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The status of four injured starters

CLEVELAND -- Although Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said quarterback Ryan Tannehill will play with the starting unit in Sunday evening's Hall of Fame game, the status of at least four starters is highly questionable to the point you shouldn't expect to see them.

Defensive tackle Jared Odrick (groin), defensive tackle Randy Starks (knee), receiver Mike Wallace (groin) and receiver Brian Hartline (calf) are not likely to play.

None are expected to miss significant time going forward, but because all missed practice the past few days and are still trying to reach 100 percent health, it seems to make little sense to play any of them.

Hartline, who is the closest to health in the group, wants to play because the game is in his native Ohio. But a source close to Hartline said it nonetheless makes little sense to risk an aggravation of the calf muscle in exchange for a couple of series of action in an otherwise meaningless preseason game.

Of the four, it is certain neither Odrick nor Starks will play. Although they are in the midst of a competition for a starting defensive end job and both have much to prove this season -- Starks because he'll be unsigned for 2014 and Odrick because he's being moved from DE to DT -- the competition was derailed temporarily this week when Starks first and then Odrick got hurt.

Odrick is day to day with the groin. Starks may be out a bit longer but a club source confirmed his injury is not considered worrisome.


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I couldn't agree more on Hartline.

He's more polished and gained a lot of experience in the his role last season.

He faced our opponents best CB and sometimes Safty when doubled. This year Wallace will get all the attention and Hartline will be working against their No. 2 CB with no help.

And that's "IF" our opponenets No. 2 isn't on Gibson. If that's the case, Hartline might draw their 3rd or Nickle CB.

I just can't see any scenario in which Hartline's numbers aren't over the top this year!


Since you are the only one truly intimate with odin here, maybe you can talk some sense into him? Or do you approve of his constant reposting of every piece of blog sewage?

Ok, I get it. You can not speak openly for fear of losing him.

Actually, I'm drinking my mixed J&B and listening to Georgia on my Mind by..., Courtesy of Pandora Radio.


Amerson got handled by freshman WR from UM last Season. They Scored 3 TD in the 1st Qtr last Season. 2 he didn't even Move. He just Froze. Dorsett just ran by him.

Taylor and Davis. To me they were both Top 5 CBs coming out the Draft. I just didn't expect Davis to Click so Fast. I guess having a Veteran that they can copy off of can help.

Taylor has all the Physical Tools. Ran A 4.3 and BP 22 Times with a Hernia.

Davis to me looked more like the project. But you can't deny those PDs. Or INTS. He makes plays like Matt Moore fumbles the Ball. Instincts. I'm not saying he is D.Revis. But in a couple seasons you can put him on an Island and take away Half the Field. Davis and a Safety.

Ireland finally drafted the right Davis.

You Dominican-York, Dashi? They don't like you People in DR.


What possesed your parents to name you after fermented seaweed? Were they descendants of tuna? You must have endured a lot of ridicule in your life.

And Dashi can Suck and Swallow with the best of them.

Posted by: Dashi | July 31, 2013 at 07:02 PM

I can thertainly vouch for thith!

I think we didn't have a 2nd rd pick this year, odin.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 03, 2013 at 09:59 PM

We had two Oscar. We traded one for Jordan and the other we took Taylor!

The trade up for Jordan shook me up a little at first. But I think we'll come out of it pretty good, all things considered.

You Cut and Paste and Switch Information.


I can send your Predator Ass to Jail for how you Harass Me.

You Old Pervert Trolling for Little Boys.

What's the Score?

Again, we don't want to keep count. You Exihibitionist.

Saw a post comparing Davis to Sam Madison. Can the kid get a regular season game underneath hi belt 1st?

Anyway, if he does become the coverage machine Madison was. This won't be the only area he has in common. Watch Davis highlights, he doesn't like tackling either.

dashe you need to get a life dude! you've spent your whole friday night yapping about yg???? And now Saturday too????

what a sad existence you have.

Posted by: Amazing | August 03, 2013 at 09:10 PM

So YG you either were here the entire time to see what Dashi was talking about or you actually went back and read pages of an argument that had nothing to do with you. Take your pick and remember that either way you're a flipping loser.


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Nah, I'm Dominican-Dominican.

Like a-rod and Sammy Sosa.

Dashi is it true?

I read you spent your entire Friday accusing every poster of being me. I appreciate you thinking of me, but, I hadnt made a post since WEDNESDAY, until now.

I don't even have to be here for days and still get under tardos Odin and Dashi's skin. ROTFLMAO....


Can you man (girl) up and answer a question?

Do you believe any of odin's hotties are hot? Or even exist?

