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Vernon likely starting DE, Lane demoted

First round pick Dion Jordan is unlikely to win the starting defensive end job opposite Cam Wake because he hasn't gotten enough work in practice or games to mount the challenge and is unlikely to get much work any time soon as he nurses the recurring shoulder injury that has nagged him this year.

Jordan, who had shoulder surgery in February and missed all of the offseason and the start of camp, re-injured the same shoulder in Friday night's preseason game against Jacksonville. It is not considered serious but he did not practice the past two days and while his status is day-to-day, he may not even play in the preseason game against Houston Saturday.

"We're obviously taking some precautions as we move forward with Dion," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "We don't want to overload him at this point. We got a plan in place to get him ready to participate at the level we feel best at at the beginning of the season so we'd like to see as much of him as we can but we're going to be careful how we proceed."

While the Dolphins do expect Jordan to be ready for the Sept. 8 opener at Cleveland, his role will likely be as substitute on passing downs. Olivier Vernon will be the starting right end, barring an unforseen circumstance.

The only way Jordan could change that is by getting more work in practice. But, of course, that's not likely to happen now that the team is taking "precautions" with the rookie because of the shoulder.

"He hasn't gotten the reps that would be necessary to put him out there and start at this point," Coyel said. "But you still have three weeks of training camp. It's a little bit premature to determine exactly what his status will be at the beginning of the season. We're taking it one day at a time."

Today it became clear Jorvorskie Lane is struggling to keep his spot on the roster, much less his starting fullback job from a season ago. Lane was relegated to snaps with the reserves while Evan Rodriguez took all the available first-team snaps at fullback.

That endangers Lane's spot on the roster because the Dolphins are going to keep one fullback at most when they trim the roster to 53 players and the backup fullback won't be one of those.

That doesn't, however, mean Rodriguez is secure in winning a roster spot. He must still perform well but even if he does, the Dolphins may still decide to go without any fullbacks on the roster and instead let H-back Charles Clay fill that role as well as his duties at tight end.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has said he likes using Clay and tight end Dustin Keller in the lineup at the same time and that makes the fullback position one of uncertainty.  


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Please cut Jokerie Lane he's a waste of a roster spot, maybe his old spot at Aaron is still open...

From, the last blog

I didn't mind Smith either. His inability to make the camp changing INT was maddening though. Was he worth 5.5 mil a year and 7.5 mil guaranteed. IMO no. We got Grimes for the same 5.5 mil.

As for Jordan. People on this site have been saying for years that we need the number 2 pass rusher to compliment Wake. We need to pressure Brady like the Giants did to beat the Pats.

Ireland did that. He didn't play it safe and take Lane Johnson, he didn't stay at 12 and take a DT or O-lineman. It was a ballsy move that I liked. If he has to be a situational pass rusher like Aldon Smith, so be it.

With Jordan and Vernon the team now has 2 chances for another elite pass rusher next to Wake.

Injured the same shoulder he just had fixed? Not good. Hopefully just a tweak.

No more injuries please...

I actually thought Javorski was alright... He broke down at the end of the year, but early on a beast. To bad, I was counting on another year in the NFL to get him stronger.

Kris Kry will be around soon to tell us it was a waste to move up for Dion Jordan if he isn't going to start. Thinking ahead is not exactly his specialty. LOL.

Rodriguez is interesting. He had some potential with the Bears. He can catch passes too. Lane is decent, but I don't think he will make this team.

Sucks to hear that about Jordan. Hopefully nothing serious and just a precaution.

So, let me make sure that I understand this...

It (at least initially,)
appears that the Dolphins drafted a TALL THIN GUY WITH A CHRONIC SHOULDER PROBLEM WHO CAN'T LIFT WEIGHTS TO INCREASE HIS BULK....as the third overall pick.

I worried about this.
I realize that Jordan is athletic....but none of that matters if he is too thin and not durable enough to stay on the field.

Let's hope that his chronic shoulder at some point heals completely.

poor d,it has the pathetic o as a team mate.

Jordan is up to 260 so not quite sure where the tall thin guy is from... dated info ... must be realted to gruden.

