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Dion Jordan's debut vs. Cleveland

The question about Dion Jordan much of this preseason was not how he'd be used against the Cleveland Browns in the rookie's NFL debut but, indeed, whether he'd be used at all based on his uncertain injury status.

That question has been answered. Jordan, nursing a tender shoulder much of the preseason, is playing in the Dolphins regular-season opener.

So now we want to know how much. And here are some answers based on interviews with players and coaches.

Expect Jordan on some special teams and on the field with the defense on some passing downs.

None of this is a surprise but what seems uncommon is the Dolphins may use Jordan in something similar to the New York Giants NASCAR pass-rush grouping of years past. Although Jordan is the backup to Olivier Vernon and plays the same position as both Vernon and Cameron Wake, it is possible the Dolphins want to use the pass-rush skills of all three players.


In the same pass-rush package.

So the Dolphins could include Jordan, Wake and Vernon -- three defensive ends considered Miami's best pass-rushers -- on the field and rushing the passer at the same time.

I'm told there might even be moments when the Dolphins have four defensive end types chasing Cleveland quarterback Brandon Weeden because linebacker and former defensive end Koa Misi might get in on the act as well.

How exactly the Dolphins would deploy this group of rushers has yet to be seen in 2013 -- not in practices open to the media or fans, not in training camp, not in preseason games -- so I cannot account for how much or little this might be used nor can I account for how the Dolphins would line up. (And even if I had seen it, I wouldn't report it anyway).

If the Dolphins go forward with this plan, it is good news at least on its face. There's been much speculation and hand wringing among fans whether the Miami coaching staff could find a way to maximize its talent at defensive end.

This is also good news because this grouping suggests a better pass rush.

But there are other ramifications because it likely means one of the down linemen will not be playing in a familiar four-point stance. It suggests someone will have to rush from a two-point stance (standing up).

The idea also may mean the Dolphins sacrifice pass rush up the middle for more pressure from the edge. 

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle hinted earlier in camp that if Jordan was physically ready to play, there would be a package to include him in the game plan. He doubled down on that this week.

"We haven’t made any final decisions yet," Coyle said on Monday. "Today he got a good number of reps in practice, so we are excited about that. At the end of the week, we’ll really feel better able to judge exactly where he’s at, but he’s going to have a significant role in the game plan this week, I can guarantee you that."

Jordan's role on defense is expected to be limited almost exclusively to passing situations while his gifts on special teams seem suited for kickoff coverage and perhaps punt return and field goal block situations.

Jordan is quick enough and fast enough to run down on kickoffs. He's long and athletic enough to possibly block a field goal. He's strong enough to block on punt returns. Just saying.

Jordan worked on the kickoffs team early in camp and coach Joe Philbin has defended the idea of having valuable players -- including the first-round draft pick -- on special teams.

"We'll have starters on special teams," Philbin said Wednesday.

"It’s a critical play in football, the coverage, we’re going to use whoever we feel is going to be the best to help us pin the opponent down," Philbin said Monday. "Whoever that may be."

When he was asked about Jordan specifically on special teams this week, Philbin was coy about it but couldn't bring himself to dismiss the idea because, well, the guy's on teams and this coach doesn't lie.

 “We think we have a chance to be a very, very good special teams unit," Philbin said. "We want to utilize our personnel in the best way possible. If he is on one of those teams, then we’ve come to the conclusion that is going to help that particular phase of special teams." 


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The only problem I have with a high priced starter playing special teams is if he is not fully healthy and recovering from a major injury. If he is fully healthy no problem but running down on kickoffs before that is certain is crazy!

YG at home ...
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 06, 2013 at 03:27 PM

Look closely, you'll also find Mark In Toronto on that "People To Kill" list. Right after Billy Madison.

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His Bro-in-Law.

Posted by: fin4life | September 06, 2013 at 02:05 PM
Didn't know that. Parcells is even more fuked up than I thought. Everybody knows you don't hire family.

