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Dolphins in New Orleans PLUS keys to the game

NEW ORLEANS -- The Dolphins are in town and, as I reported on my twitter account, both Cameron Wake and Paul Soliai traveled with the Dolphins today.


Both remain pregame decisions and although I have been told it is unlikely Soliai plays, the possibility that he is active is 50-50. Wake? That's going to be close.

I believe he will try to play. We'll see.

Meanwhile, let me share the keys to the game with you:

When the Dolphins pass the football: If the Dolphins can resolve their issue with sacks, the passing game would border on elite. Ryan Tannehill has been sacked 14 times this year, which is more than any other NFL quarterback. Some of that is the offensive line, some of that is poor blocking by backs and tight ends, some of that is Tannehill holding the ball too long. Tannehill is spreading the football around – completing passes to nine different receivers last week. Miami has speed on the outside and a physical presence from Brandon Gibson in the slot. Add Charles Clay, who is finally emerging, and the passing game is borderline dynamic. The Saints have been equally dynamic stopping the pass. They’re No. 4 against the pass, they’re sixth in interception percentage. Cameron Jordan is emerging as an excellent pass rusher. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Dolphins run the football: The Dolphins running game came around a bit last week, as Miami rushed for 90 yards on 15 carries – a 6-yard a carry average. But the Dolphins need to actually run more often against the Saints so that they can improve the time of possession and limit the amount of time Drew Brees and the New Orleans offense is on the field. This would be a good strategy because the Saints aren’t exceptional against the run. And by not exceptional, read terrible. New Orleans is 31st in the NFL in rushing yards per attempt allowed and 20th in rushing yards allowed per game. They are vulnerable. ADVANTAGE: Dolphins.

When the Saints run the football: Pierre Thomas remains the most effective running threat for New Orleans despite the fact the team invested a first-round pick in Mark Ingram two years ago. Thomas is averaging a 4-yards per rush but his longest run of the season is 11 yards. He is not breakaway threat. Darren Sproles is actually New Orleans’ change-of-pace back while Ingram has been something of a disappointment, averaging only 2.6 yards per run. The Dolphins missed 11 tackles last week against the Falcons. Six of those were on linebacker Phillip Wheeler. The Dolphins struggled with average running team Atlanta perhaps, in part, because defensive tackle Paul Soliai didn’t play. ADVANTAGE: Dolphins.

When the Saints pass the football: The Saints are scary good when they throw the ball but not infallible. Yes, Drew Brees is among the NFL’s acknowledged elite QBs but he has thrown four interceptions to go with his six TD passes. And while Jimmy Graham is a match up nightmare, the Saints are an intermediate passing team. The Dolphins must pressure Brees. He has been sacked 10 times in three games so there is vulnerability there. But if Miami is without defensive end Cameron Wake aside from the loss of cornerback Dimitri Patterson, the defense against the pass will be great diminished. The Saints lead the NFL in yards after the catch since 2006. ADVANTAGE: Saints.

Special teams: Brandon Fields and Caleb Sturgis are arguably the most consistent players on the Miami roster. Sturgis has not missed this season and is even 2-for-2 on FGs of 50 yards or more. Fields is third in the NFL in net punting average and fourth in overall average. The Saints have a threat in Darren Sproles on both kickoff return and punt returns. But this is mostly about reputation. Sproles is averaging only 7.3 yards per return. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Coaching: The Miami coaching staff is good at correcting issues that pop up in previous weeks. Look for defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle to address the issues with stopping the run and missing tackles, which showed up against Atlanta. The Saints, terrible on defense a year ago, have completely turned around under new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. The Saints allowed 3.1 TDs per game last season. They are allowing 1.3 TDs per game this season. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Intangibles: The Superdome is a difficult place to play even when the Saints are mediocre.  It can get unbearable when New Orleans is good and on a roll. It is loud. The crowd seems to feed the home team with momentum and vice versa. OVERALL ADVANTAGE: Saints.


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I think we may give up the run to defend the pass. This will help us eat up the clock or rather the Saints themselves can help us eat up the clock. I sense we did this vs Atlanta. You can't defend everything and I think we are emphasizing pass defense which is why we are giving up so much rushing yardage.


