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Dion Jordan's debut vs. Cleveland

The question about Dion Jordan much of this preseason was not how he'd be used against the Cleveland Browns in the rookie's NFL debut but, indeed, whether he'd be used at all based on his uncertain injury status.

That question has been answered. Jordan, nursing a tender shoulder much of the preseason, is playing in the Dolphins regular-season opener.

So now we want to know how much. And here are some answers based on interviews with players and coaches.

Expect Jordan on some special teams and on the field with the defense on some passing downs.

None of this is a surprise but what seems uncommon is the Dolphins may use Jordan in something similar to the New York Giants NASCAR pass-rush grouping of years past. Although Jordan is the backup to Olivier Vernon and plays the same position as both Vernon and Cameron Wake, it is possible the Dolphins want to use the pass-rush skills of all three players.


In the same pass-rush package.

So the Dolphins could include Jordan, Wake and Vernon -- three defensive ends considered Miami's best pass-rushers -- on the field and rushing the passer at the same time.

I'm told there might even be moments when the Dolphins have four defensive end types chasing Cleveland quarterback Brandon Weeden because linebacker and former defensive end Koa Misi might get in on the act as well.

How exactly the Dolphins would deploy this group of rushers has yet to be seen in 2013 -- not in practices open to the media or fans, not in training camp, not in preseason games -- so I cannot account for how much or little this might be used nor can I account for how the Dolphins would line up. (And even if I had seen it, I wouldn't report it anyway).

If the Dolphins go forward with this plan, it is good news at least on its face. There's been much speculation and hand wringing among fans whether the Miami coaching staff could find a way to maximize its talent at defensive end.

This is also good news because this grouping suggests a better pass rush.

But there are other ramifications because it likely means one of the down linemen will not be playing in a familiar four-point stance. It suggests someone will have to rush from a two-point stance (standing up).

The idea also may mean the Dolphins sacrifice pass rush up the middle for more pressure from the edge. 

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle hinted earlier in camp that if Jordan was physically ready to play, there would be a package to include him in the game plan. He doubled down on that this week.

"We haven’t made any final decisions yet," Coyle said on Monday. "Today he got a good number of reps in practice, so we are excited about that. At the end of the week, we’ll really feel better able to judge exactly where he’s at, but he’s going to have a significant role in the game plan this week, I can guarantee you that."

Jordan's role on defense is expected to be limited almost exclusively to passing situations while his gifts on special teams seem suited for kickoff coverage and perhaps punt return and field goal block situations.

Jordan is quick enough and fast enough to run down on kickoffs. He's long and athletic enough to possibly block a field goal. He's strong enough to block on punt returns. Just saying.

Jordan worked on the kickoffs team early in camp and coach Joe Philbin has defended the idea of having valuable players -- including the first-round draft pick -- on special teams.

"We'll have starters on special teams," Philbin said Wednesday.

"It’s a critical play in football, the coverage, we’re going to use whoever we feel is going to be the best to help us pin the opponent down," Philbin said Monday. "Whoever that may be."

When he was asked about Jordan specifically on special teams this week, Philbin was coy about it but couldn't bring himself to dismiss the idea because, well, the guy's on teams and this coach doesn't lie.

 “We think we have a chance to be a very, very good special teams unit," Philbin said. "We want to utilize our personnel in the best way possible. If he is on one of those teams, then we’ve come to the conclusion that is going to help that particular phase of special teams." 


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Kris, DC,

I've read in a few publications that John Harbaugh had an issue with Ed Reed and didn't really want him back?? You guys know what the problem there was?? I thought given Ray's retirement they needed to hold on to the obvious successor from a leadership standpoint and didn't get these reports given Reed was a Hurricane and all reports in Miami were about a consummate team leader, zero personality clashes.

Rdubs, thanks man, Mark, yea I cant complain, I prob need to drop the Pats defense though, guess it depends on who there playing that week.

Ireland is pretty good at picking guys in the front seven, so Jordan is probably going to be good. can't wait to see what this looks like.

ETF, Hernandez being arraigned today. Any updates?

Cary Williams threw a punch at Riley Cooper in practice. Surprised it took that long ...

So Cuban Menace had Peyton Manning, dont think he losing this week HAHA

Fin, the ravens were picking up garbage time stats. The broncos were not in danger of losing this one at all imho. Up 25 2 min into the 4th & up 15 with 5 to play.

The ravens were in it for a half until Manning found his groove in the 3rd quarter. The ravens became gassed & done.

Still it was a conference loss for the ravens who will be in the wildcard picture so I guess it's never to early to be looking at tie breakers!

