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Dion Jordan's debut vs. Cleveland

The question about Dion Jordan much of this preseason was not how he'd be used against the Cleveland Browns in the rookie's NFL debut but, indeed, whether he'd be used at all based on his uncertain injury status.

That question has been answered. Jordan, nursing a tender shoulder much of the preseason, is playing in the Dolphins regular-season opener.

So now we want to know how much. And here are some answers based on interviews with players and coaches.

Expect Jordan on some special teams and on the field with the defense on some passing downs.

None of this is a surprise but what seems uncommon is the Dolphins may use Jordan in something similar to the New York Giants NASCAR pass-rush grouping of years past. Although Jordan is the backup to Olivier Vernon and plays the same position as both Vernon and Cameron Wake, it is possible the Dolphins want to use the pass-rush skills of all three players.


In the same pass-rush package.

So the Dolphins could include Jordan, Wake and Vernon -- three defensive ends considered Miami's best pass-rushers -- on the field and rushing the passer at the same time.

I'm told there might even be moments when the Dolphins have four defensive end types chasing Cleveland quarterback Brandon Weeden because linebacker and former defensive end Koa Misi might get in on the act as well.

How exactly the Dolphins would deploy this group of rushers has yet to be seen in 2013 -- not in practices open to the media or fans, not in training camp, not in preseason games -- so I cannot account for how much or little this might be used nor can I account for how the Dolphins would line up. (And even if I had seen it, I wouldn't report it anyway).

If the Dolphins go forward with this plan, it is good news at least on its face. There's been much speculation and hand wringing among fans whether the Miami coaching staff could find a way to maximize its talent at defensive end.

This is also good news because this grouping suggests a better pass rush.

But there are other ramifications because it likely means one of the down linemen will not be playing in a familiar four-point stance. It suggests someone will have to rush from a two-point stance (standing up).

The idea also may mean the Dolphins sacrifice pass rush up the middle for more pressure from the edge. 

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle hinted earlier in camp that if Jordan was physically ready to play, there would be a package to include him in the game plan. He doubled down on that this week.

"We haven’t made any final decisions yet," Coyle said on Monday. "Today he got a good number of reps in practice, so we are excited about that. At the end of the week, we’ll really feel better able to judge exactly where he’s at, but he’s going to have a significant role in the game plan this week, I can guarantee you that."

Jordan's role on defense is expected to be limited almost exclusively to passing situations while his gifts on special teams seem suited for kickoff coverage and perhaps punt return and field goal block situations.

Jordan is quick enough and fast enough to run down on kickoffs. He's long and athletic enough to possibly block a field goal. He's strong enough to block on punt returns. Just saying.

Jordan worked on the kickoffs team early in camp and coach Joe Philbin has defended the idea of having valuable players -- including the first-round draft pick -- on special teams.

"We'll have starters on special teams," Philbin said Wednesday.

"It’s a critical play in football, the coverage, we’re going to use whoever we feel is going to be the best to help us pin the opponent down," Philbin said Monday. "Whoever that may be."

When he was asked about Jordan specifically on special teams this week, Philbin was coy about it but couldn't bring himself to dismiss the idea because, well, the guy's on teams and this coach doesn't lie.

 “We think we have a chance to be a very, very good special teams unit," Philbin said. "We want to utilize our personnel in the best way possible. If he is on one of those teams, then we’ve come to the conclusion that is going to help that particular phase of special teams." 


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the true domination of this team is at least another couple years from now.

Posted by: Rick | September 06, 2013 at 07:33 PM

Oh, it could be decades from now. It'll take years after he's fired to clean up Irescum's mess.

Monte, things could be worse...you could be dashe or phins78 or odinslime, or a true idiot like kris.

Pro golf must be pro stupid. NFL NETWORK is telling everyone to start Lamar Miller on their fantasy.

ETF, please tell us more lies...please tell us how Wallace only had 1catch on Haden again.

