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Dolphins beat Colts, 24-20 to stay unbeaten

INDIANAPOLIS -- This is what fine teams do. This is how good teams close.

The Dolphins and Colts engaged in an wildly entertaining and close game. And it came down to the final minute. And the Dolphins emerged victorious, 24-20, to improve their record to 2-0.

Feels good, right?

The Dolphins did it on the road. They did it in keeping Andrew Luck from authoring one of his trademark comebacks.

They did it throwing the ball to Mike Wallace and Charles Clay and showing just enough of a running game to make the offense balanced.


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Blog trolls depressed with a Phins win... making up injuries and personal attacks, and then impersonating others to repeat the nonsense.

Good win. Go Phins.

This site is a joke , just a bunch of idiots attacking each other like 5th graders, grow up its about football not name calling

Google has nothing on the injury other then he 'hurt his left leg'!

TyMy son 22 and he's still my son stup.

Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly 35m

Paul Soliai looks to be out for the year with an awful knee injury.

Well I guess the sky is faliing reporting because of one poor running game peformance is now overl

Wonder what Mando will be dumping on this week?

A very good win.

GREAT WIN!! All you jealous trolls and worthless punks like Fire Ross, Walt and the rest of you brown hole J E T S kissers, swallow that!! Get off our blog and go back dreaming about your threesomes with Rex and the Dirty Sanchez!!!

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | September 15, 2013 at 04:40 PM

You are one sorry individual if this is your best rebuttal. You are an example of the low end slime that the Florida school system produces.

You're an idiot no one is making excuses for what he did. You don't talk about a man's son when he's dead period. Only moron do that, like you.


I won't let it go. Your comments about Philbin's son who committed suicide, right at he end of the game very inappropriate. It had NOTHING to do with what was going on during the game. I'm sure this was your intent. Basically, to say whatever you wanted at an important part of the game. My guess is you saved this for that time.

Let me be clear....YOU'RE A SCUMBAG!

You guys want to talk about freedom of speech? Really? That's your argument? A guy choses THAT time to bring it up? This guy seem like a Dolphin fan to anyone here? The guy's here for no other reason than to cause trouble. We don't need guys like that on here. They're not here to talk football. They're here to stir things up and to try and cause trouble.

Armando,if you're REALLY about getting rid of scum like this from the blog, then I'd encourage you to ban him. Don't stop until these guys get the message .Getting rid of YG was step one but don't stop there. I'd encourage the regulars here to also stamp out this type of garbage by encouraging Armando to get rid of him.

What a win!!!
Great job guys!!!

How's Paul Soliai?!

Buster, Soliai is indeed out for the year. Confirmed by Mando and Omar Kelly.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | September 15, 2013 at 05:09 PM

Were do you guys get this CRAP, I just read were he walked out of the team locker room under his own power. Stated he was fine when asked.

No Keller, No Soliai. Goodbye playoffs.

Great game,but a lot of room for improvement all around. Hope Soliai is ok? And then there are the local morons spewing their stupid negative garbage. Pathetic even after a good win. WTF?

The Fins won a HUGE game today...never mind it's only game #2 ...still huge in terms of team confidence...

..and all you trollers....can KMA ....

Craig M....

He never got rid of WHY GEE....


writing style and lack of any decorum is a dead give away....there aren't two people out there (that come to this site) that are as sick as this dude....

he is an embarrassment to himself....the problem is...he just doesn't know it....

pretty sure he's Oscar as well....along with a WHOLE HOST of others...

Mando: "The Dolphins give no injury updates so nothing definitive to report on Paul Soliai's left knee."

He used to be a dolphin fan bro... he switched to the seahawks bc the fins changed their logo due to corporate greed. He has said his sole purpose of coming into the blog is to stir trouble. He Jumped ship like a bandwagon fan. Go ahead and ask him.

Fin4, that was a troll impersonating bobbyd... and now apparently you too, except it was confused by your login.

Those telling Craig to stop whining about trying to censor fr should drink your own medicine as its his right to vice his opinion


No word that Solial is out.

This site needs FB or Disqus registration. This mess is out of hand. People who make fake injury reports are too despicable to even know how despicable they are. A man's health and career are just jokes to them. They lack the humanity to recognize their own inhumanity.

From Armando 8M ago:

The Dolphins give no injury updates so nothing definitive to report on Paul Soliai's left knee.

Omar says that the injury to Soliai is not too serious as he was walking without a limp and in good spirits

If you have links to other reports please share.

If any of you ever go on trial.....

You better HOPE and Pray Kris or Craig is not on the Jury. You'll be hanged for sure.

First Keller and now Soliai. The two most important players on each side of the ball.

G'bye playoffs.

Israel etc, as the other posts confirm, no reason yet to think Solial out.

I'm more fretted about Patterson. Thought he'd be in today.

This appeared apppx 35 minutes ago in a Sun Sentinel article:

"Soliai, a pillar of granite on Miami's forceful defensive line, suffered the injury early in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 24-20 win over the Indianapolis Colts. He walked off the field with some assistance and didn't return to the game.

Randy Starks and Jared Odrick finishing out the game at defensive tackle, but afterwards the four-year starter told the Sun-Sentinel he's fine, and speculated he only suffered a knee bruise."

...he feels fine, the knee is bruised, he walked out of the locker room on his own accord...

so why all the buul turd here by several jack a**es?

Like I said....KMA....

Yo Craig...I agree totally..some folks are just plain jerks...

meanwhile...A FANTASTICALLY HUGE WIN !!! 2-0....Marvelous !!!!!!


