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Dolphins CBs hurting? No problem vs. Browns

I was talking to someone who has been around the Cleveland Browns for 20 years this week and the conversation turned to that team's passing game.

"They have four wide receivers," he said, "and three are slow."

That's the reason when the injury report came out Friday and it had starting cornerback Dimitri Patterson listed as questionable with an ankle injury, and rookies Will Davis (toe) and Jamar Taylor (groin) listed as out, I didn't exactly flinch.

If the Dolphins were playing Atlanta or Denver or any other team with a capable receivers corps, this week would be trouble. But, with all due respect to the Browns, they should not be trouble.

The Browns won't have their most talented receiver Josh Gordon on Sunday because he is suspended by the NFL. That means Davone Bess, who was acquired in trade to be the slot receiver, is now promoted to starter alongside Greg Little, who becomes the No. 1 WR.

Little is a solid player who caught 53 passes in 2012. But he doesn't intimidate with size and speed like Gordon does.

The Browns don't look capable of challenging the Dolphins deep. Indeed, their only deep threat is former University of Miami player Travis Benjamin, who is better known for returning punts and kickoffs than catching passes.

By the way, the Dolphins are hopeful Patterson will indeed be active and play, barring a setback. So even that situation is not as bad as it seems.

Bottom line?

If the Dolphins were opening at Indianapolis against the Colts -- the opponent next week -- instead of at Cleveland, there would be major reason for concern. The Colts can throw the ball and boast multiple big-play and deep-threat options.

But the Colts come aren't the opponent. They're opening against the Browns. The Browns don't have that kind of talent.

So it's not as bad as it seems.


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Not including this article, it seems this Browns game is being hyped into something it's not. If the Dolphins can't win this one handily, they have regressed since last year.

I have not doubts about this game.

If the Dolphins can't win this one then they are back to square one and in trouble.

The fins will win! Will they make it look easy? No! But they will come away with a W on Sunday! GO DOLPHINS.

The Browns are being picked by most so-called experts around the league. I don't see it..Fins getting no love in general around the league.

Gee thanks everyone for sharing all of your knowledge on tommorrows game. Now I can go out and not watch it after reading all of your expert opinions.

The only thing that really counts is the scoreboard. Not worried about their RB or the OL for that matter. We should crowd the line and pressure the hell out Weeden. No QB in this league is immune to a fierce pass rush.

We should win this game and we better, with our schedule, we cannot afford to lose to the Browns

Cleveland front 7 is stout. I am expecting a battle for a while to score unless Sherman unleashes the best stuff early.

patterson just has an ankle. rub some salt on it and lets go!

Tight end Jordan Cameron will have a huge game against Miami and create a huge matchup problem. Little, Bess, and Benjamin will also contribute. Browns are much improved and will beat Miami on Sunday. Weeden will have a break out year under Norv Turner.....completely different Browns offense this year.

After watching the Ravens get the crap beat out of them by the Ravens. It's apparent that these Ravens are not the same that won the SB. They have taken a big step back. Flacco too looked ordinary with his 34 QBR and was definitely inaccurate. They just aren't that scary of match up for us. It will be a game for sure but they can beat.

*should have written by the Broncos..

The Browns are a 5-11 until proven otherwise. That's not a team to be that worried about. Crowd the box and get after Weeden and he'll crumble. Ask T-hill what it's like against our front 7. LOL

yeah that norv turner who could'nt win with way superior talent in san diego for years! good luck with that.if i was you i'd be more concerned with who was gonna cover hartline and gibson.haden maybe can stay with wallace(big maybe)but the other sides a joke.hartlines gonna have a game like he did in arizona last year again.

So everyone saying that the browns not good? I love my phins but we also wasn't very good either. This team and the coaching staff have a lot to prove.

Any Given Sunday...do NOT look past the Browns at the Colts game.

A few turnovers going the other way and we can easily lose this game.

....but if our defense plays to their full potential, I see us keeping them boxed all day long.

Fins win 17-7

Browns are picked to win because

They have a qb that is playing at a higher level than TAnne.

Weeden has improved and taken a leap forward from last year as far as reading coverage and accuracy.

Browns have one of the better rb's in the NFL.

