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Wednesday afternoon practice report and other stuff

The ripple effects of yesterday's cutting of cornerback Richard Marshall could be seen in practice today.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson took first-team snaps, although coach Joe Philbin said with a straight face he has not yet won the starting job. On nickel and dime situations, Patterson moved inside to the slot cornerback spot while Nolan Carroll took over on the boundary.

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said the club has other options in those situations. He mentioned Jimmy Wilson, who took 500 snaps many in the nickel and dime packages last year, and rookie Will Davis.

"There's a variety of options we have," Coyle said, "it's just a matter of how it all unfolds. Sometimes in the nickel you deploy different personnel depending on the personnel the other team has. You might use a bigger guy in certain situations on first and second down and go with a cover guy on third down."

Coyle met with the defensive backs Wednesday and implored them to make their cases for playing time now because the time for coaches to plan for the season-opener is decreasing by the day.

"We've got some veteran players that we talked to this morning and I told everybody we've got veteran players that have got to step up and play their best football. And the young players have got to realize this isn't college football where you're going to sit and watch for a while. If you're going to play, you need to show it and demonstrate it right now."

One player you'll notice was not mentioned was second-round pick Jamar Taylor. He's not in the plans right now because he missed several weeks of practice, recovering from hernia surgery. But he might be in the plans later in the season.

"He hasn't had enough snaps for us to totally evaluate what his role might be as we begin. But certainly we believe as he develops and gets more experience and more reps, we believe he'll be able to contribute for us this year."

As to practice, Dion Jordan continues to miss practice. Although Coyle believes Jordan "is making strides with his rehab," it is all but certain he will not play Saturday against Tampa Bay. That will be Jordan's second missed game in a row.

Coyle has remained optimistic that Jordan will be ready for the season-opener although I am starting to hear whispers to the contrary.

"Um, I don't have doubt," Coyle said. "I hope if he stays on target with what we're hearing and what we're seeing, he'll be ready to help us coming opening day."

On a couple of special teams notes:

Everyone knows Marcus Thigpen was a fine punt and kick returner last year. He had a touchdown returning kickoffs and a touchdown returning a punt.

But special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi today left open the door on not having Thigpen take all the punt return duties this year. Last year Thigpen returned 26 punts while Davone Bess had four returns.

I think he'll be our kick returner," Rizzi said. "Punt return-wise I think we'll do like we did last year, a little bit of a committee but if we played a game today he'd have a majority of them."

By the way, with the cutting of kicker Dan Carpenter last week, the Dolphins are using punter Brandon Fields as the kicker for onside kicks. "For now," Joe Philbin said.

 Yesterday, the Dolphins offense had 11 turnovers in practice. It was different today. There were only three interceptions and just one fumble.

Reshad Jones and Lee Robison had interceptions of Ryan Tannehill. Pat Devlin was intercepted by Dimitri Paterson. And Mike Wallace was stripped of the ball in 7 on 7 drills.

By the way, Wallace seemed faster than usual today. He caught six passes, including a 60-yarder along the sideline and his stride seemed smooth and effortless. Something has seemingly happened in the last week because, after early struggles in camp, he and Tannehill are seemingly on the same page.

Michael Egnew is also putting together good practice after good practice for the first time. He was solid again today. It didn't look like it a month ago, but he is definitely making this team now.


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they sux.


As a person who has been a big supporter of Tannehill, I have one clear knock on him. He did it last year and he is still doing it. I blame the coaches for this. When a QB drops back in a 3, 5, or 7 step drop, on your last step your momentum should be moving forward back into the pocket. Too many times Tannehill will stand flat footed not moving forward. If your moving forward just 6 inches to a foot, normally the outside rusher will not have the angle on you. Multiple times he got flushed out to right when he should of stepped up in the pocket with no one there. Jeff Garcia had a bad habit of this. Marino never came close to this.

Watch the next game to see what I mean.


Comparing Marino's pocket presence with anyone is ridiculous. Just like Marino's Arm, Marino in the Pocket was quicker than a Cat.