So know you're going to try posting under my name @ 5:49pm? Just how much of a pathetic individual are you?

The Defensive secondary played very well in Patterson's absence....expect him back against Atlanta....we need him healthy..


Phins win a huge game! I could care less about anything the trolls may have to say today or any day. We are 2-0 and they beat a playoff team on the road.

Fouts so reluctant t talk us up....

Yo Chris...my commment @ 6:01 looks like whining to you?...really !!?

I hadn't heard about Philbin's son's rape pleas. He was 18, sex with two drunk 17yo's who claimed rape afterwards.

Idk what really happened - only 3 knew and one is dead. But the court let him plead for 6 months and held the plea could be expunged, i.e. no registration as a sex offender. Which suggests to me some doubt what happened.

Lots of people would take a plea like that rather than risk a jury trial and life in prison. The kid made some bad choices to be in that spot. He may even have deserved the convictions. But people should hesitate to be dogmatic on facts like those. Anyway, he's dead.

Okay...the FINS made my day !!! BIG, BIG WIN!!!

I'm off to dinner ....ciao everyone....

Hey Chris45,

Why don't you mind your own business. This isn't about you. Why do you have to resort to name-calling? If you don't like it then skip over my comments. There's no room on here for the type of comments FIRE ROSS made. It's not relevant to anything that was going on in the game.

He's just a good for nothing troll. For all i know you're the same way. Regardless BUTT OUT!

Jordon forgot this is tackle football not 2 hand touch....bet he won't do that again..I was screaming....

Solia got hurt 2 plays later... hope it is nothing serious...

Where is YG? Has he been banned by Armando?


Did Patterson play much today or miss most of the game?

Patterson did not play today. Carroll started in his place.

Hey Walt (whoever the fukk you are all of a sudden).....who are you? Never, ever seen you post on here before....and all of a sudden you're an authority on all things Miami Dolphin blog? Whatever bud....

Posted by: Craig M | September 15, 2013 at 05:56 PM

And who the fkk are you? As far as this blog goes, you don't make the rules azzwipe. You have no say in anything. We don't need some moron like you trying to decide for Armando who stays and who goes. Keep your nose up your own ahole.


He was supposedly banned by Arando. I'm with Kris....i believe he's right here, posting under multiple names.

so psyched for Atlanta...

I guess we will be favorites...

home crowd must show up, wish I could make it down there for this one...


AGAIN WITH THE NAME-CALLING? You've turned it into quite an art form fella..

AGAIN......cause you obviously can't read.....my comments are addressed to Armando and any of he other regulars who want to get on board. There's no room or what FIRE ROSS said earlier on here. If you have a problem with my comments, then too bad! But i sure don't need a lowlife like you telling me what I can and can't post to Armando.

OK with you scumbag?

The NFL Network must be having an emergency meetings. For the past 6 months they've said very little positive about the Miami Dolphins...as a matter of fact I'd say 90% of what they've said is negative. This week I suspect they'll just avoid any conversation about the Miami Dolphins. If they beat Atlanta their heads will explode!

So we are 2-0. Enjoy it while it lasts. We haven't won jack shitsky yet.

Pretty clear there's one douchebag posting under multiple names again. I'll let you post to your hearts content.

I hope you fry for it FIRE ROSS. you won't be missed.

God win for the 'Phins today. I'm out.....

Hey Walt (whoever the fukk you are all of a sudden).....who are you? Never, ever seen you post on here before....and all of a sudden you're an authority on all things Miami Dolphin blog? Whatever bud....

Posted by: Craig M | September 15, 2013 at 05:56 PM

Hey Craig M,

Why don't you huddle up with Kris in a dark alley and cen69sor yourselves together?

What's up boys, this team manned up today I tell you. Won the turnover battle again today - that was the key. Defense took some blows but earned their pay in crunch time when it mattered. Tannehill continues to excel.

Still there are some not satisfied ... whatever. Looks like Daytona found his way back on the blog. he can suck a fat one.

2-0 YEAHHHH!!!

It is a tad bit hypocritical to suggest what a poster can or can't post...and also tell other posters that you can post whatever you want...to whom ever you want...double standard...no??? The substance of the posts are not my point...just telling some what they should be doing while also telling them you can do what you want...kind off jack!assish...

We didn't win the turnover battle.

where are all the band wagoners? smh

Mark in Toronto,

I see Candians still haven't learned how to count. We didn't win the turnover battle.

My bad, missed the Tannehill fumble. Tied it, still no reason for racist or nationalistic comments. Fukk off Daytona!!!

What a roller coaster ride for Dave Wandstedt. First, he was an NFL head coach, then head college coach, then defensive coordinator, and now down to special teams coach. This guy's career has spiraled out of control. I feel bad for him.

You can't be a communist and an American soldier dude. Choose a side.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS

I'm neither. As I've said from the beginning, I'm a Marine. If you can't tell the difference between a Marine and a Soldier, you haven't earned the right to complain about either. Game over.

Correction we won a big game today. T-hill was the man and out played Luck.

Also I will say that if anyone thinks someone should be removed from the blog for the variety of reasons Armando posted the other day...then those individuals should send a direct email to Armando with the content of the posters posts...and your disgust with it...it does very little good to broadcast your disgust to the entire blog...and create most garbage in the process...from all sorts of angles...

Armando, no celebrating for you because you picked the Colts to win. Bandwagon jumpers not wanted, hope you have a good recipe for the crow you'll be eating....

Tied for the division lead and beat a possible team vying for a wildcard. Oh so many downer fans, trolls and football know nothing's are eating crow tonight!

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