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The status of four injured starters

CLEVELAND -- Although Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said quarterback Ryan Tannehill will play with the starting unit in Sunday evening's Hall of Fame game, the status of at least four starters is highly questionable to the point you shouldn't expect to see them.

Defensive tackle Jared Odrick (groin), defensive tackle Randy Starks (knee), receiver Mike Wallace (groin) and receiver Brian Hartline (calf) are not likely to play.

None are expected to miss significant time going forward, but because all missed practice the past few days and are still trying to reach 100 percent health, it seems to make little sense to play any of them.

Hartline, who is the closest to health in the group, wants to play because the game is in his native Ohio. But a source close to Hartline said it nonetheless makes little sense to risk an aggravation of the calf muscle in exchange for a couple of series of action in an otherwise meaningless preseason game.

Of the four, it is certain neither Odrick nor Starks will play. Although they are in the midst of a competition for a starting defensive end job and both have much to prove this season -- Starks because he'll be unsigned for 2014 and Odrick because he's being moved from DE to DT -- the competition was derailed temporarily this week when Starks first and then Odrick got hurt.

Odrick is day to day with the groin. Starks may be out a bit longer but a club source confirmed his injury is not considered worrisome.


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Apparently Philbin disagrees the 5 games are pointless since he wanted the 5th game.

Lone Ranger there is much truth in your writings. I think a major fault our government is the lobbyist system. This allows our officials to be bribed easily and legally.
The problem stems from a much deeper root however. The liberal media is constantly bombarding the public with their brainwashing propaganda and psychological indoctrinations. These subversive tactics are gradually fed to the unsuspecting population.Together with the mind altering food additives that are in almost everything they feed us, the people of this country have become helpless victims that have neither the initiative nor the intellect to find an avenue of retaliation.
Our young are the most susceptible to this warfare and are accordingly the most targeted.
Posted by: Good Sense | August 04, 2013 at 12:58 AM


Good to know I'm not the only person in the good ol USA to recognize this.

Kyle Orton or Randy Orton? Won't matter what Orton is on the field...I suggest a good pair of running shoes for the game tonight if they dare pass the ball. This Phins DL is just that good.

Anyone else notice the how NBC gave props to Wallace over Tannehill in the promo for tonight's game? Billed as... Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys take on Mike Wallace and the Miami Dolphins.

IT IS A SHAME - that a blog like this is populated by so many dipshit$$. It is a scary thought that some of you are actually out there roaming the streets with normal folks. I can only hope all the jackwad comments come from the same dumba$$ using different blog names.

I hate to think there are that many idiots among us.

Yeah NYphinfan and neither one are playing lol.. well more than likely not

why wouldnt they nyphin, should of been wake if anyone but wallace much more established in league than thill

Steroids make you paranoid and bring out your queer instincts. So, body builders, beware!

You in Church?

Too many key players out on both sides. This won't be a game, it will be a scrimmage to help them get down from 90 to 53.

98% of all Miami so called sports fans are very ignorant&bias peopls, they only thongs&stilettos that's it !! And beaches nightclubs and techno music that's it !! And yes we all know who are the biased clowns in here who most wouldn't know a piece of a** if it was standing right in front of them LOSERS !!

All these Teams talk before hand in pre-Season and arrange who is going to play or not on either Team according to their needs, except for the next to last Game. We don't want Romo to kill us nor do they want Wallace to do the same thing to them.

It is the other way around oscar. These teams don't want to lose their best players in meaningless games that only exist to sell more commercials.

What? First time I've heard that conspiracy theory. I don't see teams talking before the game to arrange who is going to play. That would be like fixing games and since there are betting lines on the game probably illegal.

The whole purpose of all professional sports is to grab your attention so advertisers can mold your mind, steal your money and make you dumber....without you ever being aware of it.


I hope there aren't people out there who actually bet on preseason games. If their are, they have serious gambling problems.

