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A Salguero-PFF look back at Cleveland tape

The Dolphins played well against the Cleveland Browns. Well, most of the Dolphins played well.

With the exception of the offensive line, tight ends and running backs, it's fair to suggest the Dolphins had a good day on Sunday. ProFootballFocus.com agrees based on its Week 1 gradebook that the website has made available to me through our 2013 partnership.

Below is what the PFF analytics reveal from Miami's 23-10 victory and what I think of some of the metrics.


Both offensive tackles had days to forget, with Tyson Clabo and Jonathan Martin underwhelming in run blocking.

Salguero: Clabo had a good, but not great day pass blocking. He had a positive grade on pass plays and locked down that side. It was another story with his run blocking. He struggled and was indeed the worst graded run blocker on the offensive line. Martin also was better at pass blocking than run blocking but had a negative grade on both. Of Miami's five offensive linemen, only guard Richie Incognito had an overall positive grade. 

The snap breakdown between Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas suggests an even split. Miller had 37 snaps, while Thomas received 33.

Miller gave up a hit and a hurry in only 7 pass blocking snaps.

TE Dion Sims played 15 snaps and Michael Egnew saw 21 at tight end. Sims ran just 3 pass routes, while Egnew ran 9.


On plays when Ryan Tannehill wasn’t under any pressure, he was 21-for-29. When pressured, he was 3-for-9 and was sacked 4 times.


All 5 of Mike Wallace’s targets came against Joe Haden.  He had a drop and only one reception.

Salguero: Much is being made of Mike Wallace's attitude regarding the game plan after the game. In truth, he got more snaps than either Brian Hartline or Brandon Gibson while still getting targeted fewer times and catching fewer passes.Dolphins’ receivers dropped four passes, with Brandon Gibson leading the way with 2 drops. Wallace also tripped mid route on a deep post down the middle of the field which eventually went over his head.



Cameron Wake with one of the highest overall grades in the league for 4-3 DEs this week.  Did well against the run, but was unstoppable rushing the passer.  Wake had 10 total pressures (3 sacks, 2 hits, 5 hurries).

Rookie DE Dion Jordan played 17 snaps in his debut. On 14 snaps, he rushed the passer, on 2 he dropped into coverage, and 1 was a run play.  He notched one sack.

MLB Dannell Ellerbe missed 3 tackles to lead the team.

Jordan Cameron had his way with the defense, catching his 9 passes on 5 different defenders.

Salguero: Phillip Wheeler had some trouble with Cameron.

Dannell Ellerbe excelled in coverage, allowing just 3 catches on 8 targets.

Salguero: We've been paying close attention on the competition between Jared Odrick and Randy Starks for a starting DT position. Dolphins coaches went with Odrick as the starter. And to the naked eye, Starks had the better day because he came away with 1.5 sacks. But according to the PFF metrics, Odrick graded higher. He graded higher overall (1.8 to 1.5), he graded higher on pass rush (2.3 to 1.4). Starks graded higher on run defense (0.9 to 0.3). Interesting.


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2watt....oh yea, he's easily burned on the deep route...should be fun to watch Wallace toast him down the sideline.

Salguero you happy now that the little fire you trid to cause is out? You twatt, stop trying to corrupt my team.

Now I'm hearing Wallace was targeted but O line didn't hold up.

And Tannehill's deep ball placement is a slight issue...

NH, I'd be sh*tting in my pants if I were young Andrew. After this past week, last people on EARTH I'd want to see coming at me are the Dolphins front 7. And they're p*ssed. Forget the Eagles Blur Offense, we have a Blur Defense!

"Salguero: Phillip Wheeler had some trouble with Cameron."

That's an understatement. He's completely burned by Cameron.


People like you are the reason minor events get blown out of proportion. You are a distraction to this team. If you were any kind of a fan, you would shut your mouth and let the team deal with their problems. Thanks for the help, you Debbie-downer Do*che.

DC, you got that right - Indy doesn't have the o line to be holding up against this front 7. Wake, Starks, Vernon, Jordan, Odrick, Soliai, Wheeler, Misi all going to be taking their turns collapsing that pocket. They beat the holy heck out of Weeden. You know the Qb everyone here two weeks ago was saying we should be weary of because he had a great preseason?

armando. keep it ^ good stuff as always.

In review, Misi was all over the field. I specifically remember him with pancake tackles of Richardson when others were missing. I can't believe he does so much and gets so little fan recognition. I am so glad he got his paycheck. He deserves it.

The SS is reporting we signed another cornerback?

Sacks = bad qb rating
O line is an issue.

For those wondering, Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill's 82.3 passer rating has him ranked the 21nd best QB in the NFL after week one.

21st = no po's.


Congrats on your victory over me this week. I didn't think Vick had it in him yet there ya go.

Wel done, Sir.....

Go back and watch last years game against Indy. Luck had one of his best performances of the year.

The guy was running for his life and nailed every throw on the money.

Oh yea, he can beat you with his legs as well.

...I'm a huge Fins fan, but Andrew Luck is a rare talent and he's going to be hitting his targets like he always does.

