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Cameron Wake inactive PLUS live blog here

NEW ORLEANS -- This is an all hands on deck game. Except Cameron Wake is not on deck tonight.

If you read the previous post, you know Wake worked out for coaches and trainers prior to the game and it did not look good. Well, it's not.

Wake is inactive tonight for the Saints game. The Dolphins will start Jared Odrick at defensive end in place of Wake. Randy Starks will continue to start at defensive tackle and Paul Soliai, who missed one game with a knee injury, is also starting.

Jamar Taylor is active for the first time this season. Will Davis, active last week, is inactive today. The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Dimitri Patterson, Dallas Thomas, Wake, Danny Watkins.

There will be a live blog as always.

Join it here: 


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Time for interception

shockingly bad play call on 4th down.....our QB is 225 and we need an inch, and we pitch it back 4 yards?

1st horrible call by Sherman. He should have rolled Tannehill out the other direction. TD!

We have to get touchdowns against this team. I am disappointed with that FG. At least our offense moved the ball pretty easily. Now can our defense make some plays?

Mike Sherman flat out stinks. It's an inch, just run a QB sneak. Why over think it?

Reshad Jones needs to get his head outta his arse and into the game.

Get Soliai under contract ow PLEASE!

What a stupid play call. I would of pass to the end zone and than go for it on forth and inches if they missed the in zone.. Sherman is junk always will be

Yikes...Jared Odrick...Ouch!

brutal Mike Sherman, brutal

We have to get off the field.

horrible call on 3rd down. one inch and u run east to west. run the ball up the gut. Grow some balls sherm.

Color me shocked ... the D showed up!

NICE! 3 -N- OUT!

hey that was fast :)

props to the D

survived the early mayhem, stopped them on the 2nd series, slowed down their momentum.....settle in and put together another nice drive here

if we lose by 4 points im going to be pissed

That's what we needed...3 and out...Gives a bit of confidence to our defense...Sick and tired of hearing how great the Saints offense is...Luck and Ryan weren't too shabby either and we beat them...

C'omon Offense, let our defense rest! TD drive coming up!

Nice stop defense, let's go offense.

Let's take it to the Saints on this drive. If we can march right down the field, the Saints will know that we are going to be here all game.

Good job by the D there. Would love a few more 3 and outs by the Saints.

Armando, regardless of the outcome of this game please bust Sherman to the 1st of im sure many bad calls..
Knowing Sherman he will put that on Tannehill just like he tried to take credit for the play call Tannehill had against the Falcons..

Almost all our rookies have been inactive or partially injured this season.
This is not acceptable.

Now will the dumb play calling continue? Miller just isn't elusive an should be picking up more yds when given all that space. He slows down an waits to be tackled without making a move. No jump cut...no spin...no stiff arm...he is trash unless he can run in a straight line some where. Runs scared

Here comes our 3 and Out

Nice second effort by Miller.

Defense finally hopefully settle down! But where is Ciline Dion! Hahahahs

Okay ... so I need to be less of a negative ninny!

Yeah but short!

Great effort by Miller, but it looks like his knee was down...

Wait ... maybe I DO need to be a negative ninny!

why would you NOT try and run a play fast so they cant challenge? I mean are the coaches paying attention?????

short....gotta punt

Darn, it looks short! Time to punt the ball back to the Saints.


Tannehillisthefuture: No ... our coaches are NOT paying attention.

3rd and inches and FIRST:

Sherman suck a cork!

Then John Jerry can't get his block. The fat lard ass turd Fvck!

On the Saints TD, it was Jones, who I said was on suspicion. Jones embarrases himself and the team.

Then Wilson, completely LOST! Nice going there Montana.

Then Ellerbe and Co being so afraid of a pass, they freeze and/or just took themselves out of the play.

Thanks Mike Sherman and John Jerry most most of all. We couldn't keep pace because of these two.

3rd and inches so you call a long drawn out, pulling guard sweep? Yeah, good going!


Not enough info to turn it over, play on the field stands.

Philbin ain't got no balls. Punt time!

Come on Don Jones. Make a big hit.

That's 2 3rd downs in a row we can't convert...Something we've been very good at so far this season...You have to convert those 3rd downs...

Timing would be great for a turnover...

Soliai goes SUH on Sproles!

Who's that runner? Why didn't he get under that.

I think Paul is rested!!

assuming he's correct, Gruden just said the Saints average over 30 points/game when playing in the dome.....let that simmer....and relax.....uphill battle from the get go so let it play out before freakin.....odin

Soliai is a beast!

Soliai is a beast...Miami needs to pay the man...

pass rush?

That is terrible, you have to get off the field there. Horrible defense.

You just can't let them get third and long like that. What the hell is wrong with these guys!

Can't rush 3 and give all day to throw

3 man rush on a 3rd and long...More bad play calling...That might cost us a TD...Our coaches are sleeping tonight...Not good...

Brees is a surgeon out there.

Brees is going to carve us up tonight.

Can't stop Sproles...Unreal...

Odrick was a great pick by Ireland.

Sproles in checkable! Long night ahead trying to defend the pass

You know ... when you're getting carved up like this ... don't dance around in the backfield after you stop the run like you're something special ... get the hell back to the line and earn some self-respect!

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