Wow... I'm surprised with the amount of ignorant dolfans here..

Matt Moore, Matt Flynn..... Come on!!!!

Agree, Madison, probably both killing 2 birds with one stone.

Tonight should be about the crappiest quality preseason game ever with mostly 3rd or 4th stringers that will be cut, getting plenty of action.

So many naïve People here(young), "Most trades you see during the Draft are already made 1 or 2 days before the Draft", Bill Parcells.

Right from NFL...yeah I don't Philbin wants any part of this...and yes I'm sure there are people that bet on the preseason games.
NFL Gambling Policy
• NFL players and coaches cannot take bribes to throw or fix a game. Playing or coaching at less than the very best and being paid to do so is against the law and a major violation of NFL policy.
*Violating any of these rules could result in severe discipline, including
suspension or a lifetime ban.

Wow... I'm surprised with the amount of ignorant dolfans ..

Posted by: Jay | August 04, 2013 at 09:39 AM

Heck, anyone with half a brain deserted this farce franchise a LONG ime ago.

How many football fans drink beer? Must be 99%. Now, look at how stupid and offensive beer commercials are. They make guys look like total goofballs. It used to be drink our beer to get the pretty girl. Now its - choose our $2 can of beer instead of the pretty girl. How ridiculous is that?

Yet they work. Men go out and buy the beer sold by advertisers that basically mock and ridicule their idiocy.

It is a certainty that Chip Kelly(he has said it) was going to grab DJ at #4, whom better than him knew Jordan? Ireland somehow knew this and as Dion J was probably #1 on his board he had no choice but to move up to get him at #3.

I intentionally avoid all brands that use marketing tactics that offend the public's intelligence or common sense. That is a lot of products.

Most of you are as unaware of it as you are unaware of the laugh tracks that cue you into how funny something is. I never watch anything ever that has these manipulative laugh tracks. They are annoying as hell.

If you spend a full year or more away from tv as I have done in the past, and then turn it on, you will see how utterly moronic these tv shows and commercials are. Right now you are all desensitized to it.

oscar, I believe the article was right here at TMH right after the draft, that said Ross asked the scouts and coaches on draft night who was the highest rated player on their board, and most of them said Dion.

None of this is a conspiracy theory and just common sense. One hand washes the other by every Team and leads to parity. NFL, at least, does not condemn it.

Whatever. The posts above are just silly diversions. It's simple if you don't like the product don't watch it, don't buy it but if so why are you even here?

The bottom line is the Phins have a game tonight. The Cowboys will be there wanting to beat us just as bad as we want to beat them. There's no illegal collusion or conspiracy theories in play. It's undeniably the most popular sport in the country watch it or not I could care less. I'll be front in center of my TV with a beer.

Bill Parcells finally admits it was a mistake hiring Jeff Ireland for GM.

There has to be some flexibility in the Game, especially for a Head Coach. It is no secret that HCs sometimes do not bear down hard in practice on a very tired or hurt Team. What would be the purpose of that, 62-7 as happened with JJ down here? No benefit for anybody. LV? hehehe, they have their scouts also. Don't worry about it. But please, grow up.

I'll be front in center of my TV with a beer.

Posted by: dadsmithwest | August 04, 2013 at 10:06 AM

Yep, while someone else will be banging the babe you missed out on!

STFU Madison. In fact, STFU most of you dipshit, cksukkers. You come in here like we need some education of your personal views and opinions. You think you are so clever but guess what, you're not. If you are that easily manipulated and can't participate and watch something without getting sucked into that is your problem aszhole, not ours! Spew your nonsense somewhere the fk else. You can't even begin to understand how control and manipulation works but you think you got it figured out since you don't like some commercials on tv. Jesus fvkking christ you are dumber than a pile of dogshyt!

