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The status of four injured starters

CLEVELAND -- Although Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said quarterback Ryan Tannehill will play with the starting unit in Sunday evening's Hall of Fame game, the status of at least four starters is highly questionable to the point you shouldn't expect to see them.

Defensive tackle Jared Odrick (groin), defensive tackle Randy Starks (knee), receiver Mike Wallace (groin) and receiver Brian Hartline (calf) are not likely to play.

None are expected to miss significant time going forward, but because all missed practice the past few days and are still trying to reach 100 percent health, it seems to make little sense to play any of them.

Hartline, who is the closest to health in the group, wants to play because the game is in his native Ohio. But a source close to Hartline said it nonetheless makes little sense to risk an aggravation of the calf muscle in exchange for a couple of series of action in an otherwise meaningless preseason game.

Of the four, it is certain neither Odrick nor Starks will play. Although they are in the midst of a competition for a starting defensive end job and both have much to prove this season -- Starks because he'll be unsigned for 2014 and Odrick because he's being moved from DE to DT -- the competition was derailed temporarily this week when Starks first and then Odrick got hurt.

Odrick is day to day with the groin. Starks may be out a bit longer but a club source confirmed his injury is not considered worrisome.


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Mr. Gay said Daboll's offense flourished to an 0-7 record.

He said they flourished-Yeah, they FLOURISHED so well their Head coach got fired........GET THIS......DURING THE SEASON!

That's some FLOURISHING there Mr. Gay. You sure Handed me my ass.

ROTFLMAO at the Tard Troll.

OMFG is this Tart STOOPID - LOL ;)

I think I've never seen more enthusiasm at the beginning of a Season here than in this one. From the Fans, Press, FO, everybody. Me, I'll let you know when I get excited.

Hartline with a Rookie QB:

74 catches for 1083 yards.

DEAL with IT!

Anybody remember YG's tirade about getting rid of Hartline after last season?

Sounds a lot like Gay Logo Boy, don't it.

But don't tell anybody, YG thinks it's a BIG secret.

Remember when Kris (odins 2nd best friend) was asked multiple times if he would approve of his daughter bringing home an odin?

Odin you've exceeded your average number of times writing the word Gay today and its still early! Going for a new record?

Notice how odin and dashe ALWAYS revert to gaylord talk when they are beaten!

I have s feeling Ross will be buying boatloads of his own tickets......again.

Odin and Dashe obsessed with YG. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

What time is the game?




The game is at 8 on NBC.

The amount of attention Martin is getting is ridiculous. Who really thinks Philbin, Sherman or Ireland wouldn't have done something or wouldn't be doing something if LT was a real concern? And if it were a real problem wouldn't the team do something to compensate/adjust?

The amount of attention Martin is getting is ridiculous. Who really thinks Philbin, Sherman or Ireland wouldn't have done something or wouldn't be doing something if LT was a real concern? And if it were a real problem wouldn't the team do something to compensate/adjust?

Posted by: trolls are going to be miserable this year | August 04, 2013 at 06:01 PM

If Irescum could do anything right we wouldnt be looking at our 5th consective losing season. GET A CLUE.

Just in case, miserable, we're going to look him over.

I agree with everyone else about 17-O (DB/YG).
He must have been the guy at the beach that got sand kicked in his face and he never recovered.
The event turned "her" into a permanent assshole who daily feels the need to ruin everybody else's day at the beach.
17-0 can FOAD like the little POS that "she" is.

Martin will be fine. He is just going through the learning curve. Remember this is the guy that protected Luck in college. Seems like Luck did pretty well.

I know it isnt politicaly corrct but there is some mental retardation going on with Odin and Dashe.

Everyone is justifiably worried about LT but dont forget RT will be weaker also.

We ARE going to look him over.

About 17-0. I too agree. I suspect some transgender issues.
17-0 probably isn't getting a sex change operation soon enough and that make her angry. It shows in her posts.

We have to take into consideration that DeMarcus Ware will not play.

Well regulars who make a career out of posting on here and help Armando Salguero surpass his quota like most of the cops that work out of stations where sh*t dosent happen.
I hope we dont get another season of Gilligans Island reruns same ole same ole and the same result(never get off the island)
Even Thurston Howell the 3rd couldnt buy his way off the island.Do you think Ross and his little buddy Ireland can buy their way out of losing.
We will see it starts tonight,dont give me the lame excuse that its only preseason,if Don Shula himself took over this struggling franchise he would want to WIN EM ALL thats right in the preseason.
GL to the Fins in 2013 and I hope Ginger can finally do the right things to the headhunters so they will give all the Minnows a ride off the island.

I can't help but to chime in on 17-0.
That person is unbelievable in the way he shoves his point of view down everyone's throat.
What's worse is that he gets angry and verbally abusive if you disagree with him.
There may be some truth the story that large quantities of estrogen flow through his veins.
And by the way, does that guy have a job? He's on here 24/7.

Adam Beasley saying NBC must not be very happy we are not playing Odrick, Starks or Vernon. Yeah, well, fukkkk NBC.

Bill Parcells finally admits hiring Jeff Ireland was a mistake…. NO KIDDING SHERLOCK!!

I think its pretty clear that Odin and Dashe are on drugs.

Mando, for the love of God, put up another blog.

Nobody good is playng more then 2 minutes.

It is obvious that they have received permission to play whoeverTH they want, regardless of injuries.

oscar is a nerd

Tannehill and Philbin 1 and done? Wallace worse with RT17 throwing to him than Leftwich and Batch??? Too frigging pathetic. There are too many idiots here for only 1 village to be missing them. Who knew?

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