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Dolphins offense must stay with or ahead of Saints

NEW ORLEANS -- I asked Ryan Tannehill if he feels the Dolphins offense has to produce more points than usual tonight against the Saints based on the fact that team's offense can score a lot of points, particularly at home.

“I don’t think so, it goes game by game, obviously if they’re scoring a lot of points during the game, we’re going to have to pick up our offense and put a lot of points on the board," Tannehill said. "It’s not something where we go into the game and say, ‘Hey we have to score x amount of points to win this game’, we obviously want to score as much as we can every game, but it depends game by game. If the situation calls for it, then you’re going to have to score a lot of points."

Scoring a lot of points is something the Miami offense has been troubled doing in recent years. But as I wrote in my column today, this year's offense is enjoying a renaissance the likes of which has not been seen since Dan Marino was in the huddle and Don Shula was roaming the sideline.

As you'll read, Miami's offensive production is already Super Bowl good (read the column for the details) and is likely to get better, according to the players.

By the way, am I the only one that enjoys seeing interesting offense?

Let's face it, the Dolphins got a lot of fans used to bigtime offensive production in the 1980s through the mid 1990s. It was about scoring 45 points even in losses. It was about 400-yard passing games. It was about never really being out of a game (remember the fake spike game)?

The Miami offense still has much work to do. The running game. The protection of quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Consistent production out of the tight ends. All of those need to get better.

But the Dolphins are clearly on to something so far this year.


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GO Fish, Beat Dem SAints...

After watching the Brady bunch win last night It is amazing that Belicheat is able to do so well with patch work lineups.Brady Seems to do play action handoff fakes about 85 % of the time so successfully it is sick.Unfortunatly they still look great.

Darryl Dunphy, the offense is pointed in the right direction. I'm sort of a Bush homer too, and wished he could be doing the things he's doing for the Lions, he were still doing for us.

However, I stand by Ireland on the decision not to resign Bush, because it was very sound and understandable. Lamar Miller has talent worth exploiting. With Bush still here, those talents rest in a vacuum of limited backup carries.

Did some reading on the zone blocking scheme. It was said it takes a little while for olines to learn and perfect it. So, the run blocking is still a work in progress. As it gets better as the season rolls on, so will Miller's numbers.

Barring critical injuries, this team should be playing it's absolute best football the 2nd half of the season. Every win before 2nd half of the season are like bonus points and playing on house money.

2nd half of the season, I believe this will be a team nobody wants to play

james rice, we beat the Falcons with a patch work lineup too. 2nd half, needed a program to figure out the defenders we had in the game.

..Sam I AM.. I responded to your 12:16 post on the last page.

I'll give it to you here.

I support the move to Lamar Miller. I always did. IMO it was the right move. We had to see if we could get better at the position, get younger. I'm not even a huge Bush guy. But trying to be objective..To me it is too early to compare the 2, even though it is natural because Bush was popular, and a lot of fans didn't like the move.

I think Dashi goes a bit overboard supporting his guy. which is fine. He has conviction in Miller. I hope he is right.

I'm not even a huge Bush guy

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | September 30, 2013 at 12:24 PM

DD, You trying to tell us something??????
Not that there's anything wrong with that....LOL

The dolphins need one more speed receiver. If they had signed one, we would be unstoppable on the deep balls. We had a shot at Ted Ginn when he was released from the 49ners. He is with Atlanta now. Can you imagine Ginn and Wallace on one side and Hartline on the other. Defenses would be shaking in their boots. Maybe a one year deal with T.O. or Randy Moss. We need to keep watch though because we may have another shot at Ginn. Anyway, tonight, Tannehill needs to go to Wallace early and often. Rishard Matthews has some speed. His deep routes should be exploited tonight. Tannehill needs to hit runningbacks out of the backfield. Tannehill needs to run out of the pocket sometimes and even run for the first down also. The dolphins need to delay Graham at the line. This will disrupt his the timing of him and Breeze; maybe a linebacker because of his size.

I wouldn't compare Bush/Miller. Totally different styles, even collegiate pedigree. But there's no question, Bush is far more dynamic. Ain't even close.

In 2yrs Bush is looking at the end of the road, Miller, he could be hitting his stride as one of the NFL's top homerun threat. I'm not into comparing past and former Dolphins. I'm more Al Davis mentality:


That run against the falcons looked barry sanders-ish in how miller kept running full speed while juking defenders. Unfortunately , the rest of his runs looked like barry runs for negative or little yards gained.

