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Coyle guarantees significant role for Jordan

Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle has good news:

Rookie defensive end Dion Jordan is in the game plan for Sunday's game at Cleveland. And he "guarantees" the first-round pick will have a significant role in that plan.

Jordan, as you must know, missed a significant portion of training camp and the preseason with a shoulder injury. He returned to practice last week. He worked in team drills today.

This is the rest of the what Coyle told the media today:

(On how concerned he is about depth at defensive back) – “You are always concerned going into the season with your depth at a number of positions, but I think we’ll be fine. We’ve got some guys, a number of guys, who have played in games and started games for us still at the corner spot. We have some flexibility with some other players at the safety spot that have skills we can use if we got into a real jam and had to use them outside at corner in some situations. I feel fine. I wish we had everybody up and running as it makes the decision easier to who would be active. You can’t keep them all active for gameday. As it is, in most cases, you aren’t going to have 11 guys up. At the same time, we hopefully very soon will have a full complement of (defensive backs) ready to roll.”

(On Dion Jordan and his role for the upcoming game) – “You are trying to get me to give away the game plan (laughs). Dion has missed some practice time, so we are starting to add to what we perceive he will be able to handle for the game. We haven’t made any final decisions yet. Today he got a good number of reps in practice today, so we are excited about that. At the end of the week, we’ll really feel better to judge exactly where he’s at, but he’s going to have a significant role in the gameplan this week, I can guarantee you that.”

(On if he feels he has three starting defensive tackles for two spots) –“Absolutely, there’s no doubt. And I hate to differentiate between any of them because to me they are all top level quality players in the upper echelon of defensive tackles in the league.”

(On if the defense can carry the team to postseason success such as the Ravens, 49ers and even the Jets from a few years ago)  – “When we play defense, we hope we are going to do our part to put us in position to win every week. I’m a firm believer, being a defensive coach, that if you play great on defense and you play great in the kicking game that you have a chance to win every ball game in this league. That’s been proven by the teams you mentioned. You also can go back to some of the Tampa Bay teams over the years that won the Super Bowl by playing great defense. Offensively they did what they had to do to win games. I believe in our offense. I know our offense is going to get it rolling. Hopefully it will be this Sunday. In our room, we talk about the fact that if we play like we are capable of playing, we are going to have a shot to win a lot of football games. That’s what we expect.”

(On if his defensive players relish the role of carrying the team)  – “I think our veteran players like the idea. They enjoy the challenge. They want to be among the best defenses in the league. Now it is a matter of us proving that we can be in that same conversation. The only way you do that is consistently playing defense that way from the first game to the seventeenth week of the season.”

(On going up against former Miami Dolphin wide receiver Davone Bess and if he presents an interesting challenge)  – “He sure does. I have nothing but great respect for Davone. I loved being around him when he was here. (He was) a great competitor, a guy that is a tireless worker, and those types of things. Having our guys know what he is capable of, and I think in some ways that has heighten their preparation because when you look at a guy on tape you haven’t seen a lot and hasn’t played a lot in the preseason, if you didn’t know him it would be hard to get a feel for him. Our guys would know we had a heck of a time trying to cover him out here for a long time last season. He proved to be such a clutch guy, and he’ll be a go-to guy for them. We anticipate that. He’s got our attention, and we are going to have to do a great job because he is a very, very nifty slot receiver.”

(On Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden and what he has seen on film from him) – “He’s an outstanding young quarterback. I think sometimes he kind of gets lost in the discussion with all of these young quarterbacks that have come out of late, but this guy has a terrific arm. Coming out of college he set all kinds of records. He was a great thrower. He can make all of the throws. He’s got a big-time throwing arm. Last year, like a lot of young quarterbacks, he kind of went through a learning stage. He looks much more poised and comfortable in this offense coming back. We are going to have to play great against him because he can make all of the throws. He’ll throw the ball down the field vertically as good as some of the top ones in the league.”

