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Bunch of thoughts about ... running the football

Normally I try to give you a clear and cogent theme on blog posts and try to do it in a logical manner that connects the dots so as to make sense.

Not this morning.

This post is about the Dolphins running game and that's as much as I can tell you. It's going to jump around. It's not going to flow. It's going to be like a stream of consciousness that perhaps makes sense only to me.


1. The Dolphins could not run the footballagainst the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and so today they are ranked No. 32 (last) in the NFL running the ball. So who's at fault? The offensive line, first, because there was no daylight. The Cleveland front seven, which I believe will prove itself to be formidable this year. The Dolphins running backs, who didn't make anyone miss or run through anyone. And finally, Miami's coaches who had no schematic answer to the Browns other than throw the football.

2. Talking to Lamar Miller on Tuesday, he's applying himself to watching more tape to get better this week. From that tape study he said the Colts are "pretty much the same front we played last week but faster." Well, that's not good news.

3. Miller said aside from watching more film this week the thing he's going to do to get different results is "try to get positive yards and run harder." He also said he has to "get more hungry and do better this week." Run harder? Get hungier? So he wasn't running as hard as he could against Cleveland? He's getting his first NFL start and he's not as hungry as humanly possible? Really?

4. Another week like last week against the Colts and the Dolphins better start shopping for available running backs. Willis McGahee comes to mind. (Does that make you hungrier, Lamar Miller)? Anyway, I'm told by a source the Dolphins have so far shown no interest in McGahee, who worked out for the Giants this week.

5. Tyson Clabo was bad against the Browns. He knows it. But he's convinced the Miami running game will get right.

"I feel like we're a unit right now," Clabo said. "We're all on the same page, communiction-wise. It's just a matter of execution. I think we'll be fine."

In the next breath, Clabo adds, "I think we have a chance to be really good up front."

6. By the way, Clabo draws lines of distinction on who is playing well up front for Miami. Good? Richie Incognito and Mike Pouncey.

"Obviously Richie and Mike are pretty good football players," Clabo said. "In my opinion, the rest of us are just trying to catch up, to play at their level. The bar is really high for us right now. I think we can get there."

And this:

"They [Incognito and Pouncey] are really talented but they do a good job, they do pretty much what they're supposed to do pretty much on every play. Physically, they don't get beat often. You're a competitor so you see that and, man, you want to do that."

7. The Dolphins have an interesting dynamic going on when deciding how to deal with a defense that is commited to stuffing the run at the expense of protecting against the pass. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman likes to continue to try to run the ball to see if something busts loose. Head coach Joe Philbin is more apt to give up on running the ball altogether and simply throw it all the time.

“I think coach Philbin is certainly of that mindset, I don’t know if I’ve quite reached that mindset yet," Sherman said. "I like to be able to keep them honest, hand the ball off here once and a while just to eat up some clock time and also to say hey we’re still going to run the football but I think coach Philbin could possibly convince me otherwise."

That's all. Enough thinking for now.

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My point is Tannehill didn't play that well as a matter of fact he had one Int but also threw two more potential int's in the hands of browns defenders, they just dropped the ball. The team one, and he did make some positive plays but people are getting out of hand with this guy.

***The Team Won

He played ok

We really won't be able to
make a solid evaluation of
the Team's running game
until after Game 6.

At that point, we'll have a body of work to show how good the Offensive Line is and how much talent there is at the Running Back position.

For a team to go to the Playoffs...they need a
good Defense and a reasonably BALANCED OFFENSE.

Lets hope that the Dolphins knew what they were doing... when the chose to get rid of Long and Bush. They team is at least 15 million UNDER THE CAP and (based on one game) could have used both.

Bringing up brady to me doesnt even matter becuz Tom Brady as won 2 super bowls already. Andrew Luck was drafted on the same day as Tannehill and you can see the difference in the two QB's. And bringing up the raiders defense, o boy, The browns defense is terrible

*The Dolphins is at least 15 million UNDER THE CAP and (based on one game) could have used Jake Long and Reggie Bush.

it's funny how they've gone from being Run focused under sparano to Completely pass focused under Philbin.

I would settle for balance.

EK @ 11:03-
Miller is the perfect fit for the zone blocking scheme, but like you said, there has to be a hole to run through. I like Gillislee also, but he's not a real home run threat.

Amen to Dashi @ 11:01.

NHFINSFAN STFU with your homer drivel. Dolphins and championship don't even belong in the same sentence. Lamar Miller was a fourth rd. pick for a reason. The Phins O-Line is among the worst in football. Clabo was allowed to walk bc of what you saw last Sunday. This team will not win eight games...losses 1 and 2 on the horizon...can't wait lmao.

Luck will hang 30 on the Phins secondary...maybe 40.
Tannebust will run for his life behind Phins perennial porous offensive line.

Creativity and Mike Sherman are mutually exclusive. IE: Reggie Bush

Take the training wheels off Ryan and things will open up.

mondo, almost all of the morons on this blog could run a football between RG and RT if there is a hole at that gap. The problem is when the Def. is manhandling the Off. And thats what happened sunday past. Cleveland manhandled our Off.

2 watt sucks big ..... please meet me somewhere so I can smack you in the f-ing throat

With a passing game as good as the one we had last week and with a running game as bad as the one we had, we will go 7-9 again. With an improved running game, we will go at least 11-5. This is the best Dolphins team we've had in a long time in terms of play making ability.

The Dolphins have no playmakers...Ireland doesn't acquire playmakers. Sorry. You must be thinking of Jimmy Johnson, he looked for playmakers. Ireland senad playmakers packing. V. Davis, Bush, Marshall, Bess. Ireland likes D- Lineman. He really really really likes D-Line. Masturbates to the sight of them bent over.

Our running game starts and finishes with Oline play FACT!!!

We WON the first game--doesn't really matter right now how we did it--WE MOVE ON!!! i think we have a definitely good chance to take the Colts and go 2-0. Our running game can't suck more than last week so it HAS to be better--don't care the reason and I do expect positive yardage and better play.

If the thought is we have become more of a passing team if the run game isn't there, then I reiterate my feelings that losing Keller could cost us 2 games this year. Big change in out schemes with losing him (and how we played the draft and preseason player decisions)and-as with any injury-we will have to see still who steps up. The run game will improve and hopefully help the passing weapons we currently do have(I want to see balance).

Keys for Sunday:

Tackling!--if we put pressure on Luck but don't put him quickly on his a-- he is the type of QB that will still hurt us by making off-balance throws catchable.

Our D can make their line need O2 and disrupt their rhythm and wear them down=increased pressure=more time with ball in our hands...leading to...

Ball control--we did have some positive showing last week in a few decent drives.

Not giving up big plays!

Avoid penalties--OK, we are not good at that so at least--REDUCE the amount of penalty yards given up--I HATE free yardage!!!

ST's need to play heads-up and start us in good field position--they had a decent year last year but last week (and preseason) were a liability.

Win the turn over battle (AS USUAL).

What I am (obviously) saying is--PLAY SOLID, MISTAKE FREE FOOTBALL AND WE WIN #2

Oh, Yeah...one more obvious KEY

Keep their hands off of Tanne and give him (at least a little) time!

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