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Wallace deals with groin while Dolphins get work

Mike Wallace confirmed today he is battling a groin injury and that's the reason he led a handful of players being held out of practice today. Wallace also said he would like to play in Sunday's Hall of Fame game but obviously that's a decision for the coaching staff.

"It feels pretty good," Wallace said. "I feel like it's getting there."

Brian Hartline also sat out most of the drills with a calf strain. I'm certain if there had been a game today or a regular season game this weekend, both Hartline and Wallace would be playing. So there's that.Hartlineleg

Randy Starks sat out practice and had a compression sleeve on his right leg. That gave Jared Odrick, who is competing with Starks for a starting DT job, all of the first-team work at the position until he simply stopped working midway through practice. It seems Odrick had some sort of minor health issue although it's not clear what.

On the bright side of the injury department, today was the first day rookie cornerbackJamar Taylor got in both individual and team drills after missing practically two weeks with issues related to his offseason hernia surgery.

"I'm definitely happy to be back on the field," Taylor said. "Being hurt shows your character and the person you are so when you come out here you have to let everything go and play. I'm definitely not full strength, but we got great trainers that are going to keep working on me so I'm going to get there."

Coach Joe Philbin said he'll finalize play-time for Sunday's game on Saturday but it's obvious he already knows how he's going to proceed. Philbin announced that the installation phase of training camp is now over with the end of today's practice. He estimated that 95 percent of the playbook is in for the offense, defense and special teams.

The focus today was two-minute situations, two-point plays, fourth-down plays, last plays of the half, and last plays of the game when there's only five seconds left on the clock.

"We've covered every situation that we possibly can so our guys should be ready to play a good football game Sunday night in Canton," Philbin said.

Today's action was actually fun to watch. There were plays being made on both sides of the ball, which is much more interesting than when one unit dominates.

On defense, it was an impressive day for rookie Will Davis, DE Olivier Vernon (again), and CB Richard Marshall. On offense, Matt Moore seemed to have a good day as did TE Kyle Miller.

After practice Philbin told the team "some guys had exceptional practices, some guys didn't.  Davis, Philbin noted, got his hand on six to eight passes for passes defensed so "I thought he had a good practice. I'm sure there are technique things he has to work on, but I was pleased with him today."

That's great news for Davis who started quite slowly but had an interception in the end zone during the scrimmage Monday and believes there's a reason he's starting to shine. 

"When the game slows down for you, you are able to make more plays," he said. "That's happening for me now."

The game has seemingly slowed down for Olivier Vernon in his second season -- at least when he is matched opposite left tackle Jonathan Martin. Vernon has owned Martin since the opening of camp and today was no different.

Vernon had three sacks against Martin during team periods. It's great news for the defensive end. For the Dolphins starting left tackle, it is looking problematic at this point.

"I think it's been going pretty well," Martin said. "You have some good days and some bad days out there. My goal is to try to be consistent against a talented D-line ... It's been challenging but I like it. I like going against the best."

Martin said his biggest focus is improving his hand placement and balance. On the bright side for Martin, a day after rookie Dion Jordan beat him twice for sacks, Martin got the better of the rookie Thursday. Jordan did not collect a sack against Martin.

One thing of note about Jordan. I saw him rush the passer out of a three-point stance, a two-point stance (standing up) and drop into coverage today.

JoshsamudaThe offensive line did not do much mixing and matching today. Martin was at LT, Richie Incognito was at LG, Mike Pouncey was at C, Josh Samuda was at RG and Tyson Clabo was a RT. There also was no moving of Incognito, Pouncey and Samuda around to other positions.

While the LT spot looks like a weak link so far, I'd say the RT spot will be solid based on what we've seen in practice so far.

Understand that Tyson Clabo was let go by the Falcons in the offseason because of cap and other considerations. Understand that he faces Cameron Wake every down. And yet, Clabo has not been beaten nearly as often as Martin. Indeed, he's scored pretty much a stalemate with Wake on most day. And Wake is a premier pass rusher in the NFL the past couple of years.

 Back to practice ...