The destruction of the Gators and Browns is necessary for my psyche.

Cheers to a fun weekend!!

Oh Lord. Monte's talking to the mirror again.

I don't get it.
I never said anything about Wallace vs Haden.
In fact I had never even thought to look into it. If it were still July it might be a good topic to antagonize with, however in less than 48 hours we'll either be forgiving Ireland or torturing him so fckk it let's just see how it goes.

what a huge and tough game. need to find away to win this game gonna be very very close

life of pi = Castaway + Baliwood

Sorry ETF, it was 17.
I get confused, lol

Actually I've had to change my middle name to 'Stupid'. Had the chance to use 'pro stupid' but after a few seconds of thought I dropped the 'pro'. If for any reason we aren't able to run the ball against Cleveland that both you and the NFL Network are big enough to do the same. If we can run the ball effectively then I'm set to eat crow, hope your man enough to do the same!

Anyone want to wake up at 4am for a college tail gate party? I'm being serious...

I just thought it was funny they said that at the exact same time you said we sucked.
Coincidence? Maybe.
We'll see...and BTW you can keep your crow.

If we are in position to call running plays than we are still in the game.

As long as we are still in the game in the 4th then we have a chance to win.

One of my concerns about our offense is the ability to score quickly - like the drive in preseason when Wallace caught 3 passes for 58 yds on one drive. But that was the exception.

I am not concerned about our ability to put together 15 play 8 minute drives; it appears we can do that well enough but if we trail by morethan a TD with 6 mins to play then an 8 minute drive will not help.

See, I told you, jesse Agler would not last long here. He's going to Fox Sports.

Jesse Agler.

It's a pickem game. There are really too many unknowns about both of these teams for there to be much conviction either way.

39 hours 42 mins to kickoff

How is it you guys have concernes when we haven't even played a game yet?

How is it you guys have concernes when we haven't even played a game yet?

Concerns are the whole reason for the existence of this blog.

We are favored by 1 point. Basically pickem, it suggests if it was a home game we'd be favored by a field goal.

No surprise, I will side with Vegas and say we do everything just good enough to win.

I will do so too, Vegas 7.5.


Disappointment, not triumph, is what binds all NFL fans together.

I have no fear. Just eager to watch and observe.

Appreciate the sportsmanship Mark, but I snoozed so I lose. Who knows, by week 6 the Bucs could be transcendent......or not.

I'm just going to whine about it for a while.

You know, it's only a game. I don't let it get to me. These players make a pretty penny. They live a fantasy. When we do well, I applaud, when we falter, I say oh well.

Now Patterson is hurt and Nolan Carroll will probably start in his place. Also Diom Sims has a groin injury. What else can go wrong?







Pollster @9:46

It could turn out to be a great game, an instant classic.
If both teams are equal maybe they both score 49 and go to OT.
Either way by the third series some kind of bullshht will happen and this blog will blow up.
That' s the part I like best.

But We thrive on adversity. We have noticed that when We overcome It, we tend to Grow some more.

Nothing like two miserable trolls like Fraud and Pollster responding to each other. They are jacking each other off, if they are not the same person.

Did someone idiot say a classic?? ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

2013 Browns vs Fins a classic????????? HoHo


The only time I want to see Jordan on the field is the last series of the game when we have a small lead.
He'll be so pissed he'll sack the QB on 1st and 2nd down and the opposing QB will be so demoralized that he will just take a knee.
He'd last for 15 years like that.
Just like Mo.

Is Jacksonville vs KC a classic too? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

I said, "...if both teams are equal...it could be an instant classic...".

Why not man?

Another night with YG ruining the blog.

Notice that most posters leave after 5 so YG can destroy the blog.

What a lonely old phaggot is that YG.

It is late at night do you know what your grandpa is doing?

YG is wasting another Friday night posting.

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Wonder what happened to Eee I Eee I O's posts. The posts of a truly remarkably sharp mind! Still suspect you can't spell cow!