Browns have a tremendous secondary and a tough front 7

Browns will be playing at home

Dolphins offense is horrible both in the run game and in the passing game

Dolphins have been are horrible road team for the last 10 years.

Turner wasn't very good HC. But knows offense, look at where the Chargers rack offensively when he was there, and Sherman isn't any better than turner
Sherman couldn't make it in college!! "For crying out loud"
Philbin second year still lots to prove...but I love my whales. Oops. Phins LOL. THAT LOGO GOTS TO GO!!

The Gators are hillbilly trash. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Dolphin offense is completely anemic without Long, Bush, a decent TE or a decent QB. The Browns always beat the Fins anyway.

A look are our secondary this year shows it's not much better than last year. Grimes is a slight upgrade over Smith, but whether it's Patterson or someone else opposite him, it's a concern. Throw in the fact that Clemons is average at best, and Jones disappeared the last few games last year, and then toast Carroll comes in for nickel situations.
We should still beat Cleveland easily though. They have almost no weapons and our DL should dominate. We play in probably the worst division in the NFL, so the hope for a playoff spot is there.

Fins getting no love in general around the league.

Posted by: heirshouse | September 07, 2013 at 07:52 AM

Maybe because they've been irrelevant for the last 15 years.

42lyleblackwood, you say Phins can't win this one huh, but you don't give reasons why not. Quite posting stupid and give some reasons.

Grimes is not a slight upgrade over Smith. Prior to his injury he was an All Pro selection. Patterson is a big upgrade over the revolving set of CB's we had last year at that position. Jones was close to a Pro Bowl selection last year and there was discussion that he in fact should have been in Hawaii. Clemons has shown improvement this year over last.

dolphin Ray, Mike Sherman 59-37 .594 at Green Bay, he's terrible huh. See how many HC's have a .594 winning.

I hate the dolphins. They are going to suck this year just like the last 25 years. Tannehill Sucks, Our Owner Sucks, Ireland Sucks. Philbin and Sherman aren't good coaches. Wah!! Wah!! Wah!!

Now let me change my name a Trillion times and rephrase the above comments.

All these so-called experts are screaming Trent Richardsons name like itll be a cake walk against our front 7!!!!!!!... Wtf?

The Browns are just as thin in the talent department as the Aquafresh Whale's. With that said Aquafresh will smother the Browns running game and put Wheeden in a poor position, having to throw it to his underwhelming WR's to try and pull one out.. Aquafresh 14 Browns 13

4 losing seasons in a row.....and counting.
Thanks Ross and Ireland.

When Keller got hurt ticket sales came to a screeching halt lol

dolphin Ray, Mike Sherman 59-37 .594 at Green Bay, he's terrible huh. See how many HC's have a .594 winning. Yeah it's nice having the best QB in football.

Our D line will pressure Weeden into making mistakes, and the Browns won't be able to stop our passing game. Dolphins win by two scores.


Millions that's right .594, is pretty good glad you agree.

How about trading Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew? Its high time Ross and Ireland were held accountable for losing every year. What a pathetic franchise. They should both fire themselves. Its no wonder the stadium is empty on game day.

The Dolphins have this nasty habit of always getting rid of their best players….Wes Welker, Brandon Marshall, Jake Long, Karlos Dansby, Reggie Bush. And then they wonder why they stink every year

I come here to complain every chance I get. I hate Ireland and Ross.

There is a reason Mike Sherman's been fired 4 times.

I hate Ireland and Ross.

Posted by: Regular Troll | September 07, 2013 at 10:11 AM

So do all Fin fans. Join the crowd. lol

Mike Sherman sucks. Wah!! Wah!! Wah!!

26 hours 35 mins til kickoff

You are my idol Just Sayin'

Armando, you should go back to school for grammar refresher courses. It's getting worse every day.

Way to go.
As soon as Las Vegas gets finished reading your summary of the Brown's passing game they will come to thier senses and we will be giving them 10 points.

The so called 'experts' would have us believe that the Brown's passing game was on the rise based on a preseason where Wheeden threw for 3 TDs with no ints AND no sacks.

Mando has exposed that fraud.

Evidently any body can do what Wheeden has done this past summer.

No kidding who is to be scared of on the Browns? Their RB? that guy didn't have a better YPC than D. Thomas did last year. Their top WR isn't playing. I'm fairly confident we go up there and kick butt. Unless I'm missing something?