Who's alias was ALoco? Where did he go (or which alias did he transform into full time)?

Thanks for the pat down info, I kind of figured it was for something like that, seems it would work against them at the same time as help though..........that Larry Allen story was funny, making your self have explosive gas to F with people......lol


Exactly why I say this team is cursed. #3 overall pick on st's? If I were hc or st's coach, I would order my st's guys to deliberately try and take Jordan outr for the season. Even if it's a cheap shot.

Rather this than having Jordan possibly taking my qb down for the season.

Tell you, the jerk idiots have cursed this franchise. The GM drafts a wr to become savior qb. Now the hc will have the #3 overall pick playing st's where opposing coaches can take him out for the season.

Just Saying.................................


Its well known ALoco is Oscar. He "benches" ALoco until the 1st regular season loss. Then plays him fr the entire season. Then usually after draft, Oscar benches ALoco again.

How long have you been here and are still not aware of that?

Oscar gave "ALoco" a few "preseason reps" just this week. Warming up for he regular season.

If you didn't know, now you know.............. LOL...

If Jordan does play special teams, that is a huge mistake. Look what happened to Gronkowski last year. Remember when Troy Vincent got hurt on ST?
You do not put the 3rd pick in the draft or your top players on special teams (excluding returners of course). It's just too risky.
I still think we win big this weekend. If we can't crush Cleveland...

YG, I don't keep up with aliases. That's why I don't get into the schoolyard brawls. I just come and talk football to whomever is here and then go live my life. We'll test your theory Sunday though.


ALoco is not oscar. They have opposite personalities.

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Thanks for the Info on Spo. I know he was married to someone in Parcells Family. I thought it was his daughter, didn't want to misinform people.

That was a Horrible Favor or Bet he did for his sister. I believe it was a bet. Cause not even as a Favor should someone make Spo a Coach. The Favor was making Spo a run game coordinator.

The only good thing that came out of Parcells coming to Miami was that we Traded J.Garrett for J.Ireland. and Horing D.Aponte from the Jets.

My bad, Hiring D.Aponte.

Oscar = YG

Take a good long look and know the Truth.

Aponte came from Cleveland, no?

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Aponte came from Cleveland.

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I posted a while back the Article that said she came from the Jets. Remember when we were trying to figure out if Aponte was hot or not.

What name are you in our fantasy league?

My handle in our fantasy league is "ExposingTheFraud"


Agreed, that Typo was funny.

Aponte was the Capoligist for Tannenbaum.


Marino's Kid is my team name. I'm going to change it after Week 1.

Dawn worked for the Browns when we hired her, but she worked for the Jets for much longer period of time. I guess I had that part mixed up.

I'm sure someone has already called you on this but Tony Sparano's wife Jeanette being Parcells' sister? 'Bro-in-law'? Not!!!

Marino's Kid is my team name. I'm going to change it after Week 1.
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I believe where Dion Jordan is concerned, the first half of the season will be allowing him to get acquainted with the speed and nuances of the NFL. That does not take place in practice. And the talent level fluctuates too much in preseason.
Vernon's rookie season was a perfect way to get a DE ready to compete at the starting level. Somewhere between 600 and 675 plays on the season. I think Miami needs to look at Dion Jordan as the future at DE. They don't need to rush his (no pun) into the mix when they already have 2 great starters. Between Wake being up there in years, and the matter of having Vernon, Jordan & Shelby on deck or just getting rolling... DE is a position Miami is good at for some time to come.

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IRA = poster of the year.
FIRELAND traded UP to the third pick for an unproven injured player.
If he has a job on Monday, 5-11 will be optimistic.

Dashe, do you clean restaurants or only offices?

Anybody watch the game last night?

On one of my teams I drafted Peyton in the 2nd round.
Some axx hole posted that was too high to draft Peyton but dog this: I have Peyton on my team and that axx hole does not.