...can T-Hill keep in stride with him is the question.

PS: I was firmly entrenched on the "Suck for Luck" train two seasons ago and wish he was our QB today.

1-0 Dolphins!!

Offense - Tannehill was great IMO. That's right great! He had no help from the oline or run game but was able to deliver. The TD pass to Hartline was what good QBs do routinely and he made it look routine. He put the ball in a rope and in stride to Hartline and that was a throw Tannehill couldn't make last year. The run game pathetic, nothing else to be said. I think more Dion Sims is needed and more 2 TE sets because Clay played very well as a receiver but is over matched as a blocker. The recievers did a good job minus the Brandon Gibson drop but he made up for it with several clutch first downs. Wallace crying sucks to early but it's been handled "for now".

Defense - Cam Wake is a monster. He dominated all game. The LBs struggled in coverage but this Jordan Cameron guy is going to be a Pro Bowl type TE in that offense. He moves to well and has great speed to size combo. He will make more then a few LBs look terrible. Outside of that they filled the run lanes very well and close with great speed. The DBs were awesome. They did what they were terrible at last season which was holding onto the ball. Shout out to Dimitri Patterson and making his old team pay!

Special Teams - Sturgis was awesome. He nailed his kickoffs DEEEEP! and crushed his FGS down the middle. Thigpen had an awesome punt return negated by a ticky tack hold which always seems to get called anymore but I like the return ability we have now. It brings a dimension the Davone Bess (good hands) never did.

Onto Indy!!!!

We'll know if the Phins issues are resolved at the end of the year when players decide whether or not they want to be here. Jake Long didn't appear to have any issues...yet he bolted. Phins can't afford to keep all of these D-Lineman. Same as when the Dolphins traded Ogunleye, you can only spend so much money on certain areas of a team. Wallace will blow up again if Tannebust keeps missing him...especially when the Phins start losing games...as they will this week and every time they face a better team. Matt Moore went 6-3...cost the team Luck...now the team still sucks lol.


Btw, everyone here should state what they do for a living (or used to do) to start every post. Same as armed forces douchebags frequently do.

If you're a plumber, accountant, jizz mopper...whatever you do...start your post...and ask the world to applaud you...it's a classy move.

NH, Luck was grat but tannehill and the phins kept up pretty well. If Smith or Dansby convert those gimme picks, might have been a different result.

Also, this year's defense > last years.

Fr, are you the jizz mopper?

Guess the home's library opens early on Tuesday..


Anyone know if Thurs. night football is going to be all year? Or just certain weeks?

Did anyone see the numbers Jared Cook put up for the Rams, if Ireland wasnt so cheap we could of had Cook and Leach, I dont understand why the Dolphins like sitting on money, arent they like 20 million under the cap now. Cook would of made this offense dynamic!


your a good man to fall on your sword...

not to beat a dead horse...but it really was a non-issue....and certainly Armando's timing sucks....posting that gibberish after a WEEK 1 ROAD WIN....can you imagine how awkward his timing must have been on dates..

Andy, Tannehill wasnt great he was just ok, Manning, Schaub, Rivers played great. Tannehill production wasnt on there level...


I think most Americans would fight for the rights of other Americans. The people who sign up for this possibility aren't anymore special than those of us who have filled out a selective service card. You have no education or ability to think for yourself...this is what 's truly appalling and sickening.

Instead we gambled on an injury prone TE whos get what injured yet again..

Fire Ross, do you ever leave this blog? Why don't you go outside and get some fresh air, instead of sitting in front of you jizz stained computer. It might do you some good.

2 watt, You know that at least 5 of those QB's rated higher than Tanne lost. Maybe you don't know, I'll bet you don't do math.

I don't see any reason we shoudn't stom a mud=hole in Indy...

they escaped with a victory last year because Sean Smith coudn't catch catch a cold in Antartica...

If last week was no fluke (intereption wise)...then I don't see that being the problem this week...

No...we won't shut them out...but we can shut them down...


Cook was the guys wanted. Manyherelaughed at meand said he wasn't worth the money.i had to listen to YG regurgitate Cook's career numbers and say he wasn't good enough. He would have solved our TE problems instantly.


Do you ever get tired of the FIRE ROSS BS......it's really quite boring. I stopped reading a long time ago.

American soldiers are victims not heroes. I'm not going to show respect to a brainwashed victim who is delusional thus he thinks of himself as a hero and is constantly trying to elevate himself by asking for special treatment. I find that appalling as well.

For those wondering, Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill's 82.3 passer rating has him ranked the 21nd best QB in the NFL after week one.

21st = no po's.

Posted by: 2 watt | September 10, 2013 at 09:31 AM

I guess Tom Brady (76.4)RG3(77.7)and Ben Rapelesburger(76.7) are not going to the playoffs this year either.
Nice try though.


is this guy desperate for ATTENTION or what...

he might as well be saying...

"please fight with me"....

I dare you..no...I double dog dare you"....

If pathetic had a picture....it would be the face of the poster @ 9:52...