Miller, one of five tight ends in camp, had a 30 yard touchdown grab off the arm of Pat Devlin for the day's longest scoring play. Miller also had a couple of other catches. Also getting TDs off short throws were Julius Pruitt (who also dropped a pass), Kenny Staford and Chad Bumphis.

Charles Clay, who had a TD in Monday's scrimmage, was almost invisible today except for a dropped pass.


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Yeah, it's about time to stop the experimenting with the OL and let them begin to gel.

Martin will be a liability at LT all season. Major bust

do you really think wake is giving clabo his all in july. wake doesn't have to prove anything right now.

I like this post a lot more than the other ones Mando. Thanks for the good info and perspective.

With all the questions about the O-Line. I'm glad we get an extra pre-season game with which to resolve issues.

Go Dolphins!!

The last blog ran beautifully. Thanks to everyone that participated today.

Let's hope someone doesn't ruin this one.

Call me a Homer.

But I believe OV will get 10+ Sacks this season. Even with sharing time with DJ.

Martin isn't that bad. OV is just that good.

Good Post Mando.

This is what I am talking about. I understand you like being critical of the team. But give some bright spots with practice. This post had great balance. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. Almost Ed Pope like.

Not to belittle Clabo, but Wake never flashes on practice. Doesn't practice against teammates as violent as he plays.

Dashi, Is Ed Pope still walking this earth???, He's Older then Oscar.....LOL

Give Martin a few more weeks to get used to left tackle and the talent he is up against and if he is still struggling the front office will make a move. Albert is still available by trade.

Martin can ruin the entire offense. His biggest problem is he doesn't have nfl strength yet. Guys get stronger as they get older but right now he is big and weak. He can stop speed guys like Vernon by improving technique but you can't teach strength and bull rushers will throw this guy around all year

Dolphins are going to be great this year, 7-9 to 12-4. A marketers job shouldn't be this easy. Dolphins will blow again this year, no OL , no secondary...can't wait to read these comments in eight weeks. I'm loving it.

Posted by: NEW LOGO IS GAY | August 01, 2013 at 05:10 PM

The OL has been addressed outside of the gamble at LT better than it was at anytime during the TRIFECTA. In 08/09 campaigns Parcells gambled on Smiley (who had never closed a Yr. playing all 16 games) and Grove (who he payed 14 Mil. in DEAD CAP money 2010 after all of 14 09 starts) We overpaid grossly for V.Carey at RT with a revolving door at RG where we were sold (marketing ploys)Donald Thomas (remember the PR machine on this GEM who we found on a College Basketball Campus who played all of one Yr. of College Football and was going to be a perennial Pro Bowler anchoring with Long) while developing Shawn Murphy (4th RD STEAL!) at LG.

Parcells (or PR SUPER HYPER BOWL) proclaimed this draft (08) a coup! The Sec. was also a big ? in that ERA at least this version brings promise not stop gap talent starting with a BONAFIDE STUD SAFETY in R.Jones. Overated was Y.Bell who we always heard about leading the team in Tackles (because he always played cheating close to the line in run support) fact is was always a liability in pass D! By the way his Tackle numbers were an indictment of Chowder and Ayodele's suspect MLB play ect...

I bet you think the Jets have more upside with Geno Smith (system QB if I ever saw one) & his older WR's, Santonio coming off injury and there T.E. on our roster playing Gates in slot during Training Camp (if he picks up the route running would make Philbin look bad, I'll give you that) or maybe yor SUPER HIGH on SUPER REACH EJ Manuel leading Bills past us as well, GIVE ME A BREAK HATER!


Not as old as Jerry Izenberg from the Star Ledger..

Why is it that every single player is either a hall-of-famer or a bust?

Everyone of these players sacrificed thier entire childhood from the age of 8 onward for the benefit of others (parents/coaches/etc).

If Martin is not a good enough LT for you then go down to facility and ask for a tryout.

Guys I posted it on the last post regarding OL and I'll repeat the biggest issue with Martin is FLAWED technique. In 1st practice Mando reported he got his feet tangled ugly and Odrick ran him over today he dicusses balance. We all saw him do well last Yr. Vs. speed now all of a sudden he can't get out in pass protection as quick (remember he added 20 Pds.)

