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Dolphins outscoring the AFC East

It was the turn of the century, in the year 2000, when the Dolphins won the AFC East with an 11-5 record. The team had four Pro Bowl players on defense. And on offense the team did something it hasn't done since.

It outscored the New England Patriots.

Since then for a dozen years New England has scored more points than the Dolphins -- until this year.

But right now, today, the Dolphins are averaging 24.7 points per game. The Patriots, an offensive juggernaut for a dozen years since Tom Brady took over at quarterback, are averaging 19.7 points per game.

And indeed the Dolphins are leading the division in scoring.

It might be a new day in the division.

This statistic speaks to the addition of talent the Dolphins got on offense this year. Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson are helping the passing game.

This statistic speaks to the maturation of talent the Dolphins drafted. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, tight end Charles Clay, and left tackle Jonathan Martin are playing well.

And, yes, the statistical fact speaks to a talent decline in New England. Aaron Hernandez is in jail. Rob Gronkowski hasn't played a snap. Wes Welker is in Denver. And Danny Amendola is injured, as he perpetually seems to be.

Tom Brady doesn't have the supporting talent he's had in the past. (It's like watching the 1996 Dolphins with Dan Marino and only one worthy wide out, O.J. McDuffie, a possession receiver).

But this statistic is also interesting because while the Patriots have played Tampa Bay and the Bills and the Jets -- none of them playoff teams a year ago -- the Dolphins have played two 2012 playoff qualifiers -- Indianapolis and Atlanta -- in two of their first three games.

Now, I recognize this is a small sample size. The season is still very young.

But I suggest the Miami offense has room to grow. The running game, mostly a non-factor so far, can get better. The combination of Tannehill to Wallace is still not quite comfortable for both players. The pass protection has been poor. Tannehill, while very good so far, could help by not holding the ball so long.

There is great room for improvement in Miami.

By the end of the year 24.7 points per game might be the Dolphins' output on a bad day.

All this is good news for the franchise. The truth is fans who grew up watching and expecting great offense every week when Marino was quarterback have been starved for good offense for nearly a dozen years.

Yes, the defense has often been very good.

But the offense has rarely been any good.

The Dolphins have had to win many 20-17 games in which they score only two TDs. It was unexciting.

This year the Dolphins have scored three touchdowns in two of their three games.

Progress. Perhaps a new day.


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in only 19 games, TH has now beaten Russell Willson, Dalton, Ryan and Luck head to head--not shabby

Look at Mando being all positive now. Lmao

by the time the Pats young WRs mature, or they find new weapons/upgrade, Brady will be 37, 38.....tick, tick, tick

Truth, it truly is a 180. In camp it was all doom and gloom even though the practice and exhibition results for the starters were positive....

benz, add Brees and Brady this year ... we're f***ing everyone this year...

would love to add Brady and Brees to the list....Flacco, Ben, Cam on deck too--but the 4 already mentioned are an impressive group already in the books

Man, I sure hope the Dolphins beat the Saints on Monday. I will be punch drunk on the Koolaid for the rest of the year if it happens!


Truth, when there is good news to report, I report it. When there is bad news to report, I report it.

It's you guys that wrongly assign positivity or negativity to me like it's a hobby. I don't determine the direction of things.

I simply reflect that direction for you people.

I am still waiting on a full page congratulations to Mr. Ireland. Great Job Jeff.

On the Fins offense. Hartline has already doubled his TD production from last season. Wallace allows T-Hill to see the whole field.

The Offense will get better and T-Hill will start to release the football faster. But I prefer for him to take a sack before throwing an INT.

Thanks for chiming in Mando...

Truth, you went and upset Mando now!!!

Hahah Mark, that wasnt the intention im just surprise when i click on a new blog and its postiive. Seems like Omar Kelly is the grinch of Dolphins Beat writers now, congrats Mando

The Full page congratulations doesn't have to be from anyone in particular. But we need to acknowledge that Ireland wasn't the problem and that he is doing a good job. A better job than more experienced GMs.

I Blame Spo for the Dolphins shortcomings. And NEVER developing the Talent Ireland was drafting.

Mando there are always good things to report and bad things to report. YOU chose which you prefer to report.

armando,don't let these fruit cakes poke their boney fingers into chest.