The 49ers won SB-16 in 81 and beat us in 84 after drafted Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Brent Jones, Ton Rathman, Charles Haley, Tim McKyer, Bill Romonowski and that's off the top pf my head while picking in the late 20's. No excuse! He trashed Marino! Don't know if your a UM Fan but I HATED Shula in 93 when he couls have drafted the Bermuda triangle (Darrin Smith, Micheal Barrow and Jessie Armstead) instead of possession WR OJ McDuffie. You would have added them to 92 pick Troy Vincent (one of 3 picks he makes running F.O. for over 20 Yrs) and given the Pro careers of those 3 we would have fielded a D in Dan's last real shot in 94.

I loved watching Dan play too guys but he really is the past, and Tannehill and our current squad are the now.


I remember having this conversation with you. The Bermuda Triangle........? Don't know where you came up with the name, but it works for me.

I wasn't quite as aware of all of Shula's GM issues. But in talking with you, I went back over a lot of it(thanks to this lovely internet age we live in-lol. Seriously though, because us "out of towners" were always starved for Dolphin News back in the day.

Anyways, this conversation really stuck with me. Caused me many of late nights pondering what could have been.

The only thing I would add or ask actually, can you image the number of shots Marino would have had, had we drafted the Three? These three, along with Vincent and the rest I think would have been enough for Marino to run roughshod all over the league.

This PARTRICULAR conversation has kept me up late night on more than one occassion.

Thanks for........ah......causing........um..........me to lose so much SLEEP-DAMN Fin4!!!!

(Joking Fin4......just joking........sort of-LOL)

Tannehill might never be a Manning, Brees or Brady!

I don't care. If he turns out to be like Terry Bradshaw, I'll be Happy!

(I'm talking about the 4 Super Bowls, not the Bald Dome and Goofy accent, OK?)

Predictions.......Don't you just "Love Em"?

I predict that Coyle reels them in and plays it a lot more straight up against Orleans D-Line. I think we did try and get too cute last week. I think we stunted a bit too often and kept slanting down hard one way or the other, with just one guy looping outside. They exploited it by running off tackle quite a bit.

I think Coyle goes more toe to toe in this one and it ends up paying off.

Prediction Summation: Coyle and the Defense make the difference in this one. They slow down Brees just enough for Tannehill to put the Smackdown on him!

"The Perfect Storm" 3-0 Baby!!!!


That should have read: "...against Orleans O-Line."

(As if you guys care what I type anyways....)


I remember Brady's early days. Yes, he was seen as a game manager type who made a play or two when he needed to.

Who even knows if ever gets a chance to start if Bledsoe doesn't get hurt.

Shula and Marino had a decent defense and all the ingredients to win in 85... An unexpected monsoon did them in in the AFC championship game when Marino couldn't throw and the terrible pats rushed for 275 yds !!they would have faced the bears again in the SB and Danny would've given buddy the smack down again!!

NJFINFAN: I was @ that AFC Championship game we lost to the Pats. Last game Miami played in the Orange Bowl. We have never had a game since that was as loud as those in the Orange Bowl. Joe Robbie (yeah, I call it that because it's easier than remembering the new flavor-of-the-month name it is now) will never be as loud because the seats are too far from the field and it is not made of metal like the OB was.

It's not Brady, man, it's Belichick. Same as it was never Marino but Shula the architect of all those wins.

LV line has gone up to NO -7.

Great QBs and great O lines always go along with great Coaches.

Can not believe the Falcons lost to the stinkin Pats. Good news though, the Jets got beat and it looks like the Titans are for real. Denver and Manning are unreal! Who is going to beat that team? Elway has done a great job with the Broncos, and they are on pace to have a record year. Tonight=24-17 Dolphins!

Chunk yards are fine and we'll take them. But tonight, we should do as NE did yesterday, play a ball control Game and keep the ball away from Brees. We don't do that, we are bound to lose.

It is unreal that the Patriots won that game last night. The Falcons did not even play half as well as they did against the Dolphins last week. The Falcons were flat, and Julio Jones just seemed lackadaisical at times while running routes. I would say that the Patriots are one of the luckiest teams, however they did lose Wilfork for the year with a torn Achilles. So could this be career ending for Wilfork? How difficult will it be for a 32-year-old, 325+ lb man to come back from an Achilles injury? This is another reason we should get Soliai under contract now! The Dolphins should not want to lose him to any team, especially the Patriots!

