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Dolphins CBs hurting? No problem vs. Browns

I was talking to someone who has been around the Cleveland Browns for 20 years this week and the conversation turned to that team's passing game.

"They have four wide receivers," he said, "and three are slow."

That's the reason when the injury report came out Friday and it had starting cornerback Dimitri Patterson listed as questionable with an ankle injury, and rookies Will Davis (toe) and Jamar Taylor (groin) listed as out, I didn't exactly flinch.

If the Dolphins were playing Atlanta or Denver or any other team with a capable receivers corps, this week would be trouble. But, with all due respect to the Browns, they should not be trouble.

The Browns won't have their most talented receiver Josh Gordon on Sunday because he is suspended by the NFL. That means Davone Bess, who was acquired in trade to be the slot receiver, is now promoted to starter alongside Greg Little, who becomes the No. 1 WR.

Little is a solid player who caught 53 passes in 2012. But he doesn't intimidate with size and speed like Gordon does.

The Browns don't look capable of challenging the Dolphins deep. Indeed, their only deep threat is former University of Miami player Travis Benjamin, who is better known for returning punts and kickoffs than catching passes.

By the way, the Dolphins are hopeful Patterson will indeed be active and play, barring a setback. So even that situation is not as bad as it seems.

Bottom line?

If the Dolphins were opening at Indianapolis against the Colts -- the opponent next week -- instead of at Cleveland, there would be major reason for concern. The Colts can throw the ball and boast multiple big-play and deep-threat options.

But the Colts come aren't the opponent. They're opening against the Browns. The Browns don't have that kind of talent.

So it's not as bad as it seems.


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Smith isn't back there anymore so whatever happens it shouldn't make me upset.

Hopefully JI is saving up his ammunition to move up a take the future Heisman winner DUKE JOHNSON.



I read this morning that the Browns have something like 7-9 under after players on their roster, including a bunch that they added after they were cut from other teams. That doesn't speak depth or quality to me. Again, this is a game we SHOULD win. My only problem is why open up holes, like in our secondary when we don't have to. Wedden's actually under-rated. Not saying he's a world-beater but if we sleep on this team they will beat us.playoff teams win these games.


I didn't like the cutting of Marshall at the time. As a fan I couldn't care less how much money he was making. He was a depth guy and a guy that can contribute. I don't trust Carroll and we don't yet know what we have in Davis and Taylor. It was a very unnecessary move in my opinion. Cut Jones or Jenkins if you like. Even cut Devlin. This is a team that's on the cusp of he playoffs and I'd hate to see a move like this come back and bite us. Lets see how it goes when we go up against Luck, Brees, Ryan, Flacco and Brady.


That should have said 'undrafted' players. Damn autocorrect.....

I'd love to see us draft Johnny Manziel next year. The REAL DEAL!!!

WOW! I've never seen Sun Life this packed. GO CANES!

Watch NFL Networks AFC MAtchup show and when they got to the Phins-Browns game they spent the WHOLE time talking abvout the 5-11 Browns. Not one word or analysis about the Dolphins?? Two of the "analysist" picked the Browns. THIS is locker room info..Dolphins play MADDDDDDD!!!

Run Ricky Run

Looks like Misi got an extension per Barry Jackson.

On a more important note, rooting for the Canes today. Nice to see the stadium this packed.

Miami 31 - Cleveland 13

Hurricooones look good today

For sure it will be game but we should be able to take it to the Browns and come away with the win. Phins 27 Browns 13. They are very thin and unspectacular. IF Chud can coach he's still a year a way from being competitive and possibly more. That's a lackluster team with few stars or pro bowl caliber players.

Wide open TD

Gators playing poorly on defense

52 YD TD

@nd TD today for Morris

This is a Dolphin Blog D*ckheads. Go to your gay college blog. This is Pro Football tossers.

No one respects the Dolphins because the Dolphins have been a league wide joke for some time...even before the gay logo and uniforms. Lose to the Browns and it will be all complaints for the rest of the season. Beat the Browns and the complaining gets put off 2-3 more weeks until the team is 1-2, 1-3. Garbage organization...idiotic fans, even the play by play guy in Cefalo is incompetent.

"and the kick is good, NO HE MISSED IT"

"Got a receiver" Which receiver ? D bag.

"Did he make the catch?" I don't know stupid you tell me, it's your job.

Kiss the right asses and the Phins will employ you too...

I'll take the Dolphins Ina tight one, 23-20. Tannehill will be tidy if unspectacular. Defence will play well enough for us to win this one.

I think the Canes would beat the Dolphins haha

Misi gets a 4 year contract extension worth 17 million in new money.

Has Irescum been fired yet?