Its not a chronic shoulder problem. He had a Torn Labrum.

It has been repaired but in the average human being it will be a year until it is Perfect again - during that recovery there will be time needed for rest.

I know - I had Torn Labrum surgery in March, andwhilst I have been able to get back to physical activity in the last month, every now and then it requires rest, to rebuild and re-heal.

Fins got him on a 5 year plan, to be great for the next however many years and view him as a longer term investment.

Their plan for him is sensible - would have been a miracle if he hadn't needed rehab time mixed in.

Tannehill solid in today's practice according to Walker. Considering the competition, that's good news.

Thigpn getting work in the slot.

Carpenter 2 of three on FGS, miss from 54 (short). Later Kid Rock

JORDAN: this is why I hated to give up another HIGH draft when (this was a good year to recoup some past failures/horrible drafting) and use two 2nd rounders we had....

Also; Jordan should be a great player, but I'm one who says "didn't you draft a player at that position the year before like VERNON..

see what he does the 2nd year and draft another position of NEED...................

SO NOW, the 1st defensive players in the entire DRAFT is not a FULL TIME PLAYER

ALSO didn't IRELAND learn his lesson from Brandon Marshall when he traded and didn't have any WR to go with a ROOKIE qb Tanne

Mark in toronto, look at muy last comment on the last blog please. Just FYI

Armando is terrible. I take all he reports with an atom, yes, even smaller than a grain, of salt.

"Recurring" injury. Well I think it is far to early to label is as a recurring injury. He injured his shoulder and had it repaired. He is basically just out of rehab, and since I have had the same surgery, you are certainly going to tweak it (they are playing tackle football), and feel some aggravation until he is allowed to fully recover. I personally would bring him along even slower, think long term career. But they no best, I would guesstimate. :-/

Lane is gone. If Rodriguez sticks I would think the TEs would decrease by one with Keller, Sims, Egnew and Clay making the team.

My main worry has been more than anything, Tannehill's ball placement on passes and his long ball accuracy. Accuracy all the way around actually. He has talent and potential, with one hell of an arm. But so did Jeff George, and Chad Henne for that matter. He needs to become mcuh more accurate.

He and Wallace should force that action a little more the coming 2 weeks, although I think the Dolphins rather not put too much on tape, they must still prepare before the proverbial bullets become live and big play chances at a premium.

Lane showed promise in last years pre-season other than that he was consistentley stuffed in the regular season and even fumbled in a couple of games, stick a fork in him.

A shoulder surgery is a bag of issues for any one, more so for a football player, however he should heal in due time, and I think the team is smart by not rushing him before his shoulder is ready, I know when I had rotator surgery I thought it would never feel right, and after 4 years I still have some minor discomfit, so don't worry to much, Jordan will be Okay by Sept. I hope. Bill

I'm not gonna kill Ireland over the Jordan pick.
We all know he weighs 240.
We all know he needs to put on 20-30 lbs.
We all know he will not be full-size before next season (or the one after that).

Lamar Miller is injury prone

I'll go a step further on Jordan:
Put him on IR and let him have a full year to heal his shoulder and work out.
He was never goona be a starter before next year anyway because he needs to get bigger.

Who in there right mind move up in the draft to pick a player with chronic shoulder problems?
Oh yeah Ireland..
When will Ross sell the team?

Lane likely to lose his roster spot to Clay?
I didn't realize Clay was still on the roster, didn't hear his name called the past 2 games.

I have to agree...moving up to make a FIRST ROUND pick on a player who is INJURED...and therefore not an immediate contributor, all the while having a deficiency at LT due to Long's departure, seems to exhibit faulty judgement at best..
...this coupled with the fact that Vernon will be the starter, opposite Wake, makes one wonder if the Jordan pick should have given way to an attempt to move up a little further for a LT, with the possibility that the injured player MIGHT still be available in the next round....
...just throwing that out there for comments....

I think Ireland suffered a severe head injury.IMHO

I see i have a FAN of my work @ 12:05...

you should follow me on twitter @ #krisdoesn'tgiveafukaboutu....

