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Dolphins CBs hurting? No problem vs. Browns

I was talking to someone who has been around the Cleveland Browns for 20 years this week and the conversation turned to that team's passing game.

"They have four wide receivers," he said, "and three are slow."

That's the reason when the injury report came out Friday and it had starting cornerback Dimitri Patterson listed as questionable with an ankle injury, and rookies Will Davis (toe) and Jamar Taylor (groin) listed as out, I didn't exactly flinch.

If the Dolphins were playing Atlanta or Denver or any other team with a capable receivers corps, this week would be trouble. But, with all due respect to the Browns, they should not be trouble.

The Browns won't have their most talented receiver Josh Gordon on Sunday because he is suspended by the NFL. That means Davone Bess, who was acquired in trade to be the slot receiver, is now promoted to starter alongside Greg Little, who becomes the No. 1 WR.

Little is a solid player who caught 53 passes in 2012. But he doesn't intimidate with size and speed like Gordon does.

The Browns don't look capable of challenging the Dolphins deep. Indeed, their only deep threat is former University of Miami player Travis Benjamin, who is better known for returning punts and kickoffs than catching passes.

By the way, the Dolphins are hopeful Patterson will indeed be active and play, barring a setback. So even that situation is not as bad as it seems.

Bottom line?

If the Dolphins were opening at Indianapolis against the Colts -- the opponent next week -- instead of at Cleveland, there would be major reason for concern. The Colts can throw the ball and boast multiple big-play and deep-threat options.

But the Colts come aren't the opponent. They're opening against the Browns. The Browns don't have that kind of talent.

So it's not as bad as it seems.


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craig marshall sucks balls wouldnt help if he was here

17-0 maybe you are enamored with Belichek the cheater but I'm not and also not convinced he hasn't made a living off of Brady. I'm curious to see how good he does when Brady gets carted off on a stretcher and can't play anymore.


Sorry man, I don't buy that. If you think Nolan Carrol's better you're kidding yourself. And the two kids are completely unproven.

Chargers picked Marshall up right away. I guess they must think Marshall sucks balls too.

The CB Pos. for the Fins in deep but heaped in question marks! Richard Marshall was a 5 Yr. starter right out of College for the Panthers before going to the Cards in 2011 then coming here. Stats were respectable but always seemed to be the odd man out with nobody really offering long term security? D.Patterson doesn't offer all that much more either he just happened to beat out another middle of the pack player to be our RCB.

Outside of the guys we just drafted we know what we have in Carroll and Wilson which isn't anything to write home about. Carroll to me being the most frustrating given he's always in coverage just never gets his head around either getting a P.I. or giving up a BIG PLAY in tight space.

To be discussing the eve of the opener about the merits of Marshall as the best guy we had at RCB should scare everybody! Forget why we let him go just think for a minute about the argument? We better all hope Davis and Taylor become the players we hope because this group is an injury away from trouble, as was the case at T.E. and is the case at WR, OL & LB. This team had to many needs to address them all in one Off-Season the truth is we did alot but depth is a concern across the roster where were one injury away from having a BAD domino affect torpedo the Yr.! That said were not alone in a League of parity in the FA ERA, SO GO FINS!

Dolphin defense will dominate. Tannehill is much improved and has receivers to throw to. The running backs will probably slowly emerge over the next few games. The key Dolphins challenge is coaching their young team to better technique, to learn the playbook and to play in a coordinated manner. The first half of the season will be tougher - partially better opposition but mainly because our young team is not fully trained and certainly is not well integrated. The second half will be a pleasure.

I meant to say that CB is deep but heaped in ?

This defense should dominate the Browns and is being built to be good long term. Extending Misi was a good move at that price.

Hey at least we are talking football and talking mostly Phins on top of that.

I think quite a few posters here have a good feel for how this season will start.

The Defense will play lights out and afford Tannehill and the O to get in sync.

The Coaching staff will have the right players, young and/or old on the field. The biggest, immediate difference this Coaching Staff will make in my opinion is Coaching us up enough to win ALL the games we SHOULD win.

Philbin and Co. won't let these guys come out and overlook Cleveland. The Browns will be exposed!


That's my point exactly. Is there anybody on here who trusts Carrioll? I don't. Guys can't run their mouth on David and Taylor all they want but nobody has a clue who these guys will be. I'm not a Marshall fan but what I'm saying is, why take the risk? If he sucks that bad why did he Chargers snap him up? This was a purse cost saving move by the 'Phins and I'm saying if we're supposed to be a playoff team, why take the chance?