One negative thing Id like to see you do some research and report on is the horrible play calling. This guy Sherman is way to predictable. Throw first down, run second down, third and long. He needs to mix in screens and draws to keep the pass rush on the other team off balance. Then he does call a screen on first down(call it on 3rd and long). Also I was at the game and Sherman needs to learn how to take advantage of momentum. We get a turnover the crowd is going crazy and the first play call is a run for no gain that kills the crowd. Take a shot sometimes when you have the momentum!

Who you calling bony fingers, twat?

What I enjoyed most about the Game Winning Drive was how Cool T-Hill was. Even after the drops. He was playing like he has practiced that drive about 1000 times.

Coach Sherman and Coach Philbin are doing a great job developing a Pro QB.

Slam, in Sherman's defense, they did score a TD after the special teams turnover - THE MOMENT in that game..

Tannehill is the opposite of Henne. We can actually start expecting to win if the game is close and T-Sizzle has the ball.

And our defense no longer quits in the 4th qtr since a certain someone has left the team. They actually play like a Brotherhood, not just a bunch of individuals.

Mando, you should acknowledge Mark Toronto because he obviously feels the need to thrust himself into your conversation with Truth without addressing you directly.

We have a name for that in my 'hood. Coward.

Mando, Truth and Mark hit you between the eyes and you acknowledged the hit. They may be right. You are known to this blog to report negatively while having the choice to also report positively. There is always time for correction.

yea they did but I believe it was on a 3rd and long. What im saying is just because you can do something and be successful it doesn't necessarily you are doing it the best or most efficient way. It can be improved. the game didn't have to be that tight. he's way to vanilla right now. Watch how the good playcallers play to momentum. You will see a perfect example on Monday.

never thought he did a great job but did think Ireland was doing a better job than most gave him credit for; felt he didnt deserve nearly as much criticism and backlash as he was getting--it went overboard last year, with the embarrassing "rally" (can it be called a rally if only 17 college kids show up?) and banners, etc--drew more negative attention nationally than their play on the field/performance of the players--let it play out a little

Mando, thanks for coming here and talking to us. Big fan.

Don't listen to the monkeys like Asogue. Never seen him here before. He's obviously missed the past 12 years you talked about in the blog. Geez.

An offensive coordinator does a lot more than just call plays. Sherman gives T-Hill free will at the line to call whatever play he wants.

We only have 1 lineman that can get out on a Screen.

Mando stops in for the DDT...slap the back twice then...KaPOW!!! 1,2,3...ding ding ding ding ding....

and most of this conversation/topic has faded by now but it still lingers, and can see some mention above.....there is beyond no comparison at this point between TH and Henne--I think its pretty clear, on numerous levels--that soft "comparison" of the two ("is Miami better off with TH"....comparing stats of the 2 for similar games played, etc) that hung around last season, and then through the first game or two this year, can be put to rest I think.

ok dashi. They did call a screen in the indy game that went for a touchdown. I don't think you are accurate with thill being allowed to run whatever play he wants. He may have an option to change it to another play that was called but im a little skeptical on that as well. I think most of the time he is making route adjustments and calling out the defense.

My best friend scourt is here.... if interjecting makes me a coward ... isn't that what u just did?

I expect Frank Calliendo to chime in soon too .. my other best friend.

Sherman has come in for a lot of stick, and though some is founded, a lot isn't.

People keep on calling the play calling predictable and lame, but if that was the case we would not have won 3 games and scored 3 TD's in 2 of our first 3 games.

Yes we could run more screens, but we do not want to become so dependant on them that they get called 5 or 6 times per game. The same goes for the draw play which I don't think would work at the moment because of the poor blocking by the team.

We will just have to see what he calls going forward, but we are 3-0 so can't be doing that bad a job.

Tannehill definitely has things he still needs to clean up. But comparing him to Henne is like comparing a the telephone to a can with a string at the end.

We've moved on.

We've seen he's good. Now the question is can he be great? We won't know that this year. Maybe not even next.

Greatness is about consistency over years.

I didn't say he was doing a bad job..I said it could be better. He needs to do something to make the other teams pass rush hesitate for a half second. At this rate thill will not last the entire season. Did you see the hit he took from the corner back?? Blindsided by osi who was blocked one on one by a rookie te. He can do better!!

RT17 has really good red zone vision unlike Henne, and he's not afraid to throw passes into tight windows when he has to, just like #13. go dolphins!!

Mark Toronto, when I have something to say to people I address them directly. I addressed Mando directly.

Interjecting to me is the guy on the sidelines of a fight who is yelling, "yeah, yeah, hit him!" but pees his pants if he actually has to face someone.

