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A Salguero-PFF look back at Cleveland tape

The Dolphins played well against the Cleveland Browns. Well, most of the Dolphins played well.

With the exception of the offensive line, tight ends and running backs, it's fair to suggest the Dolphins had a good day on Sunday. ProFootballFocus.com agrees based on its Week 1 gradebook that the website has made available to me through our 2013 partnership.

Below is what the PFF analytics reveal from Miami's 23-10 victory and what I think of some of the metrics.


Both offensive tackles had days to forget, with Tyson Clabo and Jonathan Martin underwhelming in run blocking.

Salguero: Clabo had a good, but not great day pass blocking. He had a positive grade on pass plays and locked down that side. It was another story with his run blocking. He struggled and was indeed the worst graded run blocker on the offensive line. Martin also was better at pass blocking than run blocking but had a negative grade on both. Of Miami's five offensive linemen, only guard Richie Incognito had an overall positive grade. 

The snap breakdown between Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas suggests an even split. Miller had 37 snaps, while Thomas received 33.

Miller gave up a hit and a hurry in only 7 pass blocking snaps.

TE Dion Sims played 15 snaps and Michael Egnew saw 21 at tight end. Sims ran just 3 pass routes, while Egnew ran 9.


On plays when Ryan Tannehill wasn’t under any pressure, he was 21-for-29. When pressured, he was 3-for-9 and was sacked 4 times.


All 5 of Mike Wallace’s targets came against Joe Haden.  He had a drop and only one reception.

Salguero: Much is being made of Mike Wallace's attitude regarding the game plan after the game. In truth, he got more snaps than either Brian Hartline or Brandon Gibson while still getting targeted fewer times and catching fewer passes.Dolphins’ receivers dropped four passes, with Brandon Gibson leading the way with 2 drops. Wallace also tripped mid route on a deep post down the middle of the field which eventually went over his head.



Cameron Wake with one of the highest overall grades in the league for 4-3 DEs this week.  Did well against the run, but was unstoppable rushing the passer.  Wake had 10 total pressures (3 sacks, 2 hits, 5 hurries).

Rookie DE Dion Jordan played 17 snaps in his debut. On 14 snaps, he rushed the passer, on 2 he dropped into coverage, and 1 was a run play.  He notched one sack.

MLB Dannell Ellerbe missed 3 tackles to lead the team.

Jordan Cameron had his way with the defense, catching his 9 passes on 5 different defenders.

Salguero: Phillip Wheeler had some trouble with Cameron.

Dannell Ellerbe excelled in coverage, allowing just 3 catches on 8 targets.

Salguero: We've been paying close attention on the competition between Jared Odrick and Randy Starks for a starting DT position. Dolphins coaches went with Odrick as the starter. And to the naked eye, Starks had the better day because he came away with 1.5 sacks. But according to the PFF metrics, Odrick graded higher. He graded higher overall (1.8 to 1.5), he graded higher on pass rush (2.3 to 1.4). Starks graded higher on run defense (0.9 to 0.3). Interesting.


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Wake was a monster in the second half. Loved it when he blew up the rb for a sack and the kid just went to the clev bench just shaking his head.

Yay finally some analysis. All we had so far was Gossip Girl stuff about the high school drama in the locker room.

Went to the game yesterday and it was very satisfying. The pressure the put on Weeden was unbelievable. Tannehill looked calm,especially in the 2nd half. Wallace couldn't get open. Plain and simple. He did have Hayden beat on the 1 bomb but was overthrown. Tannehill made the right decisions. O Line did a great job in 2nd half. Run blocking was bad. A good Cleveland front 7. Miller and Thomas looked to run hard. Just no where to go.

As a retired Marine I would like to say to the Miami Dolphins players...You guys did a great job. Not sure when the last time Miami won its first game, seems like it has been awhile, but you did it this year...On the road no less. You did us PROUD. I am confident that this week you will step it up, both individualy and as a team. No matter what you read, I beleive that you guys are an outstandind unit...Both sides of the ball. Do what makes the USMC great, give everything for your brother next to you, not for you....MAC

Where are the trolls that were calling Jordan a bust?
He notched a sack the first game he ever played.

