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The status of four injured starters

CLEVELAND -- Although Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said quarterback Ryan Tannehill will play with the starting unit in Sunday evening's Hall of Fame game, the status of at least four starters is highly questionable to the point you shouldn't expect to see them.

Defensive tackle Jared Odrick (groin), defensive tackle Randy Starks (knee), receiver Mike Wallace (groin) and receiver Brian Hartline (calf) are not likely to play.

None are expected to miss significant time going forward, but because all missed practice the past few days and are still trying to reach 100 percent health, it seems to make little sense to play any of them.

Hartline, who is the closest to health in the group, wants to play because the game is in his native Ohio. But a source close to Hartline said it nonetheless makes little sense to risk an aggravation of the calf muscle in exchange for a couple of series of action in an otherwise meaningless preseason game.

Of the four, it is certain neither Odrick nor Starks will play. Although they are in the midst of a competition for a starting defensive end job and both have much to prove this season -- Starks because he'll be unsigned for 2014 and Odrick because he's being moved from DE to DT -- the competition was derailed temporarily this week when Starks first and then Odrick got hurt.

Odrick is day to day with the groin. Starks may be out a bit longer but a club source confirmed his injury is not considered worrisome.


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This blog serves as a wonderful micrososm of what modern day society hase become.

A festering pool of senseles babble, drivel and proud ignorance.

I admire how you all love your sheer idiocy.

More old news.


I'd like to see all the starters play the whole game.

Said nobody !

I read this in the current issue of Sporting News. This isn't true, is it?

Not to be outdone by Pat Riley's trademark of the phrase "three-peat," Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland has applied for a trademark of the phrase "draft bust."

You can read ?

Well, we are all Jacked-up for the Football Game. Right!

If Tannehill gets injured it would be a blessing in disquise because Moore is BETTER.

What game? Most starters are out. The last 3 quarters will be mostly players who will be cut shortly.

We could have had Matt Flynn. What were they thinking???

Is it basketball season yet??

Von we could of also had Matt Ryan, drew Brees twice and we could have traded to get RG3

But at least we have tannehill who is better than Flynn IMO he proves he is good with a below average receiving corps

This will be Tannehills, Philbins and Irelands last season. Look for a fresh start after another losing season.

A Game is a Game is a Game. Right?

Sorry for Von, I'm his Mom and he wasn't supposed to use the computer. He's grounded, I caught him naked with the cat and some jello.







Hey, if I was a HOFer like Bill Parcels, I wouldnt talk to Jeffy Irescum either!

go finssssssssssss

I wish we had Matt Flynn. We would've been playoff bound last year for sure.

Good to see the pessimistic dolphin "fans" are out. Yeah, let's bash Tannehill because he had no deep threat receivers, a shotty oline and was a rookie last year....... You guys are awesome. An how many games as Flynn started? Isn't he on his third team in a little over a year....... Yeah, he's a solid upgrade from Tannehill!

Even Parcels(who hired him) HATES IRELAND? TOO FUNNY!!

It is almost a certainty that Jeff Ireland was the first one to caught(after Bill Parcells of course) that Sparano sukkkked big dikkkk as a HC.

Matt Flynn couldn't beat out Chad Henne in a head to head matchup.

Philbin wanted Matt Flynn but Ross was too cheap to pay him fairly so Philbin had to settle for T-Henne. Ross was also too cheap to pay for Vonta Leach despite Philbins plea's to sign him. Ross is the worst Dolphin owner ever and cant even manage one winning season.

We were not selected for the HOF game. We volunteered. Few NFL teams want to do it for obvious reasons.

Dolphins 42
Jerry Jones 3

If Wallace averaged 8 TD's with Big Ben, he should get 1 or 2 with Tannehill, maybe. He wasn't worth that high price tag. His own coach called him a one trick pony.

We were not selected for the HOF game. We volunteered. Few NFL teams want to do it for obvious reasons.

Posted by: Von | August 03, 2013 at 05:08 PM

What obvious reasons are you talking about?

Fins up!

I don't think we would have been any better with mat Flynn. Last season, tannehill did not have many weapons, but this year he is stacked. If he does not improve this year, he's just gonna be another chad henne...I still think Moore is better than tannehill though. But I hope he proves me wrong!

Ross volunteered for the HOF game because it would bring the cheapskate extra money even though it ususally hurts the team injury wise.

Tannehill outplayed Russell Wilson head to head last year. That is the rookie who outplayed Matt Flynn in the preseason to start!

Anyone who believes Matt Flynn could even make our roster is huffing paint!

The players are already complaining that 4 preseason games is too much. Look at how many players get season ending injuries in preseason games. You think they want to play 5 games?

Obviously not.

I would rest Wake also.

Play some starters 1 or 2 Series. Then play everyone that is competing for a roster spot the rest of the game.

24-10. Go Dolphins.

Its a shame we have to have a JACKASS like Ireland as GM.

Tannehill will start the first quarter and may come out after the first series or two (depending on whether Miami scores or not). Then, Matt Moore will play the rest of the quarter (or half depending on the score). But, Devlin will get the most work this game (probably the entire second half). This is Philbin's chance to see what kind of players he has; those that practice well, but don't play as well in a game, or those that aren't that great in practice, but come alive come game time.


