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Vernon likely starting DE, Lane demoted

First round pick Dion Jordan is unlikely to win the starting defensive end job opposite Cam Wake because he hasn't gotten enough work in practice or games to mount the challenge and is unlikely to get much work any time soon as he nurses the recurring shoulder injury that has nagged him this year.

Jordan, who had shoulder surgery in February and missed all of the offseason and the start of camp, re-injured the same shoulder in Friday night's preseason game against Jacksonville. It is not considered serious but he did not practice the past two days and while his status is day-to-day, he may not even play in the preseason game against Houston Saturday.

"We're obviously taking some precautions as we move forward with Dion," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "We don't want to overload him at this point. We got a plan in place to get him ready to participate at the level we feel best at at the beginning of the season so we'd like to see as much of him as we can but we're going to be careful how we proceed."

While the Dolphins do expect Jordan to be ready for the Sept. 8 opener at Cleveland, his role will likely be as substitute on passing downs. Olivier Vernon will be the starting right end, barring an unforseen circumstance.

The only way Jordan could change that is by getting more work in practice. But, of course, that's not likely to happen now that the team is taking "precautions" with the rookie because of the shoulder.

"He hasn't gotten the reps that would be necessary to put him out there and start at this point," Coyel said. "But you still have three weeks of training camp. It's a little bit premature to determine exactly what his status will be at the beginning of the season. We're taking it one day at a time."

Today it became clear Jorvorskie Lane is struggling to keep his spot on the roster, much less his starting fullback job from a season ago. Lane was relegated to snaps with the reserves while Evan Rodriguez took all the available first-team snaps at fullback.

That endangers Lane's spot on the roster because the Dolphins are going to keep one fullback at most when they trim the roster to 53 players and the backup fullback won't be one of those.

That doesn't, however, mean Rodriguez is secure in winning a roster spot. He must still perform well but even if he does, the Dolphins may still decide to go without any fullbacks on the roster and instead let H-back Charles Clay fill that role as well as his duties at tight end.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has said he likes using Clay and tight end Dustin Keller in the lineup at the same time and that makes the fullback position one of uncertainty.  


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Some areas of the field, as an offense, you play your base and just out execute the opponent.
If trickery or attempt to deceit is a staple part of your offense, then, you probably don't have a very good offense anyway....

The Woodshed Gang | August 13, 2013 at 12:52 AM

In watching J.Long in this game and taking into account the level of comp. it didn't look promising! Aside from his trouble in pass protection don't know if you noticed the little wrinkle the Rams threw in on that drive they fumbled close to the redzone? They ran what looked like the old Redskins counter trey were the Tackle (Long) instead of pulling out on off-tackle collapses the pocket inside with LG pulling around leading the RB. I get it's by design but couldn't help but notice how litle mobility Long showed throughout! At this point I agree with your assesment anybody wondering about Martin getting the nod needs only watch how poorly Big Jake looks for the Rams. Also watching week-1 opponent Browns and Weeden in contrast to Tannehill looks real in synch with his troops. I know it's a non-scripted exhibition but he looks good really tossing some ropes out there. Bradford likewise looking solid even with piss poor protection at LT while we look a little lethargic, sighhhhhh!

Evenin' Phin Pholks,

I am all for the long term drafting of players. Dion Jordan may turn out to be pretty adept at rushing the passer although he needs to go thru a season of eating the good deer antler version of his NFL Wheaties. He reaks of a JT type player but that would be a stretch at this point.

I actually think Ansah is the guy that may end up being the DE stud. His triangle numbers are freakish and he has a more solid build. His ceiling is much higher than now due to his late entyr into football. Reminds me of Tamba Hali.

That said I thought for sure Jeffy was taking OT Lane Johnson in the draft (like most of the planet). They don't make athletic freaks like him and with seasoning he may end up being the best OT of the top 3 O-line studs in that draft. He looks like he faired really well in his intial outing.

Picking OL Martin didn't do it for me when they drafted him. I hope to hell he improves or some backside shot will put Tanne on his fanny for good.

Hopefully Ireland did not out think himself.


Dion Jordan's price tag is a 1st and 2nd rd pick. At this cost, anything less than a perennial pro bowler is reprehensible.

No matter his present injury status, Jordan needs at least 7 sacks and at least 2 turnovers to justify his draft day bounty.

He's probably the only 1st rd pick in Dolphins history that also cost the franchise a 2nd rd pick too. Ireland had better have this one right...

In this day and age of "defenseless everyone" flags, "head down / crown" no no's and 15 yards for staring menacingly at any offensive player I would put a high emphasis on building a fast and shifty Offense.

I had called out a few players before the draft I would have liked the Fins to tab. A couple I have not seen yet (WR Markus Wheaton Pitt, and WR Quinton Patton SF). The last guy I tabbed...holy mackrel he will be a handful WR Marquise Goodwin Buff!! If you have not watched the Buff/Indy tilt and still can watch this guy play! Picture a fearless version of Ted Ginn that doesn't take long strides to run just as fast.