Henne is 70-110 on 11-on-11 drills in Jags camp. (Gabbert is 54-98)

we could of also had Matt Ryan, drew Brees and we could have traded to get RG3
Posted by: DolFan17 | August 03, 2013 at 04:28 PM

Thats why I cant get excited about TanneHenne.

Its no fun being a Dolphin fan seeing your team lose every friggin home game. Big waste of time and money.
Posted by: Michael | August 03, 2013 at 06:46 PM


All American style football exists for the benefit of 32 men.

The season begins TONIGHT! All Hail the Miami Dolphins!

EJ Manuel and Geno Smith, who will both be starting the next 10 years in the AFC E were both on the board at 3 (and at 12 for that matter).
We passed on Mallet 3 or 4 times.
The AFC-E QBs for the next 10 years will be Tanne, Mallet, Smith & Manuel.

All haters can eat a d*ck!








Please assure me that you are not named after what you smoke.

D) Basketball is for mangirls, which must be why pollster is on a football blog opining how he doesn't like watching football. Go bake something you pansy.

The most exciting feature of a Phins game/exhibition/scrimmage is this blog.

enough said,,,

So we'll see a lot of Orton tonight, right?
That'll be fun for this blog.
If Orton has time because half of our pass rush is out and Tanne has no time because our line can't get set then this blog is going to blow up with people saying how we should have gotten Orton.

Once again it is I that exposes the irony of Orton taking so many snaps tonight against the team he turned his nose up at.

"Half our pass rush is out..."

Yeah, those 3 plays that the 1st team is out for will be so hard to overcome.

Did you forget Cameron Wake? Dannell Ellerbe? Olivier Vernon? Dion Jordan?

Don't worry about the Dolphins, they'll be just fine. Worry about the v*gina growing where your p*nis should be.

justdiealready | August 04, 2013 at 10:40 AM

This dude is ready to go postal over a blog post?

Dear Miami Dolphins,
If Dallas drives the field and scores on the first drive please do not follow that up with a 3-and-out.
Thank you.

Just saw Rick Santorum on 'Meet the Press.' Godalmighty, what a flaming idiot he truly is. I think he could lose a battle of wits to a cactus.

Thank God the people of Pennsylvania threw his ass to the curb.

Ross is too cheap to even pay Orton fairly.......or Matt Flynn....or Vonta Leach....or to hire a real GM....or team president...or to fix HIS OWN FRIGGIN STADIUM! Its no wonder the team still stinks!

Somebody got pissed as hell here a while ago. I wonder who it was?

You're real brave hiding behind your keyboard.
The next time a man is holding your shirt with his left hand while he pounds your face with his right, think of me.
The next time I beat someone that way I will think of you.




Ask Wallace how cheap Ross is. Ask Dion Jordan who the team moved up over 10 spots to draft (instead of paying a guy less if they stayed where they were). Ask Richard Marshall, Paul Soliai, Brent Grimes, Dannell Ellerbe how cheap Ross is.

The only cheap thing here are your tears, because the way you whine makes me believe you have enough to fill an ocean. Go change your diapers and let the men discuss the Greatest Team in the History of Professional Sports!

I just came from Publix.

Did you see the chick with the white cigarette pants, white tank top, white pumps, red lipstick and gold hoop earrings?

Going to do some Arroz con Pollo a la Nitza Villapol for tonight.

ETF, I'll be thinking of how you like a man to grab your shirt and pound his pole in your mouth tough guy.

Be a pansy somewhere else. This is a shrine to praise the glory of the Miami Dolphins. It's GAME DAY! I don't give a f*kk about you, or any other hater. You can do it any day BUT...GAME DAY! That's when I come out like the big bad wolf and shoo your sorry *sses away. Go frolic in a field of daisies, riding your yellow tricycle with pink streamers waving to your parents with your blankey in the basket on the front.

I'M LAYING DOWN THE LAW! Miami effing Dolphins. Don't like it, BLOW ME (but you'd probably rather do that wouldn't you sweetie?)!

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