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A Salguero-PFF look back at Cleveland tape

The Dolphins played well against the Cleveland Browns. Well, most of the Dolphins played well.

With the exception of the offensive line, tight ends and running backs, it's fair to suggest the Dolphins had a good day on Sunday. ProFootballFocus.com agrees based on its Week 1 gradebook that the website has made available to me through our 2013 partnership.

Below is what the PFF analytics reveal from Miami's 23-10 victory and what I think of some of the metrics.


Both offensive tackles had days to forget, with Tyson Clabo and Jonathan Martin underwhelming in run blocking.

Salguero: Clabo had a good, but not great day pass blocking. He had a positive grade on pass plays and locked down that side. It was another story with his run blocking. He struggled and was indeed the worst graded run blocker on the offensive line. Martin also was better at pass blocking than run blocking but had a negative grade on both. Of Miami's five offensive linemen, only guard Richie Incognito had an overall positive grade. 

The snap breakdown between Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas suggests an even split. Miller had 37 snaps, while Thomas received 33.

Miller gave up a hit and a hurry in only 7 pass blocking snaps.

TE Dion Sims played 15 snaps and Michael Egnew saw 21 at tight end. Sims ran just 3 pass routes, while Egnew ran 9.


On plays when Ryan Tannehill wasn’t under any pressure, he was 21-for-29. When pressured, he was 3-for-9 and was sacked 4 times.


All 5 of Mike Wallace’s targets came against Joe Haden.  He had a drop and only one reception.

Salguero: Much is being made of Mike Wallace's attitude regarding the game plan after the game. In truth, he got more snaps than either Brian Hartline or Brandon Gibson while still getting targeted fewer times and catching fewer passes.Dolphins’ receivers dropped four passes, with Brandon Gibson leading the way with 2 drops. Wallace also tripped mid route on a deep post down the middle of the field which eventually went over his head.



Cameron Wake with one of the highest overall grades in the league for 4-3 DEs this week.  Did well against the run, but was unstoppable rushing the passer.  Wake had 10 total pressures (3 sacks, 2 hits, 5 hurries).

Rookie DE Dion Jordan played 17 snaps in his debut. On 14 snaps, he rushed the passer, on 2 he dropped into coverage, and 1 was a run play.  He notched one sack.

MLB Dannell Ellerbe missed 3 tackles to lead the team.

Jordan Cameron had his way with the defense, catching his 9 passes on 5 different defenders.

Salguero: Phillip Wheeler had some trouble with Cameron.

Dannell Ellerbe excelled in coverage, allowing just 3 catches on 8 targets.

Salguero: We've been paying close attention on the competition between Jared Odrick and Randy Starks for a starting DT position. Dolphins coaches went with Odrick as the starter. And to the naked eye, Starks had the better day because he came away with 1.5 sacks. But according to the PFF metrics, Odrick graded higher. He graded higher overall (1.8 to 1.5), he graded higher on pass rush (2.3 to 1.4). Starks graded higher on run defense (0.9 to 0.3). Interesting.


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Yeah, Poizen, that was rdubs, and I had a pretty good week too... waste.

Truth, Jordan has a sack credited to him on the boxscore.

There is a reason Sherman has been fired 4 times...


QB rating is almost as useless as QBR made up by ESPN. The fact is on 16 QBs got wins this week and Tannehill was one of them.

Of the 20 QBs rated ahead in QB rating only 12 won which is the ultimate goal of a QB. Only 8 had more yards that were ahead of him and only 10 had a better completion percentage ahead of him. Not to mention he got 0.9 yards per carry from his run game!

He played great to me. He took the team on 2 second half TD drives and didn't make any mistakes while under constant pressure to deliver because he has officially the worst running game in the league.

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Truth, just luck of the week, On paper I liked your team.


Dion Jordan,

Where did this phantom sack come from? lol. I don't remember seeing him make a sack other then the 1 sack that he got flagged for with a facemask.


finsunderworld...I agree with you, Sherman has me worried and harking back to the days of Dan Henning.

