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The status of four injured starters

CLEVELAND -- Although Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said quarterback Ryan Tannehill will play with the starting unit in Sunday evening's Hall of Fame game, the status of at least four starters is highly questionable to the point you shouldn't expect to see them.

Defensive tackle Jared Odrick (groin), defensive tackle Randy Starks (knee), receiver Mike Wallace (groin) and receiver Brian Hartline (calf) are not likely to play.

None are expected to miss significant time going forward, but because all missed practice the past few days and are still trying to reach 100 percent health, it seems to make little sense to play any of them.

Hartline, who is the closest to health in the group, wants to play because the game is in his native Ohio. But a source close to Hartline said it nonetheless makes little sense to risk an aggravation of the calf muscle in exchange for a couple of series of action in an otherwise meaningless preseason game.

Of the four, it is certain neither Odrick nor Starks will play. Although they are in the midst of a competition for a starting defensive end job and both have much to prove this season -- Starks because he'll be unsigned for 2014 and Odrick because he's being moved from DE to DT -- the competition was derailed temporarily this week when Starks first and then Odrick got hurt.

Odrick is day to day with the groin. Starks may be out a bit longer but a club source confirmed his injury is not considered worrisome.


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Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 04, 2013 at 02:30 PM

Your writing sounds familiar.......
Are you YG4L????

The great offseason offensive focus was bullseyed towards the scoring tds. Therefore, last thing Im excited about tonite is to watch our kickers.

Well, except for extra points, and kicking touchbacks into the endzone to the opposing team. Actually I'll be pretty unhappy with the new fangled offense if we have to have more than 2 fg attempts tonite. If so, then it wasn't a very effective job of moving the football or converting in the redzone.

When fg kicker is the leading scorer for an offense, that's usually very terrible news.

I don't care if is mostly 2nd, 3rd stringers, and ufa's mostly playing tonite. I'll be disappointed to see less than 23pts scored by our offense tonite.

Defensively, I would hate to see more than 17pts surrendered. Would love to see that number shrink to 10pts or less given up.

Deflect all you want.

U repeat the same argument Over and Over. If it wasn't to Clarify how egregious your opinion is, Dashi wouldn't Answer.

Notice you always have to say "Honda". Yes, because I buy American Not Japanese. Exclusively GM Cars. Don't like Ford after a couple have turned out bad. That was what that argument was about. You talking about helping the Economy but you don't buy anything American.


And last but Not Least. You have this Image of Dashi. Which I wouldn't want you to ruin. Because I definitely wouldn't want you coming into my Business. So Yes, For YOU MY STALKER. Dashi is Poor, Undereducated, who can't even afford a Car, and Mops floors at your local fast foot joint. Or for you at The McD's inside your Local Wal-Mart.

And I didn't say People shouldn't be Criticized for Being Poor. Again, making stuff up like only you can. I SAID YOU SHOULDN'T MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE FOR BEING POOR. OR STUPID. LIKE YOU CONSTANTLY DO.


Trust me. I can Crush you and a Couple Generations of your Family with my Wallet. But why Act like a Snob?

Plus, people with Money. Don't like walking around with Money, You would know that if you had Real Money. You have plastic for that. The last thing I want to do is Pull a Knot out in Public. People are always looking. You can always just cancel your Card.

Charge everything on my Debit Card. The Bank Account is Good. Walk Around with a couple Small bills so I can Tip People for Their Service.

Any self respecting Man will not drive around in a Red Honda.

And Sorry to break it to you. You IT guys don't make that Much Money.

I have Notice your love for thinking everything is centered around computer companies.
Shows how little you really know about Business.

On all those companies you mentioned the Guy getting Paid the Most is the Guy who knows less about Computers and More about Business.


Take a look at your Boss. The Real Boss. Not the Boss of your Department. The Boss of The Company you work for. He knows more about Business Administration than he knows about Software. That is why they hire No-Lives like You for. To maintenance the Network. You are just a number to them. While they make the real money.

