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Dolphins in New Orleans PLUS keys to the game

NEW ORLEANS -- The Dolphins are in town and, as I reported on my twitter account, both Cameron Wake and Paul Soliai traveled with the Dolphins today.


Both remain pregame decisions and although I have been told it is unlikely Soliai plays, the possibility that he is active is 50-50. Wake? That's going to be close.

I believe he will try to play. We'll see.

Meanwhile, let me share the keys to the game with you:

When the Dolphins pass the football: If the Dolphins can resolve their issue with sacks, the passing game would border on elite. Ryan Tannehill has been sacked 14 times this year, which is more than any other NFL quarterback. Some of that is the offensive line, some of that is poor blocking by backs and tight ends, some of that is Tannehill holding the ball too long. Tannehill is spreading the football around – completing passes to nine different receivers last week. Miami has speed on the outside and a physical presence from Brandon Gibson in the slot. Add Charles Clay, who is finally emerging, and the passing game is borderline dynamic. The Saints have been equally dynamic stopping the pass. They’re No. 4 against the pass, they’re sixth in interception percentage. Cameron Jordan is emerging as an excellent pass rusher. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Dolphins run the football: The Dolphins running game came around a bit last week, as Miami rushed for 90 yards on 15 carries – a 6-yard a carry average. But the Dolphins need to actually run more often against the Saints so that they can improve the time of possession and limit the amount of time Drew Brees and the New Orleans offense is on the field. This would be a good strategy because the Saints aren’t exceptional against the run. And by not exceptional, read terrible. New Orleans is 31st in the NFL in rushing yards per attempt allowed and 20th in rushing yards allowed per game. They are vulnerable. ADVANTAGE: Dolphins.

When the Saints run the football: Pierre Thomas remains the most effective running threat for New Orleans despite the fact the team invested a first-round pick in Mark Ingram two years ago. Thomas is averaging a 4-yards per rush but his longest run of the season is 11 yards. He is not breakaway threat. Darren Sproles is actually New Orleans’ change-of-pace back while Ingram has been something of a disappointment, averaging only 2.6 yards per run. The Dolphins missed 11 tackles last week against the Falcons. Six of those were on linebacker Phillip Wheeler. The Dolphins struggled with average running team Atlanta perhaps, in part, because defensive tackle Paul Soliai didn’t play. ADVANTAGE: Dolphins.

When the Saints pass the football: The Saints are scary good when they throw the ball but not infallible. Yes, Drew Brees is among the NFL’s acknowledged elite QBs but he has thrown four interceptions to go with his six TD passes. And while Jimmy Graham is a match up nightmare, the Saints are an intermediate passing team. The Dolphins must pressure Brees. He has been sacked 10 times in three games so there is vulnerability there. But if Miami is without defensive end Cameron Wake aside from the loss of cornerback Dimitri Patterson, the defense against the pass will be great diminished. The Saints lead the NFL in yards after the catch since 2006. ADVANTAGE: Saints.

Special teams: Brandon Fields and Caleb Sturgis are arguably the most consistent players on the Miami roster. Sturgis has not missed this season and is even 2-for-2 on FGs of 50 yards or more. Fields is third in the NFL in net punting average and fourth in overall average. The Saints have a threat in Darren Sproles on both kickoff return and punt returns. But this is mostly about reputation. Sproles is averaging only 7.3 yards per return. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Coaching: The Miami coaching staff is good at correcting issues that pop up in previous weeks. Look for defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle to address the issues with stopping the run and missing tackles, which showed up against Atlanta. The Saints, terrible on defense a year ago, have completely turned around under new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. The Saints allowed 3.1 TDs per game last season. They are allowing 1.3 TDs per game this season. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Intangibles: The Superdome is a difficult place to play even when the Saints are mediocre.  It can get unbearable when New Orleans is good and on a roll. It is loud. The crowd seems to feed the home team with momentum and vice versa. OVERALL ADVANTAGE: Saints.


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Tomorrow we will find out how that #3 pick performs under the lights in prime time!

You give him that kind of time, he'll murder you.


Brady has no WRs whatsoever tonight. Next week, Amendola, Gronkowsky back. We play them on Oct 27.