Craig...if I'm not mistaken didn't the set back on Taylor's injury happen after Marshall was gone? And it maybe true that we don't know these guys are but we would expect the coaches to know what these guys can do.

If you traded Patterson for Marshall right now we would still suck at least at 1 CB and so would San Diego.

Craig M

Fin4 didn't make your point you stupid fool. He was saying Marshall was no great shakes, he was always the odd man out on 3 different mediocre or poor teams. We let Marshall go because he got beat by Patterson and the coaches saw enough upside in our 2nd and 3rd round CB's.

God are you awfully stupid.

Whenever I see a man wearing a ski cap indoors or outdoors during the summer it makes me thik of the wildcat.

Marshall's upside was mediocre when healthy. With injuries, he is certainly no difference maker.

I pay no attention to any forecast and only to LV's.

Craig, I think this why they got rid of Marshall. No offense meant by this post just enjoying a decent debate.

Him and Patterson both were scheduled to make about 5 mill. Too high for a third corner. Patterson beat him out for the number 2 job. Davis, Taylor, and Carrol were all healthy.

So, they cut Marshall to save the salary. They hoped one of the other 3 would be able to step in as the nickel. Unfortunately both rookies are hurt, but Carrol should do decent.

Marshall is probably better than Carrol, but with the salary cup you have to make some cuts. I like the move.

Everything will be better Tomorrow, or worse.


How did the Hurricanes do today........?


They need to resign Soliai asap imo

Is that the name of your shop?

These vile commentaries happen to be the Truth, also.




We are way under the cap. Marshall is a better CB than Carroll. Cutting the better player just to save money is NOT how you win. It's how you lose.
And this talk of Carroll being better this year is ridiculous. What proof is there he's better this year? There isn't any. He's sucked every year he's been here. This year will be no different.
Did you all see the game Vontae Leach had Thursday nite? And we coulda signed him. When Ireland played games with him and he went back to the Ravens, and then Ireland cuts Marshall and keeps Carroll...same old, same old.

I have this e-cigarette that gets me going in tight spots once in a while. I call it Nolan Carroll.

Never heard me say Carroll is better but is he 4+ million dollars a year better? I don't recall Marshall doing a lot. Would you pay twice as much for a marginally better service for anything? I do believe there is more to the story than money but we'll never know. And in case you people did not know Marshall wasn't competing against Carroll. He lost the competition to Patterson for the #2 job.

No sirespect, but that's a ridiculous comment Mass Dolphin.

First, we didn't cut Marshall just to save money. We upgraded with Patterson and our CB's we drafted CB's in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Marshall lost his job and as a higher priced veteran, we don't/didn't need him. Injuries happen and you can't blame a GM/Ireland for not anticipating Taylor re-injuring his hernia or Davis and his ankle.

Secondly, Leach was NEVER going to sign here. It was quite obvious he used us for a leverage play. Our Head Coach even came out in the **PRESS** calling for his signature on the dotted line. Leach was **NEVER** going to give up his job with the Super Bowl Champs.

Like I said, no disrespect, but that entire post is ridiculous!

Marshall was cut for two reasons... The lessor reason was his cap number. It was not as substantial as others, but keeping him around with that number ALONG WITH the second reason he was cut made a bad mix.
The main reason he was cut is Miami's veteran presence is already there at CB. Having Carrol, Grimes and Patterson already cuts into development reps for Taylor and Davis. Miami very purposefully drafted two CB's back to back in the '13 draft. The only way the team can accelerate those two players reaching the field together is by force feeding them reps with real bullets flying.
Marshall was the perfect example of a progress stopper. He also has a chronic back issue (although it is not a break) back issue pop up at the worst possible times. Miami cut Bess after he broke his back. Marshall was released (Obviously) and one can look back over the years and see where Miami tried being patient with back injuries to no avail. DT's Tim Bowen's and Darryl Gardner are perfect examples of players who Miami gave MORE then enough time to heal... but re injured the problem nearly every season. Now it has become a pet-peeve of the franchise.