He's a work in progress but has it physically just flaws in his tech. which he got away with in weak PAC Conf. I feel this kid at heart is a Football player (not just a job this kid went to Stanford Grad school out of Harvard) Maybe I'm the HOMER but AGREE with Dashi about O.V. he was a beast at the U just seemed to slack when playing the run and had he stayed may have gone as high as Jarvis Jones to a 3/4 team in all honesty.

Left tackle could override all of Ireland's offseason spending.

Left tackle could override all of Ireland's offseason spending.
Posted by: Mike | August 01, 2013 at 06:25 PM

You know I gotta agree here, one hard hit to Tennehills blindside and instead of a 10 or 11 win season it becomes 6 and 9 ......

Sorry 7 and 9.....................

No secondary? Lol That's how you know it's a Jets fan, completely clueless about what's going on with his teams division rivals. Good chance he barely knows what's going on with his own team. That's a Jets fan for you, ignorant and proud of it.

Dashi, Is Ed Pope still walking this earth???, He's Older then Oscar.....LOL

Posted by: Cuban Menace | August 01, 2013 at 06:11 PM

Wow! There is a name from the past! Pope retired (along with Bob Rubin) in very early 90's giving way to Armando Salguero. Both were prize winning Sports journalists (although Rubin hated the flamboyant Canes of late 80's under JJ while always waxing poetic on Schnellenberger) I don't know if either is alive but if they are Rubin's got to be in late 80's Pope easily in 90's given they retired close to 30 Yrs ago.

Sorry, 7 and 9........

I was duped! Thought for sure Wallace had an upper injury thing with all of the walking around and leg work. Good thing is that means it's pretty minor.


Ed Pope writes a masterpiece once a year.

I hold all Herald sportswriters to that Standard. The man could write. You didn't feel that he dumbed his self down to appease the audience.

I remember reading him as a child. The man was almost as good as Vegas picking games. And he was honest. The definition of objective. If the Fins had a flaw he will point it out. If the Team was good he would point it out.

People hate me for praising Señor Pope. But I know you old timers now what I am talking about when I say E.Pope was the Chit.

Fin4Life (@ 6:24 PM)

It's interesting....they would have been rolling the dice that Jake Long would have played the entire season. I was rooting that Luke Jokel would somehow fall to 3. It seems like Ireland didn't place a high enough priority on the position during the off season (...he had more money to spend but didn't)

For now:
Bottom line....They need a good Left Tackle so we can only hope that Martin grows into what he needs to be real fast...


Pope semi retired in the 90s, Fully retired when the new Millennium hit. But he stops by once a year and drops a Masterpiece. When you are that good, you can be on life support and still write better than 95% of the stuff out now.

Martin has not been moved. Philbin is not an idiot. When they start experimenting at LT I will be worried.

I think it is great to have these hungry, talented young guys on the OL with vets to back them up. Much better than a bunch of worn out old vets with wetbacks backing them up.

Compare last years list of O-linemen to this year. Much better this year. And the absence of an injured Jake Long is a good thing.

It is quite a good article...credit when its due!!! Pictures too...don't think Armando heard the people??? Think again...

Not loving what I'm hearing on Martin. Could be a big problem. If this continues into the season it might not be long before we see Thomas playing there, it could be that the team got it wrong on Martin. Lots of people wanted Long gone. It could be that we've got someone worse here. We'll see.

Philbin said the installation phase for offense and defense is over. If anyone follows Armando or Omar on twitter could you ask them if they know how that will change their practices moving forward? I could throw out a few educated guesses but I would rather get the word from someone in the know.

For the past two weeks, Martin has frequently gotten beaten by a second year player and a rookie...

There might be a reason for concern.

BleacherReport has Long as a huge upgrade to the Rams; are you guys sure he was washed up here?

The thing about "injuries" to starting players this time of year...is they are treated larger than they are...no need to get cute or risk further injury in July/August...take a break son...we need you in september and beyond...its july...go sign some autographs...

Dashi, I too was a reader of Ed Pope, He was a great Sports writer.....
I doubt that he was Armando's "MENTOR"...
Sorry Mando, couldn't help myself...


