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A Salguero-PFF look back at Cleveland tape

The Dolphins played well against the Cleveland Browns. Well, most of the Dolphins played well.

With the exception of the offensive line, tight ends and running backs, it's fair to suggest the Dolphins had a good day on Sunday. ProFootballFocus.com agrees based on its Week 1 gradebook that the website has made available to me through our 2013 partnership.

Below is what the PFF analytics reveal from Miami's 23-10 victory and what I think of some of the metrics.


Both offensive tackles had days to forget, with Tyson Clabo and Jonathan Martin underwhelming in run blocking.

Salguero: Clabo had a good, but not great day pass blocking. He had a positive grade on pass plays and locked down that side. It was another story with his run blocking. He struggled and was indeed the worst graded run blocker on the offensive line. Martin also was better at pass blocking than run blocking but had a negative grade on both. Of Miami's five offensive linemen, only guard Richie Incognito had an overall positive grade. 

The snap breakdown between Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas suggests an even split. Miller had 37 snaps, while Thomas received 33.

Miller gave up a hit and a hurry in only 7 pass blocking snaps.

TE Dion Sims played 15 snaps and Michael Egnew saw 21 at tight end. Sims ran just 3 pass routes, while Egnew ran 9.


On plays when Ryan Tannehill wasn’t under any pressure, he was 21-for-29. When pressured, he was 3-for-9 and was sacked 4 times.


All 5 of Mike Wallace’s targets came against Joe Haden.  He had a drop and only one reception.

Salguero: Much is being made of Mike Wallace's attitude regarding the game plan after the game. In truth, he got more snaps than either Brian Hartline or Brandon Gibson while still getting targeted fewer times and catching fewer passes.Dolphins’ receivers dropped four passes, with Brandon Gibson leading the way with 2 drops. Wallace also tripped mid route on a deep post down the middle of the field which eventually went over his head.



Cameron Wake with one of the highest overall grades in the league for 4-3 DEs this week.  Did well against the run, but was unstoppable rushing the passer.  Wake had 10 total pressures (3 sacks, 2 hits, 5 hurries).

Rookie DE Dion Jordan played 17 snaps in his debut. On 14 snaps, he rushed the passer, on 2 he dropped into coverage, and 1 was a run play.  He notched one sack.

MLB Dannell Ellerbe missed 3 tackles to lead the team.

Jordan Cameron had his way with the defense, catching his 9 passes on 5 different defenders.

Salguero: Phillip Wheeler had some trouble with Cameron.

Dannell Ellerbe excelled in coverage, allowing just 3 catches on 8 targets.

Salguero: We've been paying close attention on the competition between Jared Odrick and Randy Starks for a starting DT position. Dolphins coaches went with Odrick as the starter. And to the naked eye, Starks had the better day because he came away with 1.5 sacks. But according to the PFF metrics, Odrick graded higher. He graded higher overall (1.8 to 1.5), he graded higher on pass rush (2.3 to 1.4). Starks graded higher on run defense (0.9 to 0.3). Interesting.


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If McCoy avoids injury he could very well threaten for 2,000 in this O.

Griffin looks horrible. I wonder if he'll ever be the same guy again? I wonder if Shanahan's ruined this guy for good.

Might we see Cousins before the game is over?

Step, into what?

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 09, 2013 at 09:13 PM

Watch the game! He isn't planting his foot and stepping into his throws which are causing them to float on him. His mind is on that surgically repaired knee!

Yeah the running game is non existent without Long. And Reggie too. Its a shame because there is enough cap room to pay both of them.

Listen, guys, you must let go of the notion that great Pro HCs are formed as assistants and coordinators in the NFL anymore. They are formed now in the high-tech Schools, USC, Stanford, Oregon, etc. of the Pacific Coast. Way ahead of us here.

Surprised that Clabo is struggling. Expected Pouncey, Incognito and Clabo to be strong up front. This offense will click, just taking some time with some new pieces.

Craig I came onto the blog last season when Shanahan ruined RG3 in that game and was pissed off. I hate Shanahan soooo much he would jeapordise a talent like RG3 like that when it was obvious to everyone he was done.

Griffin looks horrible. I wonder if he'll ever be the same guy again? I wonder if Shanahan's ruined this guy for good.

Might we see Cousins before the game is over?

