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Dolphins 'got a damn good football team'

If you didn't watch the game and merely started reading the box score, you'd be depressed.

Matt Ryan wasn't sacked.

Ryan Tannehill was sacked five times.

The Dolphins rushed for 90 yards.

The Falcons rushed for 146 yards.

The Falcons also won the turnover margin and time of possession.

Guess what?

Dolphins 27. Falcons 23.

It was a great come-from-behind victory. It was a game that led to a Gatorade shower in the locker room. And afterward, owner Stephen Ross left that very locker room and announced, "We got a damn good football team."

Now, my instincts are to suggest he slow his roll. But you know what?

Give it to him. And the Dolphins. This was a very fine win.

Really was.


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We got our Quarterback and we got something SPECIAL!!
3-0 BABY!! Told ya!!

who cares

They didn't fold. Mistakes and injuries made it closer than it should've been, but the Fins kept their heads and did what they had to do. Falcons must feel stunned. Hope we are more healthy for Monday Night!

I'm sealing this 3-0 start in a jar...because I want reminders that this was actually happening, come the end of the season.

This is why Ross doesn't want to speak to the media, they always shove what he says up his butt. Let the man be happy, his team is 3-0 !

Awesome win. In years past the Dolphins would have been blown out. They hung tough and the defense gave the team a chance for the win, and the offense made it happen! It wasn't the prettiest win but its a win. 3-0 feels REAL GOOD!

Ireland still sucks.

This team still sucks.

Tannehill will last 7 games max with that line.

Dolphins did NOT lose the turnover battle. Each team had two.

The problem with protecting Tanny is a combination of the line, holding the ball way too long and not having a outlet or someone in the flat..that a coaching issue not having a outlet for him.. Sherman needs to wake up or get fire..too predictable with fullback in the game..horrible

Trolls gotta troll. 3-0. Eat it.

How about DION Jordan getting pressure at the end to force the game clinching interception!

Best part of 3-0 is we beat to quality teams in the Colts and Falcons, finally a year we most of us real fans can look forward to and enjoy!

..I am hammered..Have no idea why I am here right now except to say victory feels good!! Enjoy Phin fans. I don't remember a game where we were outplayed like that but showed guts resiliency and brought it home!

Play of the game....Rishard Matthews getting that first down on third down when he lost the yardage..Giving effort just to get his foot past the first down marker..That was HUGE..If we are forced to kick a field goal right there...

More Patron.

Hey trolls. Go take a walk off a cliff. D-bags!

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY | September 22, 2013 at 08:01 PM

Turds, I mean TRDS, we can't hear you because the sweetness of victory drowns out your nonsense.

How about DION Jordan getting pressure at the end to force the game clinching interception!

Posted by: Fake GM | September 22, 2013 at 08:04 PM

Its great to point out what contributions the rookies made today. Sims with the TD catch, Jordan with the pressure making Ryan throw the duck which was intercepted!

Less and less for the trolls to complain about!

I cant stand fools like don "little prick", soldy and the other idiot tony. Get a life and quit trolling.

DON SOLDY.... The only thing that sucks round here is your mother at every truck stop in the city..

She doesn't do it for the money...

She does it because she likes it....

Ireland still sucks.

This team still sucks.

Tannehill will last 7 games max with that line.

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY | September 22, 2013 at 08:01 PM

I would love to come visit the rock you crawled out of only to step on it and crush whatever grat matter you have left,

The GENUINE Don Soldinger would rip the trill impostor's head off and defecate down his throat.
What a waste of oxygen this creature is.
What's the matter, the Cane's 3-0 and you've run out of cliches?

If this rumor of Joe Thomas being available, I'd give the Browns our 1st round draft choice (probably in the mid to high 20's) and a mid round choice YESTERDAY.
With the down year in the AFC, our future, even with our few weaknesses may be NOW.

who cares

Posted by: tony | September 22, 2013 at 07:59 PM

You're an assshole.

Ireland still sucks.

This team still sucks.

