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Two young players, two different approaches

Josh Samuda and Will Davis are two young Dolphins players. They're both trying to impress coaches. They both had difficult moments during Saturday's preseason game against Houston.

But despite those things they share in common, the two took vastly different roads in the manner they handled the adversity of playing poorly and dealing with the apparent social media criticism that followed.

Davis, a rookie cornerback, gave up a long TD on fourth down in the second half and dealt with the bad play by actually apologizing to fans and promising better:

"I apologize for the double move, 4th and short and I jumped the double move. Glad I learned it now then later, learning everyday," Davis wrote on his twitter handle after the game.

Samuda, a starting right guard who gave up a sack of Ryan Tannehill early in the game and was sometimes good, sometimes bad throughout his time in the game, took a different approach.

He tweeted that people who were critical of his play didn't know what they were talking about and challenged them to try to do his job. He suggested that anyone that cannot do the job better than he does has no right to be critical of him.

The tweets were up for a day but Samuda apparently came to his senses or was told by Dolphins staffers how dumb that sounds so he deleted the tweets by Monday. He then tweeted:

"Thank you to every one who has showed me support. Also, I apologize for my tweets and to anyone who might of took offense to it."

Wise move because the original tweets made Samuda seem overly defensive given that he plays in front of 60,000 people every week and they pay to cheer or boo or judge his play. His coaches, by the way, also judge his play and are critical and none of them can play right guard for the Dolphins, either.

He would be better served concentrating on blocking defensive linemen than twitter followers.

Davis, meanwhile, continued to engage fans and seemed to disagree with the approach Samuda took -- perhaps not directly, but definitely on a philosophical level.

"iKnow you guys cant do what I do, but I know if you guys could, you'd take advantage of every opportunity. Thats why iWork hard," Davis tweeted.

"Don't like when people use the excuse, "if you were in my shoes" cuz I know many would kill to be in them. #phinsup #LoveLife."

Davis shows incredible maturity. He gets it.



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I'll be watching the Redskins game to see how Pat White does.

He's put up some good numbers against 2nd teamers so far.

Feel it was a mistake to ley him go after one year.

Snooooz, boring useless post.

Davis's intelligence is evident. Even in the way he plays. I hope for his sake he is an All-Pro.

But I am also happy that Samuda has some pride and wants to get in somebody's face. He doesn't sound like he is ready to quit. If the tweets he got were like some of the posts on here, I don't blame him for being pis-ed-off.

Great story here Mando !!! Will this guy even have a job when the Herald goes out of business ? Maybe he'll end up calling FIU football games same as Rick Sanchez did...

Davis seems like he's going to be around a while. Samuda, maybe not. His twitter rantings reminded me of that supplement draft player that Nick Saban made cry. Just acting like a kid.

Will Davis is very bad. I saw his videos in youtube and never like him. This is a terrible mistake by the Dolphins. I always support my team, love the free agents and this was the only draft pick I didnt like.

I am just a simple fan, but he played in a small school, the other team was Always challenging him, and he was very weak tackling (avoiding contact).

Again, I always support my team but this is a major Mistake. Watch the season and then get back to me.

Twitter is for twits...

Irescum is an incompetent POS. It'll take 4 years After he is fired to field a competitive team. What is MORON ROSS waitjing for?

But, but, both are right. You, are wrong, Armando. You'll see.

I think I'll hold off on judgement of this team until they've played a few games in the REGULAR season...
Anything written, or said, now is pure speculation...


how bad is our oline? please tell us o master!

It was a preseason game. In his rookie season. I have seeen MANY NFL players get burned for TD's. It happens about 4 times every game day, every weekend, every season. Give the kid a break. Jamar Taylor was the first CB picked and currently is #4 on depth chart. Davis was a 3rd round pick, hardly a round for guranteed starters but the goal is long term quality depth or starter down the road. Lets discuss in 2-3 years.

FYI The Texans back-ups are not scrubs.

Anbody see the video of Antonio Smith take hit Incognito in the head with his own helmet?

Crazy there wasn't a flag thrown. The NFL is investigating.

Just read an article that listed Miami Dolphin fans as 29th in the league! Way to overachieve, guys!

Our O-line is as follows;
Pouncey C B+ and improving, great potential
Martin L/T B and rapidly improving, A potential
Incognito L/G B- steady, w/ down potential
Clabo R/T B- steady, w/down potential
Jerry R/G C+ and steady, w/ B potential
Louis T/G unknown W B potential
Gardner T/G/C C steady, w/ even potential
Samuda R/G C- and improving, w/C+ potential
Thomas T/G C- and improving rapidly, w/B+ potential
Yeatman T C- and holding

All others are projects or simply not good enough.