I just want Miami to win on Monday night! It doesn't even have to be pretty...just beat the Taints...er, Saints! A friend of mine has promised to cook me a meal if Miami wins, but if they lose, I have to take her to an expensive restaurant! So, please....WIN!!!

Pats defense suck and still holding the Falcons to 10 points
If that's the case than Falcons offense this year not very good!!

I'm going back someday, go one day to Blue Bayou...

Tom Brady is not that good and Matt Ryan has always been all Hype like Reggie Bush.

Ryan Tannehill needs work. But he has more Natural ability than the 2 Clowns on TV.

Matt Ryan has 2 Real Good WRs and The Greatest TE Ever. And he still manages to choke. He has also been allowed a Running Game from the Start.

If Chad Henne had been drafted by Atlanta and The Roles were Reverse. I Bet RoboQb would've been Signing a $100 Million Dollar Contract, Not backing up B.Gabbert. M.Ryan would've been out of the League by now. The Dolphin Fans hurt his feelings. Dashi would've compared M.Ryan to D.Marino.

Might I even say put M.Ryan on the Jets. He wouldn't even beat out Sanchez.

I would rather have M.Moore on my team than have M.Ryan.

Look at Belichick coaching on the bench! In an interconference nonsignificant Game!

Look at Belichick coaching on the bench! On an interconference nonsignificant Game!

What is with the Jags and Gabbert anyway? The guy has been outperformed at every turn by Henne and yet he still starts!

I drafted Cecil Shorts in FF and his numbers suck every time Gabbert plays.

Brady has been throwing pom poms to his 3 cheerleaders and is still beating Matt Ryan.

I remember a favorite phrase of Shula, "We cannot depend on other Teams to do it for us, our destiny is in our own hands". We'll see the Patriots on Oct 27. GN

Brady has 1 or 2 Years Left.

They need to get him better players. Like P.Manning.

How bad have the Pats drafted that they have an UDFA starting at WR. Who did they sign in Free Agency. They should've kept Welker.

No Depth whatsoever. How long has Bill Belichick been building that Roster?

Belichick won with the players Parcells left. He hasn't won 1 SB with his own Roster.

John Elway looks like a Better GM than BB. Or Overlord of Football Operations. Whatever it is called nowadays. Belichick is a Good Coach. But he should let someone else do the Scouting.

Caddy--you aint comparing Ryan to Marino?--are you?--really?-Ryan is a good QB, might be very good.....Marino is a legend--not sure about SBs but even if he gets there, or wins one, thats hardly a similarity.......on the field, it aint even comparable.


You said it! In SPADES!

Matt Ryan S-U-C-K-S S-U-C-K-S S-U-C-K-S!!!!

He's been afforde EVERYTHING! Even a WR that they paid 5 Draft Picks for.

With the talent the Falcon's have had over the years, I could've at least taken them to a playoff win. At the very least.

WTF is this guy doing? He looks like a Deer in the Head Lights and PLAYS even SOFTER!

The Jake Long pick didn't work out too weel. But at least he didn't set as back as far as Ryan would have. He's a JOKE!

ROTFLMAO! I will say this though, **IF** Atlanta EVER gets a legitimate QB, watchout. Other than Matt Ryan, this team is stacked!

Matt Ryan and Dan Marino do have a lot of similarities. Very good QB's that cant get over the top. Ryan has 10-11 years left though.

Publicado por: CadillacDeVille | September 29, 2013 at 09:49 PM

To even make the comparison shows you never saw Marino play and I'm not talking 95-99 Marino, I'm talking 83-94 Marino. I see a Matt Ryan who upon being drafted was handed Micheal Turner who even LT says was better than him in S.D. by 08. As a Falcon Turner would go for 1,500 Yds. his 1st Yr. in Atl. coincidentally enough in Yr. 2 with Turner hurt the Falcons had a losing Season the following Yr. he returns and WALA! Marino by comparison had Tony Nathan and a washed up Pete Johnson in 84 followed by guys like Lorenzo Hampton and so on. The Falcons have a WR who today is top-3 in Julio adding Roddy White a real fast slot guy in Douglas and the best T.E. in the games history with what has been a very steady D under H.C. Mike Smith. Marino had a very fast one trick pony in Duper (if you don't know that then you definitely didn't see either play) He did however have a real gamer in Clayton but the slowest T.E.'s the game ever saw in Bruce Hardy, Joe Rose and Dan Johnson whith a geriatric D that was undersized to boot and always had him needing to score over 30 to have a shot, your comparison is baseless!