Agreed, T-Hill needs to do a better job in the pocket. But from what I have seen in the preseason Sherman has given him free will to run.

Can't wait to see our rookies on Defense. Jordan Taylor Davis are gonna be fun to watch this year.

Like that Reshad Jones is reguarly gettig INTs in practice even against Tanne, HATE that Lee Robison got a pick against Tanne in practice

Walalce and Tannehill lookig good? Who would've of thought, you know if you give it time and workign together what could happen?!??!!?!?

I keep telling you guys about Egnew - not a huge contributor but he's our one hope for a seam threat from teh TE. 20-30 recs from him with a 10-12 YPC and that would be awesome...

That's why we have Jerry, Samuda, Louis and Dallas Texas to fill in when starters like Incogs break down or get arrested for assaulting a hotel security guard on camera.


Good post. I will have to keep an eye on Tannehill this week with that. Marino was awesome at staying on his toes as is Brady.

I'm a big supporter of Tannehill as well my biggest knock with him is 2 things. He doesn't use his athleticism enough! He can run and I know he's no RG3 or Kaepernick but he does have wheels and needs to use them. I'm not talking designed runs because that's how you end up like RG3 or Mike Vick because there's only so much the body can take before it breaks but improvised runs. You see a lane on 2nd and 8 and he holds and holds and in that second to half a second he could've sustained a drive but he holds and throws an inaccurate pass under pressure at that point or is sacked or dropped for a short gain.

My 2nd biggest complaint honestly is coaching. The play calling leaves little to be desired. Tannehill doesn't ever get a chance to get into a rhythm with the play calling. If something works stick to it until the defense stops it. But Tannehill can't control that.

taste like dog chit to you?

ya, taste like dogchit

good thing we don't step in it.

yeah, good thing.

The Secondary will be Solid. We finally have a CB that we can line up against another teams #1. Patterson and Carroll can hold down the spot this season while Davis and Taylor develop for the Future.

Patterson and Carroll are only on this team for the remainder of this season.

If I was Ireland I will try and resign Grimes now. Grimes, Taylor, and Davis for a Couple Seasons.


Dashi is in.

Egnew will be this years suprise

Cool, down to ONE


Excellent post! Just straight-forward reporting of the facts.

I like it!

Bravo Salguero!

Well done!

I really hope Egnew takes this opportunity to be a star and runs with it. He has a chance to turn into something great like Jimmy Graham, maybe the opportunity that has opened up from Keller's injury will turn a light on for him and he'll realize if he puts in the effort he could set himself up to make some big money in a couple years.


Agreed on Egnew. The guy will be a pleasant surprised. Some people hate just to hate. But his Athletic Ability can't be denied. I look at it as we have 2 Rookie TEs. Sims and Egnew.

I am sold on the QB, RB, WR & Front 7.

I disagree with you on the CB and OL position. 2 weeks ago Mando had Patterson getting cut now he is the starter?

I know Grimes is a very good player when healthy but I do not believe the achilles will hold up.

I predicted 2 months ago that Taylor and Davis will be our opening day starting CBs and if they are then we are phucced.

Why on eath would ESPN publish this story now about Incognito? Related to the Smith incident? I'm pretty sure of that. But what business has ESPN in discrediting Incognito? Probably League mandated.

I also notice, Tannehill doesnt step up in the pocket when the edge rushers are up the field, he has to go through his progressions faster and step up in the pocket!

..On Tannehill & pocket presence. To start. I do not think there is a poster here that can appreciate the speed of the game. Especially at the quarterback position. Imagine having to do math equations in split seconds, then perform an athletic function. I understand that this is part of playing quarterback, that it comes with the territory. But there is a reason that there are probably only a dozen or so guys on the PLANET that can do this at a level where it looks easy.

