trash, tipical!

This is a 9-7 team all the way. those uniforms are too soft for pro-Football, they look like a high school team at best.

This is a 9-7 team all the way.

Posted by: STRODIUM 90 | August 05, 2013 at 10:32 PM

Are you sure you don't mean 7-9?

There's strong possibility this is only a 9-7 team "IF" Tannehill magically improves his accuracy.

The Tannehill I saw lastnight, it would be "MIRACULOUS" to finish 7-9 again with the much more difficult schedule.

LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 05, 2013 at 10:40 PM

At the end of the day that is the 64 Million Dollar question but he should be better by default given the speed alone should help free up the underneath stuff.

The only problem on offense isn't Jonathan Martin. Tannehill's inconsistency with accuracy is atop the list too.

We all saw it last night.

For this to be a 10 win or better 2013 team, J-Mart can be K-Mart, and Tannehill has to stop tap dancing with the accuracy.


Right now, we're only the qb and lt positions away to being a 2013 playoff team. The play at these two positions will be extremely crucial to our playoff hopes.

Ironically, both are 2nd yr players. So keep the fingers crossed.

By the way don't know if any of you caught the little fact that every living member of the HOF attended this weekends events. So doubt Ross was there to watch the team as much as drum up support from Fins legends for his fight with St. Politicians.


No doubting we go as far as the QB takes this group and crossed fingers aside I don't see how it could be worse than last Yr. with the upgrades around Tannehill this Yr.

You remember 08? When the knock on Flacco was accuracy in intermediate game, the book was that he could throw it a mile but didn't have the touch or accuracy and now the debate is about how elite he is with all due respect to the pundits and experts waxing poetic.

My point is that just like Flacco I still feel Tanne has a ceiling which I felt Henne had reached in 2010 were he regressed and until I see that with this QB I won't close the book on who can be. For startes is more an athlete than Henne brings another dimension that the one dimensional Henne lacked aside from a pulse on game day.

We have been told not to overreact since the Watergate Hearings were still going on and the Marlins were 20 years from existence since the Dolphins last won a Super Bowl. Hell, 40 years is a mere bagatelle. Let's just be patient like those moronic Cubs FANaticS who have been waiting for over a century

I was so excited to finally be able to watch the Phins, since I moved to San Diego in 2006. I used to go to all the practices in the summer, was a season ticket holder, and I proudly hang my Dolphins flag, along with my American flag, in front of my house.
I cannot begin to say how disappointed I am with their performance. It looks like they never practiced, let alone practiced together. Coach Philbin may just be too easy going to kick these guys in the ass to wake them up. I can only hope they are stricken by the comments made by the press, and fans, and will get off their rear ends and TRY HARDER to meet their own expectations, let alone ours. It's as though they were a group of Freshmen high school students in their very first game. They seemed fearful, looked as though they were thinking about something other than what they were doing.

WHY IN THE WORLD DID WE LET REGGIE BUSH LEAVE? IS IT SO WE COULD PAY TWO OR THREE SUB PAR RUNNING BACK/RECEIVERS TO TAKE HIS PLACE? I guess I just can't understand the thinking of the front office. If you have a proven winner, and he is doing an EXCELLENT job, the job of at least two people, why not pay him what he deserves. He will give you the payback many times over.

Please, please wake these boys up and let them know much is expected of them; and they don't seem to get it.

A very sad Dolphins fan in San Diego.

This was just a meaningless game, except for the fact that we saw potential players like Bumphis and another couple of guys. Apart from that, the only thing we can say is that Dallas won the backup battle. Remember that this is only the second year for the Dolphins' main heads (staff, QB, etc.). Soon we'll really see if there is or isn't really improvement. We have right now a pretty young talented team. Much better than the one we have with Sparano. The Defense may give much more time of posession to our offense. So let us wait, for real this time.

Reading these posts shown me that we have a lot of people talking that know nothing about football. Saying that it was a bad outing but otherwise a close game is as far from reality it can be. The only reason the Cowboys scored 24 points is that Romo did not played, and they used 2nd, 3rd and 4th string QBs. The 20 points we score are a fluke too, we went three for five on fourth downs, most of them for more than four yards out. In an actual game, we would have kicked all five times, therefore, the Cowboys would have five additional possessions to do more damage, our defense would have spent more time on the field which would have resulted in more points for the enemy, and we would not had the two touchdowns as they came after converting in two of those occasions. We would have ended with six points (two FGs) and the Cowboys could have ended with more points. Please learn to analyze games.


Sturgis from 46, 47 & 54!

And to think some mamaluke here said the kicking competition wasn't even a competition!

WELL DUH! Two guys have to be healthy to compete!

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