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A Salguero-PFF look back at Cleveland tape

The Dolphins played well against the Cleveland Browns. Well, most of the Dolphins played well.

With the exception of the offensive line, tight ends and running backs, it's fair to suggest the Dolphins had a good day on Sunday. ProFootballFocus.com agrees based on its Week 1 gradebook that the website has made available to me through our 2013 partnership.

Below is what the PFF analytics reveal from Miami's 23-10 victory and what I think of some of the metrics.


Both offensive tackles had days to forget, with Tyson Clabo and Jonathan Martin underwhelming in run blocking.

Salguero: Clabo had a good, but not great day pass blocking. He had a positive grade on pass plays and locked down that side. It was another story with his run blocking. He struggled and was indeed the worst graded run blocker on the offensive line. Martin also was better at pass blocking than run blocking but had a negative grade on both. Of Miami's five offensive linemen, only guard Richie Incognito had an overall positive grade. 

The snap breakdown between Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas suggests an even split. Miller had 37 snaps, while Thomas received 33.

Miller gave up a hit and a hurry in only 7 pass blocking snaps.

TE Dion Sims played 15 snaps and Michael Egnew saw 21 at tight end. Sims ran just 3 pass routes, while Egnew ran 9.


On plays when Ryan Tannehill wasn’t under any pressure, he was 21-for-29. When pressured, he was 3-for-9 and was sacked 4 times.


All 5 of Mike Wallace’s targets came against Joe Haden.  He had a drop and only one reception.

Salguero: Much is being made of Mike Wallace's attitude regarding the game plan after the game. In truth, he got more snaps than either Brian Hartline or Brandon Gibson while still getting targeted fewer times and catching fewer passes.Dolphins’ receivers dropped four passes, with Brandon Gibson leading the way with 2 drops. Wallace also tripped mid route on a deep post down the middle of the field which eventually went over his head.



Cameron Wake with one of the highest overall grades in the league for 4-3 DEs this week.  Did well against the run, but was unstoppable rushing the passer.  Wake had 10 total pressures (3 sacks, 2 hits, 5 hurries).

Rookie DE Dion Jordan played 17 snaps in his debut. On 14 snaps, he rushed the passer, on 2 he dropped into coverage, and 1 was a run play.  He notched one sack.

MLB Dannell Ellerbe missed 3 tackles to lead the team.

Jordan Cameron had his way with the defense, catching his 9 passes on 5 different defenders.

Salguero: Phillip Wheeler had some trouble with Cameron.

Dannell Ellerbe excelled in coverage, allowing just 3 catches on 8 targets.

Salguero: We've been paying close attention on the competition between Jared Odrick and Randy Starks for a starting DT position. Dolphins coaches went with Odrick as the starter. And to the naked eye, Starks had the better day because he came away with 1.5 sacks. But according to the PFF metrics, Odrick graded higher. He graded higher overall (1.8 to 1.5), he graded higher on pass rush (2.3 to 1.4). Starks graded higher on run defense (0.9 to 0.3). Interesting.


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17 Weenie

You ride all bandwagons at the same time. Then you ridicule anyone on the same bandwagon you temporarily hopped off of.

Posted by: FlopWad | September 09, 2013 at 10:39 PM

17 knows when he has been beaten, and retreats.

and JIM Harbaugh.....doesnt hold a candle to his brother John, who is a more humble, likable guy, great coach......AND a super bowl champion.

17 can dish it out but he sure can't take it.

Who cares about the Harbaughs?

The Harbaughs are both great coaches. Wish we had either one.

This Wallace thing, other than being a media whipping post, is a statement to our opponents that we have a diversified passing attack. If we still had Keller, it probably would have been a more profound statement.
While on the topic of our TE performance, I think Clay had a good game. This, somehow has miraculously evaded the attention of his critics. If this is not an anomaly and Simms continues on his current development we will have a solid TE position.
My concern on the O is the running game. We will need one, as you all know.

Awwwwwwwww 17 please don't leave. At least do some more of your FIRE ROSS schtick before you go.

Dumbass Bird = YG = 17 in the ass = FIRE ROSS.

We all know.

Speaking of coaches. Just watched the day after interviews with Philbin, Sherman and Coyle. It's interesting to listen to those guys analyze the players and game. I believe in those guys even though Sherman drives me crazy sometimes with playcalling.

Not really that interested in either Harbaugh. The one said no to us and the other is going no where anytime soon. I'd like to have Shula again too but there's no reality to wishing for guys that aren't available.

Armando insinuated and then stated outright that Wallace was getting single coverage for a majority of plays.