(On if he has any real concerns about the defense) – “You have concerns that everybody just gels together here early in the season. We do have some new faces. The communication, just the pre-snap dynamics that go on during the course of a game, you have some new linebackers and some new guys in the secondary. Hopefully I think we’ve shown in preseason that this group is a good cohesive group, but we are going to have to do it when we are out there and it’s live, it counts. I’m confident if we play like we are capable of, we will be very good against the run. We will have a heck of a challenge this week because the running back we are facing this week is strong, explosive guy. Their offensive line, I’ve got to tell you, is extremely physical. (It’s) one of the more impressive offensive lines that we will face. They work great together as a group. This will be a challenge in the run game. Hopefully we can create some long-yardage situations and do the things we like to do on defense on third down.”


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Kevin Coyle,
Please don't urinate on my face and tell me that it's raining.

the regular commenters on Armando's blog continue to be some of the most ignorant on the internet. I swear, there are mental institutions that have directed their patients to this very site and encouraged these mental patients to comment day after day, over and over again. You deserve much better Armando.

What do you win for being the first to comment?

Kevin Coyle,
You must feel like a kid in a candy store. It's not often you have this kind defense to go into a season with any team. Those guys should dominate with good coaching. That's what I was saying this talented veteran defense should help carry a team.

Coyle is not much of a coach. He's all talk and NEVER produces.

Wasn't it a couple a weeks ago that Mando had us in a frenzy that some of our so called fin fans was already calling Jordan abust for being hurt.. I remember trying to convice everyone that it was still early and that this kid will be okay.. He will and I'm going so far now to say that he(Jordan) will get a sack this Sunday.. Now it's time for the Dolphins to put it together and get off to a good start. They will!! Dolphins 34 Browns 17! Tannehill throws 3 touchdowns/Miller run for over 100 yds, Wallace scores deep! On defense 6 sacks 2 ints..

We have a lot of new Players on D and the pre-snap communication between them is going to be crucial. Weeden has always been able to throw it and is very accurate.

Kevin Coyle is more a secondary coach then a DC. He's never been a DC before he joined the Dolfins.

Good Evening and Welcome to Club Mando!

tonights feature:

Why did they only keep 4 WR's when the rest of the league has 6?!!! or 5.....or even 4.

why the cleveland browns 3rd WR is Travis Benjamin and the 4th is some guy named Cooper.

hmmm. Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Matthews vs. Little, Bess, Cooper and Benjamin.

Mando thinks Cleveland has the edge.

Well said gman, no Josh Gordon for the Browns gives us a clear edge.

Phins 27 Cleveland 16. I'm not going to pick any team to score more than 17 until teams prove they can move the ball on a great defense or they are an explosive offense.

Coyle showed great creativity last year briging people from all different spots to get after the QB with lots of pre-snap movement from the LB's, etc - I think he is a major upgrade from Mike Nolan who showed no creativity and lost us a game against Cleveland on the final drive by not blitzing and just sitting back and playing "prevent" style defense. I think Coyle will be a top five DC in just his second year in that position.

Gotta give the Browns the edge. Its gonna take time for all the new players to jell and Cleveland is at home. And we never can beat Cleveland.

Mike Nolan and Mike Dee bailed the sinking ship just in time LOL

NJPHIN name all the new players on both teams if you really believe they have an advantage because of all the new players on both units.

The Browns D can't keep them in games by them self. If we get pressure on Weeden he will have trouble. Its easy for Weeden to throw accurate in the preseason against 3rd and 4th string D's but this for real and Miami's Defense is is also. Good Luck Weeden.

I think this team will be coached well enough to win the games they "Should" win. We "Should" win this one and I think we will.

This run game will be a good test. But like Coyle said, we have to put them in Long Yardage Situations if we want to play OUR Defensive Game against them.

I'm excited about Dion Jordan being part of the game plan. But I'll believe it when I see it. With his shoulder, he still has to make it through the week of practice. I hope he can stay healthy-Dooh!


Posted by: odinseye | September 02, 2013 at 08:43 PM

Perfect description of your own post.

With Wake and Vernon on the ends and Jordan coming up from the the LB pos. to blitz, I expect Weeden to rush some throws and with Grimes in the secondary it sounds like we might get some int's.

I just love the way you gravitate towards certain words and phrases.

Sort of like "Truck Stop".

Huh........you LIKE that don't you........?

Six months ago Mando wrote the Wallace story as if Wallace would be in addition to who we already had whn in fact he was replacing someone that left.