For me to sit here and say Tannehill doesn't have pocket presence is outrageous. Frankly, I have no idea what it takes to have this presence. For me to try and break it down is a joke. For any of us to make a claim that Tannehill struggles in the pocket. I would say there are probably factors beyond our limietd knowledge as to why..Perhaps it was a receiver mistake. Perhaps it is a young quarterback not quite comfortable within his own head in the offense. Perhaps another assignment was blown. We can't be sure. It's easy to say Tannehill holds on to the ball too long..The hard part in answering why.

sloooow down tmart

2 more INT'S for Tannehill. YIKES!!

Why is M Egnew still on the team?

We need a new owner, GM, QB, and HC.


I'm with everyone else. The O-Line is the biggest question on the Team.

On the CB, you bring up a good point on the Achilles. That might be a reason to wait til after the season to offer a contract. But rarely do you hear of people rupturing the same Achilles Twice.

Even though that use to be a career ending Injury 10-15 years ago.

Look at T.Suggs it wasn't a problem with him and he came back sooner than he should've.


I can tell you this, T-Hill has better pocket presence than M&M.

Good breakdown. Agreed, none of us can understand at the speed this happens.

Nobody wants to touch my last commentary in this entry even with a 10 foot pole. Why such fear writing on Internet? You can even say that John Kennedy was ordered killed by the highest spheres of Governments in cahoots with Fidel Castro and Organized Crime. Unless you work for the Government or in the case of Incognito with any associate of the NFL, nobody can touch a hair of your head for writing that, as it is only an opinion. C'mon, c'mon anybody that doesn't work for the Miami Herald here, care to discuss the Incognito's affair?


If you read my post carefully, I not saying he has no pocket awareness, I just think he stands flat footed too much and needs to step up more in the pocket. When your moving forward you are in bettor position to make accurate throws with the most power on it. Good mechanics. This is what makes Tom Brady so good. His body is always in a good throwing position.

I'm not reinventing the wheel here!! This is QB 101!

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | August 21, 2013 at 04:57 PM

That's a good observation. Many on here have never played the game much less QB. BUT as you probably know, you have a very small window to suceed.

As for what I wanted to see Tannehill improve on, I haven't seen it yet. He's still locking on to recievers...he has to see the field and look off the safety. Still no pump fake. A good pump fake freezes LBs & secondary. What the hell are the coaches doing?

Gotta wonder. Are the Dolphin brass satisfied with the 29th ranked QB?

"Something has seemingly happened in the last week because, after early struggles in camp, he and Tannehill are seemingly on the same page."

This line cracks me up. Really? Something has happened? They had never played together and needed to get their timing down. Who didn't know this going into the season?

So I guess all of the doom and gloom stories about how they weren't connecting and it was a concern were ,,,,,AS USUAL,,,premature.

Incognito's a jackass.

Well, good for you, an opinion, valid or not, but an opinion.

Phins 78 says goodbye but never leaves. He lurks...lol. Can u say insecure?

this is what we have to show of 5 picks in the first 3 rounds of the draft? inexcusable

Ok, I'm outta here.

Don't talk about me now, I'm gone. I'm really going now. I hope I don't miss any bwahhahhas, I love those.

I think Tannehill will have a decent year... One thing he MUST stop is holding on to the ball too damn long... Either throw it away or haul ass!!

Also congrats to everyone in here for ignoring the troll on this page. Keep it going tonight. There's no need to respond to any of it because it never changes. He keeps using the same lines over and over. Everyone has already said their piece and corrected him on the same inaccurate posts dozens of times. No more needs to be said, and I love coming in here and seeing that you guys are completely ignoring and talking around the nonsense. Nice! ;)

Tell it to face....miramar ass


You made a great observation. I agree. But even on this Blog some here will discredit that the National Media doesn't like the Fins.

On Kennedy, Fidel had nothing to do with it. Fidel was put there by the U.S. Government. He is just a pawn on a bigger Chess game.

Phins78, I believe this is the year where everyone has turned over a new leaf.