Posted by: Craig M | September 09, 2013 at 09:16 PM

You remember in 05 after the injury Carson Palmer took he had an issue with stepping up into the pocket to throw? I see that with RG3 early in his return and Palmer never recouped, I believe Griffin will get back given Palmer's injury was far more severe but the issues that plague players (QB's) with the line collapsing and a fear of someone falling on the knee is weighing heavy on RG3 up to this point.

Well, if that is so, f4l, he has to get over it.

geez, what the heck is ESPN and the other media suck-up outlets gonna cover, non-stop, if RG3 doesnt play well in the next few weeks?--Tebow is wrung out, RG3 could be sliding.....I mean, I know they have plenty of stuff cued up for Hall of Famers Kaepernick and Wilson, but wow, a big void to fill without the constant RG3 coverage/love.....oh and by the way, Luck is better than all of them.....blindfolded and with one arm tied behind his back

Shanahan's facial expression never changes, his face only gets deeper shades of red the more pissed he is.

How much money did Irescum waste on Wallace? YIKES!

"surprised that Clabo is struggling"?--huh?--its 1 game dude, and the guy is playing in a new system.....he's probably past his prime and he might not be great, but Clabo will be fine

ALOT Phinmanski.....as is clearly evident after 1 game.....but hey, insightful comment there.....at least your Jets won

Not my Jets

I heard Wallace asked to be traded.

One game, asked to be traded, lol! Where did you hear that, GangGreen.com/fantasy/dreaming/dearGodwesuck

Wallace-TanneBust = Marshall-HenneBust

The troll(s) are back. and And you heard the Wallace nonsense where exactly? cite a source or where you heard this if you can.


Agreed on RGIII. we all had quite the debate on here as to who was to blame. I'm with you, I blame Shanahan. Sad that he would jeopardize a great talent like RGIII. And you're right, Luck will prove that he was the bet of all of them when it's all said and done.

Thats what my brother said. He lives in Miami.

Kaepernick, Wilson, RG3 and Rogers are the greatest QB of time.
Luck is the greatest QB of all time also.
Brady and Manning are not the greatest QB of all time.
Neither are Young, Montana, Elway.
4 time SB winner Terry Bradshaw is not the gretest QB of time.


We've been attempting to create a stable offensive line for the last 6 years. Still waiting.

Finally. Good play calling by Shanahan.

Our defense gets 6 sacks and they are a bad as- defense.
Our offensive line gives up 2 sacks and we have a terrible offensive line? How does that work? When does 1 unit become really good? When they beat another line that is really good? If they get beat up how can they be really good?

How do you smart guys figure this crap out???

Does Vick get points for blocks? lol

fin4life only repeating what gruden already told us.

fin4life only repeating what gruden already told us.
Posted by: i'm so smart | September 09, 2013 at 09:48 PM

You sound like a petty girl here, just saying.

Learn from those quick screens. Of course, Shanahan is the master of the O line schemes.

So glad football is back. I'm playing some Madden and watching Monday night. Ah life is good.

You sound like a petty girl here, just saying.

Posted by: Darkoak | September 09, 2013 at 09:52 PM

you made me cry, feel better now?

you made me cry, feel better now?
Posted by: i'm so smart | September 09, 2013 at 09:58 PM

Only if your kitten dies at the same time. I'm evil like that though.

Sounds like BS from start to end. My brother told me...and my dog ate my homework. It's funny there's never a credible source.

In reality it sounds like all are on the same page in Phinland and Philbin handled it masterfully. Almost seems like cheap trashy tabloid journalism to even report it.

YG...you quick assupmtions based on the smallest amount of play time is reflective of your intelligence of things related to pro football. You sire, are an idiot.

darkoak = very bored person responding to petty girls cuz he ain't got nothing better to do.

And you admit you are a petty girl. FTW.

someone out there please give darkoak attention. or maybe chip in and buy him a kitten.

I mean, are we going to get blocked passes from DJ or what?

YG and Craig M agree on something! #signsoftheapocolypse

Darkoak still a proud member of the CJ club.

