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Dolphins beat Colts, 24-20 to stay unbeaten

INDIANAPOLIS -- This is what fine teams do. This is how good teams close.

The Dolphins and Colts engaged in an wildly entertaining and close game. And it came down to the final minute. And the Dolphins emerged victorious, 24-20, to improve their record to 2-0.

Feels good, right?

The Dolphins did it on the road. They did it in keeping Andrew Luck from authoring one of his trademark comebacks.

They did it throwing the ball to Mike Wallace and Charles Clay and showing just enough of a running game to make the offense balanced.


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Of course...I reckon the guys on the other sideline get paid to play too...but with 2 former Phins OL castoffs starting and one of them going down early...I think we should have had a field day on Luck...the man is crafty as crap though...

Do some people still not understand that "Freedom of Speech" applies to protection against the government preventing you from being critical. It does not mean you can work at Publix and call all the people in the checkout lane "Rapists", because Publix has the "FREEDOM" to fire your butt. NOBODY died anywhere to protect someone's right to scream "Murder" in a crowded theatre on a Saturday night.



Grimes...and the D as a whole should be pumped for the ATL next week...got to get Patterson back on the field...1st home win and 3-0??? Well...it is certainly possible...how would that be for a start!!! Wow...

Yes siree bob...

just gotta say....for all you knucklehead no-nothings ripping on Philbin....watch his post game conference.....dude is sharp, focused, totally locked in....knows exactly what he wants him and this team to accomplish, knows all the details....watch the video--such a contrast to Sparano, who was likeable, but overmatched as a HC--not Philbin

After Today, our Team should be afraid of no QB left on our schedule, except for Drew Brees.

Would beeeee great

benzz,u got it

Yech,don't worrie bout it

I thought Luck played like a stud and I thought Tannehill did an excellent job also. The tru difference was how our Defense saved its best stuff for the end of the game.

The 2nd half was very similar to what we saw vs the Browns. We made good adjustments to take the lead and our Defense dialed up the pressure.

BTW, who else thought that 1st fumble was a complete travesty of a decent call?

WTF is the deal with these weather delays this year...WEATHER DELAYS??? This is FOOTBALL...right??? Play TF on!!! The NFL will start mandating domes throughout the league for new stadiums...bank it...

Thanks again Armando!

love Philbin's demeanor......again, knows all the details but also knows the importance of pushing it on offense.....came from GB, as their O coordinator no less, so he knows what they need to do be successful in todays NFL--but its also "no big deal".....which is true.....its just 2 games, 2-0 is nice but plenty of work to do--I just really like his approach.

1st fumble was TOTAL BS...didn't the call it an incompletion??? So how do you give it to the Colts??? The ball spot challenge on the sneak was also total garbage...the dude just pick the ball up and randomly moved the ball back...and he moved it back to where we originally had it!!! He had no clue what to do!!! Couldn't determine the spot of the ball so ruling on the field stands...but this cat just picks up the ball and moves it back a yard??? Then re-measures??? The crew as a whole was terrible...

People we have a team of players ready to go out and win games. These guys are what us fans thought they could be in the preseason. The poor fake fans must be inconsolable at this point.

TruthhurTs it's great to have two road wins, but it's only 1/8 of the season. Lots of football yet to play.

Posted by: Jack! | September 15, 2013 at 09:33 PM

Exactly! The funny part is that if you checkout the Colts blog they feel like the refs gave us ALL the calls.LOL

I mean, if regulars can endlessly post about sucking and swallowing, well..it becomes difficult to know what exactly is off limits.
Posted by: Techno Dude | September 15, 2013 at 09:25 PM

It's easy to know what is off limits, common sense, and common courtesy should be enough.

Woodshed.....Luck is a total stud.....dude does NOT go down, cant sack him.....i think he's stronger than most LBers, and could be one if he put on 15 pounds--impressive kid, no doubt--Tannehill outplayed him today, which I love, but Luck is the real deal.....better than RG3 and Wilson and Kaepernick....love beating him, but the guy is awesome---hey, and although I do like him, where are all the Reggie Bush lovers/handwringers tonight?--been saying for weeks that its just a matter of time until he gets hurt.....not wishing it on him at all, but its the reality, and is the reason the Fins couldnt re-sign him for that money--just a matter of time

Fine it's only 1/8 of the season. I'll celebrate tonight and think about the rest tomorrow just like the team. This game was a measuring stick of just how good these guys can be.