Difference with the Patriots this year is they have a very good defense. Their linebackers are very good. Talib is money. And Chandler Jones is the real deal. So it's not just Brady and the offense this time around, it's more of a complete team. And that o-line is very, very good. They not only protect Brady very well but they open up some huge holes for the running game. The Patriots will again win 11, 12 games easily. Unfortunately.

Young QBs people wanted to compare R.Tannehill with



Young QBs people should compare R.Tannehill with

Maybe, RG3, if they fire Shanahan

Well, as much as I hate to say this, Tom Brady is the greatest QB of this generation, until recently, the best BIG GAME QB. For anyone to think otherwise, with apologies to Peyton Manning, is foolish.
The Eastern Press, with their "Matty Ice" (which was from his Boston College days) built up the mystique. In also would rather have Tannehill, warts and all right NOW, that Ryan. If his pocket awareness improves (once he actually HAS a consistent pocket) he will be a perennially top 10, or better QB.

Posted by: fin4life | September 29, 2013 at 10:59 PM

Aaah those Dolphin defenses in Marino's prime were dream killers. Thurman Thomas broke so many tackles vs those teams. Such frustrating memories and a waste of Marino's talent.

Sorry for all the typos. I meant if Tanny's pocket presence improves...
Hope everyone enjoys the game tomorrow night.
Hopefully, it will be a sweet win in the Big Easy.

I know I keep saying the guy is a UDFA, but I must admit 85 is going to be a good player for the Pats. But Brady needs more than 1 WR. Specially in his 80th year in the League.

Brady isn't the same athlete he was in his younger days.

Reading your posts your all talking about how Ryan sucks ect... What you should all be analyzing is that the Pats are fully aware that the Dolphins have designs on competing for the Div. with their game on tomorrow nights stage and are sending us a message of their own aside from the rest of the AFC with Gronk coming back soon.

Talib has completely shut out Julio Jones tonight. That's not an easy thing to do.

Josh Boyce...Who the F*** is that?

Aaah those Dolphin defenses in Marino's prime were dream killers. Thurman Thomas broke so many tackles vs those teams. Such frustrating memories and a waste of Marino's talent.

Publicado por: The Woodshed Gang | September 29, 2013 at 11:06 PM

I'll never forget the Wild Card game up in Buffalo (with Shula's 19 #1 pick team) getting lit up for an NFL record 300 Yds rushing!

You see the difference between Pats and Phins is first Brady and the Pats great offensive line, Vince Lombardi Papa bear halis Don Shula always have preach it taught it that the battle is won at the line of scrimmage, but you have to have the players to do so the phins don't have that talent...and that's why they wining running game because they don't have great WR TE but that running game open the passing game! Game over! And you guys think we just taking the title away from the Pats!
I don't think so...remember the name Tom Brady! You guys must of forgotten him!

Brady's receivers had to show name tags just to get into the locker room tonight. Yet Matt Ryan's getting a Brady beat down tonight.

When was the last time someone kicked Atlanta's butt like that in the Georgia Dome? I don't even remember. Everyone is saying how Miami can make a statement tomorrow. I hope they do, because the Patriots sure did tonight. Wow...

fin4life, for even worse was the game up in Buffalo where Kelly/Thomas screened passed the Fins into oblivion. Must have been at least 15 screens, and some draws that day. Thurman was the #1 Fin killer, then it was the FSU receiver for the Jets Lavernues Coles. Can't figure out how they pronounced it "LA-VER-NI-US.'
But then again, FAVRE.



Brady is a smart QB that doesn't make mistakes. I give you that. BUT to say he is the Best QB of his Generation is a Stretch.

P.Manning and D.Brees are the Best QB of that generation.