I have to agree with MassDolphan. Marshall's a better football player than Carroll. I'm not saying either are world beaters but what I'm saying is, it's week one and we're already missing our two rookies and Patterson is hurting. So we're triggering back here already. I liked the drafting of Taylor but does anyone think he's ready to step in and play? As Armando has said, we should thank our lucky stars we're not playing Luck or Drew Brees this week. We exposed ourselves t CB and it wasn't necessary. As a fan of this team and with the team $20 mil under the cap, who cares whether Marshall's worth what he was going to get paid this year or not. We should create about W's and Marshall on this team right now would b better than not having him.


Ross is spending LESS money than last year while he has conned the suckers into buying tickets thinking he spent more.

Warren Sapp say Tannehill will break Marino's 5,000ds 2nd season passing yardage mark.

Before you get to excited, this is the same Warren Sapp whom was so great at predicting numbers, he couldn't predict his own eventual BANKRUPTCY.

Juats Saying................................

Ross was too cheap to sign Vontae Leach despite 26 MILL IN CAP ROOM!!!

Marshall's a better football player than Carroll.

Posted by: Craig M | September 07, 2013 at 09:30 PM

You do realize that a coaching staff with 100 years cumulative NFL experience disagrees with you?

But you know better from a far distance...ok, got it.

Who missed the subject line above that says..Dolphins CBs hurting? No problem vs. Browns

But if it were my money and I had to pay 9 times more for a marginally better player that made almost no impact plays in his time here than hell yeah it would certainly be a consideration. And also at the time Marshall was cut Taylor was practicing on his way back from injury.


Dumbass, Ireland drafted Taylor to e day 1 starter at the #2 cb. Remember Sean Smith? Ireland drafted him to start right away too numbskull.

Ireland expected Taylor to be fully recovered from his sports hernia by start of camp. Just didn't workout that way buffoon.

The handwriting was on the wall draft day for both Marshall and Patterson when Ireland drafted Taylor and Davis 2nd/3rd rds. Had both been healthy to start the season, both Marshall and Patterson would now be gone.

Taylor would be playing #2 cb ad Davis the nickel. Thenyou could be b-tching how unwise, according to your ill-fatd logic, it was for Ireland to let both MARSHALL AND PATTERSON go before the regular season begin.

The real reason Ireland let Marshall go is because he isn't a DUMBASS like YOU.

ENUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey YG,

Go fukk yourself. I'll express whatever opinions I want on here. I don't your approval or to check with you whether it jives with what you think. Getting rid of Marshall was a dumb move and I said it at the time.


is it possible to get a petition going to ban you know who?

Posted by: Craig M | September 07, 2013 at 09:48 PM

You say dumbass stuff 98% of your post. Why quit now?

Back injuries never heal 100%. The entire world knows except for dumbass CraigM. He was ready to GIVE AWAY $5 million dollars to make room on IR for Richard Marshall before seasons end.

WOW............... What an idiot...................

The handwriting was on the wall draft day for both Marshall and Patterson when Ireland drafted Taylor and Davis 2nd/3rd rds.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | September 07, 2013 at 09:45

This was undoubtedly the tell tale sign. Picking cb's back to back so high, just like picking a kicker in round five, was sending a message. No doubt after those picks Ireland knew Marshall and Patterson would be battling for one job, the loser out.

Marshal was the loser out on two awful teams already, Carolina and Arizona.

And one other point YG (hands Dow or whatever fukking you're going by this second)'

Can you pot a direct quote showing where Ireland ever said Taylor was hi day one starter. I'll look for it tomorrow.

Your comments have nothing to do with the points I made. My point is the cutting of Marshall was nothing more than a money saver. You can't count on Carroll, you have no clue what you've got in the rookies and Patterson's bounced around. It was a dumb move and very unnecessary, in my opinion. He was good enough to give a big contract to a year ago but now they don't want to keep him cause they got other guys for the position. He's potentially opened a hole where one didn't have to be opened. Just dumb!

I think Mando said there are only 2 teams in the NFL that spent less than the Dolphins. And then they wonder why they dont have the talent.

Why any of you think Marshall with obviously no upside was a loss is beyond me.

Injuries to both rookie corners are minor. Marshall won't be missed.

First post at 9:56 was someone faking me.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

It's naive to think any team is willing to pay 9 times more for a player that is only slightly better than the guy behind him or at another position. Ever heard of the term salary cap causalities? Only the Phins are guilty of this? LOL

And since no one here knows if there were other issues with Marshall other than his injury history with the Phins and his big salary...it's really a moot point.