TruthhurTs you are justified in celebrating, enjoy!

Benz same here, loved having Reggie here but he's not durable.

It's great to win and have very little negatives to say. Quite frankly I never thought I'd see it again or at least until the next regime came in or perhaps the one after that.

Good job!!! Except the idiot talking politics. But we've had fools on here before and will have again. I suspect whoever monitors this blog is in the air and unavailable to monitor. So where does that leave us? I guess tomorrow we talk religion. It would be a great deal more enjoyable to talk 'Phins football!

Have a good night!!

Hey WALT SHUT UP FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark.....if we coulda re-signed Reggie for 2-3 mill, I'm on board....but not for 4mill+--cant do it--8th year in the league and we all know what happens to most RBs around then, or soon after (they regress/get injured/slow down)--has a history of injuries.....seriously love the guy, loved when we signed him, was great for Miami.....but couldnt see paying him that kind of money--no way....very few RBs at that age stay healthy enough to meaningfully contribue, consistently--the list is short.....draft RBs and play them early, because most are shot by 30

Bush is hurt because for whatever reason he went back to playing on turf...the man said the grass in miami revitalized his career...WTH did he think was going to happen??? In other news I am by far most impressed with the play of CLAY...man I just about wrote that guy off after this pre-season...but he has come to play!!! Kudos to him!!!

I might not have paid full attention, but did Dan Patrick & co. go thru like 45 mins of rain-delay highlights, w/ a huge focus on rookie & new QBs, w/o ANY positive mention of T-Hill. You can be sure if Indy had one we'd have had an in-depth profile of Luck.

Shameful the lack of respect Fins get, even with the past few years of utter futility

Great coaching job in BOTH WINS> Come out with a vannala defence in the 1st half of both games and then: bring in Jorden & pass rushers from left, right & center in the 2nd half. Look at the 2nd half stats in both games. Whats it like? Mia 20 to 6

In both game they did not allow the other team a chance to adjust. They adjusted. And, it was part of their game plan. Love it. Now comes Matt Ryan. We all know the history. But, this game is about the future!

Jack....I think you're right.....not sure if thats the primary reason but the DET turf will do Reggie no favors

I see no issue with folks having a variety of convos around here...as long as it all can be kept decent...dudes want to talk about whatever...fine...but don't get into a cat fight...also...the saying "the bigger person walks away"...is null and void up in heah!!!

Posted by: Jack! | September 15, 2013 at 09:33 PM

Exactly! The funny part is that if you checkout the Colts blog they feel like the refs gave us ALL the calls.LOL

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | September 15, 2013 at 09:39 PM

You could see on the replay Tannehill gets tripped by a DL as he's lunging forward, when the knee hit his upper body was at the original spot that was challenged. I felt it telling that our players upon seeing his new spot just walked off the field sort of in disgust. There were also a handful of P.I calls that were ignored. Add the rambling Pro-Colts Fouts and I believe I'll listen on the radio given it almost felt like we were watching the Indianapolis Colts live broadcasting Network!

Parting thought...Dan Fouts is TERRIBLE...that guy has no idea what he is talking about...the whole time...

STFU Dan Fouts!!!

You can be sure if Indy had one we'd have had an in-depth profile of Luck.

Shameful the lack of respect Fins get, even with the past few years of utter futility

Posted by: The Seer | September 15, 2013 at 09:56 PM

I don't know were it got started but it seems universal.

Phins get ready for hotlanta! That's a real measuring stick...

Benz what you just said is exactly what I was saying when we let him go.

To the victors go the spoils. We are all justified in a little celebration. Rather than us worry about playing the good teams they need to worry about us as well. Watch as the buzz builds around this team and we start to get some attention.

Sherman is toe to toe with Boldin right now hell of a battle.

Beating Colts puts this team in the right direction but doors it put the offense coordinator in the right direction? Colts shot them selves in the foot with a penalty
But doesn't take away that the defense stop the Colts when they needed to, but finally
Luck came our way, no pun intended..

Extremely happy to go into their house and get the win. Luck was starting to build some mojo at 7 in a row.

That said, our rush did not seem to be the equal of Indy's. Lotta variables for sure so hard to tell but that was my impression watching the game. Luck is insane at avoiding sacks sometimes. Jordan needs to storm up and wrap up and drive through the QB! He is playing timid and they need to tell him about it. At number 3 overall getting a QB on the turf should be in his DNA all day.