Pats still the ones to beat, until the phins proves other wise, this phins OL still buttom of the league with 28 rank running game?
If it doesn't get fix it will catch up, only if the Saints drop 8 rush three even in the running game and can stop the phins from running the ball force T-Hill to pass on every down its going to be a long night for the phins....let's go dolphins let's run the ball tonite and set up the play action pass..


The team didn't fail to resign Reggie. Reggie wanted to play elsewhere. The Dolphins were offering about the same as the Lions. They just weren't going to make him their Feature Back. Not anymore.

I like R.Bush. I just think he is good not great. Definitely not in the NFL. In College, Bush was great. As a pro he is just a Bad imitation. A .10 of a second slow to react sometime. That and he is scared to get hit.

i like miller " u " but lets c home runs 1st instead of those singles + doubles from him.

Dashi isn't saying L.Miller right now is a better RB than R.Bush.

An Equal one Maybe. But L.Miller has the Potential to be better than Reggie by the end of his career.

L.Miller is a RB. R.Bush is an Athlete.

Bush should've played WR in the NFL.

The Falcons are not the team they were last yr.

5 Keys To Victory:

1. Pass rush

Brees is none to throw a pick or two in the face of good pass rush pressure. A good pass rush will hold the4 Saints offense 25pts or under in scoring.

2. 125yds Rushing

Balances the offense and limits Brees time on the field.

3. No Turnovers

No picks, no fumbles.

4. Red Zone Defense

Take away Jimmy Graham in the red zone much the same as Bellichik did lastnight against Tony Gonzalez. The Pats had 2 defenders jamming Gonzalez at the line of scrimmage in red zone. Totally taking him away as a Matt Ryan option. I loved that strategy.

5. Clean Game

No penalties, penalties, penalties!


I like Reggie Bush. He is still a great runningback. I believe the coaches made the right decision; just two years too soon. We will continue to miss Reggie. Bush had the potential to take it all the way at any time. He could catch out of the backfield. He was a great asset to loose. Until Miller fills Bushes shoes, the running game will continue to suffer.

Good column Mando. Sam, zone blocking depends on agility of linemen more than strength. Right now, I just don't see the current (exception would be Pouncey) O-line playing well enough to get it done.

ar 15, the ravens giants steelers 2.

Ginn is in Carolina,not Atlanta, saying

Mando, if you're simply going to regurgitate my posts then at least give me the courtesy of a footnote. Thanks.

Game will be decided by how well the O Line for Miami plays. Watching Brady light it up for years, the one big constant has been his protection, couple with his ability to slide in the pocket. All the good teams have real good O Lines. Those teams will be standing near the team at the end of the season.

I said after the SuperBowl that Anquan Boldin was the reason Flacco had a great year and I still believe it. What I saw out of Matthews last week makes me hope he can be that kind of receiver. He has size, strength and speed, and he catches with his hands. Should be an end zone nightmare to cover.

Philbin says he is tough and thinks he is a good receiver. Hell of a good start.

there were a number of good reasons to move on from Reggie Bush--all made sense, still do....age/injury history/contract, etc--tough decisions/factors that all teams have to make--I like him, sounds like many here do as well....I hope he does well....but dont regret letting him go at all--love what I'm seeing from Miami's offense, and it should only get better--side note.....obvious but geez, P Manning and Brady are just ridiculous--rivals, love em/hate em, whatever....gotta respect them--enjoy watching greatness.....dudes get it done.

We had a shot at Ted Ginn when he was released from the 49ners. He is with Atlanta now. Can you imagine Ginn and Wallace on one side and Hartline on the other. Defenses would be shaking in their boots.

Posted by: bond, david bond | September 30, 2013 at 12:39 PM

LOL, Ted(I fall down) Ginn..
Your kidding right???
The only people that would be shaking would be anyone on the sidelines., Ginn never met a sideline he didn't like....
LOL Ginn.....Please..

If we win the toss-defer! If we can hold them out of the gate, or put our own points up and answer what thye may do, that could deflate the crowd a little. We do have to score (obviously!), but holding their total down would be a nice process. Means the D is working and gives us a much better chance.

No doubt we will be prepared. If nothing else that has helped us win the ends of the 2nd/4th qtrs. We have young fast talent and, while many see this as a blow out (at least if we don't win I hope it is REALLY close) we are in a position to keep surprising everyone but us.