Too old and conservative to call plays that win the game.

Sherman better unleash the dogs this week and let the playmakers earn their paychecks.


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You could surround Tannehill with an all pro OL and he'd still stink. We heard the same crap about Henne. A good QB wouldnt need a top OL.

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According to the official box score on espn, Jordan got a sack.
What's the problem?

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Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 10, 2013 at 10:41 AM

You mean the scrubs on the team ? Again showing how little you know you talk about players who will never see the field.

Horowitz, now that's a Jewish name.

Dion Jordan sack?

I consider myself to be pretty knowledgable football fan but help me out guys. Are you credited with a sack even if you get a face mask penalty? So you are penalized 15 yards from the spot of the foul and an automatic 1st down but still credited with the sack in this case?

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ETF, that's what I've been trying to tell everyone ... Jordan is on the board ... didn't take many snaps to do so either.

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The boxscore credits him with a sack and recaps of the game mention a sack as well. Maybe the announcers got it wrong? I don't know until I see it officially removed from the stat sheet I guess.

Fear the ICE JEWS ... (got my fingers twisted here ...)

I think Dion Jordan should eb starting over Oliva Vernon, Im sorry but did Oliva even get any pressure on the QB he was the weakiest link by far on the DL. Jordan can be a 15 sack guy.

Hey mando...... Why dont you PFF these nutz??

Clearly, the offence sorely miisses Jake Long. And they're 25 mill under the cap.

Answer: If you fill out the questionairre then you get a free 30 daytrial subscription.

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Truth, in time you may get your wish... Vernon lost contain on a significant run by Richardson early too. If he doesn't make a dent, Jordan will soon pass him by ... or at least play all passing downs at least.

In Vernon's defense, he was going up against Joe Thomas last week. Will be a little easier this week.


I agree. It's only a matter of time I think unless Vernon steps up. He would have had to be a complete dominant force pretty much week in and out to hold off a guy who was the #3 pick overall. It may happen sooner then later if he has another game like last because like you said I didn't see him even have a flash in that game.

I saw plays from Wake obviously dominate, Odrick was good getting push and a QB hit, Starks made plays, Soliai great vs run and deflected pass and Jordan even made a great move he just reached around right into the facemask of Weeden which happens time to time. But Vernon was invisible in week 1 but lets wait and see cause the others might have been a step ahead of him but regardless I like Vernon as a depth guy which is what he will end up being once Jordan is ready.


Gret point. Joe Thomas does have a lot to do with Vernon not flashing.

Coyle actually said Vernon did a very good job going against Joe Thomas. We have to keep in mind it is one of if not the best OTs in the league. DJ did destroy him that one play though. Looking great so far at least on the passing downs.

Truth, Coyle singled out Vernon as doing a great job of pushing the pile back so other people could get sacks.

Misi and Vernon were both great but got no credit in the press. Sensationalism is what the press is all about. Shelby got a sack also. How much have you heard about that?

What do you think fellas..........KC's defence against Dallas or Miamis defence against Indy
Keep in mind I have A. Luck as my starting QB...........?

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I'd go with Miami, you win either way. Unless Romo isn't playing (but I heard he was).

Al, I would go with Miami. I see lots of sacks and maybe a couple turnovers. Dallas has a pretty damn good offense with Dez, Miles Austin, and Demarco Murray when healthy. Plus its fun to pick the Fins D.

Then again you have Luck, so that adds a weird wrinkle to it.

Hey Ice Boys!

Alot of finger pointing at the RB's but it was nearly impossibe for anybody I don't care how ELITE to get going when the Browns (in a 3/4 with DE's over the Guards) kept collapsing the interior of our line right on the RB's after handoff also when trying to get wide off Tackle the DE's again were grabbing them before they could even work up any momentum, tough proposition for any RB, really.


Mark what are the rules for joining your feared Gang, LMO!

I would encourage everyone here not to take PFF's stats as gospel -- the graders are only going off of the TV feed and do not get coaches film. As a result, they often make mistakes.