Turnovers 3 to 1, points off turnovers Miami 3 Cleveland 0 Red Zone ratio Cleveland and Miami each had a possession in the Red Zone and both scored 1 TD.
So the outcome was a win.
I believe the defense will have to continue to create more turnovers against the Colts than the Dolphins give up.
I also believe for Miami to keep winning they will have to score a lot more TDs than FGs when they are in the Red Zone.
The defense will have to put a lot more pressure on Luck than they did last year.
The offense just has to play mistake free and take advantage of obvious scoring opportunities like when in the Red Zone.
The defense can carry this team for now lets see if they can do it against a better team on Sunday.

KingShula feels the need to state the utter obvious.

Those speaking negatively of RG3 have not a clue what they talk about.

For the love of god, he missed the entire preseason. He's had zero warmup games to prepare for the reg season opener.

Hell, Peyton Mannings, Rogers, Brees, etc... would all have ring rust playing under the exact same circumstances. By game 3, the latest, he'll be the RG3 the league knows and respect once again.........

RG3 wont step up in the pocket and throw planting on that surgically repaired knee.

Posted by: fin4life | September 09, 2013 at 08:23 PM

Look at the time stamp (mid 1st QRT) posting what I saw well before Gruden said anything after Philly jumped to BIG lead and RG111 threw pick in flat to Kerry Williams. Not a BIG FAN of Gruden score could be 51-0 and Gruden will be telling you about the positives of losing team, NAUSEATING !

it is more than comical that Harbaugh takes a shot at Matthews.....typical QB, yeah, I'm sure he knows alot about toughness--dude is a good coach but such a whiney weasel crybaby

someone out there please give darkoak attention. or maybe chip in and buy him a kitten.
Posted by: i'm so smart | September 09, 2013 at 10:13 PM

Jealous girl, just saying.


But if RG3 was a dolphin you'd be saying we over paid for a small player doomed to get hurt.

Love the new analysis portion.
Thank u! I was getting tired of the gossip and assumptions.

Grffin's problem aside from rust early was taking initial hits in this one and getting back on the proverbial horse from a mental stand point. Seems like he passed his hurdle.

RG3 finally warming up after "MISSING THE ENTIRE PRESEASON".

All of this not stepping up on the surgically repaired knee is pure bullsh-t and this td drive RG3 100% proved it........

BTW only one of the 3 turnovers resulted in a short field and thats where they got the 3 points off of turnovers.
The first interception was near the goal line and they started that possession from their own one yard line.
I would like to see more turnovers that result in short fields of less than 60 yards from the opposing goal line more or less.


I was clamoring trade the house for RG3.

not speaking negatively about RG3 Faking......just at the nonstop coverage/lovefest that SI, Espn and others have for the guy--its nauseating and kind of a joke considering he's been in the league for 1 year--durability is a big part of the equation so let the guy play at a high level and prove it for 5 years first.....I know plenty of people that already dislike the guy, probably through no fault of his own, simply because of the overexposure--good player, but geez....

All of this not stepping up on the surgically repaired knee is pure bullsh-t and this td drive RG3 100% proved it........

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | September 09, 2013 at 10:33 PM

He was avoiding stepping up into the pocket, you've watched this game as I have and he looks right in the 2nd half but was obviously avoiding contact early.

17 Weenie

You ride all bandwagons at the same time. Then you ridicule anyone on the same bandwagon you temporarily hopped off of.

it is more than comical that Harbaugh takes a shot at Matthews.....typical QB, yeah, I'm sure he knows alot about toughness--dude is a good coach but such a whiney weasel crybaby

Posted by: benz | September 09, 2013 at 10:30 PM

I personally love the fact that Ole Capt. Comeback came out publically stating that he has personally told his OL to grab hold of anyone putting hands on his QB!

Exactly what preseason is for. RG# played not on own of preseason. Had he done this it would have been a totally different RG3 in the 1st half.

Someimes the "plain and simple" gets far to "overanalised". The plain and simple:

RG3 MISSED THE ENTIRE PRESEASON.......................

I got no problem with that fin.....just at his shot at Matthews during the post game interview, where he's ribbing Matthews for a supposed "slap"--gimme a break Jim....Matthews would slap you silly on the field.....when did Jim Harbaugh ever lay the lumber?--oh yeah, he doesnt and didnt.....he was a QB, so he just talks big, and lets his teammates mix it up.....I'm pretty sure Matthews is as tough as they come--Harbaughs a weasel.

I'm out. Too late at night to read stupid comments from contribute-less dumber than their mothers, trolls.

Real posters have a great night........................

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