Thomas, Louis and Samuda need to get good quick to spell and perhaps replace the aging players on the line.

Yeatman and Gardener will at best be adequate back-ups.

OK, now I am a Will Davis fan. He showed a level of professionalism rarely scene in any player now days, let a lone a rookie. I sincerely hope he makes this team/

Leave Samuda a alone you big nag.

Hi Kris!

I wonder how Samuda is feeling about Will Davis' comments? It seems like he used Samuda's immature and defensive tweet to make himself look good.

"Don't like when people use the excuse, "if you were in my shoes" cuz I know many would kill to be in them."

This phrase definitively touch me. Many times I dreamed playing CB for the Dolphins.

Now I'm fan of Will Davis.

Pat White wasn't a mistake, he didn't want to play anymore.

2 watt has no life, no girl, no nada. LOL

Tannehenne will go down as the biggest draft bust in NFL history

2 watt's mind burns dimly.

newton the white side wouldnt have any rbs,wrs,or anyone on defense at all awful idea

If Tannehill is worst than Ryan Leaf then 2 watts momma sells Friut Loops on Key Biscayne.

Hernandez still not indicted, gets out on Weds, he is a free agent.


You are wrong.

No shortage of great white players. Csonka, Collinsworth, Biletnikoff, Zack Thomas, Duhe, Offerdahl, Clay Matthews Jared Allen, Jason Witten and most QB's. The list goes on and on.

wow u had to go back to the 70's to even find a couple. hilarious thanks for proving my point.

Matthews and Allen are among the best in the game TODAY at their positin.

You must be a tired old fogey.

..Who cars what these guys said. It wasn't offensive, it wasn't violent. So really, does it matter? 1 shos some maturity, the other..Not so much. But if they guy that may have said something dumb on the Twittershpere ends up being a good player..Will anyone remember? If Will Davis ends up being a liability..Will his tweet be the only thing Phin fans remember about him?

It comes down to production...I do not care that one apologized and promised to do better(so what) and the other called out the chuckleheads(Me) who were critical of him..Big deal.

Whats going on with the Miami Hearld. They haven't updated there Dolphin page in like 2 days.

our Oline will hopefully hang, but our focus needs to be there in the 2014 draft--gotta upgrade talent and depth--drafting 2 TEs makes sense too.....those both should be the priority in the first 3-4 rounds......

wow newton classy, we knew you were a racist but man u didnt hold back. worthless

agree benz. losing keller ruined this season. but i always 2014 would be our year anyways. agree fix the oline and find some tes for once

"...people who were critical of his play didn't know what they were talking about and challenged them to try to do his job." - Josh Samuda

Was he talking to the poster on here?

Exactly, who cares what these guys say! Hell, they probably won't make the 53 roster anyway. But Samuda isn't the only one on the O-line thats weak. At time it seemed like the entire line was collapsing. For those of you that keep saying its only pre-season, open your eyes! This team has yet to show a dominant game, specifically the first team starters. Last year pre-season? 0-4. And look at the outcome.

maybe lucky, but it turns out the Fins approached the Keller situation/contract pretty well (brutal and very unfortunate for Keller, sad situation no doubt)......but remember what he was.....a 1 yr reasonable money risk who they (and everybody else) didnt want to commit to long term--didnt work out and no one couldve predicted the details, but the big picture is not terrible for the team

If we drafted Mark Wheaton he would suck.

Landry had a clean pocket and 4 seconds to throw.

I like Tanne but seriously he is nowhere near as accomplished as Landry Jones.
Jones is 3rd string on Pitt.

You give Landry Jones time like that and he'll win passing titles.

plus, for those handwringing second guessers who "knew we shouldve taken Eifert" (losers).....Keller was our starting TE and assuming they wouldnt have signed Keller if they drafted Eifert, and that Eifert wouldve been our starting TE......Eifert wouldve been the TE taking that hit.....and then getting carted off a few minutes later--very realistic scenario, it wouldve been his play--how would we all feel when our rookie TE of the future is getting carted off with a career threatening injury?......worse than we do now, I guarantee it.

benz they dont run the same route in the exact same time. cant say anything close to that. everyone is different. play wouldnt of happened the same

lets see injured jordan or eifert and b albert hmmmm

dusty.....maybe, but who knows......it could be a stretch......or maybe not--its a hypothetical, just saying that our starting TE (whoever it was) couldve/wouldve been hurt......OR, that sh&t just happens, injuries happen......sucks, but thats the reality--just laughing at these clowns who somehow draw a parallel between Kellers injury and "shouldve drafted Eifert"......or "shouldve had Keller out of the game by then"......c'mon dudes......its just a nasty sport, thats all.

now you sound like "them".....weak.....all so easy to say after the fact

just a bunch of brilliant monday morning QBs, thats all......there are risks, bottom line

With Shanahan as coach Pat White drives the offense up and down the field.