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There's YG again! And with the vile sign in name. It's amazing that he points out others for swearing while he uses that sign in. I'm beginning to think this guy has some sort of history with head trauma.

YG how many Decades has it been!!


Yeah, odin, I remember now. I guess I was so surprised at taking DJ and giving up a 2nd rd pick. I understand now they had their assss covered by having another 2nd rd pick. Seems to be turning out right. Probably why neither you or are GMs.

This YG character is out of control and should be put down. Never have I been witness to one single person being the downfall of an entire blog. It's crazy because when he sleeps from 4am to 12pm the football talk is great. Then as soon as he wakes up and puts his depends on the blog goes straight down the crapper with the contents of his diaper from the night before.

Everyone knows | August 03, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Everyone knows nothing! You sheeple believe any tidbit of propaganda at the mere suggestion of it. You take gossip by fools as fact.

God help any innocent person having one of you on his jury!

Politicians LOVE people like you.

And he's so old that he forgets he's the only one who spells Dashi, DASHE. He posts under a new name, misspells Dashi, then yells that it's not him. Are you really this stupid or are you seriously senile?

Jeff Ireland s settng records for:

1 The most busts ever drafted by a GM


2 The most consecutive losing seasons by a GM without getting fired

Posted by: Dashi | August 03, 2013 at 10:16 PM

I know Amerson was off last year, and I'm not sure why. Judging from his measurables, i think it something that can be fixed through coaching.If you go back to his Junior year, you would see another animal. The guy is just unbelievable at finding the ball.

I live in Redskin country so I will get to see a lot of Amerson. I wouldn't be surprised if he is top 5 in interceptions in the league this year.

With that said, I'm optimistic about both of our rookie CBs, especially Davis if he gets tougher and starts tackling and shedding blocks better.

The diaper stuff is hilarious. Hey YG how much are depends up to these days? Do they have the old tape fasteners like baby diapers or are they velcro now because the fingers of the elderly don't work so well?

The new attack on someone is that he is old. What if he is 101???

Everyone will be old on day. Is it a put down?

The way you all show your extreme immaturity and lack of understanding makes me think you were all born in The Dominican Republic!

It is as though you strive to maintain stunted mental growth!


But, but a-rod was born in NY.

For all you nay-sayers here is some food for thought.

The Dolphins started to dive after Heizenga took over...getting rid of Shula and trying to buy his team just like every other business he had. He was a good business man but a poor sports team owner. Ross at least wants to build a winner and opened up his wallet to do it this year.

The jury is still out on Ireland until we get to the end of this season. He was a Bill Parcells puppet and finally broke away to do things the way he should have been doing his job. I blame Parcells for the recent failures of the Dolphins...he did all his work through his puppets and left.

Considering all the new weapons Miami has signed, Philbin wanted the extra game to work on the timing within game situations and not just practice...it is very different. I have a lot of respect for Philbin as to the way he develops team chemistry. I see many Shula qualities in the way Philbin handles the team.

I know most of the team retooling has focused on the offense but it is the defense that is really going to turn some heads this year. They are going to be very tough to move on this year.

I hope everyone of you so-called fans knocking the team have some words to eat at the end of the season.

Cuba has always been the intellectual jewel of the Caribbean. The other islands are historically far too deprived.

Hi there Dashe!

Only a true idiot would waste his time worrying about the gm of any team. Hahahahaha seriously the gm is what you're worried about! Philbin and Sherman had a hand in each and everyone of the picks this year. I guess you hate them too? What a great fan you are. It's people like you who have helped turn this team into losers. Every year demanding a new coach and gm or you won't buy tickets right?

Riddle me this Batman.

How Old are you YG?

Can we stick to Football or you want to take another Hour Dodging the Question. How many names did you come up with in that span.

The Moore you do it the Worst it gets. You have reach Pathological proportions. With the way you have been acting.

And Yes. I set the Bar High. W.Davis has S.Madison Potential. When you score TDs with the Ball and get over 6+ INTs easily a Season. You are allowed Not to Tackle.

And I saw W.Davis as a Willing Tackler. His Technique is A Little Sloppy. And CBs don't have to Tackle the Run on The Dolphins,. The Front 7 takes Care of That. Starks, Soliai, and Odrick cover the Middle. The LBs and DEs can run Sideline to Sideline. Our Slowest Player is Misi. Out of that Group.

Wheeler and Ellerbe can Catch the Ball. They can run and Cover. And Blitz.
Top 3 Defense. And we have some Depth.


A-Rods been lying for a Long time.

dashe you need to get a life dude! you've spent your whole Friday night yapping about yg???? And now Saturday too????