Better effort on 3rd and short right near the half and Luck probably doesn't have enough time to get points as they scored with about a minute left.

It seems like the QB sneak will NOT be a good short play as Indy was stoning Tannehill! I could not believe the ref came back and moved the ball back a good yard on the re-spot...I was HOT! It may not have made it but it was a hell of a lot closer than that.

Liked seeing Wallace early. Clay had a big day. I also agreed with sending people after Luck at the end. Even if Luck is good vs the blitz it just never suits me to let an NFL'er sit back and chose his target.

Early results of Thurdsay's off are grrrrrreat!

These are all correctable so I am chiming in on whats fresh on my mind.

Keep it up Fins! Don't take your foot off the pedal for even a second.


fin4life, Armando is working to clean things up BTW. I sent him a note and he followed up FYI, got to respect that.

I completely agree with fin4life about the highjacking. I came in to talk football but quickly left after seeing the comments. That was pathetic to say the least. I hope Armando is able to get rid of this inconsiderate piece of garbage once and for all. Grrreeeeaattt win today! Go Dolphins!!!!!

Hey Rob I agree the refs were not great today. Winning in spite of that is huge.

The 49ers and Hawks got to be the most physical teams I've seen in a while, get the feeling barring injuries this could be the NFC Championship preview. I know some will say the Packers and Falcons will have something to say about it but I don't! Neither has the D to hold these 2 teams in check. In the AFC the Broncos are making a statement dropping over 40 points in 2 consecutive lopsided wins, everybody waxing poetic on the spread O's and the speed they play at but so far Peyton looks on a real mission with maybe the best team he's ever had!

I'm not a fan of either RGIII or Washington so I don't care, but as a fan of football I observe that the Washington Reedskins organization is guilty of criminal recklessness re how they have ruined RGIII's career and health. Wow.

I think this was a game in which a team that is developing is learning how to win.
Learning how to win, how to close out a victory, is a prize worth its weight in gold. More valuable than a virtuous woman.
The Browns shut down the Ravens rbs. Our running attack was profitable. Clay continues to produce.
Our D was sporadic, but very effective, roll on.

I suspect Jordan is justifiably leery of hitting a QB late and drawing a huge penalty. Esp w a great passer like Luck. Judgment call, he's a rookie, he'll learn.

Bo I agree whole heartedly. But it's Shanahan, nothing is beyond that jackhole's pride to win.

On other words clearly RGIII should not have played in the playoff game and he should be sitting out this year. Wow. Let the kid heal and come back next year you freaking morons.

Kap Wilson RGIII luck playing like garbage. Tanne best of that class now. Tanne worked hard to prove himself and now doesn't make mistakes. If tanne made half the mistakes luck et al make you guys would torch him

Top 8 teams on league now. These are the only Super Bowl contenders.

1. Denver
2. Miami
3. Green Bay
4. NE
5. Houston
7. ATL
8. SanFran




Everybody wants to feel love from the media and our players to be put in the limelight. I'd love to stay under radar and watch those same people have to eat crow when they finally realize the Dolphins do have a good team. Staying under radar allows us to surprise a few more teams by making them continue to think we are irrelavent. Think of the satisfaction at the end of the season when we are in the playoffs and all those reporters and announcers are back pedaling.

Love my Phins and have since 1966...just looking forward to seeing the team take control of the AFC East again.

I love the fact that we beat the NFL'S beloved Colts but this team is not quite there yet!!! Seems like they could still be vulnerable at the end when it counts but this time we prevailed. This team has got to get up first, fast & stay up all the way to the end. An awesome win but could have been the wrong way too fast with the elite QB's coming up!!! Falcons up next I'd love the win but this team STILL needs to work to win!!! GO FINS!!!

10-6? Gentlemen, I do believe a better won/loss record is in the offing. Try 14-2. Our defense is getting better by the week, OL is showing some spark of being alive and the offensive elite players are beginning to get it and Tannehill is showing he belongs and might be as good as anyone at that position.
14-2 sounds brash? so WTF....No guts no glory.

And I still hate those new, awful, uni's. All the players look washed out,,,uni's suck and thats that,,,,front officer lets have a "throw back" day see for your self how ugly those new uni's really are.

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