Yet Philbin and Sherman both backed Tannehill and his reads. Additionally speaking with and reading from a couple of fans that were at the game, they both stated that Hayden was getting lots of safety help.

I know it's your job Armando, but C'Mon. I believe you could have at least made ONE post in regards to our opening day Road Win. There was plenty to write about. The play of Wake, Patterson, Jordan and the entire defense. The way Tannehill carried the team when the running game failed to materialize. The play of Gibson and/or the CONTINUED GREAT play of Hartline.

Boys will be Boys Armando, but you're a writer. A little PERSPECTIVE would go a LONG WAY right about now.

1-0 BABY!!!!

Hey 17, only winners get wings.

If WIENERS got wings 17 would be a Tera dactyl!

Oh......you said winners.......?

In that case, Dying Turd's a mosquito.

Odin and darky, 2/5 of the CJ club are here.

Get ready for rainbow rooms and meth and gaytards and cut and pastes and of course.....

BWaaaaaaaahaaaaaaah Haaaaaaaahaaa

It's Queens Club 17, Jesus Christ if you're going to try to play the game at least be consistent. Lol. Yo Odin what's up?

Odin, from what I saw, they were clearly trying to take Wallace out of the game. They were shading the safety, I don't know what others were seeing.
It is more evident if you at the coverage on the other receivers.

Just enjoying this first weekend of NFL Football! It's been a LONG wait!

(Anybody else find themselves rooting for whomever the Texan's are playing....?)

YG cried for months on end by saying we should have kept SpOrano and ax Hartline.

He ridiculed everyone that even said Hartline's name. Even after Hartline put up 74 catches for a 1000+.

When any of us mentioned Hartline as a legit No. 2 or 3, the ignorant ridiculing continued.

Well, just like many of us thought(most besides YG), we said if Wallace draws more attention, then Hartline and Gibson should benefit.

Look at the numbers. If teams want to pay special attention to Wallace, so be it. YG kept bringing up Hartline's lack of TD's. Well, that's OK, because now that he's where he should be(playing no. 2 behind a legit no. 1)he's already benefiting and already has a TD on the season.

We have some serious issues with our O-Line. But having said that, this is a passing league and I for one, am pretty impressed with the way Tannehill and our Receivers picked up the slack and got us a win!

I never saw Tannehill carry this team until yesterday. He at least proved he's capable and should only improve. Here's to hoping they get the O-Line straightened out. If we can get a running game going, Wallace will get plenty of opportunities. Teams will be forced to pick their poison!

I know it was only Cleveland, but I am still impressed with the win!


San Diego better not try sitting on that lead.

Shaub and Johnson can erase all of it and QUICK!


Will you ever grow up and stop attacking others and playing these childish tit for tat games. It's boring and only detracts from the blog.

You don't like something, ignore it and get off your he said she said nonsense already.

Grow the fk up already.

Such children. Mommy change their diapers.

I took Hartline on my FFT. He got me 26 pts. Until other teams respect him and Gibson in their D schemes, they will wreck them. The more this goes on the better Tannehill will get. When they try to get loose on Wallace, he will burn them.
On YG; he is just here to pull everybody's chain. His opinions have no validity.

Good call Odin, SD comes out firing.

Rivers looks good in this new scheme. maybe Norvous was holding him down.

Such children. Mommy change their diapers.
Posted by: jus sayin | September 10, 2013 at 12:00 PM

jus have a Mommy complex huh? Bottle fed?

new dolphin logo is straight up ugly...bring back the old one!!! the look like a bunch of pansies...bring back the old one NOW!!!!!

I have Johnson on my fantasy team. Looking good.

So Odin how did you feel about Tannehill on Sunday?

Dear Mr. Jus Sayin,

First off, who are these "Others" you speak of?

I was simply responding to YG about an in depth conversation we had about a very important topic. Funny you would have a problem with that. Or are you the only one that doesn't realize/see it?

Nothing like generalizing your way right into irrelevancy, Huh-LOL?

SECONDLY, if you would simply take your OWN advice, YOU wouldn't have any reason to be responding to ME, now would you? Nothing like sticking your foot in your mouth and proving what a hypocrite you are, all in one fell swoop, Eh?

You don't like something, ignore it and get off your he said she said nonsense already.

Grow the fk up already.

Posted by: jus sayin | September 09, 2013 at 11:59 PM

Talk about "Stump Dumb and Stupid Too". If YOU simply took your own advice, you would ALREADY be ignoring me, now wouldn't you..........Huh-LOL?