Same thing here.

Jordan is not coming in with Vernon and Wake, he is replacing Vernon or Wake.

If a rookie who missed all of OTAs and 80% of camp is a step up from Vernon, then how good is Vernon?

Hang on odooh. I'm with my hottie right now. Catch you back after sloppy seconds ;)


Jordan was on the field for what 10 plays all of preseason?

Were any of those from the OLB position? Not that I know of.

Jordan is part of the rotation at DE with Vernon. Nothing more.

Frankly I'd rather have Vernon play until Jordan earns his way into the starting lineup.

We drafted Jordan to rush the QB and i think it will be on 3rd down passing situations from the LB pos. Why is it that he has to be taking one of the DE positions. Also, Vernon has played well in the preseason and could have a breakout yr. Of course u are entitled to ur opinion.

The thing about Jordan is at times we are going see him with Wake, Odrick, Starks and Vernon when we bring 5. Sure he'll rotate in too but it's his speed on the edge that makes him a problem. I like that pass rush a lot against most teams on 3rd down. That's the strength of this defense..make them throw the pass early and have a good secondary waiting for an opportunity to make a play.

NY PHIN is going to look real stupid come Sunday.
Thinking we can't beat a joke team like Cleveland because we lost to them in the past
is just plain ridiculous.

Sinatra Jr, you don't know what yoi are talking about.


Exactly what I said SmithWest a few posts ago. Weeden will make some ill advised throws when jordan comes in and we bring them all.

If a rookie who missed all of OTAs and 80% of camp is a step up from Vernon, then how good is Vernon?

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 02, 2013 at 08:54 PM

Truth is we don't know that, the NSMB (Bubble field) was put up to hold practices in a closed off setting. It wasn't put up to keep players air conditioned cool while practicing. I can't believe given the coverage ability of DJ that he won't take snaps away from Misi at SOLB leaving Wheeler on field off his WOLB spot. In this formation you can drop DJ in some coverage were he can run with the T.E.'s and RB's or rush him vice versa with Wheeler.

At SOLB DJ would play off the edge next to Wake with Wheeler off of Vernon. In this Defense I would plug Odrick and Starks at DT putting a fierce front-7 (Ellerbee can rush up the gut) on the field in long down and distance. We really have the pieces to give a variety of looks causing fits. Moving Odrick outside with Solia in at DT or plugging V.Martin in for Starks subbing Shelby in as well keeping them all pretty fresh. We could even play some 46 in this group with Jones at Safety.

The trick is not getting caught in a No-Huddle attack with the bigger personnel (run D) getting gassed then being forced to sub in the pass rush package which can be run on. Shelby can't run Defend, Vernon can be had off the edge. The strengths are up the gut where we're solid in our packages as well as off the Strongside were Misi sets the edge out there. At the end of the day it comes down to Coyle game planning his pieces (I'm supremely confidant) to a high top-10 ranking.

Well, DJ by himself is not going to win the Game. But that's a good question, Sinatra, why him taking only a DE position? It was very difficult for me and I'm sure others to evaluate his pass rushing skills at Oregon. I think he had 4 sacks overall as he spent > than 50% in the D backfield. I'm sure neither me, YG or odin liked him for us at #3 overall. But apparently, Ireland knew different perhaps from talking with Chip Kelly. In any case, from what I've seen from him up to know, I can guarantee there is no OT fast enough that can stop his rush and they are going to need a lot of help with him on pass protection.

Good job Tony Nathan... you told us how coaches progress in the NFL... thank you! He was known for developing dbs and lead a dangerous 2ndry. He earned the right to be a DC

Hang on odooh. I'm with my hottie right now. Catch you back after sloppy seconds ;)

Posted by: Deeh | September 02, 2013 at 08:55 PM

Talk football or beat it - C U M Rag!

(I said beat IT, not me, so don't get all excited)

Mando, I thought we made a deal.........?

I talk Football and your Little Pool Be-Atch leaves me alone?

Throw your Knob Polisher a Bone, she's acting like she needs it.......AGAIN - ROTFLMFAO!

The Fins have no offence.