Fraud will be back soon. I'm sure he'd be happy to pull your ears while you swallow his load, which is what he has posted here for years under 15 different names.

Be stupid.

Be ignorant.

Be a fool.

Be desperate for a chat partner.

It's a free country.

Vegas 7.5.....a man after my own heart. I'm guessing that you put your money where your mouth is? If so, always interested in hearing another point of view.

ETF.....seemingly you also have a point of view worth hearing. More then I can say about Eee I Eee I O!!

Also, it's been within my experience that grade school age children (even if your 25 but still in grade school) rarely have the scratch to make a decent play!

Armando the fool idiot bible thumper loves to talk about our soldiers on the appropriate holidays and how they died for our freedom.

Yet he censors the blog according to his brainwashed biblethumper beliefs.

He thanks the soldiers that fought for our freedoms, such as freedom of speech, but yet censors the blog according to his sissy dumb philosophy.

Armando is a hypocrite and an idiot.

He is also an embarrassment to journalism with his sheer lack of command of the English language and his inability to proof read his own blogs.

Armando Castro, you can delete my posts now.

Can't say that I have that low of an opinion regarding Armando. He does alright with the exception of some of the ridiculous posts he overlooks! Yes, Eee,etc. I mean you!


Typical American in denial.

No doubt you have voted, and voted for the enemy your whole ignorant life.

What a shame.


If you have ever voted for a Republican or Democrat, then you are way too clueless and ignorant too warrant another response from me.

Now, maybe ETF is ready for you.

Good night poor sap.

You have a good night yourself!!!

Looking forward to thumping the Browns... then what will the pretend fans have to say. Love it when they go away for days at time.

Love it when they go away for days at time.

Posted by: TruthhurTs | September 06, 2013 at 11:51 PM

Well ok, but why the fear of posting your regular name? Are you THAT chickenshit?

Still trolling old geezer.

What a sad existence you lead.

How many decades has it been since you have touched a woman. If you ever touched one.

Winning is like flushing the toilet. All the terds in here go bye byes. It's going to be long year for the trolls. Really the Browns are nothing to be scared of in the least. The Browns have done nothing and proved nothing. Have they won an opening game the past decade?

How many decades has it been since you have touched a woman. If you ever touched one.

Posted by: YG has no life | September 07, 2013 at 12:05 AM

If you are saying this, then it is you that this applies to.

The Herald should flush this blog down the toilet. After all these years Armando has only been able to generate a following of maybe 15 immature and grossly under educated bloggers.

How many decades has it been since you have touched a woman. If you ever touched one.

Posted by: YG has no life | September 07, 2013 at 12:05 AM

If you are saying this, then it is you that this applies to.

Posted by: Psych 101 | September 07, 2013 at 12:07 AM

Over the years how many times have you repeated this same comment. And don't say you are not YG. We all know that it is you. Nobody here defends anyone else. Especially not you.

But keep lying to yourself that no one here knows that it is you using other names.

I would like to take a moment to thank Jeff Ireland, Coach Philbin and all Dolphins FO for a great off season. The team is ready for the season and primed to have a good year. Playoffs here we come.

Hi DaShe....how did the surgery go?

Does it 'work'?


Why do you say you only post under one name? You may be stupid, but we aren't.

con't...bringing in Grimes, Clabo, Ellerbe, Keller and Wallace were genius moves. Drafting Jordan was a shock but you can see the strategy if you consider the defense will only help the offense by giving it a shorter field and create opportunities based from turnovers.

your have not been out your apartment in 2 decades. Haven't talked to anybody in your immediate family in 3. Yet, you come here and waste everyone's time with your beseeched posting on this blog.


Blow this name out your arse.

If you want to swallow so bad, see Fraud or daShe, don't bother us here with your timid flirtations with hotdog.


Give it up little boy. You are transparent like cellophane.

The only person you can fool is yourself.

That much is CLEAR.

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