Brady isn't Clutch. Name 1 Brady Comeback that ended with a Pass. Usually the Kicker is the one who wins it for Brady.

Adam Vinateri has more Super bowls than T.Brady.

How many Super bowls would've P.Manning won if he had B.Belichick as his coach his whole career.

Brady isn't the same athlete he was in his younger days.

Publicado por: Dashi | September 29, 2013 at 11:07 PM

He's smarter without the heavy injury history. What he's doing is amazing! I hate the fact he had to be a Patriot for sure but admire and respect the talent. If you look at the numbers Peyton is putting up with 16 TD's already averaging close to 40 per and we've truly been privileged to get the NFL's version of Magic Vs. Bird. Marino was great but never had the teams to compete with QB's I felt he was a better passer than but these 2!!

Tom Brady, the best QB ever.

When was the last time someone kicked Atlanta's butt like that in the Georgia Dome? I don't even remember. Everyone is saying how Miami can make a statement tomorrow. I hope they do, because the Patriots sure did tonight. Wow...

Publicado por: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | September 29, 2013 at 11:14 PM

In 2010 the Falcons ran through the Reg. Season finishing 13-3 with Homefield and got run out of there Stadium by the Packers 48-21 and those that saw it know it wasn't even that close!


Could you clarify that last sentence please?

You think he WAS or WASN'T a better passer than these two(Brady/Manning)?

Tony Gonzalez, the best TE ever.

So Miami has to fight all years long. To get a wildcard birth, because I just don't think Miami can compete with the Pats as long as they have Brady, plus the Phins OL not very good not enough talent that can protect or create a running game, love my phins but until the OL improve to elite status this team will have to hope to make the playoffs, tomorrow will be a great opportunity to improve get better on the OL saints defense have 8 sacks multiple hurries pressures so we will find out....Belichick can bring someone off the streets and make them players that no one heard of. Give the man credit he is top notch coach.


Brady and Manning have been fun to watch because they have played each other so much(They played in the Old AFC East). Apart from their individual greatness. Manning is way better.

The Brady is an Athlete part was a joke.

Brady is a Smart QB. I would say one of the smartest QBs ever. But Brady doesn't have one Skill that he is Real Good at. Apart from not making mistakes. His Arm is OK and his Accuracy is only Above Average to me. Plus, if you get Brady pressured enough to alter his mechanics his true colors come out. He isn't that good.

Personally, I believe Marino was OBVIOUSLY and BLATANTLY the best Pure Pocket Passer.......EVER......Period.

You don't need a bunch of words to jumble up the fact.

Simply the BEST EVER in the Pocket......of All Time.

Simply the BEST Pure Passer EVER......of All Time.

Manning maybe could be better than Marino. But I still wouldn't put him ahead of the Innovator of the Forward Pass.

Marino showed everyone that many passes that they thought were impossible were possible with his Special Ability.

Why do you think everyone wants to know if a QB can throw a Deep Out. Cause Marino made that throw Famous.

Falcons making a come back but a little too late! Also how about Tampa bay I give it til the middle or end of the week that the HC is fired you bench freeman for that their string QB because that is what he looks like! And all Tampa fans sports TV analyst said its a great move yeah right!!! I live in crystal river and those fans are bunch of idiots. But this area citrus county lots of dolphin fans!

Can't believe Pats 4-0. Great coaching, no doubt..

You think he WAS or WASN'T a better passer than these two(Brady/Manning)?

Publicado por: odinseye | September 29, 2013 at 11:27 PM

My point in that statement was that Dan had Elway, Elway had the stronger arm but I always felt Dan the better passer by far (the numbers tend to agree) not just the Yds and TD's but the TD to Int. ratio. They both (in the 80's) trailed Kelly who had the most balanced team from every conceivable angle but he was more mad bomber and prone to Int. IMO had Marino and Elway QB'ed the Bills team they win a couple of SB's.

Re-read I NEVER compared these 2 to Marino or his generation my point was that just like in the NBA's Bird Vs. Magic heyday we NFL fans have seen our version with these two who have played with SB Caliber talent and have competed for it plenty.


Peyton played in the last 2 Yrs. of the AFC East but Brady did not getting his 1st start the Yr. the League re-aligned


Marino is the Most Prolific Passer in History. Agreed.

