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Cameron Wake inactive PLUS live blog here

NEW ORLEANS -- This is an all hands on deck game. Except Cameron Wake is not on deck tonight.

If you read the previous post, you know Wake worked out for coaches and trainers prior to the game and it did not look good. Well, it's not.

Wake is inactive tonight for the Saints game. The Dolphins will start Jared Odrick at defensive end in place of Wake. Randy Starks will continue to start at defensive tackle and Paul Soliai, who missed one game with a knee injury, is also starting.

Jamar Taylor is active for the first time this season. Will Davis, active last week, is inactive today. The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Dimitri Patterson, Dallas Thomas, Wake, Danny Watkins.

There will be a live blog as always.

Join it here: 


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First down on 3rd and 20 is pathetic

Touch down and you can kiss this game good bye

Bad play calling by coyle, why rush only 3

Fan in Montreal ... first of all, I have no idea what you're talking about. Are you referencing the fact that Tannehill can't hold onto the ball when he's running up the middle? I like Tannehill ... he just can't run up the middle like a COMPETENT wide receiver would.

Secondly ... GO SENS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sproles is destroying the fins by himself.

Fumble sucked but not as bad as Wallace not catching that perfect pass!!! Tannehill is on with accuracy so I'm not worried. Defense playing well. Offense playing well.

Coyle is Olivadotti

Touch down you see

Coyle needs to be told sproles is in the game

These linebackers are supposed to be quicker, faster than what we had before...Sproles is taking them to school...

This game is over!

Bad, bad defense. Ugh.

D needs to neutralize #43 better





That's the game folks

We either score on this drive or give up the game.

Either our defense or our defensive play calling is waaaaaaay overmatched in this game.

Rushing 3 on 3rd and long ... I'd say the deficiency is coming upstairs somewhere.

It looks like we can all go to sleep early tonight. This game is no contest. Brees is too much for us to handle.

I predict 40 points you see Goodnite everyone PHINS back to earth!

Game not over we must score TD before half though.

when NO goes no backs Maimi should have all defensive backs in and not LBs.

also they have Thigpin who is actually faster than Scrolls but they have yet to integrate him into their offense against LBs.

Miami is being out coached

amazing how you could be in a game one second and completely out of it the next because of a few HORRIBLE play calls.

this is ALL on coaching besides tannys fumble


Outclassed and outmatched.

3rd and 20 = stupid TD= fumble. This isn't looking good so far.

Miami will win this !!! We own second half period.

Dolphins have been running the ball well. They need to slow the game down with a long drive and protect the football and clock. Defense has played well except for third and long. Coyle needs to dial up aggressiveness. On 4th and inches its time to gamble. putting brees on the field often is recipe for defeat.

Tannehill's fumble turns into 7 points.

That's what you get with a fumble and two gutless possessions on offense. NO is going to put up points, you can't play conservative and you can't turn the ball over.

Going to be a blowout.

Oh well. I like seeing Taylor in there. Wasn't bad coverage.

Actually a loss is not the worst thing ... this team has not been dominating AT ALL this season ... they need to play a little hungrier ... they're not as good as their record say's they are. They've benefited from some great play by Tannehill.

Terrible, Fins didn't even come to play. The Bucs almost beat the Saints and we are not even in their league. F$%king AWFUL

Miami has excellent receivers but dose not spread them out like NO. Miami too Vanilla....what the hell is Wallace doing for all the $$$$

Out coached is correct. Really poor play calling here. Very frustrating

Jimmy Graham, Damn...

Zaphod, SENS?? HA HA HA...You're even more stupid than I thought...Who cares if Tannehill fumbled? Every QB fumbles...We're 3-0 and it's mostly because of Tannehill you friggin douche bag...Do us all a favor and go to bed so you're not too tired for high school tomorrow morning...

Its a shame Tannehill can't hold onto the ball. Was looking to get some points on that drive. Something he definitely has to work on.

Getting away from the run too soon

And for Christ sakes, put Grimes on Graham. If he was on him that was an INT.

can someone have wallace get a some paper and pen and talk to graham on how to catch a $60 million dollar pass!!!

Why did we pay 100 billion dollars for Mike Wallace?

That awful 3rd and inches call is going to hunt Miami. Why on earth do you trust Daniel Thomas. He should not even be on this team. Why is Pat Devlin still with th team too. Another week inactive just taking up space.

And Dion Jordan better start playing like a number 3 overall pick.

Cannot be conservative anymore. Coaches gotta have balls and brain for God's sake !

We can run the football on the Saints.

I agree. A loss would send a clear message as to what they must do better. Maybe a sense of urgency gets developed.

Montreal ... hey ... I'm a proud season ticket holder to the Sens! I was at the game in last year's playoffs when your girls got their asses kicked in the game and in that pathetic attempt at being tough by losing four fights at the same time.

God love you, though! I think it will be a great series this year! LOL!

I never start guys in fantasy against my fins but I wish I started sprolies as my flex

Ectoplasm, agreed...That drive should of ended in a TD...No doubt about it...

Lamar Miller far Breyer than Daniel Thomas
Why is this stupid coaching staff obsessed with putting in Thomas every other drive

dion who???

We core here we are back in it. Way too early to panick!

These 1 yard runs are a waste of downs. I don't see NO doing those

Far better

Everyone else with a big time receiver throws downfield once in awhile...why can't we?

zaphod, just so you know, I hate the Habs...So you have to come up with something better than that...C'mon, you can do it...And God Tannehill sucks doesn't he? LOL!


Darn!!! He should have been gone.

Oh ... there was a big play ... I was sitting here preemptively laughing at what "Montreal" was going to slam me with. LOL!!!!!!

take a knee no need to risk it


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