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Cameron Wake inactive PLUS live blog here

NEW ORLEANS -- This is an all hands on deck game. Except Cameron Wake is not on deck tonight.

If you read the previous post, you know Wake worked out for coaches and trainers prior to the game and it did not look good. Well, it's not.

Wake is inactive tonight for the Saints game. The Dolphins will start Jared Odrick at defensive end in place of Wake. Randy Starks will continue to start at defensive tackle and Paul Soliai, who missed one game with a knee injury, is also starting.

Jamar Taylor is active for the first time this season. Will Davis, active last week, is inactive today. The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Dimitri Patterson, Dallas Thomas, Wake, Danny Watkins.

There will be a live blog as always.

Join it here: 


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go fish

Go Phins!

biggest game in 10 years for the franchise

whats the deal with Davis?

Yep even DC coming to a halt to watch this game

As Armando stated he is starting his second bowl of pregame gumbo.. i hope they have tvs in the bathrooms there in the dome..

im thinking 34 24 in a coming of age repeat by tanny and the boys....not mentioned much in the recent euphoria is the well coached, disciplined, demeanor of the boys...few penalties, no unsportsmanlikes - which is absolutely huge in todays NFL as 100s of yard are lost each week to stupid penalties philbin and the staff just don't tolerate it....they remain cool and calm under pressure have grown very quickly I think grimes and wake are the key and set the tone for the rest of the guys

I should have taken tomorrow off...

...One tendency, or stat I found that I think we should be able to exploit. Brees hasn't been spreading the wealth around like I thought. I thought this Saints offense was one that everyone is involved. If you look the ratio is really unbalanced. Graham leads the team with 23 catches, The next guy is Sproles with 16, Colston and Thomas both with 14. The next receiver is Lance Moore who is inactive with a lofty 4 grabs.
Thomas is only averaging 5.5 a catch out of the backfield. Checkdown guy.

So Really they have 3 guys that they throw the ball too. 1 gifted tight end, a possession receiver, and an Oompa Loompa. I'm sure the Dolphins know these tendencies. Lets see how, or if we can advantage of this.

Biggest game in 10 years..

This is a tough game. Asking alot for these guys to pull this one off but...thats why they play the game. A few key turnovers, fumbles or big stops can change the course of this game, by either team. Dolphins need to take the crowd out early, pressure Brees and get the running game going. Go Phins...excited about this one!

38-17 Miami over New Orleans.

I need a valium...

How About a Zanex Po??????

The effect is not the same CM...

Aahhhh...is this thing on???

It will be the toughest game not against the Pats all year. I still think we prevail. Dolphins 31 Saints 24 in our national coming out party.

Gotta get out the gate FAST....

Saints are gonna find out the Dolphins are much tougher than the Bucs and Cardinals. No wonder their defensive stats are good.Dolphins should move the ball easily.

Go Fins - Sydney Australia is with you !!! Last nights voodoo gumbo had king prawns and balmain bugs - we will not be denied...

Want Mando to pray... Might go a long way.

We got big Paul!!!!

Odrick is the best at setting the edge. This includes all of our DE's save for maybe Wake.

I have no problem with that. In this D-Line, being a starter is only a title. Look for Odrick and Vernon on early downs and Dion Jordan in passing situations.

Shelby, so far, has looked better coming off the bench as well. Let Em wear down the Saints O-Line and send in a fresh Jordan and Shelby on passing situations.

Also, with Solia playing and Odrick setting the edge on running downs, our Run D is going to be BACK on point!

Posted by: odinseye | September 30, 2013 at 07:39 PM

Will Davis is inactive and he was WELL AHEAD of Jamar Taylor in terms of being ready to play.

So, there goes any chance of any rookies and a baptism under fire. Not sure this was the right time anyways.

But, having said that, I have all the confidence in these two rookies. I can't wait for them to get in the line up, the sooner the better in my opinion, because they ARE GOING TO BE **STARS**.

Ireland absolutely nailed it(unlike Fatty Parcells with Davis and Smith)in doubling up on DB's. Got better value and talent. The icing on the cake.......?

Ireland also brought in **FUTURE** Pro Bowler Brent Grimes to eventually team with Davis and Taylor(also future Pro Bowlers IMHO!).

