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Browns sell off does not include a Dolphins connection

The NFL pregame shows have been abuzz today with news the Cleveland Browns are having something of a talent sale. Well, I am reporting the Dolphins aren't part of that.

In the wake of the Browns' trade of Trent Richardson to Indianapolis, ESPN reported the team has fielded calls for receivers Greg Little and Josh Gordon and left tackle Joe Thomas.

The Dolphins don't need any more wide receivers right now (plus Gordon is one positve drug test from being suspended for the season) but they could use some help at left tackle, especially since Thomas is among the best in the NFL.

But a Dolphins source tells me the club is not among the teams that have called the Browns about Thomas and multiple networks are reporting the Browns has so far rebuffed the teams that have called about Thomas, saying he's not available at this time anyway.

Obviously, Thomas is a valuable commodity. He's only 28. He is consistent. He is durable. He is a great blindside protector.

The Dolphins could use all of those. Yes, they have Jonathan Martin at left tackle and so far that has been acceptable. But if they had Thomas, they could move Martin over to right tackle and sit Tyson Clabo, who has yielded three sacks in two games.

The Dolphins are not thinking this is a move right now, however. They believe Martin is improving. They're standing pat with Clabo for now. They will more likely address the offensive tackle spot in the offseason.

One more thing to consider about this Cleveland situation:

The Browns are shopping their receivers and it must be noted there is one AFC East team with a history of adding players such as Gordon despite their troubling history.

The New England Patriots.

I would not be surprised if the Patriots, needing receiver help for Tom Brady, have been looking into adding Gordon or perhaps even Little.

Something to monitor.


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Pats can't add Gordon after having a murderer on their payroll and talking about the "patriot way". Little has little ability. Also the pats problem is Brady needs a wr to know the offense and what he's thinking. Adding someone now would take many weeks for them to get in synch, if they could.



Fins Up baby

Haha! Always wanred to do that!

2nd! (:

Anf f.ck the Pats! I like our team and don't care who they may, or may not add!

Now if only Ross would sell the Dolphins...

4PM start today ?

Just another reason why Ross has made the Dolphins so lame.

Will Gloria Estephan be at the stadium performing all of her timeless hits from her 1986 Miami Sound Machine album that took the world by storm ?

Ross is a wild and crazy guy !!!

if Thomas is not available, this article is useless.

if Thomas is not available, this article is useless.

fire-Ross, Are you the poster formally know as YG4L????

"They will more likely address the offensive tackle spot in the offseason."

A Miami Dolphin tradition.

Please, just throw money at the best LT/RT in FA and be done with it. Ireland should recognize drafting tackles are his weakness.

adding Thomas= Playoffs guarantee.

The Dolphins have to win in these statistical categories to win against the Falcons
2.Points off of turnovers
3.Red Zone ratio TDs/FGs

They are 2-0 and have won in these categories, to be 3-0 they gotta win in at least two of them.I will post the results after each game and if they win and dont win in these stats I will post it.BTW they are perfect in the Red Zone thats why they beat the Colts eventhough the Colts were in the Red Zone 4 times and scored 2 TDs and 2FGs for a total of 20 points.The Dolphins were only there 3 times but were a perfect 3 out of 3 with their opportunities and scored 21pts.

King Shula is getting all Technical!

Yeah Baby! I like that. The Stats that MATTER!

Man, I hope Pro Football Focus don't come hire you away from the Blog!

What's with the anti Dolphin douche bags on here ?
Miami is 2-0, soon to be 3-0 and Ross shits in your general direction !

Shula, You are correct, The last Regime would have been going for FGs not TDs.
Odin, Your Up????????????

For the season Dolphins opponents
Turnovers recovered 4 2
Points off turnovers 3 3
Red Zone ratioTDs/Fgs 4/0 3/2

Larz, Fire Ross is none other Then the Flip/Floper YG4L/LOL/DB/ a million other aliases...

Odin, Your Up????????????

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 22, 2013 at 01:18 PM

Barely Man! The Kids were waking me up evey five minutes counting down the start of the Lions Game(Groan!).

I didn't get a cup of coffee down and Stafford throws a Pick 6!

The worst part, they were just picking on me, they know I only care about The Dolphins!

Sweet Kids......Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........

odinseye you know that wont happen but I personally will follow these stats and will post on the blog.Does anyone know of a free public site that tabulates points off turnovers and Red Zone scoring ratio?

I don't see the Pats signing Gordon after all of the trouble with Hernandez. If he were suspended for a drug violation it would be a PR nightmare. Maybe Little.

the Flip/Floper YG4L/LOL/DB/ a million other aliases...

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 22, 2013 at 01:21 PM

For God's Sake, whatever you do......Don't post any of those names 3 times in a row!

Odin, LOL, Like Bettlejuice???

King Shula,

I don't know of any sites off hand, but If I come across one, you'll be the first to know ;)

I like the fact you're posting the info here. I think you're on to something. The stats that matter!

Odin, LOL, Like Bettlejuice???

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 22, 2013 at 01:34 PM

More like Beetlejuices tarded twin brother....


Well the good thing about todays game being on FOX is we wont have to hear Dan(I LOVE Tom Brady) Dierdorff......
Go Fins.

Odin,,Calling Flipperpotumus a "Tard is being insulting to ....Special People....

OK Kids, Gotta go get some Breakfast...........

Reluctantly I am thinking of adding more details on the turnovers such as where the turnover occurred on the field such as last weeks scoring opportunity shutdown when Grimes intercepted that ball in the end zone which is a LOT better than a 3rd down stop,why because the Colts didnt even get a chance at a field goal.
I might ad turnovers details such as turnovers in the red zone in the end zone and inside the opponents 50 yard line.
I say reluctantly because i want this to be as simple as possible and still exemplify a winning team.

On one of my FF teams I'm playing my brother today for $100. Brady is my QB in that game.

Pray for new ownership.

The Ross Dolphins are too cheap to pay Thomas.

Yeah, if they wouldnt pay Big Jake they wont pay for Thomas.

Brian Hoyer and the Browns are lighting up the Vikings!



Thomas makes the situation good for now, but, what about during the offseason? There are many offseason resignings due for us and adding the biggest LT contract(Thomas) will not bode very well.

Thomas changes a whole lot of things in the way the 2014 Dolphins would look next season. Grimes says he's looking for BIG MONEY next season too.

Who do you guys like in the game today?


If you can't post because you are on the way to the game that's cool.

But if it is because you are scared that today the Phins get put back in thier place then that is sad.


Just watching the red zone channel, keeping up on all the action...

Waiting for 2:00 out here(Utah).

Dolphin game isn't on out here, but will probably see quite a bit on the red zone since not many late games .

why does that first row sports constantly require updates on the streamer every year and is anybody having trouble this year getting the thing to work?


Why not Live Stream the Game.....?

The Red Zone is Kool(My second year of having it.), I love it. But they never show enough of the Dolphin's games. Hardly ever anyways.

Live Stream it Man!


The updates are fakes! There advertisments.

Don't click on them at all, just close them out! Also, when you open it up, turn your pop up blocker on High!

That keeps them from popping back up constantly!

Hope this Help!

Sorry, the last post was supposed to be to DolFaken.

lmfao on the flip a potamus thing///tu funny

Huge mistake it will be if Joe Thomas is available and Ireland doesn't jump all over it. Just saw Martin give up yet another QB sack to the Falcoons. Martin sucks at left tackle, Clabo will be gone next year.

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