And les not forget the Leon Lett premature celebration when it was 42-17 Game was never n doubt in the late 3rd-4th quarter.

NeMo, I hate you! And the GODDAMN idiot that ran into my guy (Jacoby Jones).

fin, I remember hearing some tension going on b/w Harbaugh and Reed. I think it was about money. Reed wanted to get paid and Baltimore wanted him to give them the home-team discount. Also, with Reed being injured every year + getting older, not sure it was worth re-signing him if it meant they wouldn't be able to bring in any younger talent.

LOL, I'm th eunfortuante sap who has the Denver defense... 6 points lost right there and to add insult to injury, Demariyus Thomas gets a meaningless 78 yard TD reception in garbage time (playing against him too).. FML


Thanks for being a Man. It is hard for some to admit when they are wrong.

On the Count of Monte Cristo. I personally like the Movie a lot also. I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.

In think even Dashe knows more about football than Jeff Ireland lol.


I missed more than half the Draft. Dashi isn't complaining.

The only thing I'm complaining about is that someone doesn't want to trade L.Miller.

Someone is playing Scrooge. I am a great person to trade with. I will offer more than Fair Market Value. I'm Offering 2-3 of my WRs for L.Miller. And anybody that has seen my team knows Dashi is loaded with Real Good WRs. Almost all my WRs are #1 on their team. Or are real good #2.

Dashi was Offering 2 Top 20 WRs and R.Mendenhall for L.Miller.

Reminds me of Playing Monopoly with that 1 person who doesn't want to trade Ever. Even though I have the properties to complete his section to build hotels with.

Dashi = Dykon

Truth suck it up bud, I forgot TE draft and my starting QB is Vick. I had the worst auto draft of everyone lol.


It was more than about money.

Harbaugh had a problem with guys that were on the team before him. Specifically Vocal Defensive Players.

Notice, Harbaugh didn't say a thing about Flacco talking BS about Ray's Pregame Speech. He might've been the one to tell Flacco to say that comment. Flacco is to big of a Cornball to think of that himself.

Well Harbaugh is getting what he wants. He wants people to think the Team is about him and Flacco. Well Harbaugh and Flacco will get a rude awakening this season.

I see the Ravens quiting in a lot of second half's of games this season. Flacco doesn't have that "It" to motivate.

That whole QB class lacks that "It" that makes a great leader.

Given the schedule the first 5 weeks this Cleveland Game NEEDS to be a WIN for the Fins. If not, they are likely going to struggle. Good teams win the games they are supposed to win. This is one of them.

Things that MAY threaten victory this week:

1) Nolan Carroll
2) John Jerry
3) Chris Clemons
4) Jonathan Martin
5) Olivier Vernon
6) Ryan Tannehill
7) Lamar Miller

If these seven players play well the team should win. If not, we will struggle.

Vick? who's ur backup?


The CPU also drafted kind of weak on my team. I usually go RB and WR my first 4 Picks. They picked T.Romo for me in the 3rd. I could've gotten an Undrafted QB to put up similar stats. And they picked a TE in the 2nd, with L.Miller and E.Lacy still around.

I am still going to win it all. Cause I am a Great GM who knows how to adjust.

But I wouldn't mind making a trade for a RB if someone is interested. Everyone on my roster is tradeable except A.Foster and L.Fitzgerald. and for the right offer I might trade Larry.

Enough about Fantasy Football, lets talk about the Dolphins Browns game

Here are some fun Dolphin facts

1. Genetically, they're a lot like humans
Dolphins are at least as smart as apes, and can do many of the things apes can do, such as "mirror self-recognition, communication, mimicry, and cultural transmission," researcher Michael McGowen tells Discovery News. In fact, new research shows that dolphins' relatively large noggins can be explained by an evolutionary history that's remarkably similar to our own. After mapping 10,000 of the mammal's genes, McGowen and his colleagues discovered that dolphin minds evolved to allow for complex cognition just like humans' brains, as evidenced by a high metabolic rate that allows dolphin bodies to power large, energy-demanding brains.

2. They're gangsters
Dolphins are the gangsters of the sea, and have been observed patrolling small expanses of oceans in hierarchical pods. Each little swimming army comes with small subgroups assigned different tasks, such as protecting the group's females, recruiting other members to improve their ranks, or acting as peaceful liaisons to go out and communicate with rival pods. Sounds a lot like "the Mafia," says Virginia Morell at Wired.