Pope was the type of reporter others (especially sycophant Sports reporters of today) shoul aspire to be. I remember well his FEUD with Shula during the 80's (For a while Don wouldn't give him an interview) because Pope called out his lousy drafts and questioned Robbie foer not hiring a G.M. among other things like the Robin Sendlien trade with Minn. were Shula dealt Anthony Carter. In those days Shula was GOD and Pope was the only one who would put him in his place in BOLD PRINT! The rest waxed poetic all over the ICON looking to be the next host of TINSLEY NETWORKS The Don Shula Show on ABC aired Monday Night at 8:30 P.M. right before MNF.

oline is a disaster. which most of knew would be with martin at lt

Pope was great decades ago but be has not written anything even remotely resembling a "masterpiece" in this century.

BleacherReport has Long as a huge upgrade to the Rams; are you guys sure he was washed up here?

Posted by: ExposingThe Fraud | August 01, 2013 at 06:51 PM

Not a BIG fan of Bleacher Report which usually posts story from independant beat writers for Home town team.

I'll take the word of the crew at NFL Net. which has been following everybody's Camps and they report Fisher bringing Long along slowly! Sounds like the modus Operandi with him here over the last few Seasons and it still netted him on IR! Just sayin!

I suppose Martin could struggle...I don't think he will be a liability...otherwise he won't be in there...but the way the defense could perform this year...teams might not be able to score on us anyway...

Can we get Big Jake back?

Mr. Blasphemy,


Pick your poison.

This year alone Señor Pope has written multiple articles.

If I'am not wrong Long was quite the "Turnstile" the begaining of last year, How could Martin be any worse???

martin will be in there cause we have nobody else, gonna make thill just get killed and rush throws. defense looking good cause they are rushing against him. lets wait and see what they do vs a nfl left tackle

I told u guys Martin was a turnstile. Now, everyone sees it.

hmm branden albert, wheres all those haters now

Edwin Pope was a terribly boring writer. He could put you to sleep in a nanasecond. I always wondered if he cold see through his Mr. Magoo glasses.


The Marlins have been bad this season. But not as bad as some have thought they would be. M.Redmond is a good manager.

The last blog ran beautifully. Thanks to everyone that participated today.

Let's hope someone doesn't ruin this one.

Posted by: Dashi | August 01, 2013 at 05:50 PM

Yeah, like you....

We need to to start acting like men.

The players we have are the players that we're going to battle with.

The players need our support they do not need us crying like kittens.

If you want your team to act manly then start the process by acting manly yourself.

on pace to lose 100 dashi, that team is bad. but i think furute can be bright with a few more young solid players.

Dashi commenting that he hopes nobody ruins the blog?!?

Does that mean he's leaving?

LOL:-) :-)

Not today buddy.

And Dashi can Suck and Swallow with the best of them.

Posted by: Dashi | July 31, 2013 at 07:02 PM

Dusty...I doubt philbin an co. Leave JMart in...if he might get T-Sizzle killed...T-Sizzle is this staffs future...if JMart can't play...he won't...

Yes, Dusty. On pace to lose 100. But not on pace to break the record. It looked like they were going to be real bad early. But Redmond has them playing to the best of their abilities.

I still hate Loria. But the kids they got and Redmond coaching still makes me proud to be a Marlins fan.

You can say we were both wrong. I thought the talent would've come around earlier, but now we know the hitting coach had something to do with it.

I hereby find Dashi of Twinks R Us fame guilty of blog pollution.
Dashi will sentenced to five years hard labor in a salon doing pedicures.

The Marlins have some good young players. They've been playing very good since June 1st. They just beat the stinkin Mets. They are a better run franchise then the Dolphins.

I predict Martin will be no worse to begin the season than Jake Long was last year and will progress past where Long finished here before he left. And we will have saved 8 million dollars. Win/win

All of these posts talking about how Martin is doomed 5 weeks before the season even starts are hilarious. Jake Long didn't own anyone during camp either, everyone gets beat. And I read Martin may be nursing a minor injury that occurred in the first couple of days.

Cooper needs to ask for a trade...and the Eagles need to oblige him...you can't say the things he said...and expect any comfort level in that locker room...I wouldn't want him on my team anymore...

u said 81-81 , i said 100 losses at least

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