: odinseye | September 02, 2013 at 09:30 PM

Now how is that post talking football? You can't stay off your homoTypical subjects now can you? Not even when you try ;)

Fraud can think what he wants to, his right, but I guarantee Jordan will be in the LB pos. on some plays because of his speed in coverage.


If Ireland took any advice from Chip Kelly he should be fired for stupidity! Kelly was hired as Eagles H.C. in late Feb. or start of the Off-Season FA/Draft period.

I have confirmed that all payoffs have been received.
Enjoy the game!

ok, f4l, you looked for it. Then it was Ireland by his lonesome that discovered how great a pass rusher DJ could be.


Well said and that's it in a nutshell. We have all kinds of versatility in our Fierce Front 7. The ability to keep EVERYONE Fresh will pay huge dividends over the long haul of a full season.

PS: Easy on Shelby and his skills against the run. This Kid was just a Rookie last year and appears to be improving all facets of his game.

PSS: I went berserk when he had the sack a couple weeks back. He bull rushed the Tackle, who was holding......on for dear life. Then Shelby reaches out with one big mit and drags down the QB. AWESOME-LOL.

Mainly though, I believe Wake will now benefit tremendously from having an emerging Vernon and Shelby on the other side. Hopefully Jordan adds to this quickly too.

odin RE-POST!

The situation with our top Draft Picks is frustrating.

So far Sims has been the sole bright spot and apparently he's not starting.

We need Davis and Taylor to start contributing right away. But......Nope!

And Jordan takes a couple of hits and he's out.

Everybody is praising the job Ireland did in improving the team. I agree. But golly gee, wouldn't it be nice if **ANY** of our top picks could contribute?

Posted by: odinseye | September 02, 2013 at 02:06 PM

The day after the draft we both questioned moving up for a Pos. of strength in the draft with other needs. At the time we wondered about J.Martin over L.Johnson, well forget Johnson the kid we also wondered about in late 2nd to 3rd Kyle Long who the entire blog said would be a wasted pick so far seems to be the better OT between him and Johnson going into the Yr. Although Bears grabbing him in Mid-1st was a BIG SURPRISE!

When we posted after the draft the others and us had time to digest the pick with everybody else already convincing themselves about this pick at DE in the 4/3 day-1 remember you and me being alone wondering Pos. while we openly discussed using him in HYBRID OLB/DE mode given alternative was a situational player taken #3 overall in trade up. What we didn't know is that the shoulder injury could be a chronic problem further compounding this move (PRAYING NOT THE CASE!)

The point is we had 2 questions regarding Jordan.

1) In what role (I personally have started to wonder why not SOLB in Misi spot given coverage ability) because if he plays it's as a situational and also Misi whose a one dimensional run Defender is in contract Yr.

2) Would he hold up given light for Pos. and so far not looking like he is maybe needing a couple of Yrs. to get weight and build conditioned like JT before him who everybody forgets took 3 Yrs. to become the player we remember being a situational guy before himself.

Not that were smarter than the rest but when objectively looking at this pick you wondered add the injury to pick 3 Davis and the fact our 2nd pick also came in injured (sports hernia which isn't serious)and you get the idea we took players who may contributed on a very limited basis with depth a concern.

My real question marks moving into the 2013 Yr.

Sinatra Jr, you don't know what yoi are talking about.


Posted by: Sinatra = inventor of golden shower | September 02, 2013 at 09:23 PM

Can you read or do u usually stick ur foot in ur mouth? If u continue to read u see that I am the one arguing with fraud because he says Jordan will be rotate with Wake or Jordan and thats it. I know his position and what he can do.

I'm not saying that Jordan can never play LB, the coaches can play him wherever they want.

What I'm saying is that he took 10 snaps in the preseason at DE and none at LB.

Also according to the media Wheedon threw 3 TDs this summer with no ints AND no sacks so I don't thnk bringing Jordan into the game is going to make the Cleveland OL faint and fall to pieces.

Now how is that post talking football? You can't stay off your homoTypical subjects now can you? Not even when you try ;)

Posted by: Deeh | September 02, 2013 at 09:32 PM

Not when a Come Breath like you is stinking up the joint.