NO is probably going to try to keep the ball away from our O also as I believe Tannehill and his receivers are beginning to gain respect around the League. If that is the case, it will be an even affair in the 20s. The Team that cannot play ball control, will lose in a marked fashion. If neither Team can keep the ball away from the other Team's O, it will be a high scoring affair advantage NO.

2 keys to the game, get to breese and protect tanehill. Thats it, no rocket science. Big game for our young team. step up to the play guys.


Your right on with your post regarding ball control. I think I am one of 5 people who think we will win tonight!! Feed Miller and Thomas, I think Thomas might actually have more yards than Miller. I also think this will be Egnew's coming out party. The Saints are weak against TE's and I think Egnew's size and speed could be huge, and the Saints wont gameplan for him. I expect 6 or 7 catches for Wallace as well.

Danny Boy,

Dont forget, dont miss tackles!! If we do Sproles will kill us. If we tackle well, he will be useless

Play sound football and keep the turnover ratio in our favor, we can win.

Brees will toss a few TD's, we all know that...can Tannehill keep pace?

Special teams can be the difference maker, Sturgis kicks a 53 yard FG to win the game!

contenders or preeeeeeeeeeeetenders.?

New Orleans will be looking to play shootout football tonight. DL needs to get after the passer all night long, Carroll and the rookies will be tested often tonight. We go as they go. If we give up huge chunk plays all night long it could get ugly.

Go 'Phis!

Please let odrick get a sack tonight in New Orleans. Could you imaging Odrick doing the Pee Wee herman dance in the middle of the dome on national TV. That is the definition of Epic!

D has been great again this season with points allowed another key stat.

Browns - 10
Colts - 20
Falcons - 23

If we can keep Brees under 24 tonight we can have a legit shot at victory.

Wonder if we'll be hearing a lot about those 'franchise' QBs this week. You know, the 'elite' Joe Flacco and everyone's 'supposed star number one pick', Matt Ryan. Flscco looked AWFUL yesterday in Buffalo with FIVE picks. It backs up the point that he can't do it by himself. I hope to God the Dolphins kick the snot out of him next week in Miami.

And 'Mr always comes up small when it's needed', Matt Ryan....did it gain last night. Where's the apologists for this guy this morning? Stand up fellas. Tell us how he'd be carrying this team to championships. Wilfork goes down early with an achilles injury, Brady has no receivers and Ryan STILL can't win. Let's hear the excuses fellas. Tel us again how it was the 'biggest mistake in franchise history' and 'set us back ten years'.

Matt Ryan.....STILL NO BALLS!

If Wake can't go....

then itstime for Jordan to take off the diapers....he's done well this season....but I want MORE...and the FINS will need MORE if Wake isn't on the field....

Lets GO FINS....


Sad there is no more Breaking BAD.....

I am not impressed by the teams NO has beaten. Indy and Cleveland are better than those teams.

I know I am a homer, but I think we beat Atlanta up last week, like they beat us up. I hope we do a better job of recovering. NO seems to be beaten up as well. They have a lot of players who were limited or did not practice.

Hate to admit it, but I was impressed with NE's defense. Their DB's and LB's are quick and well coached. And their OL is quick. Those pulling guards will be trouble. That said, I think our coaches can scheme right along with theirs. Should be a helluva game when we play them.

Tonight. I think Vegas is wrong. This game is a coin toss. Our youth may be the positive difference. When people get beat up, youth recovers faster.

Vince Wilfork is out for the year, with a blown out Achilles. That is big news.

I hate the Patriots and would be so happy if Tom Brady tore his Achilles, but for some reason I am kind of sad Vince Wilfork tore his. I have no idea why. Maybe because I respect his game. I hate Brady and refuse to respect his game. F him!

Tough game. We'll see how smart T-hill is. How smart our coaches are.
We must keep a close score. Sturgis can finish the game. Wallace must give a hell of a match. Same the RBs and the pass rushers...well, everybody.
Focus and mistake-free.

Craig, I agree. If we had drafted Ryan we would still be holding on to him hoping. I hope 10 years from now we can say that waiting to draft Tannehill was the best thing to happen to us.

I think Sporano would have screwed up Ryan worse than he already is.