Do what we've been generally doing-win the TO battle and limit and penalties. Now, keep Tanne off his butt and see our ST's control the game. Mando--you mentioned Spoles as a dynamic (or not) kick returner. we have the most consistent kicker and one of the elite punters--ball placement. How can you measure us and No as even??? I see a distinct advantage and they will be a huge key to winning the game that noone discusses.


AFTER NEARLY 28 YEARS of COACHING COLLEGE AND the NFL as an offensive coach ( winning a college national championship and a NFL championship ) ... Joe Philbin becomes the head coach (for the first time ever at any level ) of the Miami Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill after one full year as a quarterback at any level( high school or college ) becomes the starting quarterback for the Dolphins the first game of the season his rookie year. How come no one has seen this as a major story ? This could be the beginning of a fated union. There is special chemistry brewing here .... "Late Bloomers always arrive wise"

I won't lie, I'm still confident, but as the day wears on I'm starting to get nervous. Got butterflies in my stomach. My office is filled with Redskins/Giants/Eagles/Steelers fans. So they are all bandwagoning on Miami. Everyone has been high-fiving and congratulating me. But I know the first game we lose people will be jumping ship saying we were just a mirage. Not that I care, but the glory was pretty nice (even if it was only for a couple of weeks).

I'll just add, mostly for my amusement....I remember how this blog and the fan base was somewhat exploding when we passed on Matt Flynn....some even saying "he passed on us" (nah, dont think so)--still sorry we didnt sign him, all ye Flynn backers? (would add Orton to the conversation, but no sense piling on....well ok, I just did).

for the Ginn conversation.....putting aside the value of the 9th pick (still hurts but its done), the pick we got for Ginn turned into Nolan Carroll--and at this point, with his improved play and the value of the CB position, I'll take Carroll...might be a wash as Ginn has looked decent and scores a few TDs....but even if a wash, at least Carroll is a reasonable swap

Its going to be a tough environment to play in tonight. I hope we have the silent count down to a science!!! Go Phins make us proud!!!!

This is a huge game--no games are throw-aways this year, especially with the incredibly annoying Pats. OK--who have they beaten? Mediocre talent this year--but they are 4-0, right... What can be said about us? Beat the Browns before their shake up, the Colts pre-trade and Atl--who are now (?) suspect. Doesn't matter--we are 3-0 and have played game winning ball with and won what we have needed. Matbe a little fate is joining us and making the road a little smoother? NO at home--may not get roughter...BUT. They beat Atl, and who else? We may be their biggest test, too. Can't complain of the game prep of the coaching staff. We are beat up, so going in with a number of starters out or down won't help us, but maybe won't hurt us as much if we play 60 min of smart ball controlling the flow. This is a big game for the franchise if we win. If not, much depends on how we didn't, but that's another discussion.

Listening to Jim Rome on radio right now and he is gloating over how good Tom Brady is playing this year. Not once has he mentioned that Brady has all the time in the world back there in the pocket when he passes. Is it just me or is his O-line always that good...for the past how many years. Give Tannehill that kind of time and imagine how good he could be.

DC...try living in Massachusetts!!

Why must we stay ahead of with the saints?

Cus the great Mando knows all!

How bout, we must continute to score TD's instead of FG's.

How bout, we must get the refs to acknowledge that the opposing team is holding us every snap? We need to get the refs to have eyeballs and stop marking the ball half yard forward from the real spot to give the other team a first down when it is clearly not!

listen the the gman! Gman knows all! We must run up New Englands Wolforkless ass

isnt it sorta nice to at least/finally feel like we have a shot tonight, that we're legit and relevant again (or close and getting there), that the pundits around the league are taking notice, taking Miami seriously?--feeling like we have a QB of the future, that we can/should contend for the playoffs....that we're on the upswing--not the bumbling franchise that we turned into for awhile--most expect us to lose tonight and thats fine, but regardless, its great to feel like we're in the mix again.

Cocoa, don't know if you're still here. Zone blocking is all about "double-teams" at the point of attack in run game. That's why strength doesn't matter, it's 2 on 1`at point of attack.

Then, after initial double-team, one lineman is responsible for "peeling off" and attacking lb at 2nd level. Here's more on that:


Watch Geno Smith perform his own version of the butt fumble:


Good Morning from the central valley in California!
"Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team!"

I would have kept Bush too..

But I would've hired Todd Bowles as HC, sold the farm for RGIII........... Oh, and Greg Camarillo would still be catching passes on 3rd down.

Probably best I leave things to Jeff.

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