Dashi comes across as one of those guys who thinks they have a well-rounded intellect but gradually reveals themselves to be as dumb as a bag of rocks the more they say.

I'm not kidding, dude. You are almost comically stupid.

Ok Mr. Gay, we get it.

The new logo is gay, the Dolphins are garbage, Hartline sucks and the ONLY good players they EVER had are the ones Philbin cut last year.

Then why are you here? These are all things you've posted-TODAY. I don't get why you're even here then.

Let's be honest now Mr. gay. Lets cut right through the bullshyt. Tell us, how long has your Boyfriend been Sucking Dolphin Dik?

My guess is you WERE a fan, then you found out Your "Mans" was a Dolphin Groupie. Huh? How I'm doing? Pretty amazing ain't I?

I know what you're thinking: "This Odin, it's like he's Psychic or something". I know, Mr. Gay, I KNOW!

I don't even want to be associated with these Trolls, but.....

Oops.....I did it......AGAIN! ROTFLMAO!

After what you said about the Dolphins and all their players, what do you expect tard. You don't think everyone can see your a boring Troll? That's funny.

This Tart even hates the Logo, but here he is, pounding on the keys at a DOLPHINS BLOG!

Just STFU you Puke. You've been EXPOSED-LOL!

Great, I had yime to make 2 football posts. Ny my 3 one, YG and his mini me alaises showed up enforce.

Suddenly, YG signs in as "Liking It In His Ass", he denys everything as all the Trolls disappear.

Yep YG, you're fooling everyone, and STILL ruining the blog.

Nice work Tonto.....or is that the Lone Ranger?

Wait, the Lone Ranger was last night, now you're a Gay Logo?

Christ, I can't keep up. You guys all witnessed it, don't include me in YG's bullshyt. He's One Sick Puppy!

Just a shame their "fragile egos" can only interpret it has one poster, YG. They can not even comprehend it's nearly impossible for only 1 person to create so much havoc and still even have a smidgen of real life.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 04, 2013 at 02:30 PM

That last sentence made me laugh out loud. They accused me of being you because I said it is foolish to keep saying Center is not Pouncey's natural position when he has been excelling at it 'naturally' throughout his first two seasons, to the point he is already one of the top centers in the league.

So how is this not his natural position? Just because he played guard a few years in college? There was simply no room for two starting Centers on that team, and when his brother left, guess who was immediately moved to Center?

Thee are people who think Bon Jovi is good music and Budweiser is good beer. Sheeple.

Don't waste your breath trying to educate them about anything. Rocks can't absorb knowledge.

Listen up Mr. Gay, THESE are the FACTS. And all the ignorant blubbering you do ain't going to change them one iota.

U Get That....?

Posted by: odinseye | August 04, 2013 at 02:29 PM

Great rebuttle and accurate!

I have yet to hear any coach, pundit or sports writer say Pouncey was anything less than excellent as our Cwenter. If you can find it, show me. Some have said he is already better than his brother the 'natural' Center.

Bon-Jovi sucks balls............

Stephen Ross, worst Dolphin owner ever. Cant manage even one winning season.

Friday night - Dashi defecated on the blog all night long whining about YG

Saturday night - Dashi and odin defecated on the blog all night long whining about YG.

Sunday - Dashi has spent the whole after noon post after post blabblering gibberish and unproven accusations. Odin has spent part of the afternoon doing the same.

How can two people be so all consumed and obsessed with an anonymous blogger? They can't possibly have much of a life. No way, no how.

We are all happy that Henne is having such a great camp. 70-110 in 11-on-11 so far. (Gabbert = 54-98)

The cream always rises to the top.

Bleacher Report rated Mike Pouncey the 12th best center.

Zonk, Don't forget Wayne(please Rewind)(Or Ill Charge you $ 5)Huizenga.....
He was Truly worse....

Seriously though...