I agree fully that Marshall would be more help EIGHT NOW than Nolan Carroll.

But that doesn't nullify the reasoning for drafting the CB's and letting Marshall go.

At the time Marshall was let go, Patterson was outplaying him, Carroll was having his best Camp to date and Will Davis was intercepting everything in sight.

So I will agree that Marshall could be used right about now. But I believe the only reason is due to MULTIPLE INJURIES!

Mass Dolphin called it solely a financial move and even through in Leach's antics for good measure. Those two things are what I called ridiculous.


Craig MiniMind

Here is your first clue, because I guess it hasn't reached your neural network yet.

Patterson beat Marshall.

After 4 consecutive losing seasons(soon to be 5) anyone with half a brain realizes the Dolphin coaches and front office are clueless.

'Marshall was the loser on two awful teams'.

He was? Seems to me he did alright. If you consider being a loser getting a multi year, multi-million contract as a UFA, then I'd say you have a strange definition of what a loser is.

One other point YG, there are a million guys in he NFL and professional sports who have returned to god health and had productive NFL careers. Try Gronkowski for one. But I forgot, you're a qualified MD no too. Somehow you KNOW that Marshall would end up on IR this season. God knows where you'd pull that info from but somehow you're the expert on tis topic.

So you're theory is the team to rid of him because they don't think he's owing to make it through the season? BRILLIANT!!!!!

Craig Mini

He still LOST his job. These guys make great money. Still two awful teams no longer wanted him.

Can you figure out what it means when an awful team jettisons a player?


How did the Hurricanes do today........?


Posted by: odinseye | September 07, 2013 at 07:58 PM

Enjoying it about as much as your enjoying the Ole fashion dismantling the Wolverines are giving the Irish (as an Old School Canes Lifer enjoying it plenty myself)

So Canes beat the Gators and the Irish are losing! Great College gameday!

By the way so far this Season the Georgia Bulldogs are playing some of the best games week to week, last weeks ban burner in Clemson and today another Vs. S.Carolina!

I suppose you think it was a mistake to let Carpenter go. The lowly Jets signed him and then cut him.

What makes you think you know better than the coaching staff? You have nothing to go on beyond your silly imagination.

MADDEN 25 SIMULATION has Miami finishing the season at 8-8. Missing the playoffs to the usual suspects. By usual suspects I mean top notch organizations like New England and Pittsburgh.

To Ross and Irescum that will be progress.

PS...Madden simulation is the best AI on the market. 75% accuracy.

The coaching staff? They suck

Hi JackSparrow (ETF)

Keep posting, Kris Kry is here reading everything.

(I will hound you until the end, because you are a disgusting slime bag that deserves it)


I hated the cutting of Marshall at the time. I said so on here. It exposed the secondary unnecessarily. Please tell me one guy you can count on back there? Grimes is a baller but he's coming off a severe Achilles injury. What if he gets hurt again then what? Whose the guy you can you can count on? We don't have one. The cutting of Marshall was financial, pure and simple,

And Hands Down,

Please show me where I said Patterson didn't beat out Marshall. I never said that. What I said was Marshall didn't need to be cut. At the time he was, I said be prepared to see Nolan Carroll starting by mid-season. Now I think it will be before that. If you guys think that's a good thing then you're watching a different team than me.

Can't talk to idiots like YG and Hands Down. Now he's on to Dan Carpenter. Who said anything about Dan Carpenter?

Last point, Hands Down......

Did Mike Wallace lose his job in Piitsburgh? Is he a loser? Or did the Steelers decide thy didn't want to pay him what other teams did?

Think before you post next time numbskull......

Wow, Craigarrhea still hasn't taken his Pepto.

Marshall, 28, started four games for Miami last year but spent the final two months of the season on injured reserve with a back injury. The eighth-year pro, who has also played for Carolina and Arizona, had been scheduled to make $1.2 million this season.

He would likely be the nickel cornerback for San Diego and can compete with Shareece Wright for a starting spot.

Craig idiot, You thik Marshall would ave taken a paycut to play for us? The Bolts signed him for 1,2 million, and he's playing nickel. Couldn't win a starting spot there neither dumbass......


When the Steelers miss the playoffs again, they will regret not paying Wallace. Especially when he helps us make the playoffs.

You don't have a better argument than that?

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