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Wallace deals with groin while Dolphins get work

Mike Wallace confirmed today he is battling a groin injury and that's the reason he led a handful of players being held out of practice today. Wallace also said he would like to play in Sunday's Hall of Fame game but obviously that's a decision for the coaching staff.

"It feels pretty good," Wallace said. "I feel like it's getting there."

Brian Hartline also sat out most of the drills with a calf strain. I'm certain if there had been a game today or a regular season game this weekend, both Hartline and Wallace would be playing. So there's that.Hartlineleg

Randy Starks sat out practice and had a compression sleeve on his right leg. That gave Jared Odrick, who is competing with Starks for a starting DT job, all of the first-team work at the position until he simply stopped working midway through practice. It seems Odrick had some sort of minor health issue although it's not clear what.

On the bright side of the injury department, today was the first day rookie cornerbackJamar Taylor got in both individual and team drills after missing practically two weeks with issues related to his offseason hernia surgery.

"I'm definitely happy to be back on the field," Taylor said. "Being hurt shows your character and the person you are so when you come out here you have to let everything go and play. I'm definitely not full strength, but we got great trainers that are going to keep working on me so I'm going to get there."

Coach Joe Philbin said he'll finalize play-time for Sunday's game on Saturday but it's obvious he already knows how he's going to proceed. Philbin announced that the installation phase of training camp is now over with the end of today's practice. He estimated that 95 percent of the playbook is in for the offense, defense and special teams.

The focus today was two-minute situations, two-point plays, fourth-down plays, last plays of the half, and last plays of the game when there's only five seconds left on the clock.

"We've covered every situation that we possibly can so our guys should be ready to play a good football game Sunday night in Canton," Philbin said.

Today's action was actually fun to watch. There were plays being made on both sides of the ball, which is much more interesting than when one unit dominates.

On defense, it was an impressive day for rookie Will Davis, DE Olivier Vernon (again), and CB Richard Marshall. On offense, Matt Moore seemed to have a good day as did TE Kyle Miller.

After practice Philbin told the team "some guys had exceptional practices, some guys didn't.  Davis, Philbin noted, got his hand on six to eight passes for passes defensed so "I thought he had a good practice. I'm sure there are technique things he has to work on, but I was pleased with him today."

That's great news for Davis who started quite slowly but had an interception in the end zone during the scrimmage Monday and believes there's a reason he's starting to shine. 

"When the game slows down for you, you are able to make more plays," he said. "That's happening for me now."

The game has seemingly slowed down for Olivier Vernon in his second season -- at least when he is matched opposite left tackle Jonathan Martin. Vernon has owned Martin since the opening of camp and today was no different.

Vernon had three sacks against Martin during team periods. It's great news for the defensive end. For the Dolphins starting left tackle, it is looking problematic at this point.

"I think it's been going pretty well," Martin said. "You have some good days and some bad days out there. My goal is to try to be consistent against a talented D-line ... It's been challenging but I like it. I like going against the best."

Martin said his biggest focus is improving his hand placement and balance. On the bright side for Martin, a day after rookie Dion Jordan beat him twice for sacks, Martin got the better of the rookie Thursday. Jordan did not collect a sack against Martin.

One thing of note about Jordan. I saw him rush the passer out of a three-point stance, a two-point stance (standing up) and drop into coverage today.

JoshsamudaThe offensive line did not do much mixing and matching today. Martin was at LT, Richie Incognito was at LG, Mike Pouncey was at C, Josh Samuda was at RG and Tyson Clabo was a RT. There also was no moving of Incognito, Pouncey and Samuda around to other positions.

While the LT spot looks like a weak link so far, I'd say the RT spot will be solid based on what we've seen in practice so far.

Understand that Tyson Clabo was let go by the Falcons in the offseason because of cap and other considerations. Understand that he faces Cameron Wake every down. And yet, Clabo has not been beaten nearly as often as Martin. Indeed, he's scored pretty much a stalemate with Wake on most day. And Wake is a premier pass rusher in the NFL the past couple of years.