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If Casper says boo, would you believe in ghosts?

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Like Jorge Perez he's partners with Ross but I think he is one of our Children and not Us just like Ross is not Them.

Hi there Dashe!

Posted by: Twinks R Us | August 03, 2013 at 10:43 PM

See, "Dashe", but YG will scream their are others who behave in the same exact manner. It's just a coincidence that someone else misspells his name to look like she eventhough YG is the one always putting him down by calling him a girl.It's just too easy because you're just too stupid. Yesterday is WAY gone for you old man river so maybe your new name should be YesterdayIDontRemember.


Just exactly what is your job? What do you do?

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The Age thing isn't a Joke.

It is a valid point. I don't care if YG is 105 Years Old. When is he going to grow Up?

He acts like a 15 year old. Never brings anything to the conversation. It is a Look at Me Spectacle.

You know how many Black eyes YG would have if this wasn't a Blog.

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dashe you need to get a life dude! you've spent your whole Friday night yapping about yg???? And now Saturday too????

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Posted by: Amazing | August 03, 2013 at 10:46 PM

As sad as you talking about yourself in the 3rd person?

Posted by: Dentures | August 03, 2013 at 10:49 PM

Dentures? Dashi doesn't ue aliases........

He Hasn't Fooled Anyone Yet........

YG how old are you? Now I am too intrigued. By your posts and personality you seem around 12 to 13 years old. But others say you are 61. Why are you so afraid to tell us? I'm 38, HOW OLD ARE YOU YG? Answer us.

When it comes to Will Davis, don't listen to YG......AT ALL-LOL.

He's been wrong on every count. He was harping about him being a lowly 3rd round pick and blabbing away about the level of competition he played against.

Since he's just been tearing it up here, all of YG's complaints are.....MOOT.

So now, his only fall back position is to pretend like Davis doesn't tackle. Except the FACTS(and stats)tell a different story. Or what most of us call, The Truth:

In his senior season in 2012, he was named to the all-conference first team. Davis ranked first on the team in both interceptions (5) and passes defended (17) his 22 total passes defended (1.69 per game) ranked him second in the nation, he also finished eighth on the team with 47 tackles (33-solo), to go along with three quarterback hurries.

Hmmmmmmmmm...........47 tackles and 33 solo. For a CB those are good numbers by ANY standard.

Well, Davis might not "LIKE TACKLING" YG, but he makes a lot of them.

YG twisting the truth.......AGAIN-LOL!

Imagine that!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

PS: YG I missed it, did they induct Joe Ferguson into the Hall Of Fame tonight?

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Hey Dashi,

Im leaving again, feel free to continue posting about me.

We Know You Will....

Lmao! You think Dashi is the only one who hates you here? Wow how out of touch with reality are you? There are AT LEAST 10 posters in here who can't stand you and are just waiting for you to disappear so this blog can go back to normal. Yeah, you keep telling yourself it's only Dashi, whatever helps you sleep at night! Rofl How old are you?

You have been here all day.

I thought maybe now I can have some time to talk some football.

Like I told you before. There is a Time you just have to step Away. Now Go. Step Away.

There is a Game Tomorrow. You can't Criticize Dash-I then. Grown Ups are Talking.

Dashe, does yur mommy know u are up this late?

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I'm leaving again? You don't leave you loser! Lmao! Do you honestly think everyone isn't on to your games? Oh man this is gold!

And he's so old that he forgets he's the only one who spells Dashi, DASHE. He posts under a new name, misspells Dashi, then yells that it's not him. Are you really this stupid or are you seriously senile?

Posted by: YesterdaysGarbage | August 03, 2013 at 10:35 PM


Too True!

YG has Odin and Daahi spinning in circles!!! LOL!!

dashe you need to get a life dude! you've spent your whole Friday night yapping about yg???? And now Saturday too????

What a sad existence you have!

Find a new girlfriend dude! Whatever you got just ain't workin!

YG right now there are 4 of us in here. You say you're leaving and then some random guy pops in two minutes later to tell Dashi he's a child? You're flippin pathetic dude! Oh my God is this guy for real!

YG has Odin and Dashi spinning in circles!!! LOL!!

Posted by: LOL | August 03, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Too True!

Posted by: odinseye | August 03, 2013 at 11:00 PM


Answer the question.

What is your job? What do you do?

Or are you too ashamed to say?

YG has Odin and Daahi spinning in circles!!! LOL!!

Posted by: LOL | August 03, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Yes YG, if you say it that means it's true. Except for there's a whole page to prove you're the only one spinning in circles. Don't trip over that square wheel you drip! LMAO

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