People can have all the QB conversations they want.

But when it comes to Passing the Ball. Marino was the Greatest Of All Time.

Marino influenced more QBs than any other QB in History. D.Marino changed the way the game was played. He even influenced Coaches. Dan Marino made the game what the game is Today.

The NFL is divided in 2 Eras. Before Marino and After Marino.

Before Marino QBs only threw about 300 times a season. After Marino QBs are allowed to throw over 600 times a Season.

And Matt Ryan's legacy LIVES ON!!!!

He'll get cha......ALMOST there-LOL!

Thank God for Jake Long Baby!!!!

Whoop - WHOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!

Dashi | September 29, 2013 at 11:40 PM

Manning is the smarter QB given Marino won a few and lost a few trusting his arm into any coverage while Manning is a surgeon who finds, exploits your weakness. Vey different in approach given Dan had the better arm by far.

Dashe, tell us again how soccer players arent athletes. Thats hysterical.


Then the Colts must've played the AFC East a lot during that time. Cause I remember JT and Zach battling P.Manning all the time also.

And Brady and Manning played each other a couple times in the playoffs.

Got it at 11:48 Fin4.

It took me a second-Duh-LOL!

Thanks for the Clarification!

PS: I hate it when New England wins!

Marino was a local hero but not top 10 nationwide. He always dissapeared when his team needed him the most.

And Matt Ryan comes up short again.....

Tell me again how this guy was the 'franchise QB we should have picked'. Yeah Ok.

Keep the excuses for Matt Ryan coming.....

So much for matty ice. The pats did everything to hand the falcons the game and they still were able to come up with a win at the end. Have to say as long as the pats have brady they will be kings of the AFC east. I hope the Fins prove me wrong

I have said it many times, if Eddie DeBartolo would have been Marino's team owner with the 49ers Coaching and scouting he may have won 5 SB's, It's my opinion! I've posted it many times it was Shula the G.M. who extended the career of Shula the Coach at the expense of Marino cause without Dan and the Killer Bees old and done! Then the late 80's out with the old (as in legends Noll and Landry) would have included Shula's 4-12 teams. After the career killing injury of Andrea Franklin with Nathan, Woody Bennett and Lo Hampton at RB behind the old Kooch and Newman. The LB's and DB's all in their Mid-30's! I think Shula gets the ax with those others quick!

Matty Ice, perfect name, goes hot and cold all in a single game.


Then the Colts must've played the AFC East a lot during that time. Cause I remember JT and Zach battling P.Manning all the time also.

And Brady and Manning played each other a couple times in the playoffs.

Publicado por: Dashi | September 29, 2013 at 11:55 PM

They played as Div. foes head to head from 98 (Peyton's rookie Yr.) till 2001. You say you remember wars well maybe in 99 when Peyton (in 2nd Yr.) took Colts to 13-3 record with late showdown at Miami were it was a shootout that the Colts win with Peyton picking on Terrell Buckley unmercifully! After the seconds ticked off there was a shot on TV of JT on hands and knees on the sideline looking at the scoreboard in a game H.C. JJ called a must win! That game by the way was T-Buck's last at RCB with Surtain replacing him the following week. That very same Season by the way when we went to Indy it was the game Marino wins throwing a bomb down the sideline on to Oronde Gadsden to make a comeback 10 down then with seconds to go he hits him again in a corner fade. Your remembering wars was those games that Yr. that were for the ages. Brady came in 2001 as a ball control/game manager (nobody in their right mind thought he would be what he was even with that SB win) Your thinking about the NFL always putting them on each others schedules every Yr. for a long time.

I of course meant Shula the Coach was undone by Shula the G.M. and the 2 dragged Marino down!

Lane Kiffin fired in stadium parking lot after 62-41 loss to Arizona St. Was called off of team bus and delivered the news.

To cut Shula the GM a little slack, I don't think he ever had a losing season with Marino. Meaning 17yrs drafting mid to upper teens and higher.

Difficult to build through the draft with 17yrs to do this. Still, Shula managed to find some every good talent in the draft. Just not nearly enough.

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