 Back to practice ...

Miller, one of five tight ends in camp, had a 30 yard touchdown grab off the arm of Pat Devlin for the day's longest scoring play. Miller also had a couple of other catches. Also getting TDs off short throws were Julius Pruitt (who also dropped a pass), Kenny Staford and Chad Bumphis.

Charles Clay, who had a TD in Monday's scrimmage, was almost invisible today except for a dropped pass.


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Incase anyone has forgotten this was November of last year when Jake was said to be healthy.

Much has changed with the Indianapolis Colts since the release of Peyton Manning, but the pass rush of Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis remains the same. On Sunday, the two do what they do best, which is harass, hit, and hurry the quarterback all day long. For the Miami Dolphins, and left tackle Jack Long in particular, the constant pressure proved to be too much. Long, who has been selected to the last four Pro Bowls, was consistently beaten throughout the entire game.

While he only gave up 1 sack, he was repeatedly pushed back into Ryan Tannehill’s face and the young quarterback was clearly affected by the constant duress. Play after play, Long was either bull-rushed back, beaten on the outside, or slipped on the inside, leading to hurried passes, and a disrupted offense.

On the sack he wasn’t responsible for, Mathis broke free from the right side of the line and got to Tannehill for the sack, but Long had lost his battle with Justin Hickman as well, and the rookie linebacker was just one step away from getting at least half of the credit with Mathis on that play. On several plays it appeared as though Long was simply being out-muscled, and he often resorted to holding. He was only called for it once, near the end of the fourth quarter, but he was called out by the broadcast announcers for holding throughout the game.

He also threw in a false start, just to add to his poor performance. Despite taking only half the reps in this week’s practice, Tannehill still had a great game. The rookie threw for just under 300 yards (290), completed 57.9% of his passes without an interception, and he connected with Charles Clay for a 31 yard touchdown early in the second quarter. Pretty impressive for a rookie being put under so much pressure. Tannehill only lost the ball once, on a forced fumble by Dwight Freeney. Who got beat on the play? That’s right, it was Jake Long.

Thankfully Long recovered the ball, and the Dolphins retained possession. Reggie Bush would end up going Madden at the end of the drive, scoring on an 18 yard run that embarrassed half of the Colts defenders, so recovering the ball was crucial. Still, a recovery would not have been needed had Long put up a little more resistance against Freeney on that play.

This is far from the caliber of play that Jake Long has been known for throughout his career. The former first-round pick has set the standard for his position since he came into the league, but he has been raising eyebrows this season with his inconsistent play.

phins78 he might, but it also means we wont win many games just like last year


Cooper is stuck. Nobody will trade for him and when he gets cut by the Eagles he might as well Kiss his Career goodbye.

What Technical School did Cooper go to?

The problem was not Just that he used the word but that he used it with the ER at the end while wearing a Larry the Cable Guy Shirt. Then on Top of that. Even if you do mean it. Apologize right away. Don't let it blow up. He knew what he did. He even looked at the Cameraphone after he said it.

Then he referred to himself in the 3rd person during his apology. Dash I use it playing around. But when you want to sound sincere the last thing you should do is sound arrogant.

And Point of Reference. To All people. Specially famous people. Instead of using a Racial Slur, use the word MF'er. You can say it as angry as you want and nobody can say you are denigrating them.

We ain't gonna let nobody beat us. I'll silence them one by one in their own locka room and then have a plate of mammas spaghetti and meatballs.

Yeah, dats what I'm gonna do.

A good QB doesnt need a good OL.

I know Dusty , I'm just saying that for all of the people who forgot Long is washed up. Whether it was Martin or Long someone was going to get beat this year seeing how Ireland had no intentions of taking another tackle in the draft.

dashi giving advice on etiquette?

Bwaaaaahaaaaa haaaaaHaaaaaa!!!