Case in point, the PFF staff assigned 2 sacks to Jon Martin. Trouble is, Martin only allowed 1 sack. Here's the breakdown of all of Tannehill's sacks from Sunday's game:

14:17 of 2nd Qtr -- D. Bryant beats John Jerry for sack
11:18 of 2nd Qtr -- Q. Groves beats Jon Martin for sack
09:52 of 2nd Qtr -- D. Bryant beats Richie Incognito for sack
14:50 of 3rd Qtr -- P. Kruger beats Tyson Clabo for sack

According to PFF, Clabo didn't allow a sack. However, if you watch the tape, it's fairly clear who got beat for the sack.

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How can you be anything but negative about 4 consecutive losing seasons? Or no playoff win in 12 years? Or no SB win in 41 years....and counting?

Not sure if anyone read this but I found it interesting.

"If the Dolphins are having success throwing but not running, why not throw every down?"

“Coach Philbin is of that mindset,” Sherman said. “I don’t know that I’ve quite reached that mindset yet. Coach Philbin could possibly convince me otherwise.”

So Philbin apparently has more of an aggressive approach than I would have thought. But why is Sherman dictating anything to Philbin. This is exactly what I was talking about with another poster yesterday. Sporano/Henning. I don't want to see that relationship again. Philbin's the coach, not Sherman. No matter how much he looks up to him he needs to make all of the final calls.

I understand the need for the run, we all get it. Need that play action. I'm just reading Sherms words and not liking them. There's no convincing that needs to be done, just this. "Mike stop trying to run the ball and pass it because we're going nowhere",,,,,"Okay Joe

1-0. This is why I'm positive. 1-0 going into Indy, against a team that almost lost to the Raiduh's. The FREAKIN RAIDUH'S. Thats why I am a glass half full.

f4l, I don't know what the rules are but I think if you've head butted with YG, you're getting fitted for some ICE.

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******** W A R N I N G *********
(dolphins defense, new england, eagles)
most people agree that general managers tend to build their team to one that can compete or win against their most difficult divisional foe, hence, the dion jordan pick and a STACKED defensive front seven. how many times have i heard that dion jordan was selected to be BRADY's kryptonite, with that in mind, one only needs to have watched the eagles last night or at the very least, be able to remember tom brady and the HUURY-UP taking us to the woodshed so many times. my point is this: IRELANDS design is flawed, if you watched the monday night game(eagles/redskins) you know exactly what i mean...the redskins were so happy to have ARAKPO healthy, the defense was pumped, and then the chip kelly offense made washington's defense IRRELIVENT, just as brady's hurry-up did to us SO many times...literally no sooner then a defensive linemen can get his hands off the ground, the ball went into the air taking washington's entire defensive scheme and players out of the game. yes, our defense looks great! the best i've ever scene it, but the harsh reality of it is, unless we have a plan to stop BRADY's HURRY-UP offense(which is pretty much bulletproof) the fins Defense, no matter how impressive, will look as useless and bewildered as ARAKPO and the washington's defense last night...

Please forward this post to whom it may concern. and if you did NOT see last nights monday night football bradcast, it is IMPERATIVE that you do.

****** W A R N I N G *******
don't get too excited about the dolphins defense, because until they have the CORRECT answer or plan to new englands hurry-up offense, it won't mean squat. after watching chip kelly's offense last night, i began having flashbacks of sean smith and vontage davis gasping for air, cramping up and eventually removing themselves from tony sporano's embarassing loss to new england...and if you remember last years match-ups against new england, you'll remember a new twist in their hurry-up strategy, one that heavily incorporated the running game(RIDLEY), play after play ridley smashed into our defense gashing it, picking up first downs, we couldn't stop it, and then after about 5 consecutive runs, brady FAKED to ridley(this was playaction at it's very best) we better have an answer...and all i know, and even though it's only week one, i am annointing the eagles as the superbowl champs!....if you haven't watched last night's game, you really need to.

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