I'm having second thoughts about playing Grimes tonight. In fact if I were HC I may not play him until PS game 2 or 3. There is nothing to gain and an achilles to lose by playing him this early.

I'm a Dolphins fan going back to when I was 4 or 5, about '79, and I can't stand many Dolphins fans, especially many who comment on this blog. How can you be so bitter you can't at least give Philbin and Tannehill a chance? My god, You all wiuld have run Bill Walsh and Joe Montana out of town. They were terrible early on. Look it up.

Henne > Tannehill

Welcome to the blog.
Finally someone new making some sense and not just the sole poster in here just using another made up name.

Fake fraud at 3:48.

I am Henne's only fan but c'mon man don't step on my handle while I'm using it.
I said you could have CadillacDeVille but you are not getting this one.

Does anyone agree with me about Grimes?

Anyone else agree that we should hold him out until PS game 2 or 3?

On opening day there will be a starting QB (Henne), LT (Long), CB (Smith) and RB (Bush) that Ireland donated to the NFL and got nothing in return.

We are weak at all of those positions.

Posted by: Mike | August 04, 2013 at 03:32 PM

Mike, just give it up. You missed the point originally and embarrassed yourself.

Now you're trying to put words in peoples mouth and change up what they said.

Do yourself a favor, skip it, it's too deep for you.

Stephen Ross, worst Dolphin owner ever. Cant manage even one winning season.
Posted by: Zonk | August 04, 2013 at 03:39 PM

Sorry that honor goes to Huizenga.......

Posted by: Weekend Recap | August 04, 2013 at 03:41 PM

Why would you care about Dashi putting the smackdown on YG?

Why would you care that I did the same?

A......Duh......our U some kund off YG buddy Guard or Sumpin?

Duh, that YG, he's so sneaky. I mean unless 16 peopple all showed up in the past 1/2 hour to Stick Up for him-ROTFLMAO! Duh!


Look at all of YG's Buddt Guards-LOL!

That Poosy needs help! He can't even be a Man and stick up for himself.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

You Fvcking Poosy Be-Yotch!!!!


You are one ridiculous individual on too many levels. Please do us both a favor and don't respond to me anymore.

And Dashi can Suck and Swallow with the best of them.

Posted by: Dashi | July 31, 2013 at 07:02 PM

You know the Gay Logo guy and a few others on here really leave me scratching my head sometimes?? Were you guys ever really fans to begin with?? I would LOVE to call you out as disgruntled BANDWAGON JUMPERS from past GLORY but even that doesn't fir because I'm old enough to have been a fan from the tail end of Griese through Killer Bee's/Wood-Stock on down to Marino 80's pilgramidge up to the 2ND COMING of JJ all the waaaaaay to 2013 and there has been NO steady breakfast of GREATNESS to have BANDWAGONED on!

The truth is if your even in Miami your probably some North Easterners who aren't even from here and come on this site to rile up the fan base!

New LOGO? Yeah the original was a classic NFL Uniform that had a certain sense of tradition seeped into it but so what we haven't smelled a SB since 84 or 30 Years this Jan.! The truth is the SUPERSTITIOUS in me remembers how the fortunes of the Broncos (Orange Crush), Bucs (Yucs) and Patriots (Patsies) changed when they dropped the old and came in with the new. The 72/73 Fins NON-WITHSTANDING we haven't done anything to merit the back lash over a new uniform, so really what's the big F'n deal?!

As far as your attitudes I have alot of family in Up-St. N.Y. and there Bills lifers (made for some heated ones in late 80 to early 90's) They come down every winter and you should see how rabid they are about their Bills! Don't give me some B.S. about there being nothing to do up there yaddaF'ing yadda!! The facts are facts and they're fans of their team through thick-n-thin! I happen to feel that way about the Dolphins, I'm more a fan of the game above anything else but LOVE MY FINS and while I was at my LOW POINT last Yr. feel this Yrs. team (and Coaching staff) has a better chance than any I've seen here in sometime to RIGHT THE SHIP!