3. They can sniff out bombs
Dolphins are the Navy's secret weapon for clearing underwater mines. They're employed in conflict areas like the Middle East's Strait of Hormuz, a key passageway for the world's oil tankers that's often dotted with bombs, thanks to mounting U.S.-Iran tensions. The military trains dolphins much in the way it trains bomb-sniffing dogs, teaching them how to spot hard-to-detect explosives and then mark them for the Navy's divers to disarm. There is, however, one downside to such a technique: The enemy can't tell a military dolphin from a wild one, so Iranian soldiers could indiscriminately attack all dolphins they see.

4. Dolphins have scary, hand-like pen1ses
Male dolphins possess one of the stranger sex organs on the planet: A retractable pen1s used to navigate through the ocean, kind of like how humans use their hands to feel their way around. A dolphin's propensity to depend on his penis as a do-it-all multi-tool helps explain why the animals are known to "hump inanimate objects as they watch Lobstertube"

5. Killer whales are actually dolphins
It turns out Shamu and Flipper have more in common than you'd believe. Orcas, or killer whales, actually aren't whales at all, but are instead classified as the largest member of the dolphin family. That explains why the distinctive black-and-white animals are surprisingly intelligent as the "trainable stars of many aquarium shows," says National Geographic.

Now here are some facts about Browns, but since the Browns arent actually anything that exists, we will assume they are named after Poop

1. Smells bad, not so much if you are vegan, but if you are a heavy drinker, Good lord its gone stank!

2. Second leading cause of clogged up toilets, right after tampons (which can be Brown, if put in wrong hole)

3. Some Sink, some float. I am guessing these Browns will sink like an after Golden Corral meal.

So after my scientific research, I have concluded that we should win....... 35-6

The Browns can suck my fin and lick my flippers, cuz they all gone get flushed, like the stinky turds that they are!

Guess I cant complain with some of the crappy guys you guys have


Great evaluation. I will cut your score in 2 and that is my prediction. 17-3.

The Fins offense will struggle a little. This is the First game of the Season.

What the Broncos did was different. To many things going right for Peyton.

No E.Reed, No R.Lewis, and Peyton was waiting for this game since he lost in the Playoffs.

Peyton wanted to put 7 TDs on the Ravens. It was personal.


Don't want to call you a liar, but your team looks like it was drafted by a person not the CPU.

You have some good starters but a weak Bench. (And No this isn't the reason I said so)

Hey ol' noodle arm had a pretty good game last night. lzozlozlzozlozolzzz

Dashi, I missed the draft, wouldnt lie about it. Agreed about the bench, I reaaly want Julio Jones though, I'll put Victor Cruz up and possibly someone else.

I just realized how happy I am that we don't have Sean Smith. Seems like a good guy but he was just too soft...hope he dosen't tear it up with the Chiefs. Go Dolphins.

How thrilled is Wes Welker that he got off the Dullfins? LOL

How thrilled is Wes Welker that he got off the Dullfins? LOL

Posted by: Ron Son | September 06, 2013 at 12:26 PM

About as thrilled as we are that David Lee is f*cking up someone else's QB (Geno Smith).

Who is David Lee?

That whole QB class lacks that "It" that makes a great leader.

Posted by: Dashi | September 06, 2013 at 11:28 AM


Matt Ryan + Joe Flacco + Chad Henne = Zero in leadership/intangibles!

Someone ringing the bell for Julio????

Dashi, QB Coach. Remember, he screwed up Henne (not that anyone could turn Henne into a starter, except maybe Poizen).


Sean Smith has been a huge after thought!!

His name hasn't been spoken about in months!

Comparing him to Grimes is apples and oranges!

So glad he is gone. He looks like Nick "Carey" Cannon too.

David Lee is also the man who brought the Wildcat to the NFL - not Sparano, not Henning as a lot of people believe.

I must admit totally embarassing Bill belicheck was well worth screwing up Chad Henne's development with that stupid offense.

I don't think it's a good idea to rush Jordan out there yet especially for Special teams work... makes no sense to chance reinjuring it


Don't forget, David Lee is the coach who brought the idea for ETF's "backdoor football" to the Dolphins.

I guess its as good a time as any to make my predictions for the year and the opening game.

For the year I predict 10-6 and a playoff spot. I thought about 11-5, but the Keller injury and the tough schedule hurt our chances. I think the Pats are down and we might take the division, but the Dolphins will at least take the wildcard.

I see us beating the Browns 27-13. I see the D playing a dominating game. Grimes will blanket, Little/Bess/Benjamin (whoever is the biggest threat.) Cleveland has a pretty good O-line, but the front seven will be too strong. If we stop Richardson, we will win easily and the team can even put Jones in the box if needed. Look for Jordan to give the team a boost with the Nascar package.