Does anyone even know how the hell the PFF metrics work?

I think the rotation at DT is proving to be very effective. We keep bringing in 300+ LB monsters and blitzing from everywhere and Olines are going to continue to breakdown against this defense. Excellent work done by Coyle and Jeff Ireland. Now if we can get this Oline to get some push for our RBs we will be in business.

so RT was under pressure only 9 out of 38 times.

or almost a 1/4 of the time. good or bad?

Jordan had a sack against Joe Thomas. That says it all. He beat Thomas a second time and got his hands on Weeden forcing a bad throw. Pretty good for 17 plays.

RTR So begins the 2013 "RETURN TO RELEVANCE" Tour
Hopefully the O-line can start to gel as they get more playing time and games under their belt. Lamar Miller's 4.3 speed means nothing without being able to take the first step. With more reps he will break some long runs, hopefully the pass game can keep them winning until the ground game actually exists. I have been faithful since 1966 and will be always, but now is the time. RTR Baby

Tannehill was pressured all first half. 2nd half he had a lot of time. The O line did a better job picking up blitzes. They seem more comfortable in pass protection than run blocking.

It was also very nice to not have to worry about your kicker missing field goals. Sturgis is solid. He will win a game or two for them. Fields as usual was dominant. Thigpen is so quick but he scares me catching punts. he almost lost one.

Cameron seemed to have his way with linebackers. He was wide open a few other times and Weeden didn't go his way.They are going to have to fix that.

What kind of mess is this?

Who wrote this?

"ProFootballFocus.com agrees based on its Week 1 gradebook that the website has made available to me through our 2013 partnership."
You too can become a "partner". All you have to do is sign up and pay for the sight.

When you use the word 'partnership' you are saying that you have a signed partnership agreement between all of the partners.

A 30 day free trial subscription to PFF is not a 'partnership'.

Samantha = 2 watt

1) Almost nobody in the media is giving little, if any, credit to the 'Phins for the win and overemphasizing the negatives. Instead, typical is NFL.com's comment that it's just "the Browns being the Browns". TRUE, Wallace wasn't targeted much, BUT few teams have CBs as good as Haden and furthermore his presence drew additional safety coverage away from Hartline and Gibson. So opponents are going to have to pick their poison- risk a big gash wound from Wallace or die a death of a thousand cuts from the latter duo. TRUE, the OL played poorly, but again, the Brownies are better than most of the Phins' opponents in that area as well. TRUE, Gordon's suspension left the Brownies paper-thin at WR and Weeden isn't as heralded a QB as those the 'Phins face the next four weeks, BUT the Brownies OL is supposed to be better than most of them and about as good as the rest, so look for the 'Phins' DL to bring the heat.
2) Last I heard, Wallace never directly indicated that he was upset with the play calling and until and unless he does, let's stop with the pot-stirring and speculation.
3) While Clay was outplayed by his counterpart, Cameron, 5 catches for 54 yards means he played "well" (not great, by any stretch of the imagination, but still well).
4) Say (or write) what you want about the 'Phins' deficiencies, but they could sweep the AFC North teams if the latter don't vastly improve from this weekend's performances.

Little Jerry I mean little ETF took a nice beat down yesterday.
He got faked like aloco weiner from the land of Valhalla.

Dustin Keller averaged 4-5 rec for 40-50 yds for his whole career.
Clay has completely replaced Keller.


I can't remember who the greatest QB of all time is; is it
Aaron Rogers
Colin Kaepernick
Russel Wilson
Andrew Luck or

Keller averaged that with sanchez in a run first O. Keller would have rewrote miami te receiving records with tanny.

Jordan had a sack against Joe Thomas. That says it all. He beat Thomas a second time and got his hands on Weeden forcing a bad throw. Pretty good for 17 plays.

Posted by: Jake in PA | September 09, 2013 at 07:10 PM

DJ had no sacks. None.

RG3 wont step up in the pocket and throw planting on that surgically repaired knee.

I see all the Miller fans have disappeared.