I HATE Parcells and nearly puked when Bermann introduced him as the F.O. guy who turned Miami around! I'll NEVER forgive Fats Tuna for taking the money and running the way he did but did take something from his speech.

"In my Locker Room the players who gathered in little groups complaining about everything NEVER stuck around very long because this is the character trait of a loser!"

Thought about some of you on here when I heard it!


Posted by: Mike | August 04, 2013 at 03:32 PM

Mike, just give it up. You missed the point originally and embarrassed yourself.

Now you're trying to put words in peoples mouth and change up what they said.

Do yourself a favor, skip it, it's too deep for you.

Posted by: odinseye | August 04, 2013 at 03:59 PM

Was about to drop Mike a line but you said it so well!



You got your ass handed to you. Your facts have been refuted with evidence which rendered them to be little more than excuses. Hartline didn't perform well against single coverage in 2010 or 2011 = fact. Everyone else in Daboll's offense flourished except Hartline = fact. The offense flourished in 2011 despite the coaching change which you used as an excuse for Hartline's poor performance in 2011, once again your point (excuse) doesn't hold water = fact. Hartline's numbers were worse in his third year (2011) than his second (2010) so your excuse that he was coming off his rookie season in 2010, therefore he should not have been expected to perform well is nonsense and rendered a moot point (an excuse). He had two seasons of facing single coverage and did not perform well, including his third season = fact. Is 60 yards per game and one touchdown acceptable for a #1 receiver...absolutely not = fact. Did Hartline have a six game stretch where he caught only 10 passes = fact. Do NFL quality #1 and #2 receivers disappear for 2-3 games at a time, they do not = fact. Are 43 receptions considered a respectable number for a #2, yes in 1981, no in 2012 (receivers routinely catch 70-100 balls nowadays retard). Has Hartline had only one big game in his career = yes this is a fact. Did it come against zone coverage schemes ? Yes = fact. You believe Brian Hartline's numbers will go up this year yet it's more likely that his numbers will go down because he will be targeted less, given the Dolphins new additions. Are you ignorant for making such an assertion = yes this is a fact. Can Brian Hartline take a 7 yard out and turn it into a 50 yard play. No he cannot, he has no ability to make people miss = fact, as proven by his four years in the league. Are you too dumb to keep up in a point counterpoint ? Clearly this is the case = fact. Did I get to you ? Clearly I did because all I did was casually refer to you as being the delusional fanboy that you are and and you launched into a childish fit of name calling. Have I effectively refuted your every moronic point. You bet = fact, work on your reading comprehension, in this post, I just gave it all to you a second time in a language you and the other dunce who took your side can better understand. Did you get your ass handed to you by me = yes, now it's happened twice. Did you eventually respond with ad hominems because you have no argument and because you have no education. Yes you certainly did. Have you made an ass out of yourself and have I made an ass out of you ? Oui and you're a loser !!!

Me and Mrs. Jones?

We have a thing going on.

We meet every day at the same café.


Why do some of these clowns waste their time with such long posts?

Nobody reads them.

I'll leave you guys to swap spit with each other. Instead of debating you act like silly 5 year old children.

Enjoy your tiny little world together.

I am wealthier, smarter, more physically fit, happier, and better endowed than all others here.

You are inferior to me in every way and there is absolutely nothing you can ever do to change that.

It's great how frequently Armando updates his blog on the first Game Day of the season!



It's the truth,
I got Odin to read mine...and his panties got wedgied so tight up his ass that he threw a fit.

I'm not sure if Fin4Life can even read.

Btw Odin, why am I here you ask ?

Because I hate the Dolphins and their lemming fans at this point. Ignorance is bliss.