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY | September 22, 2013 at 08:01 PM

And of course your mama sucks!

What's the difference in DON SOLDY and a bucket of $hit?

The bucket!

It's been a long time since I've felt good about a Dolphins team! What's more is that I DON'T have that nagging feeling that they are pretenders. This team is earning it. That was an impressive win today...and cudo's to the 12th man today...the fans showed up and were LOUD! Fins up!

all we need to do now is spend a 1st round draft pick on a O lineman .. in i can see this team being elite .. especiallly with this defense

Any word on Wake's knee?

IMA writer I agree with you if that deal can be done Ireland should be making it happen.

the perfect outlet would be Keller :(

do you guys think we should offer a 1st rounder for Joe Thomas?

Armando - so maybe NOW you won't bet against the Dolphins? I saw the predictions ... everyone correctly picked the Dolphins on your staff ... the scores were even mainly correct ... except YOU! Sigh!

Jeff Ireland is the main reason this team is where it is. He had the guts to pull the trigger on Tannehill with the 9th overall pick. He has built a great defense. He has drafted some great players (Jordan, Odrick, Jones, Misi, Shelby, Hartline, Pouncey, and Sturgis). Great FA signings (Wallace, Grimes, Gibson, Ellerbe, Wheeler, Incognito, and Patterson).

Great job Ireland

I don,t care about what went wrong or how bad we played at times. Think the pats cared against the bills and jets? Atlanta is a good team and we won. We had to come from behind and won when in the past we would not have done it. We are banged up, young, and still developing. This is a huge win we had to have, and if we lose next week to n.orleans that is ok because this team is legit. After that, let's see, but this was huge win and I am happy and optimistic as you should all be

even if tannehill is out, we got moore. if wake can't play, we have depth on defense.

I have it on good info Fire Ross, The Real Don Soldy and Tony are out giving head in the Meadowlands Parking Lot. Hey, even Trolls need to eat and make money!!!

I think I would do it. So far it looks like we are only a player away from a well rounded, playoff-capable, winning team... and that player could be Thomas.

Thanks Joe Philbon for building a winning culture!

Any word on Wake's knee?

Posted by: IMAWriter | September 22, 2013 at 08:20 PM


I don't think its that serious. Watching the game on television, I spotted Wake running and leg driving some equipment on the sideline. I would guess that had this game been more important like a divisional game, I think he would have been back out there.

Gotta love the win. Jordan was getting pressure often in the game & the goaline stop on 3rd & 1 was huge.

Not all is rosy though. Impressions after 3 games: Ellerbe hasn't been a difference maker & the run D is nothing compared to last year.

As good as Tannehill was on that last drive, he continues to hold the ball too long waiting for things to develop downfield. He needs to start tucking the ball and running or he won't make it 6 games.

Hopefully Wake isn't down too long. I have been saying we needed to get through the first 5 games at 2-3 or better to have a legit shot at a Wildcard. Better than that, they can win the division. Our tough stretch is half over and we're 3-0. The pats tough stretch is coming up after 3 relatively easy games compared to our 1st three.

Things are looking up but, Tanne NEEDS to stop holding the ball too long. As the announcer said, most of the sacks given up in that game & the previous 2 were due to his lack of awareness.

Chew on that nancies!

Who are this little crap babies calling a troll, im actually a fan since 1970, went To Central H.S. fools, i ma big fan I'm just point out the stupidity of Sherman as OC and if the dont fixed this problems Tanny will be in IR or ER by week 5

IM really UPSET with Sherman game plan and play calling, that all.

I`m glad were winning but hasn t anyone else wondered why were playing the Patriots schedule, I know they cheat for the Kraft family and Brady alot , but we didn t even smell the play-offs last year , yet here we are playing all the divisional winners and the Patsies are playing our bottom feeders schedule , how did they manage to pull that off?

tony, "Mouth" on the last blog kept calling out trolls. With his sad & pathetic life, he has nothing else to do. just ignore him like everyone else with half a brain here.