What possesed your parents to name you after fermented seaweed? Were they descendants of tuna? You must have endured a lot of ridicule in your life.

For all you Tanehill bashers - I'm so sure you know more than the coaches that see them every day of the week. Your fan wannabee's. I sure wish you would move to NY, you guy's would fit in very nicely as Jet fans. Oh, and Matt Flynn, your kidding right? He couldn't upseat our 3rd string QB right now. Jerks.

Hey Ross blows, why don't you put up some proof to back up your baseless claims? Until then, I'm calling you out as a LIAR!! A-ROD #2!!

I left Miami because the fans are d-bags, just read this blog. I wish I never left the jets, I love butt fumbles.

Spector has it right. Clowns everwhere on this blog.

Those that bash Tannehill after a rookie season with a terrible receiving core and suspect Oline. Then the morons like Dug that bash Matt Flynn before the guy has his first chance at a starting gig. He happened to get upseated by a promising young star in Seattle. But that makes him trash right?

At this point, nobody knows if both will go on to have great careers or flame out.

Useless drivel by all that think they know better. Really pathetic. Not to mention the regulars here that bash everyone that has an opinion. You know who you are.

My take, Ross Blows = Braun, A-Rod, Satan! All Liars to the extreme! Next your tell us you didn't know she was only 16.

Hey tvegas I don't bash anyone.

Hey tvegas I don't bash anyone.

Posted by: Darkoak | August 03, 2013 at 06:18 PM

But you worship and engage the silly boys and filthy mouths.

Changing names again I see.



Some dbag complaining that Ross volunteered for the HOF game... Professional Football is a business, why wouldnt you jump at the potential at more money...
As far as talking smack about Ross being too cheap to sign players.. Aside from Jerry Jones I cant think of another owner that actually signs players...
Food for thought.. they have to spend up to 95% of the salary cap so saying Ross is too cheap doesnt make sense as he has to spend a minimum of around $114,000,000 a year..
I know that I am responding to a troll or someone that is just trying to stir up posts because there isnt someone out there that moronic, at the very least i hope not

Just watched some Chris Carter highlights on NFL network. Too bad we didn't have him in his prime.

The thing I find our receivers are missing is that will to win the battles against defenders the way a Carter did.

It really isn't Clowns everywhere.

It's mainly just Two of them. Can you imagine these two in bed?

Oh man, these sheets sucks. The lighting in here is killing the mood. Can't you find some better music, this music is killing my mood too.

Oh yeah, and this bed? it sucks, whaaaa - Whaaaa Whaaaa!

What kind of lube did you get? You know that KY stuff makes my butt breakout.

Oh well, come on Spector, lets get this over with(sigh).

ROTFLMAO - Fvcking crybaby Trolls!

What's cracking phools?

Never said you bash anyone Darkoak. And I agree with your assessment of our receivers. Those who think that Wallace will instantly make the Fins respectable weren't watching enough of Mike Wallace the past couple of years. One trick pony is a pretty accurate description.

I prefer to not name the regulars on this board that bring things down to its lowest level. I enjoy talking Fins football with fellow fans, but I prefer good discussions with fair and open minded people. Just don't see a lot of that on this board but I will keep checking :) I'm critical of the team but fair. Let's face it, Miami fans have been waiting a very long time for this team to become relevant again. Here's hoping this is the year.

Its no fun being a Dolphin fan seeing your team lose every friggin home game. Big waste of time and money.

Jville is scrimaging tonight but there is no live blog or anything

What kind of lube did you get? You know that KY stuff makes my butt breakout.

Posted by: odinseye | August 03, 2013 at 06:39 PM

Does EVER a day go by where one of the two muskateers doesn't make reference to gayStuff?



I keep hearing this 'one trek pony' Wallace BS. We had one of the worst receiving groups in the NFL last year. How many TDs did our group have? Three maybe? So we have the third most cap space in the NFL. You telling me we should have sat on our hands and not upgraded the group? What was your plan?

I really don't care what Ross' motive was in getting us the Hall Of Fame Game. Coach Philbin spoke on it and I believe he genuinely wanted it.

And why wouldn't he?

The guy is in the 2nd year of a rebuild. He cut the fat, the problem children and the players who just didn't fit last year. So he's bringing in tons of players and has a lot of turnover. This game gives him an excellent chance to get Game Film..........**GAME FILM-HELLO** on all these guys he's trying to evaluate.

All the haters and mentally challenged needs to HUSH UP(LOL-Like talking to a child ;).

It's no coincidence that most of our key starters will be sitting this one out. We have to many rookies and borderline back ups to evaluate.

There are ample issues on this team to discuss objectively that's for sure. No team is so stacked you can't find problems if you look. What I'm hoping for more than the new players meeting expectations is that our coaching staff can shield our weaknesses and attack other teams vulnerabilities by good game planning and game management.

Craig I'm sure that Wallace can do more than run deep so I don't agree with the one trick pony thing either. The bigger concern with Wallace is the drops, and I've heard that from Steelers fans that have seen every game he ha played in the NFL.

Fin fans have been living in the past for 41 years. Its sad how low this once proud franchise has sunk.

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