I don't want to know how your foot tastes, you hypocrite. Howz about you indeed take your **OWN ADVICE** (allow me to quote you)and: "Grow the fk up already" YOURSELF.

Duh - Pot Meet Kettle!


I've often wondered if you were REALLY this dumb......or......if it's just an act.

I guess, "Now We Know-LOL."

(Just kidding, we all knew, all along. I just LOVE rubbing it in-LOL)

Odin be nice bud. Be above it all, like yours truly. Lol.


Beating chump teams like Jax and Cleveland is fine but what about when we play the real deal?

This week's game is the real deal.

And if we embarass ourselves ging into Atl NO & Bal then will you still be proclaiming that Tanne is the unquestioned franchise QB of the Dolphins?

So Odin how did you feel about Tannehill on Sunday?

Posted by: Darkoak | September 10, 2013 at 12:51 AM

What do you mean, how do I feel?

I can tell you about how I feel about the 20 something year old I.........."Enjoyed"..........all over her parents couch and living room floor this weekend.

But I don't really have any "feelings" for Tannehill-LOL.

I can say that I thought he played from very good to excellent later in the second half. I really believe that he did what all Great QB's learn how to do. I believe he picked up this team and carried it to victory.

Could he have played better? YES! Do I believe he will play better? YES!

In all seriousness, this is the first time I ever saw him to do this. Up until yesterday, I questioned whether I thought he would EVER be able to carry the Team.

I know it was only Cleveland and I know he still has a long ways to go. But I honestly believe he just took a ginormous step forward and showed a lot of doubters that MAYBE........just MAYBE he can be elite someday.

I was thouroughly impressed with Tannehill yesterday in that he showed some Great Leadership and he showed........well........a lot of things that I(and a lot of others)have wondered if he could do.

He took a GREAT First Step in backing up that certain little Prediction that Sherman made about a certain QB improving this year.

PS: The Hottie showed me quite a few things this weekend as well, if you know what I mean ;)

Don't ask me what I think of Philip Rivers right now!


Odin so you have moved on from the Devlin worship, I'm happy for you bud. I like to root for the underdog too, that's how I became a Fins fan in the first place.

Odin be nice bud. Be above it all, like yours truly. Lol.

Posted by: Darkoak | September 10, 2013 at 12:59 AM

I know, I know......I should take the High Road.

But what can I say, every once in awhile, I like to wade into the slime and smack the shyt out of stupid-LOL!

(He takes every chance he gets to rub it in too others. I mean even going back and dumpster diving into the archives, sometimes bringing up posts that are two and three years old-LOL. He not beyond reproach, not in the least.)

It is what it is Bro, but thanks for the.......ah.......Advice?

1-0 Baby.

PS: Keep this on the DL Bro, but you heard it here first. We're going to handle the Colts even MORE soundly than the Browns! I don't want to have to blow my own horn in the prediction department, so remember who said it. You hear anybody else make this prediction yet?

The Colts have Reggie Wayne and he was automatic on 3rd down the last time we played those guys. Hilton hopefully can be covered this time too.

Although I am optimistic to some extent after the W, as Mando stated in his previous post there is work to do. Unfortunately I feel the Phins are not being taken serious around the league, you can barely find a highlight here and there on TV. I believe it is the result of the perception about not just the team but the organization as a whole.

As Mando mentioned the front office is doing its best to piss off players like Starks, and really for no other reason than mere incompetence. If you don't want the guy because you are too damn cheap, well then trade him. Bottom line this organization still lacks the respect of the league.

Perhaps winning will change everything but we need to see consistency from this group. I still think DJ with the 3rd overall was a reach, not a need and just plain irresponsible particularly if his injuries become chronic. The right pick would have been Lane Johnson, this line is indeed offensive. Winston>Clabo, I mean he wanted to be here and that counts idiots! Bush was utterly misused here, watch him put insane numbers this year, really moronic not to use it as a WR in a WCO, simply stupid. And of course Vontae Leach, another player who wanted to be here. All of those moves stop me from being overly optimistic, as a fan I can only hope I'm wrong and they know what they are doing.


I really don't think my Devlin comments qualify as worship.

I simply believe that The Kid can play at the NFL Level. I think that he eventually will.

A lot of people don't know, but he went to Penn State first. He earned a Co-Starter position there as a Freshman(or Jr maybe). He played when the other starter was injured and played real well against some good Big Ten opponents.

This was before moving on to Deleware, which he did because of the co-starter situation he found himself in.