On offesne, we are going up against a very good D. Joe Haden is good and Kruger and the rest of the D line are solid. Our O-line will hold up though. Martin doesn't seem to be a weakness and Jerry is at least solid. Pouncey is elite and Cogs and Clabo are very good. Miller and Thomas will do decent if not well.

Joe Haden will be a challenge for Wallace, but he will still have some chances. If not Hartline and Gibson will have to do the work. Looking to seeing what Clay/Sims/Egnew have to offer.

Season Prediction: 10-6
Week 1 Prediction: 27-13 Dolphins victory.


Saw you already posted that info...

David Lee brought the idea up on a flight home from a road loss early that season, if I remember correctly.

11:40 LMFAO

Dashi, I know your a big Hurricanes fan so am I, but I just cant see how the Hurricanes win tomm, I got Gators winning 24 to 17. What say you?

How thrilled is Wes Welker that he got off the Dullfins? LOL

Posted by: Ron Son | September 06, 2013 at 12:26 PM

Yeah, he gets to play with Tom Brady AND Peyton Manning, two top HOFers instead of the Dolphins crap. Dream come true.

My user name in Fantasy is Pepin Gatiesa 88. Look for it.

Yes, David Lee is the backdoor man

According to pft, no Mingo for the Browns on Sunday.

yes, Signal after the Arizona debacle when the Dolphins got embarrassed by Warner, Boldin, Fitz, Dansby et al

Yeah, which he got from his OC I think at Arkansas. But the Wildcat was a shot in the pan (more of a gimmick). Too bad he couldn't develop the read option, which should have a little more staying power. Not sure Pat White would've fared better in that offense though.

That's really been more of a problem then anything else. We didn't have coaches that could innovate, or even stay up with the NFL. I'm hoping we finally at least have that, and in due time the wins will start pouring in.

DC, since you're in the area, your thoughts on pat White running the read option in preseason?

I caught a bit and thought the same as u, this should've been the package installed for Pat White. The Wildcat was too easy to read, it was run 90% of the time.

DC, I need that job, heard it pays well!

I have finally found some Tranquility. From now on, I will strictly follow LV spread on any Dolphins Game. So, I firmly believe now that Cleveland will beat us by 1 point on Sunday. If we manage to beat them, then, Surprise!, and I will light a Cake.


Canes 49- Gators 17.

And that is being objective. The Gators are not that good.

The Gators lost all their good players on D, the run game is worst, and the QB is Suspect.

Dashi, cmon man! Miami couldnt put 49 points against FAU, and there suppose to put 49 points againsts a pretty good defense?? I give Driskel sucks but they still have a stout DL and OL. How can you even trust Miami defense when they were ranked 123rd in the Nation last year and couldnt beat a decent team. You're being a homer as always Dashi


Canes 49- Gators 17.

And that is being objective. The Gators are not that good.

The Gators lost all their good players on D, the run game is worst, and the QB is Suspect.

Posted by: Dashi | September 06, 2013 at 01:35 PM

I'm a big Canes fan and you are still such a MORON.

I know who D.Lee is, that was someone trying to be funny.

D.Lee created the Wildcat with F.Jones and D.McFadden back in Arkansas.

The person who wrote that is the same one who thinks Spo is a good X's and O's Guy.

Allegedly, Spo is related to Parcells is some way. That is how he got the Job. Reason, Parcell decided to quit before firing Spo.

People starting to get pissed here calling other People, morons, etc.


The Gators had a Stout D.

I had another post that didn't Post. But here is the Short Version.

The Gators lost Their Beast DT, their Best Safety and their 2 starting LBs.

The Gators don't have any good upperclassmen.

The U is more talented.

Over the last 3 years The U has gotten better while the Gators have gotten worst. And that is a Fact.

I don't want to hear that Dashi starts it.

That is all that I am Saying.

I for one am tired of these Internet Lesbians.

Dont be surprised if C.J.Spiller leads the Bills to a playoff spot. Another team to watch is the much improved St. Louis Rams. 2 under the radar teams to bet on this season.


Miami would've dropped 50+ on FAU if that kid didn't drop 2 easy TDs.

Plus, Golden isn't going to run up the Score on people. He doesn't look like that kind of Coach.

Vegas Mike? Betting in Buffalo to make the playoffs? You putting money there, you may have to downgrade your nickname .. instead of Vegas Mike, you'll be demoted to Senecas Falls Indian Casino Mike.

Dashi fair point on Coley dropping though 2 TDs

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