Rdubs,Maybe it's because Wilfork is from THE U.

...I think Miami fans suffer from a bit of "short mans complex" Seriously. Did all these players that"stink" or are "over-rated" steal your lunch money? Did they personally insult your mothers? Is it that some of these guys have been pretty good and our guys not so much that makes some of these comments flow from fingers to keyboard? Is it because we won 3 games and we are feeling pretty good about ourselves, so every player that we have passed on or that wore our colors can't live up to these new 3-0 standards?

..I do not understand? From Lamar Miller being better then Reggie Bush in the morning. To Now that the Falcons are 1-3 it is fact that we made the right move drafting Jake Long over Matt Ryan(It isn't about the player it is the idea)..Is this team so flawless, so perfect that we as fans are so full of it we can start calling others out? So because Matt Ryan took 3 1/2 quarters to start playing. His career is over? He is officially a bum? Really. I can't wait to read the garbage here when Tannehill struggles.

I agree with Craig M, Ryan has no balls and absolutely no killer instinct and the bad thing is , you can tell his team mates know it as well. Sure he's had the 22 4th qtr comebacks but when ur losing as often as they often are you're gonna have some gd comebacks. The whole offense knew (even after the turnover) that he couldn't get it done and yu could even see it in Gonzales' eyes when Ryan threw the ball 3 feet in front of him near the goal line. Then he throwz it rite to the 6' 8" te (for the defender to bat it away) instead of puttin it up high wherr only his guy could go up an get it. Kindafigured N.E. Would end up pullin that game.out before it even started judt cuz freaken Brady an Billichek always seem to come.up with.just enough in those tyo of games.

Oh well, can't wait for MNF to see hiw well our QB handles the big lights and to see if our D is tackle ready cuz if not it's gonna turn into a lotta long gains makin us play from behind. I gotta serious feeling for some reason though that Miami IS GOING TO SHINE IN THE SPOTLIGHT TONIGHT... DOLPHINS 34-27...


I agree with you. Matt Ryan isnt garbage, his team is filled with injuries and it looks like they had even more pop up last night. Asante Samuel was out, I think Roddy White needs to be rested and Julio is already wearing down. I think the Falcons are just in a bad position due to injuries.


We've to listen to the Matt Ryan crap on here for years. Some of these clowns are just getting back what they deserve.

Matt Ryan has won NOTHING since he came into the NFL and last night was just further proof of that.

DD, Matt Ryan is a good utility QB. If you surround him with great receivers and a fierce OL and running game, he will win you a lot of games.

But, his name is being mentioned in the same paragraph as Manning, Brady and Brees. No way.

Parcels had two team he was eyeing when he decided to return to the NFL:


He was leaning towards the Falcons but his gambling addiction got the best of him and he chose Miami so he could play the ponies in his spare time.

IF he chose Atlanta, then Jake Long goes #1 to ATL and Miami and our new front office (minus Jeff Ireland, Tuna & Sparano) would have chosen Matt Ryan.

How he would have developed under an unknown coaching staff is anyone's guess.

..Craig M..So what does that have to do with right now? We have our guy(Tanny) We are off to a good start. Have a difficult game tonight. What does it matter what Matt Ryan did last night? Would it be different if the Falcons won the game? Same for Reggie Bush..He was incredible yesterday..Does it make him over-rated-or over-hyped if Lamar Miller has a good game tonight?


Let's focus on the known not the UNKNOWN.

We are 3-0 - fact
Saints are 3-0 fact

Tonight will be a hard fought game with IMO a 50/50 chance for either team to win.

That Vegas crap at -7 for NO is just that, crap.

..EK..I never made the claim that Matt Ryan is in the same class as Brady, Brees, or Manning. My claim is that I don't care about Matt Ryan. And it gets redundant having to hear about him when he does something good..or something bad. He is like the plague here.

Miami Must block better in passing and running situations. This is where the game will be won or lost!! The Oline must step up an play the game of their life!! Otherwise saints win 35-21.

Biggest key to winning the game. "Time to play big boy football" No more BS about second year, HC, QB, RB, TE etc.etc.etc. This is the NFL and excuses don't cut it. Last two weeks we beat play off teams from last year and if we are improving with every game, lets show it, let's just go in there and play like pro's. A lot of players want "BIG MONEY" contracts, It's time to show us what you can do against your opponent.