So far, I haven't thought he should start over Tannehill. But I am starting to believe that we'll be able to trade Moore or possibly even Devlin himself - EVENTUALLY. Either way, getting something for nothing so to speak. I'm talking about Draft Picks of course.

If Philbin goes along with an old philosophy of Holmgren's, we will be drafting another QB somewhere in the mid rounds in 2014. Looking for another sleeper as we trade away Moore or Devlin.

I agree too, you should draft a QB practically every year at this level. We will still have to do some priority drafting next year. But I also think we're getting to the point where we can use at least a mid to later round pick on a developmental Guy.

That's just my own personal belief(One I hi-jacked from Holmgren and a few others-LOL)

I hate the Texans!!!!


The Texans get all the luck. How could the Chargers lose the leads they had this game?

Oh well, at least Cam Wake, Randy Starks, Derrick Shelby and Dion Jordan all have more sacks than JJ Watts.

Shut up Watts nobody wants to hear what you have to say about anything.


1-0 Baby!

Yeah, we have a problem.


We fix the O-Line and our biggest problems go away. We fix the O-Line and the running game starts to work. The run game works and the play action passing starts to work. The play action pass starts working and suddenly Wallace is making catches all over the place, INCLUDING DEEP!

This Defense still has a ton of upside and is only going to get better. This Defense will go a LONG, LONG way in keeping us competitive.

With that in mind and like I said above, Fix The O-Line and MOST of our Problems go away.

Go Phins!!!!

Now Odin you were wanting a Tannehill benching and an honest Devlin try at QB. I never saw what you saw in Devlin. Philbin said he throws a nice pass last year, but I throw a nice pass too when there isn't a monster blitz in my face.

No way. I never mentioned a Tannehill benching.

What I said was that we should have a fair and open competition at QB.

Of course, I think there should always be an open and fair competition regardless of your past or pedigree. Especially what happened Philbin's first year with Moore, Tannehill and the DEBACLE that was David Garrard!

I like Devlin, but I convined myself to be patient with Tannehill. And so far, Tannehill keeps exceeding my expectations. I can't say enough good things about how he played yesterday. Especially the way he handled the adversity. I even have some RENEWED confidence in Tannehill.

Speaking of Tannehill's leadership, did anyone else hear him tell Matthews to get the fuq off the field when he was getting into it with a Browns defender on that scoring drive?

Hey Woodshed what's up?


No one cares that you're a retired Marine, crawl back under your rock until the next time you're ready to ask for cheap applause. Read a history book sometime too. You've been a pawn for the upper classes. Marines lol. "Your brothers" etc... Is your life really so empty that your identity and strength in this world centers around your history of doing the work of a grunt. How do you feel about the ex-marines in prison ? Are they your "brothers" too ? Not all of us are brainwashed by armed forces propaganda. Get the f u c k outta here, you're not special, in fact, by design, the armed forces are intended to have their appeal with stupid people.

Hey Woodshed what's up?

Posted by: Darkoak | September 10, 2013 at 02:42 AM

Not much Darkoak, just enjoying our opening day win. I am trying to keep up with the blog but my work schedule has gotten hectic again. I see we still have enough idiots posting on here. I wonder what they will say next when we beat up on the Colts this weekend?

Woodshed it is appalling that people like FIRE ROSS come here and disrespect people that would die for him and his rights. Sickening.

As a Marine who did 2 tours in Iraq as a combat engineer, I find FIRE ROSS to be lower than dog crap in my book.

I have some really good friends who died or were severely injured fighting for this country and this piece of garbage spews B.S. about our proud service.

There are plenty of people in the Middle East who share his sentiments, may FIRE ROSS should move over there. He would be received with a welcoming embrace and we would all get to put a face to his alias after it is removed from his body on Al Jazeera for all to see.

Woodshed Gang

I don't really have time for your idiocy born of brainwashing right now but in a nut shell :

You are not above me. If anything I'm above you because I actually use my brain, think and question things.

You did not fight for "this country."

That fact that you believe that you did is evidence of your brainwashing.

No solider has died for this "country" i.e. The Constitution since the war of 1812.

For the most part, with the exceptions of revolutionary wars, every war since the beginning of time has been an effort to benefit the wealthy and enlarge their territory.

You are your Marine "brothers' were little more than pawns in their games.

Follow the money trail ffs, doesn't matter if it's the Marlins Stadium or war the same ppl are holding the purse strings.

You've referenced the Middle East ?

What's the U.S.'s interest there ?

If you claim freedumb, then you're a useful idiot.

You're proud of your service because you've been brainwashed by armed forces propaganda, same as most of the population.