Go brush the Rainbow Room outcho Grill and talk Football Douche-bag or BEAT IT!

Please and Thank You.

That'll be all for know My Beech.................

And yes,I meant Wake and Vernon


The Shelby sack in Houston was a thing of beauty. He was being held then basically gave the QB a WWE-Like close-line while destroying the block (hold) all at the same time. His one deficiency in run-D is he doesn't seem to shed the blocker moving laterally were often he gets tangled in that cheap hold were the Tackle gets his mitts under his underarm with a hold of the jersey/pads. Seems unbalanced/slower when not moving up field.


I actually expect (not right away but eventually) to see DJ at both Weakside and SOLB while also LDE or RDE. Replacing the players at those respective Pos. on any given play.

Why not DJ at TE?

After knowing more about DJ we have to agree with Ireland he had to be our #3 pick. DJ is one of these exceptional, usually tall and lanky athletes, that are blessed to have fast muscle fibers twitches, which generally means their body is in action before anybody else around him is. Huge advantage. Usain Bolt is =, but had to teach his fast fibers to fire at more or less the middle of his race. Great work by him.

I saw were Weeden threw 3tds but do u really think he will be that consistent every week. Also, preseason is a mirage. I'll have to see him do it when it matters. I watched him stink it up last yr when he has just alittle pressure.

Fin4 at 9:41,

I still have all the same concerns/questions. I was surprised however by Jordan continuing to put on weight so quickly.

Still, regardless of how it all shakes out, I will never understand how they could have planned on having Jordan playing situationally, while Misi is starting.

The shoulder injury makes it a moot point now, but it just boggles the mind. Jordan has EVERY SINGLE Skill required to put Misi on the Bench.

The Kicker, starting over Misi would in no way, shape or form, preclude Jordan from being a 3rd down pass rusher either.

Why not DJ at TE?

Posted by: Deeh | September 02, 2013 at 09:56 PM

Was Pos. recruited to play and played there till end of Soph. Yr. Never saw him there but his ability to cover probably plays to history there and switch may mean bad hands? Don't know but was recruited and played T.E. till Jr. Yr. at Oregon.

I know many of you are insisting that DJ play LB and rush from there. That will not happen. His best place to rush is from DE, as explained why above.

Yeah 4life I'm with ya. Some others on here seem to think hes a one trick pony, heard that before huh. LOL

The Kicker, starting over Misi would in no way, shape or form, preclude Jordan from being a 3rd down pass rusher either.

Posted by: odinseye | September 02, 2013 at 09:57 PM

It only makes PERFECT SENSE to me as well!

f4l, I know you are in possession of a vast amount of Football knowledge which I can't begin to approximate. But you don't have the inductiveness of thought that can with that information discover the Truth(even Universal Ones). I do have that mental power. So, you give me your info and I will tell you what's going to happen. Deal?

Why not DJ at TE?

Posted by: Deeh | September 02, 2013 at 09:56 PM

Because of DS. Sims just turned 22 in Feb, has better hands than Clay and Egnew combined. He also knows how to use B-Ball skills in running routes and shielding defenders with his body.

Sims is going to produce and develop as fast as Sherman allows. Hopefully he's not Dan Henning-like in getting his talented youngsters out on the field.

Tannehill was drooling when he saw Devlin dumping those passes off to Sims who was consistently finding the soft spot in the D(I also like how quickly Sims SECURED the ball and turned up field).

Did anyone else notice how Sherman kept coming back too basically the same play? Run it until they stop it-LOL!

I think Jordan should rotate with Wake and Vernon but when NE comes to town, Dion is fast enough to stay with Gronk if he is in coverage from the LB spot.

Yeah 4life I'm with ya. Some others on here seem to think hes a one trick pony, heard that before huh. LOL

Posted by: Sinatra jr | September 02, 2013 at 10:03 PM

He was actually (in very fast PAC Conf.) dropped in slot, really unheard of at his size or can't remember seeing it outside of UM playing MLB Jesse Armstead there back in 90's but that was a LB not a DE. This ability as odin states DJ has the skills to make Misi expendable.

You or your source was wrong about Jordan missing the first game?
Sound's like you need a new or better source.
Either that or you made that ish up just to write something.

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