Originally I said .500 (being the homer that I am)

Then I went up to 90-95 losses. Like how you said 110 then came down to 100.

You also said that the Marlins will break the record.

Tomato, Tomatoe.

Just come to the conclusion that Martin is going to be a liablity this year. He is...guaranteed...end of story...going to be...a liability.

But that doesn't mean the offense will necessarily be horrible. It all comes down to Tannehill and if he can elevate his game to mask the other weaknesses on offense. Aaron Rodgers is Exhibit A of an elite QB playing behind a lousy O-Line. He took his lumps, but his talent outweighed the O-Line's shortcomings. If Tannehill is the franchise, he shouldn't be totally hamstrung by one weak link on the O-line.


Originally I said .500 (being the homer that I am)

Posted by: Dashi | August 01, 2013 at 07:52 PM

If Ross's team ever goes .500 they'll throw a parade lol

The O-Line was addressed ? Ireland has addressed his O-Line every year and with the exception of 2009 the O-Line play has been sub-par. Since when does merely addressing a problem fix it ? The O-Line is also about chemistry as much as it's about talent. They brought in a player who is described as decent to play RT and just like that the OL is solid huh ? The OL was poor a year ago, even without all of the tinkering that they are attempting to do now the OL should be expected to be poor again this year. Martin was abused against the better DE's and LB's a year ago. He's not likely to fair better on the more difficult left side. The secondary is poor. Nolan Caroll is the #2 CB...think about that. Ireland's latest double down CB experiment figures to get on the field quite a bit this year. Good luck against Andrew Luck and Tom Brady etc... When the Dolphins get down, and they will, then well get to see how improved this "addressed" and improved OL really is lol. The OL and secondary are poor. The season will prove my post correct. You're right about one thing though...after bleedeing aqua and orange for 30 years I hate the new coke Dolphins. It's wrong what Ross and Dee did. I'm man enough to see that and divorce myself from it. A purple heart has meaning until its owner decides to sell it. Tradition was all this floundering franchise had left. The team sold it for a new revenue stream and used their traditional names, Shula, Marino, Griese, Taylor as corporate shills. Sad to see the "fans" roll over and lay down for it...how unamerican. Maybe the Cowboys should change the star on the side of their helmets to a dude in chaps...the Packers could change their logo to a piece of cheese. The Dolphins now look like the USFL's Boston Breakers. If the team loses then the logo will fail miserably and the team's marketing dept. will have well deserved egg on their faces. Ross selling the team or passing away plus the firing of Ireland and a new owner changing the logo to ANYTHING else will have to happen in order for me to take a rooting interest in this team ever again. Until then I will bask in their epic annual failures and enjoy : ) Ireland will never produce a consistent winner. He's an idiot with no foresight who makes the same mistakes over an over again. His philosophies are fundamentally flawed and like his former boss and mentor, he's a dinosaur, attempting to build the 85' Bears. Ignoring offensive skill positions in the draft, overpaying and picking up other teams garbage via free agency (or a trade Brandon Marshall). Fielding teams that depend greatly upon waiver wire acquisitions, content with poor play out of individual players while hoping that they reach their "upside" which outside of Rashad Jones has never happened with ANY of his acorns or late round draft picks etc... Phins go 6-10 at best.

Yes! MF'er is a great one...this is just really bugging me for some reason...I think it is a "showed your true colors thing"...for me...and he is shape shifter!!! Chum it up with all his black teammates and "friends"...then go to a concert where 99% of people look like you...think like you...feel safe...feel comfortable...and display your true character!!! I think his punishment should be to stand up in front of his team...and say exactly what he said that night!!! And if they want to oblige his request...cool... My usual advice in racial instances like these...is to ignore it...don't give it and substance...this one??? I'm feeling evil...


Hey wait a second -

Aren't Phins players prohibited from talking about injuries to the press?
Is Wallace in trouble for talking to Mando about his groin?

Martin's trash.

Check out either the stats from the number crunchers, or your own eyeballs & your hazy memory.