This blog has been running smoothly since a certain someone decided to spend less time on here.

lets fix the oline and find a te. forget about jordan, awful pick who wont help this year

...Bane. I did not mean to single anyone out when I made my comment. By all means give your opinion. I have just read a lot of comments about Tannehills pocket presence..Or lack of. These observations may be spot on. I was just trying to say that it is difficult for me to say because I don't know all of the factors as to why..Of course anyone can say.."Tannehill is poor in the pocket" But can they explain why with any authority?

Hey Dashi,what's up? Yes, the blog has been a little less crowded and it seems we have lost one of the trolls. If everyone just keeps ignoring the ridiculous posts we can take our blog back. Everyone has to keep that leaf turned over! :) Ignoring makes them mad and in turn makes me laugh. Lets keep it up! I have to run Dashi but I look forward to talking about the games here in a couple of weeks. That's when my time comes, love the after the game analysis but hate the before the season speculation.

All that gets you is, 'Tannehill and Wallace haven't been connecting and this is a major issue'. pffftttt Ha

The Russians killed Kennedy. And the Gov't didn't really care. Kennedy was more of a Hassle and he was against going to war.

And if you know anything about the 1% that runs this country. They love War. They make money off all those Gov't contracts during wartime.

Noted Darryl.

As much a like Coach Joe, he needs to coach up Tannehill like he did with Aaron Rodgers.

For all the Egnew haters out there, and I was one of them, I hope we all eat crow big time.

The kid heard all the rumbling and really dedicated himself this off season. Now it is starting to show. Let's hope it continues.

We know, Dashi, but one of Fidel's guys shot from the grassy knoll.

Yeah someone pointed out the two interceptions Tanny threw today but failed to mention the double digit tds. It was also situational work and not simulated practice. But a lot of fans never see the big picture, I don't think they know it exists. Have to run, check back later.

DarrylDunphy @ August 21, 2013 at 04:57 PM

Very, very good post.

It's not much to do math equations performing an athletic function but pattern recognition (more than 2 at the same time) while performing an athletic function witch is HARDER (hahaha no, I get your point). Imagine read the blitz and the cover, get the snap and then while you have to do your progressions, sense the pressure and defensive manouvers, man!

Dan Marino was too good doing that.

Also congrats to everyone in here for ignoring the troll on this page. Keep it going tonight. There's no need to respond to any of it because it never changes. He keeps using the same lines over and over. Everyone has already said their piece and corrected him on the same inaccurate posts dozens of times. No more needs to be said, and I love coming in here and seeing that you guys are completely ignoring and talking around the nonsense. Nice! ;)

Posted by: Phins78 | August 21, 2013 at 05:32 PM

How is this ignoring the troll when you write a long paragraph about him?

Recently, we have noted a slight delay from our writing commentaries here to the time they are published. Anybody here has experienced the same thing?


Fidel didn't have enough guys at the time to send one out of the Country.

I was watching the Military channel and they had a pretty good explanation on what happened.

Now don't get me wrong. The Cuban Missile Crisis is what caused Kennedy to get shot. But it had nothing to do with the Cuban Gov't.

The Mob, Russia, and a certain part of the US gov't were responsible for killing Both Kennedy's.

Hey Duh, have you McNutted recently?

Hey Duh, have you McNutted recently?

Is there a tendency in NFL or is just Ireland´s way to contract/draft injured players?? ... Grimes, Louis, Jordan, Taylor... Why they just keep gambling on injured players?? ... Last year Marshall came with the same issues, 1 year later he´s gone 4 millons richer and leaving the team with 2m+ in dead money... Its not his fault it´s Ireland´s ...
Among the palyers i mentioned before, it just seems Grimes the one worthy the gamble ... The others mmhh!!!!??'

It has been 17 Qbs since Marino, and we still don't realize his greatness.

Marino had eyes in the back of his head. He had 360° view of the field at all times. His instincts were 2nd to none. Marino just knew who was open. If not he would throw it hard enough to make the guy open.

I'm just proud I was old enough to remember Marino throwing perfect passes all over the Field.

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