I mean, WHO CARES about the trolls and if they run & hide? LMAO He still doesn't realize the trolls are looking to get a rise out of schleps like him & he is the easies target.

Great win even though a lot of things to worry about. As long as the W's pile up instead of L's, all is good in Dolphin land!


Stop with the speculation and give your team credit! And FYI, Aaron Rodgers was sacked 51 times last year. Most in the NFL.

Great win but we still have two glaring weaknesses to fix...the offensive line and Tanny holding on too long. Imagine how much we would have won by if those two things were corrected. We have already done better than most said we would in our first five games. 12-4 or 13-3 is not out of our reach.

Enjoy this win.

Not many more left.

5-11 after THill gets destroyed in the next few games.

I hope that people don't jump off the band wagon next week. Next week will be the toughest game of the season for us. Monday night, Saints, in NO and now all of the injuries, it may get ugly. We just have to hold the fort at home and win a couple of more games on the road and we can win 11 or 12 games. Will that be good enough to make the playoffs or win he AFC East. We will see.

You do realize they'll play the falcon s and no right?

Enjoy this win.

Not many more left.

5-11 after THill gets destroyed in the next few games.

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY | September 22, 2013 at 08:40 PM

Yeah, and last week you said the same thing only you put up 4-12. What, are you in kindergarten?

Mondo I want to know how they switched schedules with us , then we don t get to play them or a divisional rival till they`ve all had time to gel and get better but they`ve all played each other , talk about the league screwing you on scheduling

HI you idiot the WHO CARES was to the duffs whom posted FIRST on the BLOG. CHECK the time line.

Tannehill holding too long is a matter of coaching and NFL experience.

To fix the OL Ireland should consider offering the brownies a 1st and a 3rd rounder for Joe Thomas, I think.


Great win for the FINS...made even sweeter by thefact that I was jabbing ck and forth with this chick from ATL....she was real bratty....and zI didn't like her attitude....when it was 20-10....she was ...blah...blah..blah...

when it was 27-23...she STFU....i'm goinn now...so she might be talking again....

GO FINS...make us proud fans again...

Told you guys let the Ryan Tannehill era begin !! Told you he would outduel Matty Ice !! Next up Monday Night Football in N.Orleans !! 3-0 we'll be 4-1 at the break absolutely awesome fellas good night !!

THAT was not a derogatory comment on a great win by my TEAM.. IM just blowing some steam on how inefficient the pal calling and game plan by a so called OC

@ Jack don t forget tackling , they were horrible today giving receivers and running backs many extra yards with 3 and 4 of our guys on them , but GREAT WIN!!!!! Tannehill stepped up when he needed and was happy Wilson got the pick after they targeted him all game

Got to admit, with Atlanta driving late in the 4th quarter, after the Fins had them pushed inside their ten and let them march down the field, I gave up.

We are 3-0, and that's great, but we have some BIG problems on both sides of the ball. Our D did not look good today against a beat up team offensively. Our running game, save for Miller's 40 yard run, does not look good. The O-line got manhandled quite a bit as well.

I'm really concerned even though we are 3-0. We have got to iron some things out fast or teams are going to adapt and punish us.

3-2 is better than many of us dared to hope for this team ... we could drop the next two and have a good shot at 9 or 10 wins ... hope Coyle eats, sleeps, and breathes how to shut down Jimmy Graham this coming week. And hope we get Patterson, Solial, and Wake back! We cannot beat the Saints with our 1st-half D.

No matter what we do we get disrespected: beat 2 playoff teams from last year....headline at SI.com: "Henne directs dolphins past Falcons". REALLY?!!! Screw them all! We shall stay under the radar and wreck shop. Hope Cam is good and Solai gets back soon. We need them.

I want my QB and a darn good one he is becoming to get full protection on long passes, outlet one on position and more quick 2-3 step passing with a line that is struggling now. Do I make my self clear idiots, by the way i do game and study the game.


The only thing getting destroyed is your mothers anus at the truck stop..

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