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Cameron Wake inactive PLUS live blog here

NEW ORLEANS -- This is an all hands on deck game. Except Cameron Wake is not on deck tonight.

If you read the previous post, you know Wake worked out for coaches and trainers prior to the game and it did not look good. Well, it's not.

Wake is inactive tonight for the Saints game. The Dolphins will start Jared Odrick at defensive end in place of Wake. Randy Starks will continue to start at defensive tackle and Paul Soliai, who missed one game with a knee injury, is also starting.

Jamar Taylor is active for the first time this season. Will Davis, active last week, is inactive today. The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Dimitri Patterson, Dallas Thomas, Wake, Danny Watkins.

There will be a live blog as always.

Join it here: 


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Miami problem on defense: Nolan Carroll and jimmy Wilson

At least we held them to 7 points in the 1st quarter.

Now we have to pick our poison. Who will they go to on 3rd down here? Graham, Sproles, Coleston?

It could have been much worse. We need some improved playcalling and we can win this game.

Said earlier today, guy scaring most besides Brees was Sproles. Seeming to be quite true.

Offensive play calling is gutless. Defense isn't bringing enough pass rush.

To be honest it's not the defense players fault its the coach Coyle fault. His play call on defense sucks. Too much cushion no bump to disrupt the timing and no pressure on Bress 3-13 hey give up 1 down. Plus Sherman sucks with his stupid play calling. The PHINS need to up grade Sherman and Coyle next year!!

Sack baby :)

We gotta stop Brees. First sack ! Cool.

Bout time we pushed line back

Okay ... now we need a touchdown.

You guys don't count out this D yet!!!

Take that

Odrick is awesome. What a pick by Ireland. Many criticized him for the pick and now he is looking smarter than everyone.

Can't stand gruden

Sure look like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

thank you Benz...good level head. Brees is just doing what he does. big play here...Odrick having a great game...came to play!

Let's see what sorry a s s Sherman calls this time

Big 3rd down coming up...Have to convert!!!

Perfect pass by Tannehill.

Wallace needs to shut the hell up the rest of the season for dropping that ball. That's embarrassing!


Nice read by Tannehill. He has been poised so far.

Nice play Gibson! Can't believe that Wallace drop!

Sherman with some good play calling so far.

Need to throw deep to Wallace again.

Wallace rt thru hands now penalty

OK relax we will be back

Another fumble for Tannehill. He has been the fumble king this year.

We have to win the TO battle to even have a chance. You cannot give the Saints extra possessions.

stupid fumbles

Hang on to the ball for God's Sake...

Oh dear me ... can we do more to help the Saints to run away with this game?

A QB that can't protect the ball = a Jets QB

That was stupid

Damn it slide feet first!!!

Damn Tannehill, don't try to do too much. Get down in a crowd dude.

Tanny needs to get down. No reason to take that hit.

Now you guys agree with me Sherman sucks you guys know it!!! Piece of garbage!

Saints score here could be longgggg night

Coaching mistakes, player mistakes! The Dolphins are NOT overmatched but really need to stop giving this game away!

T-hill waited until the last millisecond.
This was a stupid play. This is precisely the kind of mistakes I thought T-hill didn't make.

The Saints aren't beating us...We're beating ourselves...That's frustrating...

The Saints are selling out on the pass rush. They need to hand the ball off to Miller. He may be able to pop a big one.

Tanne on target passing but needs to slide on runs
He has got to realize he's not Csonka

Well, ray el heat, Tannehill dropped that ball ... not Sherman. I mean, Sherman still sucks ... but that one was on Tannehill.

We need our "D" to step up and get the ball back...

Dolphins can play with these guys. Just relax...we are not going away!

... and Tannehill was a receiver???? Not a very good one I presume.

T-hill should't run the football this way. He was lucky that he didn't get injured. Forget about the fumble.

zaphod, what's your beef?? We beat Luck and Ryan...You don't think Tannehill had something to do with that? Get real dude..

THAT was ridiculous ridiculously bad defense on that run


You have to be kidding me!

Coyle, stop rushing 3 you fucin moron!!!

Are you kidding me

I like your optimism, Tom. It's hard to work up that kind of optimism after the ... many, many, many, many disappointing seasons we've lived through.

It's hard to be as optimistic when we give up a 3rd and 20.

that was a stupid 1st and 10

3 and 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coyle sucks a s s. period. What kind of call is that

Enough with the 3 man front crap God!

Coyle needs to start getting some criticism.

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