Below are the thoughts of Gary Stevens

The Dolphins tend to be one of the better teams at scouting up in the Canadian Football League. I remember back in the days when Mark Dixon was mined from the CFL as a credible NFL starter.

Finding Cameron Wake up in Canada speaks for itself (though, to be fair, Wake was on several teams' radar, the Dolphins just happened to be the team most determined to land him)

Marcus Thigpen is also a CFL find...

...and so is Jvorskie Lane. Sigh. Nobody gets to bat 1.000.

Gary Stevens has this to say about the Dolphins Roster priorities.

Unlike some posters here -- I do not hold an irrational hate of Jeff Ireland. Some of the bonheaded moves attributed to him were actually the parting gifts of 'Hall of Famer' Bill Parcells. The Dez Bryant thing was pretty stupid, and the obsession with accorns is a bit much.

The biggest mistakes I attribute to Ireland are the moves he didn't make...letting the Kaepernick slip through his fingers and letting himself get outbid for RG3.

With that said -- other posters have pointed out that franchising a Defensive Tackle who might not even start instead of using that money to resign a franchise Left Tackle when you have no clear heir apparent was pretty stupid.

Jake Long's recent deteriorating play notwithstanding, he is still a high-end NFL. I would be much happier with an overpaid Jake Long at LT and a unquestioned Jared Odrick starting at DT than having a 'competition' on the interior of the defensive line whiel Jonathan Martin and a rotating cast of 'sacks of potatoes' competes for the LT spot.

Gary Stevens is finished

Too bad Jeff Ireland had to wait until the third pick in the draft to be able to select a player. If he had a higher pick, I am sure he would have been able to find an immediate starter rather than a project player.

In addition to Jordan, let us not forget that our 2nd pick CB Jamar Taylor is also injured and suffering from complications from hernia surgery. We have our top two draft picks struggling with injuries. We need both of those guys to contribute immediately, but we'll see.

And another thing. I wish fans would quit complaining about not re-signing Jake Long and forgetting to sign another left tackle. Jeff Ireland is a busy executive and doing the best he can. How many posters here have never made a mistake? Jeff Ireland is working tirelessly to find acorns to strengthen the Dolphins team. The other day he was working so hard he almost forgot his son's soccer game and barely made it there on time. Now, THAT is dedication to the job.

I think that Jordan is a lot closer to to '250' than '260'

I haven't had the opportunity to weigh him but I have looked at several pictures of him standing next to the Cowboys and Jaguars O Line.
It's not so much that that he's THIN but that he's got
the shoulder span of a

I hope his 'Athleticism' can make up for THAT.



Trayvon should have killed the "C" and stood his ground.

Everyone knew Taylor and Jordan were hurt. Of course they will need re hab.

Jury still out on Miller even though he got hurt blocking a line backer. Lol

Great Posts by Gary,A-Roid And IRA.

Aug 24th is the preseason game Im circling on the calendar. Its against the Buccaneers and is our next to last preseason game. This is the gam we're most likely to see the starters for an entire half.

This is the game giving better gauge in how he starters perform gm 1 of the regular season. IMO, right now, everything seems to be such a "mixed jar of nuts, even Mr. Planter's can not sit still.

A roid is a joke.
First he said Jordan was small next to a female reporter.
Now he saying he's small next to Line man which is hilarious.

Whomever our starters our Aug 17th(Texans), it's very likely those will be the starters gm 1 regular season. The lone exception could be rg. Recovering injuries there could delay that up to gm 1 eg season.

Also, picks in his final 2 preseason gms, could see Davis make a very strong push as an opening day starter. If he cools in the least bit with the turnovers in camp or final preseason gms. Then Patterson or Marshall would be the definite day 1 starter.

Pictures don't Lie.

We have seen enough from Jordan to know he has the legs and the pass rush god potential. It makes no sense to me to rush him when we have Vernon, an excellent young player in that role. Jordan is a long term pillar for Miami. Labrum injuries take a year to fully heal no matter who you are. I would just have Jordan on light duty so he learns the playbook and the team mates and the speed of the Pro game but would not rely on him and would not even play him in a real game until he is fully healed. I would be fine sitting on him, having him play in practice but not in games even if it takes the whole season. He is a long term player like a JT.