The woeful O-Line is one area where the fans know more & see the big picture more clearly than Li'l Jeffy Ireland. The failure to acquire even an average-to-slightly-above-average LT in FA or the draft has consigned this team to another decade of futility. Not to mention the beating poor RyanT will take.

Thanks, Jeffrey!

Who replaced Mike Dee? Very puzzling that he left when he did.

Tanne is man enough to take the beating and keep quiet about it.

Ross has destroyed the team in order to save a few dollars.

Posted by: Bobby Luie | August 01, 2013 at 08:08 PM

Do you want me to SCHOOL you again? I buried your fake rap alive the other night and I will do it again.


Ross bought the team as an investment, just like Wayne. Wayne never won jack and still sold at a huge profit. Ross will do the same.

Winning is only important to dumb fans with lame wives.


Agreed with everything you said. But I doubt Cooper has the heart to say it in a room full of his peers.

Professional sports is no different than sitcoms and soap operas. It is nothing but a meaningless show designed to grab your attention so sponsors can reach your malleable minds.

Nolan Carroll #2?

He might not even make the roster.

I shouldn't have even answered, but that was just to funny. Nolan Carroll #2.

Marino was a girly man.

No doubt that is DaSheba impostering me.

I know dashi...I know...moving along from this...don't want me turning into an armando pouncey hernandez hat story...HOHOHO!..as one fellow blogger around here would say...

In other news...

KC thinks they got the best QB in the league...interesting theory...I will say this for KC...if Reid can get that team rolling...the AFCW better watch out!!! Those boys could put the conference on notice...

I almost feel sorry for the OL for the Cowboys. The D-lineman on this team has are beasts. Those guys give me a lot of confidence in the defense being special.

Think about it. Of what importance is professional sports? Winning a trophy changes nothing. It has no impact on society any more than a popular sitcom. It is just another vehicle to distribute propaganda and deodorant and silly beer commercials that make men look like the dumbest jackasses on Earth.

Maybe they are.

Sports is art Seth...our reflected form of nature...mans mortal attempt to acheive perfection...which is unobtainable...but like the great lombardi said...“Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence."

Life is living in the moment...in the now...and few things inject one so deeply into the now moment as playing sports does...we watch because that is what we strive for in our own lives...and they are great things to witness...

Sports may be an indication that the Chinese have thoroughly infiltrated our society. Get us hooked on all kinds of things that only serve to take us further away from useful endeavors and dumb down society further and further.

While their education system booms, ours wanes further and further. While we farm our our high tech intellectual property to them, they get exponentially more advanced and competent and we get exponentially more useless. We train them to beat us, and they do.

It goes much deeper than that.

NFL footbll exists exclusively for the benefit of 32 men.


All American syle football exists exclusively for the benefit of 32 men.

Want proof?

Visit any high tech company in the nation. You will see 90% Chinese, some Indians and very, very few Americans. Look at the Chief Technical Officers and VP's of Engineering at companies like Intel, Microsoft, Amazon...and they all have names you never heard of and can't pronounce.

The trend is continuing faster and faster, with no sign of it reverting, Universities have a very hard time enrolling Americans in their Engineering programs because they fear the jobs will eventually be outsourced to China and India, where they have been heading for 15 years now.

While you are watching football all weekend and reading every word of Peter King, the Chinese are studying math and physics.

Apple's products are made where? China. Hmmm...do you think they'll figure out how to do it better? Nobody in this country knows even how to make them!

IBM, Microsoft, Cisco have huge plants abroad and continue to develop their infrastructure where the engineering talent is far better educated and cheaper to boot.

While they are achieving at faster and higher rates, we here are all becoming toasted marshmallows.

A good parallel to explain this phenomenon would be the importing of farm laborers from Mexico, Seth. Let them take over the Engineering, etc. We are into, other things. Our Time of picking tomatoes is over.