I'm OK with that. There will. Be guys on here who'll say he's not worth it and we should upgrade the position. I'd like to see some continuity on the defence and maybe find a replacement for Clemmons in the draft. To me I'd like to see TE and possibly even guard or tackle addressed high in the draft next year. No sense opening a hole when we don't have to.

Craig M,

I agree with it as well. 4.25 mill a year new isn't bad. I agree on what your saying about the draft next year. I actually think Clemmons is ok. I guess I like, but don't love him but he has improved a lot the past year or 2 like Misi.

The team is really doing a decent job of giving out new contracts without hurting the cap. Looking forward to the game tomorrow. I think we win by 2 TDs.

Canes 14 Stinkin Gators 6

The Canes outdraw the Dullfins. LOL

The Road to 0-16 starts tomorrow.

Watch as Weeden and Trent Richardson end the dolphins hopes early and often in a game which miamis defense is overmatched and overwhelmed by a superior opponent.

Watch as Tannehill contines his maturation process into being the biggest bust in Dolphins history.

Wallace as an overpaid diva.

Hartline as a choke artist in the redzone.

Set your DVRS, the road to infamy begins on sunday!

Gator fumble YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, and half the stadium is filled with gator fans.

Cane fans should be proud! LMAO!!!

No its Jet fans LMAO!!!

They must be honoring tim tebow at halftime. LMAO!!!

Pass rush will be too much for browns

David Canter, Paul Soliai's agent is having a fit on twitter. The words ultimatum, lowball offer, and regime change were used.

Posted by: Imperfection | September 07, 2013 at 01:29 PM

ESAD you little beyotch!

Not a bad idea to resign Misi now and the price seems low. Could use to resign Solai and or Starks but I think they want big contracts. Maybe even Grimes...Clabo depending on how they do this year.


I'dlove to see that margin of victory but I don't see it happening. Hope you're right.

Cmon Canes. Got to win the 2nd half.

They must be honoring tim tebow at halftime. LMAO!!!

Posted by: Moron says | September 07, 2013 at 01:33 PM

Ross is such a jackass with that move. Cost the Fins a win but he didnt care.

Re-signing thier first & 2nd round draft pick starters the season before free agency.
I wonder where they got that idea?

My job is done here. YG has no life and I've proven he is a milksop.

Posted by: YG has no life | September 07, 2013 at 01:22 AM

So does someone with a life spend his Friday nights here moping about some anonymous blogger?

They must be honoring tim tebow at halftime. LMAO!!!

Posted by: Moron says | September 07, 2013 at 01:33 PM

Ross is such a jackass with that move. Cost the Fins a win but he didnt care.

Posted by: Shula 73 | September 07, 2013 at 02:01 PM

Yeah, that showed that Ross cares more about the money than about winning.

Jet's release Brady Quinn. Might be a good veteran back up. All of our QB's need leadership.

I heard the Phins also made offers to Solai and Starks...Ireland is all over it. Good job.

YG is so pathetic

Thought about it...

No thanks.

Canes 14 Stinkin Gators 9

Has anyone else noticed that the new logo looks like a feminine napkin?

YG is so pathetic

Posted by: . | September 07, 2013 at 02:15 PM

Whats really pathetic is the Dolphins.

Has anyone else noticed that the new logo looks like a feminine napkin?

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 07, 2013 at 02:19 PM

I think it is a feminine napkin

Very disappointed. Canes should be up by more.

Hopefully JI is saving up his ammunition to draft the Heisman winner JOHNNY MANZIEL "MR FOOTBALL".

Very disappointed. Canes should be up by more.

Posted by: Dashi | September 07, 2013 at 02:31 PM

You are soooooo STUPID.

Haven't you heard? Manziel's a punk.

Boy, UF without a TD by their O.

The game should be at least 24-9.

My bad if I have standards and expectations.

Oh, I am happy we are winning. But I want to crush the Gators.

The Defense has been a good surprise.

They scored on offense. They just didn't convert on the 2 pt.

My bad if I dont have a brain.

I don't like College Football. Very undisciplined kids.

Why are you mad you lesbian?

Rough Night?

oscar canosa, not you, said UF was wwithout a TD by Offense.


You have to remember you are still watching Kids in College Football. Expect some mistakes.

I know little about this College Football, But Miami looks much Faster than UF.

..Craig M. From earlier..I was trying to think of reasons as to why the team cut Marshall. Obviously the coaches believed we were better without him. I'm sure during the insider debates that injury scenarios were discussed, and plans made. He must have been extremley difficent to let him go at the price they were paying him. IMO it was not about the money. But the ability or a the team saw it lack of. I don't think you cut a vet at his price if his performance was anything but lackluster.

You have to remember you are still watching Kids in College Football. Expect some mistakes.

Posted by: Dashi | September 07, 2013 at 02:44 PM

Earth shattering info.... LMAO

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