Yes, I meant then after they were out the division for like the first 5 years P.Manning always played the AFC East. The Colts are almost doing the same thing now. We have played the Colts 3 Years in a row already.

The Fins had more wars than just 1 against the Colts. The Best Battles were P.Manning Vs Z.Thomas. Those were mind games. Z.Thomas and the Defense making a Goal line stand in Indy.

P.Manning might be smarter than Marino. I acknowledge that. But like I said earlier. Marino had a gift. And it was that right arm of his.

Nobody with so much arm strength has ever been so accurate. Marino had so much arm strength that we forget he is one of the most Accurate QBs in history. Marino can hit a Trash Can from 80yards Away. Probably put it in also. 9 out of 10 Times.

Marino is the Reason they stopped having those QB skills competition at the Pro bowl. You had better luck beating D.Green in a Race.

Dan Marino is to the Forward Pass what Larry Bird is to the 3-pt Line.

Daryl D....

Agree @ 9:42....

Every time Ryan loses...it is NOT confirmation that we Parcells made the right decision to pass on him....

I mean that logic doesn't hold water....last I checked....Ryan and his team were playing for the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP last year....

So tell me Craig M...what doesa that say about Ryan as a WHOLE...as opposed to a slice...a sliver if you will.....

Ryan has WON more than he lost...and that is the type of consistency that we want to get to with Tanne....if Tanne ranks 5th in WINS after 5 years in the league....then we can move the conversation to the NEXT LEVEL...which is championship...

but how about we worry about the FINS FIRST.....


here we go, the worst two moments in dolphins history. at least in my opinion...

1st) having to watch john riggins (a freakin white and slow RB) just run through and over the dolphins defense to win the Super Bowl.

2nd) being upset in the AFC championship by the patriots while salivating over the prospect of beating the bears in the Super Bowl. i'm pretty sure the bears dolphins game was the hight rated NFL regular season game ever. it my still be. a Super Bowl rematch would have ben epic!!

i unfortunately will never b able to forget the SI photo of Mcneal, with the cast on his arm, sliding off Riggins on that 4th and 1 that he went like 45 yards for the score and broke the fins back that day...and then the following year we drafted Marino!!


Any QB can win with Talent. Matt Ryan is overrated. And he was almost hailed at like a god. In this Blog. You would think M.Ryan is better than M.Moore by certain people here.

Put any other QB in that Falcons Offense what would you get?

Put Luck in that Offense. Or RG3.

Put P.Manning in that Offense. Or Tom Brady what would you get.

Put D.Brees in Atlanta with Julio Jones and T.Gonzalez. Record Books will be Broken.

That is the 1 WR the Dolphins need. A J.Jones type WR. Someone that can take away Coverage from M.Wallace. a Big WR we can throw a Fade to in the End zone. That is the last piece to this Offense. With the exception of fixing the line. Have Hartline as the slot WR.

If I am Ireland I am trading up in the First this year to pick the Best WR in the Draft.

Tel us again how it was the 'biggest mistake in franchise history' and 'set us back ten years'.

Matt Ryan.....STILL NO BALLS!

Posted by: Craig M | September 30, 2013 at 09:24 AM

Not drafting Ryan was the biggest mistake in franchise history & it set us back 10 years.

Happy now?

Your vomit inducing posts make you sound like a 12 year old sissy girl.

Grow up & act like a man, Chumpy.


All we can do is compare apples to apples....and if these apples say that NOBODY knows....

Ryan is who he is....and for the RECORD...EFF Matt RYAN...and i wa glad to see Tanne out-duel him in the Sports Bar last weekend...

Tanne is our QB....and he has played REALLY well this year...despite terrible o-line play....

I think the point isn't is Matt Ryan greater than Moore....or even Tanne....

The answer is...SUPPORT the FINS QB....and let the chips fall were they may....