A country with an all volunteer army has no choice but to circulate a nauseating amount of armed forces propaganda to accomplish its agenda.

Most sporting events around the world have an indoctrination ceremony before they proceed (nationalism's brainwashing) often accompanied by a military flyover (re-enforcing armed forces propaganda) .

Remember to put your hand over your heart and mouth the words "under god (in America that means Heyzues)" in the Pledge.

If you repeat the propaganda slogan "God Bless America" then turning your rifle on a foreigner becomes a bit easier as well...with "god" on your side.

It takes a lot to convince a person that their life is worth potentially sacrificing. The ideas of "country" of "countrymen" and semper fi "brotherhood" are a part of what the upper classes have used throughout history...

Even words such as "duty", "honor", "courage", "commitment" mean nothing to these p r i c k s that are pulling the strings.

They laugh about the fact that for a limb you'll take pride in a metal trinket, a license plate and a free t-shirt. They laugh all the way to the bank. When their investment portfolios triple in value during wars, and when defense budgets are grossly over funded.

Why do you think the right are pro-war ?

Why do you think Mitt Romney was posturing for an invasion of Iran during his secretly taped fundraising effort in Palm Beach ?

Ross showed how much another word that is supposed to have value meant to him when he pi$ $ed on "tradition" and changed the Dolphins logo. Even after he claimed that he wouldn't when he bought the team and was quoted saying that he wouldn't change the logo "Because there's tradition there."

Clearly the words "honesty" and "tradition" aren't something he values...and he's no different than anyone else dehumanized and insulated by wealth.

You served for next to nothing...the evidence proves as much. You'll never accept these ideas, because your self-image and image with others is that of a toy solider. This is your pride, yet if you were capable of dealing in reality then you'd know that the pride felt by members of the armed forces is largely as empty and as hollow as taking pride in a sports team.

Keep asking for cheap applause and you'll get it from an ignorant, dumb, uneducated and brainwashed population.

Know that there's a small percentage who have both the intelligence and critical thinking skills enough to be educated to know better.

Lookidat, LV has Indy -3 against us Sunday down from yesterday's -10. Apparently, they have fixed their supercomputers.

Woodshed Gang,

I also fail to see your point about some middle easterners hating westerners. Are we at war with the middle east ? There has always been hatred for the west around the world. What's your point ? Did you even have a point ? Are you capable of having a point lol ?

No wonder the armed forces had appeal with you.

Search "Army Commercial, Tractor Boy" on youtube...and consider the demographics of the people that the armed forces intended/intends to make your "brothers".

I wouldn't be proud to be in such company lol.

Sorry dude, some of us were/are college material.

Armando, This team with free agents and drafted rookies that are expected to play a major role needs time to work together as a team. That said not addressing major needs on offense in the draft may come back to hurt this team. The offense has to produce because the NFL is an offensive dominated league now.
Ireland went for the big splash during the draft but only time will tell if it's going to work out. The OL and TE positions really worry me as a fan. I hope that it works out but the next four games will tell us a lot

After all that "controversy", everyone is playing nice and saying the right things (well, I haven't heard from Soliai yet). But Wallace said he was "mad at myself for not playing well." Starks said he did that "to my teammates on the sideline", I guess it wasn't the smartest gesture to use (paraphrasing the 2nd part). And Philbin downplayed both in his presser.

I'll fall on the sword, I fell hook, line and sinker for Mando 'drama staging event'. I'm a gullible sucker. I'm still worried about Soliai, want him here long term, but as the posters not born yesterday said yesterday, it would all get resolved by end of day (and it did).

Now can we enjoy the win until tomorrow when we need to game plan for Indy?

DC...game plan is simple: get in Luck's grill all day long!

Oh yea, Tanny needs to keep his QB rating near 90 and we should be able to pull out a victory.

I am concerned about how yet again the opposing team's TE is having their way in the middle of the field.

We fired two ILB who failed last year only to replace them with two who appear to be no better at the task.

I predict Luck shreds the middle again and hopefully we can be stout in the redzone and keep the score low.

Its Sherman's fault no roll out plays were called for Tannehill.

Its Sherman's fault you have a top 3 explosive player in the game and he's not more involved.

Now I'm hearing Sherman is saving Wallace for the home opener which might not be a bad idea.

Wallace was schooled by the best corner in the game....period.

I have no idea who the CB is for Indy, but there is no way he's on the same level as Hayden.

I see Wallace having a much better day on Sunday against Indy.

nh, it's vd, from the phinz.

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