Mando was here. You could have addressed him directly. But whatever man be you. Have fun yelling on the sideline. No problem.

DSF, Miami #1 in red zone offense ....


I wouldn't even compare T-Hill to M.Ryan. Or Matt Moore.

Ryan Tannehill is one of the most athletic QBs in the NFL. And he is learning to win from the pocket.

3-0 is the byproduct of Joe Philbin's leadership.

The guy can gameplan as good as Belicheat and now that we've got talent...well look out NE, Miami's got a head of steam and we're not stopping.

scourt, I've addressed Mando plenty of times and write directly to him directly on this blog when I think he's offside ... I mean, isn't that why you don't like what I write, because I call Mando out when I don't agree...

Of course you simply gloss over the many times when I say that he's written a good entry or a fair one even when it isn't positive ...

Whatever man, you want to draw conclusions on me, go ahead, I'm not Kaepernick, i don't draw motivation from those that criticize me on social media.

Mando thanks for all you do. I have been a lifelong Phins fan living in Missouri and love reading your posts!

Mark Toronto, thanks for your reply. I don't want to argue with you. I don't want to get banned from here.

But I doubt Mando is Kapernick either. He draws no motivation from you saying anything about him good or bad on social media.

I would like to admit that I think Jeff I. has done a terrific job this year with free agents and the past 2 years draft. But before this year his free agent signings were horrific at best. He still can't draft a decent offensive lineman unless it is a 1st round pick (pouncey). But I will for the first time ever say

I don't want to argue either although in all fairness you called me a coward and accused me of instigating when i wasn't.

And I don't criticize Mando to motivate him or compliment him to motivate him ... I simply comment as my privilege as a poster on his blog that I've followed since about 2007. I'm never personal with him .. I may criticize material or angle but never the man or his skills.

Very uplifting post. I know it's a small sample size but I look forward to the team IMPROVING as the season goes on because it is a young team. The Patriots are not a young team. They are not getting much better except for that one WR Thompkins ... Maybe.


Agreed. He can do better with his game clock. But you can't be mad at T-Hill's decision making so far this Season. 4 TDs 2 INTs 66.4% 827yds 94.3 QB rating.

If T-Hill had better protection or gets more comfortable with his WRs. Watch out!! He can have an MVP type Season. Except this season of course cause of P.Mannings. The Dan Marino of this Time. We are watching something special in Denver. P.Manning 60 TDs.

Agree to disagree Mark Toronto. With respect. I did not call you coward but said the approach you used was one that I've seen from cowards. Regardless, I apologize for using that word at all.

Fair enough ...

The 0-line is our weakest link. Too many sacks, few running lanes. O-line needs to step up. With a solid running game, RT will be a much better quarterback, mixing long passes to Wallace with play-action to Clay,Brian and Co. Imagine that. A better quarterback!
This kid has a lot to offer, we need to protect him better and give him time to throw. Yes, he's holding on to the ball a second too long. But, it's only his second year. He'll improve his release time.
It all starts with the O-line. Fins 31- NO 28
Go Fins!!!!!

well....Matt Ryan is pretty darn good--but looks like TH is too, or is very close and can/will be....will improve and progress--I've been on board with TH from the get-go so no issue at all with him--very exciting to finally have a QB that looks like he can be in the top tier in the league--I dont worry about where he's ranked (top 5...or 10....or "elite" or not, etc)--I've said from the beginning that he just needs to be consistently good/very good, and the Fins competitive....relevant....in the hunt/playoffs--top 10 would be great, but I think Miami can be very good if he's even top 12-15, with good talent around him

I think all of you Ireland supporters are jumping the gun. Offense has seen a good deal of improvement but, when you think about the talent level last year, how couldn't you improve?

Defense? Another story!

I don't see ANYTHING special about Ellerbe. We paid this guy a ton of money because he had a few good postseason games.

He is largely invisible and hasn't made many, if any, significant plays. He is rated as the 39th best ILB by PFF. That is in the bottom 1/3 of the league.

Just in case you're wondering..that ISN'T good!

Wheeler is 32nd best OLB & Misi is 28 OLB. They are in the middle of the pack yet, getting paid top dollar.

So far, not good investments when you consider our Run D is soft & our pass coverage of TE's, dare I say, weaker than last few years!

Our run D stinks. Missing Soliai for 1 full game isn't the reason either.