I know we got Wallace and I can't wait for his kid gloves to come off (assuming they can and will).

In the MC Hammer "Can't Touch This" NFL I would say 2 or 3 Usain Bolt type real football players would be ideal.
1.) A crease and they are gone...period!

2.) You can't game plan to remove the one fast guy.

3.) You know Goodell gets a chub when scoring is high. He and the owners know that points sell tickets. The old school 6-9 defensive battle game lovers are a...wait for it...Dying Breed (Yeah I dare invoke the name.)


He's probably the only 1st rd pick in Dolphins history that also cost the franchise a 2nd rd pick too. Ireland had better have this one right...

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 13, 2013 at 01:25 AM

In 84 Shula traded up to pick 14 for Jackie Shipp and again in 92 to pick-7 for Troy Vincent. JJ traded our 99 #1 for high 2nd RD pick for Pat Surtain and that's off the top of my head.

Rob in OC | August 13, 2013 at 01:41 AM

Been a while Brahh! I really liked Q.Patton as well and injury aside loved the height/speed combo of Justin Hunter who can leap over a house! To me a RAW R.Moss (potentially) Yes, have caught the play of Goodwin and looks like the Bills have themselves some really fast WR's. I actually see them given a pretty solid core on D being a handful in Div. games for everybody.

In 84 Shula traded up to pick 14 for Jackie Shipp and again in 92 to pick-7 for Troy Vincent. JJ traded our 99 #1 for high 2nd RD pick for Pat Surtain and that's off the top of my head.

Dumb move by Shula. Traded up to #14 to get Shipp, Giants drafted Gary Reasons 4th rd. Traded up to #7 for Troy Vincent and the Cowboys got Darren Woodson 2nd rd.

Anyway, I was talking 1st rd picks, nothing lower....

Still, I don't think a 1ST RD PICK evr cost us both a !ST AND 2ND RD PICK as Dion Jordan has....

Shula was "PLAIN AVERAGE" at best as a GM.....

Wasssup fin4life!

Has been a spell since I chimed in. I have been reading posts a bunch but it seems to be a jungle up in here at times.

This thread has been kewl thus far.

Agreed on the Bills. They looked very together and played uptempo even with back ups in...very impressive.

Seems that even though most fans and pundits have the Pats #1, Miami a shelf or two below and the Bills and Jets way down at the bottom.

The Bills have another speed merchant in Spiller and now added WR M. Goodwin to go with a fast shifty guy like Stevie Johnson. I bet their rookie QB ends up better than Sanchez or G. Smith.

In the end, the division foes always do battle.

I just want the damn playoff drought to end. Even with the signings, even with some decent draft picks (some after mending) I mostly worry about three things...

The O Line scares me.

Injuries : Part of the game but change the fortunes of teams every year.

Tannehill's accuracy.

He had a very poor TD/INT ratio in college. I hope it gets better over time. I think Tannehill has potential and can still grow a ton based off a lack of experience. Tannehill's lack of accuracy is why I wasn't big on drafting WR Austin. I love his speed but I think Tannehill would have a hard time throwing catchable balls to him on a consistant basis.

I also know that with "Potential" and 99 cents you can get two tacos at Jack in the Box.

As a fan I would love nothing more than to read about how Tannehill rides off into the sunset with his trophy wife after a long glorious career with the Fins. I just hope I'm not in the fiction section of the library when I find that book.


The trade for the number 3 pick cost much less than the pick was worth on the value scale. Just saying.

I don't care about the value scale, Dion Jordan still cost a 1st and a 2nd rd pick. He has zero margin for bust. He can not just merely be a an above average player at that cost.

He has to be a perennial pro bowler to justify the ransom paid.

Some of you are ready to throw T-hill under the bus. I'm not ready to give up on T-hill yet. Even Flacco took 3 or 4 years before anybody said he could be good, we simply won't know unless we give him a chance. AND he won't develop if he's running for his life behind that Oline. The Jags, one of worst defenses, on 6 out of 10 plays, pressured him 5 times and sacked him once. It's hard to be accurate when your Oline doesn't give you time to throw.

Ricky Williams cost 2 first round picks

You don't use the 3rd pick in the draft on a project or a 3rd down specialist. You use the 3rd pick in the draft for a starter, usually immediately. Here are the last 10 #3 picks in the draft: 12)Trent Richardson 11)Marcelle Dareus 10)Gerald McCoy 09)Tyson Jackson 08)Matt Ryan 07)Joe Thomas 06)Vince Young 05)Braylon Edwards 04)Larry Fitzgerald 03)Andre Johnson

Everyone on the list made an impact immediately. If Jordan does not develop into a starter then the Dolphins have failed to get value at this pick. Given their first round draft history skepticism would be justified.

My grand father constantly used to watch YouTube comic video lessons, hehehehehe, for the reason that he desires to be happy forever.

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