I digress, sorry couldn't help it. I just can't wait for Grimes, Davis and Taylor to take the field together!

Here's to hoping Carroll and Wilson's progress continues. These guys are youngsters as well and still learning. ESPECIALLY now that they're playing under Kevin Coyle! Tonight's going to be the Acid Test!

"The Perfect Storm" 3-0 Baby!!!!

WTF was/is with all the Cam Wake reports since his injury?

Ian Rappaport went first and reports Wake will miss 2 to 4 weeks....?

The Local Press cuts in on Rappaport and reports it's not that bad.

Then the Local Press reports he COULD even POSSIBLY play..........?

THEN, they start reporting that it's LIKELY that he'll at least play on passing downs.

Now, of course, he's inactive..........?

WTF is that all about? Are we going to have to get Watergate Investigators and journalists like Bob Woodward......JUST TO GET ACCURATE........Injury Reports?

PS: To any youngsters that don't know who or what Watergate and Bob Woodward are, just see Deep Throat!

(That ought a Confuse them-LOL!)

"The Perfect Storm" Time to take it too 4-0 Baby!!!!

Jordan has to step up...

Tonight is the night he MUST step up...

My stomach is in knots waiting for this game! I pray nobody gets hurt. It's gonna be a knock out drag out fight on MNF.



NO will get the ball first and score.

MIA will pass deep to Wallace on first play of their first possession.

Shootout tonight folks.

NO 31
MIA 34


No trolls at all? Maybe they are the ones bringin' the good luck to Miami after all!!! where are the f***ing trolls when you need them ;)


4-0 Baby!!!!

Oh yeah, IT IS TIME!!!!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

"The Perfect Storm"

(Fvck! I'm hyperventilating...........In My MAN CAVE!!!!)

Read my mind HS...



My fantasy team is hoping for a shoot out. Miami 45 NO 41

Guess the trolls are at the truck stop makin a buck or two...

Seek and Destroy!

This is the Perfect Storm and The Perfect Chance!

It's time to BEAT the Respect out of all these Fool Doubters.

Sorry it had to you Drew Brees. Nothing personal, but you did get in the way! Brees is going DOWN!!!!

Tommorrow, all these Fool Haters can apologize and jump on the Bandwagon. But there's only room on the "Fair Weather Bandwagon"



Whoop - WHOOOOP!!!!

Trolls got to eat too...

Sturgis should be awesome tonight in a Dome! Could hit 62 yard game winner!

If Miami is going to win tonight, the o-line has to play it's best game of the year. They need to open up holes so we can run the ball and keep Brees and company off the field. They also need to protect Tannehill...If he's going to get sacked 4-5 times, I don't like our chances...Big test for our o-line tonight boys...

Looks Like ALL the ESPN folk going with the SAINTS.....

F everyone of these shithead "experts" don't give us a shot, let's go boys make'm eat CROW!

Not one pick...

I cannot see us winning this game. This and the Patriots game in New England are the toughest games of the year. New Orleans tough venue, great team, Monday Night, it is going to be tough

I just hope that we do not get blown out.

ESPN can kiss my rear end...Overrated and boring...

We needed Wake in this game. Jordan has to have his break out game tonight without Wake.

Game plan should be to try and keep that Saints offense OFF the field...I wouldn't mind a trick play on a 4th down...

Orlando, our run defense will be better with Odrick back at defensive end...No question about it...Vernon has struggled big time against the run...Even TEs have had the upper hand on Vernon...

D needs to bring the pain! F the fines! Make um pay!

Jesus. NO and Miami fans are complimenting each other like respectful gentlemen in nfl.com. Now I'm worried ;)

No at ESPN's Drinking the Dolphin Flavored Kool-Aid I guess....

Saints D is dirty; we need to PAY IT FORWARD!

I want to see Misi pound Graham's head in the ground like he did Tony Gonzalez...That will slow him down...

This is going to be a tough one! If we can't win then keeping it at 10 or less will speak volumes.

D needs to smack em up...

media all backing the saints and I say it's fair but man is it nice to hear them say we can actually make this game

looks like Jamar Taylor will baptized by fire tonight what a offense to start off against huh

Contain Graham, everything else will fall into place. Pressure up the middle. Brees doesn't do well.

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