Ireland has invested a LOT of money in the front 7 & the results simply aren't there.

People are rubbing it peoples faces about Ireland getting an extension but, we haven't let it all play out yet. The investments made on the defense do not appear to have made any difference except to weaken our ability to stop a rushing attack.

Missy kissy :-). Anyway, my view is that we shouldn't risk anyone that isn't 100% for this game. It a game we can afford to give in order to see the bigger picture. Saints are NFC, we have a huge game with the Ravens next week when we 'll NEED to be healthy. Try and win the game sure, but 4-1 would be a fantastic return from this stretch.

its not surprising because local fans are so completely caught up/obsessed with their local team (obviously).....so Irelands had a few misses or more in the draft but so has every team in the league--which local fans dont usually think about, or care (understable)--point is, outside of a few GMs/FOs that consistently get the draft right, or close....Ireland/Miami's FO is not alot different/better/worse than most of the other teams in the league--yet some Fin fans crush the guy, without considering that--yes, everybody wants to hit on all/most of their draft picks but the reality is that many teams....most teams probably....dont--its not just an issue with Ireland

u play 2 win the game,
not 2 rest 4 next week,geeeez u homers make excuses when they're not even there.

The Dolphins still need 1 more WR and 1 more TE.

Plus, 3 new linemen. 2 OGs and a RT.

D.Sims has potential. But we need someone to replace Egnew and could possibly be a #1 TE. Clay is his having a good season but he is playing out of position. Sherman is using him in multiple roles. But putting Clay next to a OT inline to block is a bad idea. He is to small for that. I don't see us resigning Keller in the Off season. At least not for a long term deal.

Clabo isn't the answer. And Jerry and Incognito have maxed out their potential. We need 2 more guys like M.Pouncey to play OG.

The Dolphins do have D.Thomas and the guy they picked up from the Eagles. Who was a former #1. So maybe Turner can develop the Talent. And we just have to go after a RT in the Draft.

Dahsi. I have nothing bad to say about thill. He's balling and converting a lot of 3rd and longs. If it wasn't for him the fins would be in big trouble.

They've played three games. They could have easily lost all three. Yet all of the talk is about how great the team is. Lmao can't wait for these posts to do a 180. Teams will adjust to what the Dolphins are doing offensively...and the defense is terrible. I thought the defense was supposed to be the "strength" of the team. Ireland can't find LB's who can cover his own a s s. They can't even stop the run. Ellerbe and Wheeler are garbage. Some of you need to be slapped back to reality. Ireland's contract will be up at the end of 2014. Philbin and Ireland will be gone at that time. 3-0 is not a mediocre record, but the Phins are a mediocre team. Playing the result huh ? Are you actually watching what's happening on the field ? Phins are getting pushed around. Goodell's game of two hand touch has allowed them to win a couple against better teams. Get real already lmao.

...You can poke holes in every teams roster right now.. Is there a perfect squad out there? Probably not.

I have to take issue with those who have critiqued the play calling. By all means if this is your opinion, that the play calling could be more imaginative..Less predictable. That's your right. I just think that if you have been watching the games. To me the playcalling has been fine.

First how much success have we had on first down? Not much unless we are throwing it. So so far we are limited to what plays we can call because we can't run it on first down.

Second..Look at all the different offensive formations we use in a game. This takes some imagination, trust, experience..Imagine when the team is able to take advantage of the full playbook..(This is something that cannot happen until the quarterback has full control and understanding of the offense)We are getting there, not quite there yet.

Third..People always say..Why don't we screen more. it is the answere to everything..Screen screen screen..

Because we can't block, because we can't run it in situations that we could run a screen. Go look at the pass plays that we have a running back in the backfield. When have we had the luxury to get him in a route? Even then they are blowing assignments.

Finally..I think that Tannehill still needs to improve when it comes to seeing the field. Wwwwwhat Darryl. Look at his numbers..Look at that last drive..2 different things. Tannehill is still making mistakes presnap. I would bet a large sum of money if we could get Sherman, or Tannehill on record they would agree. Not to say he isn't improving. But he is a young quarterback..They all do it. So it limits what we can do.

To me Sherman has been fine. Definitley not the reason for our offensive deficiencies.

Fire.....where is all the talk about "how great the team is"--havent seen some but not alot of that.....they beat 2 very good playoff teams, 2 of the better QBs in the league.....won 2 road games, and have done it while not playing their best ball--whats not to feel good about?

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