Gruden has copious praise for Pat White.

Show me a good loser and I will show you a loser...

you all arent all-in with Pat White based on some above average play in the 4th qtr of a preseason game.......are you?

benz you are really dumb, i'd be surprised if you are over 17.

against Div II 4th-stringers......how do you think he'll look when Patrick Willis is hunting him down??.......sliigghhtly different, would be my guess

To all Tennehill haters,

Go back to your respective team's blog and criticize your own QB!!!!

Vulgarity is a sign of an immature vocabulary from an adolescent mind.

How did the referee miss seeing Incognito having his helmet ripped off of his head and then get smacked with it in the face?

Before jumping on the "hate Samuda" bandwagon. I suggest you go read James Walkers "Film Review" on the ESPN AFC East Blog. In a close examination of Miami's first 5 series, Samuda graded out at +9 points. Summed up by Walker,who wrote..."It’s easy to focus on the bad plays for Samuda. But after cutting up the tape of each individual play, he made many more good plays than bad. Samuda's toughness and versatility are valued commodities for the Dolphins."
I don't think Samuda is going to start. Not yet anyway. I believe that will be between Jerry and Louis. But Samuda is a versatile back-up who has development potential because he is the size guard that gives him the athleticism to pull with speed. A needed if not necessary commodity in a "zone blocking" O-line like the one utilized by Mike Sherman.
I don't think jumping on Will Davis after a bad night is the right cal either. Smith has already shown he's got the ability to be a ball hawking CB. His Int vs Jacksonville along with practice has shown that. He's a rookie. And while many Miami fans tend to think player's come out of the NCAA NFL ready and raring to go... even those taken in 2nd, 3rd & 4th rounds.... THEY'RE NOT!! Particularly CB and WR. Who most of the time require developmental seasons ranging from half a season to 3 seasons.
Even in the case of Ryan Tannehill who carried a 120.00 QB Rating against Jacksonville and a 119.00 QB Rating against Houston fans never seem to see enough. Guy hasn't thrown a single Int. He's thrown TD's in both games. But he's young, man. He'll get better or they will dump him like the OTHER 15 QB's we have gone through. DO YOU REALLY THINK we're gonna hit some new Dan Marino or Peyton Manning? Come on man! Dude has every tool he needs, has every throw in the book. Just needs REAL FANS to back him long enough to put it all together with his team. If it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. But give him the run he deserves. Matt Ryan was Okay in year one, AWFUL in year two... and the light came on in Year 3. Joe Flacco got anywhere he did on a Good Defense and great O-line. Then, when the right O-Co was nailed to him and they let him open up... he won it all. I don't here Houston Whining about Schaub who did nothing early, WHY?... He developed man... he's a playoff regular now.... Smarten up Miami fans (If indeed some of you even are) The grass ain't no damned greener and smell isn't any sweeter coming from some other rookies azzzz. He'll have to "Get It" Too!

I'll never get my mind around why Dolphins fans love to hate they're own. I've NEVER, EVER come across fans that hate & discourage EACH OTHER and are always on the hunt for the new "I'm gonna Hate Him" person to focus on the team. Not many teams fans are generally as lousy as ours. We ranked 29 out of 32. Great Job guy's... F**KING Great work pulling for your club.

Typical South Floridian "what's in it for me" attitudes.

I hate writing crap like this.... But I hate what I've been reading lately even worse. Sorry to offend those who disagree.... But it is what it is... and all you can do is rant about "How long it's been since we won anything"... REALLY?.. So lets just fire everyone, sell the team and CHANGE EVERYTHING AGAIN.... That'll fix it... PFFFFFT!!!

Breeze, I agree!

Antonio Smith needs to be fined and suspended! The ref was standing there, 5 yards away, when he ripped off Richie's helmet, smacked him in the face with it, and then threw it down on the ground because he expected to be penalized for it! This is the same guy that kicked Incognito last year when they played against one another and was fined for that action. Philbin has sent the tape of the altercation to the league. We'll see what happens, huh? I won't be at all surprised to see the Commish be lenient with the Texan's DE because they're one of the darlings of the league! Besides, no one cares about the Dolphins, right? The double-standard that the NFL operates under makes me sick!!!

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