Enjoy another losing season.
Dolphins had two in thirty four years 1970-2003 (when they still mattered). This will be five in a row, I will delight in your misery. Especially when inaccurate Tannehill proves to be a bust and Philbin and Ireland get canned. Can't wait to read the hilarious gay new logo criticism from around the NFL tonight either...and all season long. You people should be ashamed.

:) :) :) :) roflmao

Glad that Ross is checking out the team tonight. He's smart enough to let football people run the team. The young Phins are going play strong tonight. Phins 27 Cowboys 13.

We are ashamed of the Dolphins. Trust me. Thats why no one goes to the games aynmore.


So your weekend Week recap is Dashi, Dash I, Dashe.

Can you for Once in your life stick to Football.

This Blog is Bigger than You. I understand you are wrong about the way you see things now. Just like you were wrong about the things you saw then. Give it a F'ing BREAK.

You no life scumbag.

Yes, You and Only You. We don't even have to say your name you Big Fruit Cake. You Big Honey Bun You. Right Twinky.

It is a well known fact around here that you still can't get over the fact Men are playing in Tights.

Fins 24-10.

L.Miller 1 TD.

Thigpen 1 TD.

W.Davis 1 TD.

M.Moore Pick 6.

The most popular NFL team in S Fla is the New York Jets not the Miami Dolphins. That game is the only game thats usually close to a sell out.

Predicting PRE-SEASON scores??

Good God Almighty.

Please, PLEASE have your heads examined.

Dashe = MORON

Number of people actually involved with the Miami Dolphins or Dallas Cowboys who give a rat's ass who wins the game tonight:


I remember the Tannehill you are referring to at South Carolina. He was highly recruited, I think Notre Dame signed him initially. He was supposed to be a can't miss, but he missed.


The Fins have done more Winning than Losing while you have Been Alive. So I don't know what you are Complaining about. Unless you haven't been a Dolphin Fan for that Long.

Since you don't want us to call you whatever you call yourself for the next 5 Minutes. What Name do you want To Choose this Season?

Please pick one we can refer all your ignorant picks to this Season. (You are Gayer than the New Logo. The New Logo puts It-In-Yur-Ass with his Unicorn Dick)

We have you down for a losing Season. And Gillislee being better than Lacy.

Oh, and T.Austin and The Rams. Long, Fisher. All the other scrubs on that team.

Also, we have you down for Joe Ferguson making the Hall Of Fame.

I think his name was Steve. Had a decent career. Don't think he ever played in the Pros.

It is called Practice.

And it isn't Predicting when you know and understand what you watch.

We have more Depth than Dallas. So if we lose the game that falls bad on our backups.

Our backup D-Line better put a Hurt on Super Qb(Not Romo, they have that kid who is the most accurate qb out right now). Their only chance of winning was Romo playing a Half.

Dallas shouldn't Score more than 7 Pts by Half time.

Wake shouldn't play that much. We need to see DJ and OV.

Martin will show everyone that he isn't that bad...Vernon and Jordan are that good! Grimes shouldn't play more than a few snaps each pre-season game..Mike Pouncey is better than his over- hyped brother... Steelers get all the love...Funny how Steeler fans bad mouth Wallace now that he is gone. They loved him for years.

Best thing to watch for tonight will be the young corners, Sims, Jordan and which Wrs step up to try to claim #4 and #5

Dear Mr. Gay,

I stopped reading your post when you said everyone flourished in Daboll's offense.

I had to STOP! I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath.

Yeah, YOU refuted my facts alright, Daboll's offense
Flourished" into an 0-7 record-ROTFLMFAO.

Nuff said about You, YOUR facts and YOUR 2011 Miami Dolphins.

Bhwaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

Utterly Worthless Putz.

You want my predeiction?

YG will ruin the blog tonight and pose as, as many Troll Names as he can.

YG ain't a Dolphin Fan. He sucks Mando's dik and pumps up........ah......the blog hits(among other things).....for Beer and Meth Money!

Have fun trashing the place tonight Spaz Boy!

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