Truth, the Dolphins aggressively pursued Cook in the offseason and offered him big money. He chose St. Louis. When we start winning more, players won't choose the other teams.

And Keller is not injury prone, he got amputated at the knee pretty much. A torn MCL, ACL, PCL, and dislocated kneecap have nothing to do with an ankle injury that was on the other leg.

This Dolphin will sweep no one unless the OL improves by 10. Cant run the ball,,,you cant win, have to take pressure off the passing game. Whats up with Claybo, maybe he is to old ? Cleveland was a somewhat good test and now the Dolphins are moving into the murders-row of their schedule. If the OL plays to form the Dolphins will end-up 1-5 at mid point of the schedule. Some one, anyone on the OL needs to step up.

Its OK to hate Soldier...Airmen, Sailors, Marines...and any other person or profession you don't like...

it's your right...thats why this is America...

Nobody is offened...or @ least they shoudn't be...

Hate all you like...its OK...

At least open the shades and crack the window, Fire Ross/YG. I'm sure it gotta be pretty ripe wherever you are.



Rivers sucked!! He went 1-7 for 8 yards and pick 6 in the 4th qtr. What game did you watch?

And stats aren't what Im referring to anyway. Im talking about when opportunities were presented he made it happen. The TD to Hartline, the drive when Daniel Thomas had the 1 yard run were drives we couldn't make last year. Those drives put the game away. He played great and I saw a QB who took a step forward from week 1 this year to this same time last year. A different player is what I saw.

MArk, I think your wrong on this one buddy, the Rams offered Cook a better contract, Dawn and Jeff proposed a low ball contract (the usual) and of coarse the rest his history. He was younger, faster and more dynamic than Keller, I read this report that said Egnew had 22 plays, I didnt see him on the field once and I watched the whole game. He shouldnt even be on the tem...

Let's cut the BS and get to work.

Kris, I really would prefer if he did his hating someplace else, preferably on a professional's couch.

Did I hear that you can't win if you can't run? Isn't that what we just did?

Andy, ok Rivers wasnt all that great completion % wise he did have more TD than Tannehill. And his QBR was way higher than Tannehill. But never the less Tannehill had an ok game..

I know it was just the Brownie's, but every talking head, and so-called expert picked Cleveland to beat the Dolphins down.There may have been 1 or 2 who picked the Fin's. Probably Marino and JT.

I agree with Truth. I don't think the team was as commited to Cook as they should have Ben. It was typical Ireland as it related to the TE position. Would have solved a lot of our problems. Huge talent!

BTW, do we ever run sweeps with this offense, youd think with the swpeed of Miller running a sweeep would be a good thing.

Everybody Knows...

I highly doubt he has any type of insurance...so professional help is really an option for him...this blog is the best he has...ALL he has really...we can all see that...

and Agree....Tanne showed me something Sunday...drop back after drop back...with what had to be the worst running game on Sunday....He gives me confidence for this week...


Am I the only one who thinks FR is a complete wacko? Give it a break with your disrespectful ramblings.

Truth, surprised with Egnew's snap count too. But he was held in to block most of the time. Only nine pass routes? Heck, it's progress, last year he couldn't even get on the field. If his blocking has got to the point where he's trusted with it then giving up on him now seems kind of messed. I mean if a TE falls from the sky then fine, let him go but otherwise see if he keeps developing. Not really losing anything by having him there. he's still better than these Mastruds and Epps they've had as third string TEs before.

And I'm pretty sure I heard Ireland made Cook a good offer but the Rams offer was insane for a guy with no production before. In the end, I think he wanted ot go with the coach who drafted him - it's a sound move for him. Go where people know you.

mark, there r no more bodies at te to throw out, j phil doezn't have a choice,
that's the chit irecorn gives him.

We should all be hoping that was not a fluke performance by Tanne. No running game, drops and all, he played his butt off.

Screw QBR, If he plays like that all year we will be in the play-offs with this defense.

Now I'm hearing Philbin had to beg Sherman to throw the ball in the 4th qtr.

Shermans play calling has been a concern since last year.

2 watt, I just farted at my desk at the same time you posted. It was like stereo diarhea.

Clay had good production on Sunday, nto really going to pay any mind ot lack of production from the TEs for one week. Clay outperformed Tyler Eifert and Zach Ertz this week. Those guys must be colossal busts ...

Same logic for everyone who pronounced Jordan a bust as he schooled Joe Thomas on Sunday.

Both of our coordinators are overly concerned with showing too much to future opponents. Screw that. Show them so much they can't possibly prepare for it all.

Denver, San Fran, New England, Detroit are not concerned about showing their hand. They have the cards to win. That is a winning approach and the one we should take.

I thought DJ sack was negated because of the personal foul facemask penalty??

With both Wallace and Starks acting up I think Philbin is losing control of the team. And it makes perfect sense because Philbin has never been a HC at any level. Hope he can right the ship or it'll be another miserable season.

Anyone see that team that scored over 140K in FF?


OK, it was only over 140.

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