While my neighbors drink budweiser, make stupid jokes and generally hang out and do nothing, the Chinese are building 3d transistors, silicon 2, RFID's, graphene, and a bunch of stuff none of you even heard of yet.

So, just how important to society and the future is a trophy for winning a game?

Toasted marshmallows...mmmmmmm...

Its quite important...to OUR society seth...the future does not care...as it doesn't exist...

Sports are good to play. To watch them is nothing but unfulfilled voyeurism. Go play tennis or badminton or volleyball or surf in your free time. But to waste away hours upon end reading about and watching neanderthals get paid a fortune to play a silly game?

Some strange things going on in this Blog. I appear as the first to comment in this entry but I could've sworn there was a commentary before mine. Hmm...

Sports...like beer...has been apart of every society that has ever existed...the egyptians were playuping sports...while all the slaves were building the pyramids...same concept to what you are saying bro...billions of people in china...most of them???just like us...get over it...

I like Peyton and Rodgers and Brees just fine. But come on, is this endeavor worth a hundred million dollar salary?

This is our warped society. Engineers inventing cell phones and wireless networking, scientists and doctors making medical breakthroughs, are virtually unknown and make maybe 150k a year. Their contribution to society is ENORMOUS...But QB's and Basketball players make 100 times more for contributing nothing more than entertainment.

The Chinese love this.

Check the stats, Our high schools have fallen to 17th worldwide. 17 countries have better public education than the great USA. What a shame. And nobody cares. Give them tabloids and tatoos and they are 'cool'.

Good night all.

Oscar the IT guy was doing his thing.

Different name same gimmick.

Seth sounds like an angry IT guy.

At least we know why he hates chinks. He knows they are better than him.


"While my neighbors drink budweiser, make stupid jokes and generally hang out and do nothing" by Seth

What kind of Low life neighborhood do you live in?

This explains a lot.

Meant to say

Oscar, the IT guy was doing his thing.

My bad. LOL ;) ;)

C'mon, wake up, pal. It's not anybody's fault that Bill Gates invented an easier way to travel thru Virtual Space and earns umpteenth more million than Peyton could earn in 100,000 lifetimes.(even the Chinese buy Microsoft products) This is the Technology Era. When it's over, we'll tell you about it.

Quit crying about how bad the O line is. We have the best D line in the NFL. Our O line will feel a hell of a lot better once they get to play other teams.

It is true that a guy named Mohamed helped me out recently when I had a problem at Amazon. But he was very efficient, courteous and helped solved my problem there.

Sports don't contribute to our educational state...seth...it is our educational system itself...which is damaged...no child left behind??? What a crock of shyt!!! When you try to save everyone...you end up saving no one...
On another note...neever drink buttwiper...it is horse piss for retards like Riley Cooper...drink some quality brews...we have a little gem around here call...The Devils Backbone...but like products can be found all over the country...the egyptians invented beer...but the germans perfected it...thank you Germans!!!

I'm making errors in my writing Today. Must be my eyes or I'm anxious for some reason.

Losing out on Peyton Manning and then Jeff Fisher were the crushing blows to a desperate franchise.

Seth came in here long enough to talk shyt on America...and now needs to tuck himself in for a good nights sleep...under her protection...

Oscar...overall practice was good today...yes??? Or...no???

I never liked beer. That's for young guys. However, when I tasted Scotch, I became convinced. Right now I'm drinking Bacardi a~ejo(not the 8 years, the other one) with Diet Coke. Great Mix.


Does America protect us? Or corporate interests?

Did the Iraq war have anything to do with protecting the public?

We lost more soldiers in Afghanistan than in all of WWII. For what?

And CNN won't tell you how many innocent women and children we killed for Haliburtons profits.

Great, it didn't seem to be. Productive? Ask Philbin.

MJ...you do realize that Fisher had a lower win % then Philbin did right??? Philbin and Fisher went head to head last year...who won that game??? Oooohhh yeeeaaah...

Clearly, Jeff Fisher would've kept Jake Long.

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