This is what I was worried about when they cut Marshall. We haven't even played a meaningful down yet and we're potentially down three CBs. Say hello to your starting CB Nolan Carroll. Sure hope it doesn't cost us the game. All for the sake of saving a few dollars. Just dumb! In the NFL you can. Never have enough CBs. Not saying Marshall was great but what was the harm of having him on the team this year? Just dumb!

Dmitri Patterson is an NFL quality legitimate starter at CB and he would start on any NFL team, Mando was absolutely wrong 4 weeks ago whn he told us Patterson was going to be cut.

Want to see a thin depth chart? Just look over the Browns...bunch of guys I never heard of at all. Did they even participate in the draft or sign any FA's?

0-1 anyway for the loser Phins. It's not as if the loser Phins can score points anyway _(28-0 last time out). O-Line problems will be an issue most of the year, so will turnovers. There's no one in the league that can cover Bess inside of ten yards. Weeden just needs to be accurate. Phins run defense looked like dog s h i t in the pre-season anyway. So the Browns will run the ball and go with play action. Phins cornerbacks can't cover either. Maybe the Browns won't get the big plays that other teams will, but they don't have to. They just have to score more than the loser Phins. Gay team, gay logo, another gay season.

DADDYSMITTYWESS never heard of these guys...so they must not be good.

...I have to say that the comment "They have 4 receivers and 3 of them are slow" has nothing to do with determining how our corners will be able to cover. Or what sort of scheme the Browns will run. Norv Turner gets the ball down the field..That is what he does. IT IS A MYTH That you only need speed receivers to get open deep. Simply not true.

Does speed help? Is it nice to have, even an advantage? Of course it is. But get real for a minute. If speed was the only factor that determined success..Then we would have a bunch of track guys running go routes every play.

The Browns are going to take their shots. They are going to get the ball into the tight ends hands down the seem. Ironically, they will probably try and screen us to death as well(Turner offenses are dependant always screen heavy)..

One thing...I would argue that the reason the Browns receivers looked slow is because they played slow. what I mean is that they were a WCO before. They relied on timing, and precision. Add the mix of rookie quarterback, and young receiver corps..And it looks slow(See Miami Dolphins last year) I expect the Browns to play, to look faster then thy did last year.

..Craig M..Was Davis injured when they cut Marshall? I'm just saying because perhaps the thinking was that the 2 rookie corners would be ready to go by now. Of the 2 one of them would be ready to play week 1. Perhaps it was just a case of the team saw one of these rookies(Probably Davis as Taylor is nowhere near ready to play right now) as a better option.

@ Darryl Dunphy: excellent comment. You don't need speed to go deep, you need separation: that's why Ted Ginn never went deep while a guy like Hartline (not exactly a burner) is a deep threat

im looking for tanny and hartline to hook up for a couple of t.d passes.our defense will stuff the run and I expect a couple of ints from them as well.Dolphins 24 Browns 10

Defense is clearly the best unit for both teams. Offenses are supposed to be improved, but I' ll believe it when I see it.
Lots of sack in a low scoring affair: Dolphins win 20-19

How would they keep 6 or 7 CBs?

Remember you have to keep 53. Who else will you cut?

N.Carroll this season isn't N.Carroll from last season or his rookie year. He has gotten better. Same with J.Wilson.

Some don't expect players to develop, but the secondary has developed.

It also helps that none of our safeties are hurt. They call the plays back there. Clemons and Jones are getting to the point that they don't even have to talk to each other.

The Browns are a 5-11 until proven otherwise.
Posted by: dadsmithwest | September 07, 2013 at 08:35 AM

And the Dullfins are 4 losing seasons in a row until proven otherwise.

..Aren't we 6 and 10 until we prove otherwise?

If the Dolphins don't win the game the world will end. Enjoy the game, and for those of you with no friends have fun in here this weekend! Yippeeeee, Dolphins in Depth 24/7! Smh

Thank god Dashi and Dunphy are here. Weekend posters here, suck! Phins are going to kill it, this week

Rick James is a sword swallower.

We may have jumped the gun getting rid of Marshall. BUT WE WILL STILL DESTROY

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