Home is batting a thousand on Miami Dolphins Win predictions this season and right there very accurate w his score predictions
Tonight the Fins get exposed
We have not won a division game yet and the Bills and Jets are better than most thought
The Patriots beat both the Bills and Jets
Tannehill has never beat the Jets on his two attempts
team MVP QB Matt Moore played excellent for the win after taking the football awayt from Tannehill who was a hot mess, playing terrible in the Meadowlands last season
Expect TanneHYPE to play poorly
This is not the Browns or
the Colts without RB Richardson and the refs taking two TDs in a row away from the Colts because (lol) Reggie Wayne supposedly moved
This is not Atlanta without four starters and others out injured including their star RB, DE and LB
The Patriots manhandled the line on both sides of the ball and ran over Atlanta
unlike the Dolphins
A few lucky plays like the onside kick really made the game interesting last night, like Atlanta really had a shot at beating, “The Machine”
Remember Tannehill has been sacked 14 times after 3 games and
Tanny has more fumbles than TDs already this season
Anyone who rewatched the game saw Tannehill throw 3 passes to the wrong colored jersey which were bright red last week
Thankfully the inaccurate throws by Tannehill were dropped by Atlanta or another loss would have been recorded by our QB who played terrible for 3 Qs last week
Home has the Saints winning by 17 points
Home does urge all Miami Dolphin fans to attend the New England Patriots game in Sun Life stadium after the bye week
This will be exciting as NostraHomeUs has the Dolphins winning mightily against the Patriots at Sun Life this season
So don’t fret tonight

I have to say Mando, those were pretty spot on "keys to the game." With that said, my prediction, Miami STUNS THE WORLD and wins it's 4th game to stay even with the Pats in the best division in football!

Man we should of resigned Reggie Bush we mad a big mistake giving the keys to Lamar Miller who just isnt a starting caliber RB. Bush had 135 ruahing yards and was the only real playmaker we had last season. He sidnt command a high salary yet for some odd reason Ireland thought Miller could take over which he cant. So far that fhe biggest mistake Irelland has done not resigning Bush. What u gotta say now Dashi???

As far as the Matt Ryan debate, that's been resolved. Jake Long will be out of the league and a spectator in a year (2 if he's really lucky) and regardless, he's a shell of himself. Matt Ryan remains one of the top QBs in the league in all stats (including wins vs. losses). You get your QB before any other position if you want to ever be a viable team in the NFL. Thank God our GM learned his lesson and did just that in 2012. That is why the Miami Dolphins are a viable team in 2013. And the sky's the limit now.

It should be a High scoring game. But a close game 31-28.

The Defense needs to show up. We need turnovers. At least 2 or 3 to make this a game.
Will the Run game show up again this week.

We need to win tonight so we can get some respect.

Need to keep pace with the top teams in the Conference.

Truth, I don't blame Ireland for not resigning Bush. I blame Philbin for that. Philbin, for some reason I can't understand, didn't like Bush's run style. He thought he danced around in the backfield too much. Philbin doesn't like scat backs, he prefers the one-cut runners. That's the reason Bush was let go. And then there's the issue of the Leadership Committee, which (again) was irritating to Philbin (maybe he thought his dictatorial control was being questioned by Long and Dansby and Bush).

Bush was a consummate professional, worked harder than almost any other player I've seen on this team EVER. Not sure (like you) why his positives didn't outweigh any perceived negatives. Imagine his big playability on this team now. We'd probably be unstoppable. But I don't think Ireland had anything to do with that. That decision came from the HC's office.

I want Wallace to have a huge game tonight. This is the time to let him run wild. Keep them honest (and Brees on the bench) with clock control, but that doesn't mean run on run downs. It means MINIMIZE 3-and-outs. So NO 3rd's and long! Throw on first to make 2nd and 3rd easier. Don't give them the same looks on run downs. God damnit Mike Sherman, DISGUISE YOUR LOOKS! Let's completely frustrate them and keep everyone guessing what we're going to do.

By the way, was going to go home and watch all the pre-game stuff, but I can't be too idle for so long (nervous energy). So I'm going to the gym after work (as usual) to try and work it out. I suggest the same for everyone else.


Best thing about being in M.O....

the games start an HOUR earlier....

12 PM football is SO MUCH better than waiting around till 1 PM....

I like it so much...I may move out west to get my FOOTBALL in even earlier....


Would you want to know what Bush's next 4 games will look like. 30yds rushing, 50yds Rushing, Hurt, 20yds Rushing.

Bush is one of the most inconsistent and Injury Prone RB in History. And Fumble Prone. Bush Averages about 4 Fumbles a Season.

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