D Patterson is hurt!!!!

Tannehill retired. Some kind of illness.


Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is clearly feeling good about things right now.

Not only was he crowing about getting a half-price deal on the third pick in the draft, now he’s blaming former coach Tony Sparano for the hard feelings that followed when Ross interviewed Jim Harbaugh while Sparano was still on the job.

During an interview with Dan Le Batard on 790 The Ticket, Ross said the grudge Sparano held “damaged the whole organization.”

“He could never put it behind him,” Ross said, via the Miami Herald. “I don’t think he was the right head coach for the Miami Dolphins. I didn’t hire him. We’re a much better organization today than then.”

Imagine that, Sparano didn’t play along while his boss interviewed someone to replace him while he was still working.

The nerve of that guy, not being happy about being cuckolded on the job.

Ross said he felt used as leverage by Harbaugh’s camp, and talked about the bad relationship between general manager Jeff Ireland and Sparano after word got out. He talked about the trust he had in Ireland, and said the team was heading in the right direction.

“This organization is functioning the best since the [Don] Shula days, [because] I picked the head coach with Jeff Ireland,” Ross said. “People see this organization is really on the uptick.”

Actually, what most people see is a franchise that hasn’t had a winning season since 2008, the year he bought the team. That’s when Sparano led the Dolphins to an 11-5 record, or 10 wins better than the year before.

But to Ross, apparently, the 27-37 record since then is clearly on par with Shula winning two Super Bowls.


Ryan Tannehill deserves to be treated like a man.
He does not need mando or anybody else making excuses for him.
If the OL sucks that is not an excuse...
If there is no running game that is not an excuse...
If the CBs keep giving up big plays which causes us to pass 50-60 times that is no excuse...
If the schedule is too hard that is no excuse...

Tanne would rather accept the blame for the loss like a man than have you making up excuses in advance for him.


The 2008 Miami Dolphins QBd by NoodleArm Pennington.

However I have noticed some BACKDOOR characteristics coming out of Jville: Running the no-huddle from play 1 when Gabbe is in there.

Interesting what color Ross will put on it if a loss in Cleveland proves a reality? Certainly hope it doesn't happen but if it does and it sits ourselves up for a shameful start Ross will spin it to say it would be worse without Ireland.

Shameful start = 1 and 4

We know that the possibility that our running backs and OL aren't much. So it shouldn't come as a great surprise to T-hill. He still has to figure out a way to win. That's what good, not great, but good QBs can do. Especially over a second level team.

I have news for all you Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin & Miami Dolphins pessimist's in general. NO ONE IN THIS ORGANISATION IS ON THE HOT SEAT TO GET FIRED NEXT YEAR, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE !!!The whole front office & coaching staff have at least a 3 year window to build a championship level football team before any changes will be considered. This was the 1st year that Joe Philbin's coaching staff was directly involved in player personel on the team & owner Stephen Ross has total faith in Joe Philbin's plan to build this team into a dynasty caliber football team again. Also keep in mind that the core of this team only average's 3 to 4 years of experience so while Miami could get good very quick this year or next, the true domination of this team is at least another couple years from now.

Progolf is correct.
Tanne needs to stand on his own 2 feet and put the team on his shoulders.

Dion Jordan on special teams running down field to tackle someone? Really!!
Boy that's a head scratcher! Of course JI hire him! Good luck PHINS on Sunday
We will find out a little more about this team and this coaching staff!

A couple of years for success? Ok than Ross better pony out more money to buy all those empty seats. And sell those stupid logo merchandise... I love my PHINS since 72. But this correct organization are still bunch of losers in my book, until proven other wise!

I hate the dolphins. They are going to suck this year just like the last 25 years. Tannehill Sucks, Our Owner Sucks, Ireland Sucks. Philbin and Sherman aren't good coaches. Wah!! Wah!! Wah!!

Now let me change my name a Trillion times and rephrase the above comments.

Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste

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