(or dots)

There's no reason to rush anyone....I'm just wondering if Jordan will be all that the Dolphins Marketing Engine' is claiming he will.

Redshirt season for Dion Jordan. Put him on the IR and let him heal, bulk up, get some practices in and be ready to go next year.

Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, Begooooooocckkk! Just wanted to add my thoughts here at the ole Hen House.

I hope i am wrong, but this is another poor choice for a 1st round draft pick. look at irelands previous choices. to draft a DE kid with a surgically repaired shoulder is not the smartest move. how is this to help when he can't even go full strenght. waste of a pick.

ross you seriuosly need to re-evaluate the man in charge of personnel decisions.....odrick, thomas, long, clay, marshall, etc. you get the point poor desicions which have not help the team and i didn't even mention the o-line decisions.

If you only want to hear about the bad plays Ryan Tannehill makes please follow me on twitter. I know every other reporter has said Ryan had a great practice today but I thought it would be wise to ignore any and all of his good throws and just report to you the 3 throws he missed. I believe the harder I am on him the better it will make him as a player. And no I have never played one down of organized football but I am definitely smarter than the rest of you because I write about it.

Absolutely no reason to keep Lane or Carpenter at this point. These are two decisions that very likely have already been made by both Coaches and Front Office staff. We have an opportunity to upgrade our roster and we will.

Add Nathan 22 to the list of trolls trying to incite pages of posts ny typing idiotic things that make no sense.

Nat Moore
Jack Sparrow

O. Kelly, you hate Qb's?

Fake O. Kelly, did real Kelly block you?

Hey Cooz,Jason Taylor was tall and thin also. Oh yeah,he retired with like 125 sacks to his credit. Give Jordan a cance to be a star in this league.

Nathan 22 = psychopath

jt = 1-15 team.

he was 1 ot td away from being 0-16.

In due time Jordan will be a stud and a pro bowl player. Trading up to draft one of three supposed LTs (who are all playing RT in the NFL) would not have helped this team in the long run as much as Jordan will. Drafted a RT in the top of the first round is a waste of a pick.


The season is only a couple of practice games old and the negativity is already running rampant. I know we live in a "now" world and remembering history is remembering what you did last weekend but some food for thought.

Even after a bad decade the Dolphins are still the second winning-est team since the 1970 merger. 392 wins to the Steelers 404. New England after their incredible last 10 years are 29 games behind us in wins. Indianapolis 61 games behind us, the Falcons 92 games behind us. The Packers are 46 games behind us and the Giants are 62. The Jets and Buffalo? 96 and 87.

My point is that ALL franchises hit the skids for a while. The Dolphins have done so recently but in comparison to 99% of the league this skid is relatively small and short.

Mr. T (@ 3:04PM)

It's tough enough for a guy with a slender (ectomorphic) frame
to pack on muscule when he's completely healthly.

Jayson Taylor didn't start his Pro career with
MAJOR Shoulder Surgery.

I think that the Dolphins acted out sort of a 'pendulum swing' because they didn't bet on Drew Brees several years ago
(...and have regretted it ever since.)

NFL Teams don't measure the Bone Density of their prospects
without cause. It's said that a players career length can be forcast by how thick their bones are. (It's a very tough league made up of elite strong men.)

I hope I'm wrong....but it's good that there is 'Offset Language' in Jordan's Contract.




Please cut Lane already, he can't play a little bit

Starting isn't as important as long as he is part of a rotation.

Wake, OV,DJ, and Shelby make a good DE rotation.

And having 3 Starting DTs doesn't hurt.

We only lack good Depth at LB. But we upgraded the Starters.

You don't let the 3rd pick in the draft 'sit out for a year' to get up to heal and bulk up.

Jordan has huge talent and will play more than he sits this year...he just won't be a starter.

Heck, Vernon can do down in game 1 or anyone else on the DL.

Play Jordan, that's what the fans want and more importantly what Ireland wants as his butts on the line for next year.

Lane was a good player last year.

The Team's priorities have just changes a bit.

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