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Cameron Wake inactive PLUS live blog here

NEW ORLEANS -- This is an all hands on deck game. Except Cameron Wake is not on deck tonight.

If you read the previous post, you know Wake worked out for coaches and trainers prior to the game and it did not look good. Well, it's not.

Wake is inactive tonight for the Saints game. The Dolphins will start Jared Odrick at defensive end in place of Wake. Randy Starks will continue to start at defensive tackle and Paul Soliai, who missed one game with a knee injury, is also starting.

Jamar Taylor is active for the first time this season. Will Davis, active last week, is inactive today. The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Dimitri Patterson, Dallas Thomas, Wake, Danny Watkins.

There will be a live blog as always.

Join it here: 


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F*** the Saints!

Yes TD!!! Lets keep it close. Way to respond by Tannehill.

NICE!!! C'MON D!!!

TD !!!!!!!

needed that, now if the $60 million dollar man and dion whats his name can live up to their hype!!

There you go...How can any of you believe we've lost the game when we're in the second quarter? After the way we've been playing??? No way man...No freakin way...We've moved the ball on their "D" on almost every possession...So stay tuned...We're not going to go down easy...That's not the same old Dolphins this year...Too bad for all the whiners...

Sherman still sucks. He blew a TD on third and inches. Instead of QB sneak!! Idiot period.

Jordan has to deliver a big play damm it !

Tannehill is 8-11 with 2 drops. Gibson and Wallace. So if he keeps that up we will be in this game till the end. We seem to make strong halftime adjustments.

Come on Boys!!!!! Big Turnover here!

Wow, never thought that I would miss Carroll but this is no game for Jamar Taylor. He has to be peeing his pants right about now.

dion who???

Miami has more offensive than NO
213 to 179

Coyle sucks too just look at all the yards they give up third downs. Can stop the run! Secondary gives up too many chuck yards
It's time for a new D coordinator!

Okay, Montreal ... I sincerely apologize if I gave the impression that Tannehill "sucks." I am definitely an A Number One Tannehill supporter. I think he is LEGITIMATELY an elite-level quarterback ... I'm glad we have him over Luck (believe it or not). I DON'T THINK TANNEHILL SUCKS!

That being said, my commentary was simply based on the fact that this guy USED TO BE A RECEIVER and yet he runs with the ball like he's not aware there's actual hard contact in the middle of the field.

How are guys this wide open for the Saints?

dion who = jason taylor???

Nice play

Wow .. a play involving NC that didn't suck!

WOW! Carroll makes a play and the D gets a 3 and out.

Sherman calls some head-scratchers every game, but Tannehill is the real deal. Perfect pass to Wallace, dropped.

Taylor was right there almost knocked the ball out of the best TE in the NFLs hands he will be a good one. Give him time. He's been hurt all camp and preseason!!

Momemtum is turning around...Proof of it...Less and less whiners all of a sudden...LOL!!! Go FINS!!!

jesus was that nolan? :)

Also D owns Brees right now.

This is a few of the good plays by N. Carroll I've ever seen. Cool !

There's Time.

Chance to put more points up. Tannehill owns end of 1st halves.

Nolan Carroll! Atta boy!

thats scary when we are relieved to have nolan carol back in the game??

So far we've had success with our 2 minute drills. if we pick up a first down to the 50, i'd take shot to wallace

Got'cha zaphod...But don't ever think I'm a Habs fan again...The 2 teams I hate the most in Pro Sports are the Habs and the Patriots...LOL!!

Get us at least 3 here. Then we get the ball in second half!,

why are we still giving the ball to the slow boat

We have a chance here to take over the game gotta be smart and make the big play

We have to give the Dolphins credit, no matter what happens on this drive they have kept the game close.

Why take Lamar miller out???

The Dolphins must eat the rest of the time. A FG at least.

I'd say the running game has improved gradually this season.

We take the lead here AND get the ball to start the 2nd half!!

Lets run a few run plays and go deep to Gibson or Wallace

get 3 here and go into half down one point. Defense is playing well and we get the ball to start.

its anyones game if we can keep holding the Saints a bit

Fins do what we have done all year...take the ball down and score to end half....and T-Hill is not thinking 3....he's thinking 7, strait up.

C'mon Sherman...Another bomb to Wallace before halftime...Why the heck not??? You gotta keep trying...

oh my... if we manage to score a TD before halftime I promise to be optimistic. A FG will be good enough though.

Hell with 3
Get !!!

Oh boy...Here come the trolls again...

It's Hennehill.

wow just wow


Guau !
Mon dieux ! What a stupid play . Gizzzzzzzzz

stick a fork in them, but they do take pride in scoring at the end of the half... oh did he mean the suck fish scoring???

Horrible interception. If they get a TD here, it will deflate the team.

You cannot turn the ball over like this

How about WE get an interception?



Hold them to 3...Let's go D!!!

Dolphins beating themselves

That was a killer mistake

I just don't understand that pass it never looked like it had a chance

That's the problem with running too many slants. Predictable.

Jimmy Wilson the DB for Miami is a weak link,...our of position, does not help in coverage, etc.

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