You all love to impress us with your opinions, but hide like mice when you are wrong.

I tell you all what the Redskins D which is no push over is getting handled by Chip Kelly's new look Eagles O!

Have to say I like how Philbin took on both the Wallace and Starks issues. But I would like to say...we need to extend Starks. Pay that man his money. He is a stud DT period.

I have 3 fantasy teams this season.
The following QBs are going to the bench:

The following QB will be starting for all 3:

Chad Henne


Thanks for the insight. Always good to hear from someone who was t the game and can tell us a lot more than what Tv shows. Cheers, man.

Craig Fool,

What the hell are you talking about? Jake lied. Dion had no sacks.

God are you gullible.

Con man etf please tell us how Hernandez is innocent again. And how do you like your new diapers?

Chip Kelly's offense is pretty damn good. Redskin defenders will have marshmallows for legs by the 4th qtr.

Just In:

Chip Kelly's offense works in the NFL..................

Just Saying....................

If Mike Wallace wanted to 'make plays" he should never have joined the hapless Dolphins.

The last touchdown drive was 6 passes to wide receivers. Can you imagine saying that with the last bunch of QB's we have had?? How many dunks do you think Henne would have thrown? Do we really need a tight end?

Do we really need a RB? Why?

Why do I get the feeling that all those PFF metrics are twisted around to satisfy your bias of some Players, Armando?

Lamar Miller = Another Irescum bust

D Thomas = 3 Irescum busts

So do we start calling Sturgis "Legamus Prime"?

Thomas for his faults is an effective goal line runner.

Philly 26 Redskins 7

Chip Kelly Is For Real.................................

Why do I get the feeling that all those PFF metrics are twisted around to satisfy your bias of some Players, Armando?

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 09, 2013 at 08:45 PM

Probably because you're biased....and dumb

weebles wobble but they don't fall down...

Thomas for his faults is an effective goal line runner.

Posted by: Darkoak | September 09, 2013 at 08:48 PM

Ive never seen a worse RB than D Thomas.

Craig M this game is on buddy. All tied up more or less.

Caddy he is bad but two things he does all right are goal line runs up the gut and pass blocking.

Kellys/Eagles O is impressive.....but we'll see how long Vick lasts--this O needs the right personnel probably more than most, and I'd doubt it would be nearly as impressive with Foles in there

RG3 is no AP. He is 70% at best. He got no game.

no RB is gonna gain much behind that offensive line.....holes were minimal at best for the most part, and very few guys can just run through a wall--Thomas is too hesitant at times, which is a problem.....but the bottom line is that our O line needs to open up a few holes to make this work--Tannehill was also sacked 4 times, which is alot.....same issue.

Thomas NEVER a tackle. And he is no speedster either. He's useless IMO. He's got no skills. No talent at all.

Never breaks a tackle

and an under the radar issue, but Sturgis is the man.....he'll have some ups and downs Im sure, but that could turn out to be one darn good 5th round pick--kids got a leg, and is accurate and confident.....and makes about $6/year I think--nice get there.

We miss Jake Long NUFF SAID

Broder, according to how Chip Kelly is going in his debut debut as a HC in the NFL, Ireland got us a blue chipper in Dion Jordan!

Jonathan Martin is pathetic at LT lol

agree about Long.....but was in the camp of being uncomfortable paying him a big number with the way he's been breaking down--tough call and alot of risk.....but if we paid him 10 mill/yr and he gets hurt again, that would be a cap crusher.....and fan revolter--not an easy decision......lets see how the entire season plays out for Long, and next year even.


You're kicking my butt, buddy. Vick's having a Hell of a game. I need him to self -destruct to have any chance.

Surprised at how easy the Eagles are having it.

That's complicated stuff, the running game designed by Jim Harbaugh and Chip Kelly. Few understand it.

RG3 isn't stepping into his throws!

Truly a surprising game, I'm sold o this Chip Kelly offence......wow!

Wonder if Andy Reid is watching given he refused to feature shady McCoy. The moves on McCoy are tailored for the mis-direction of Kelly's O.

Step, into what?

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