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Dolphins outscoring the AFC East

It was the turn of the century, in the year 2000, when the Dolphins won the AFC East with an 11-5 record. The team had four Pro Bowl players on defense. And on offense the team did something it hasn't done since.

It outscored the New England Patriots.

Since then for a dozen years New England has scored more points than the Dolphins -- until this year.

But right now, today, the Dolphins are averaging 24.7 points per game. The Patriots, an offensive juggernaut for a dozen years since Tom Brady took over at quarterback, are averaging 19.7 points per game.

And indeed the Dolphins are leading the division in scoring.

It might be a new day in the division.

This statistic speaks to the addition of talent the Dolphins got on offense this year. Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson are helping the passing game.

This statistic speaks to the maturation of talent the Dolphins drafted. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, tight end Charles Clay, and left tackle Jonathan Martin are playing well.

And, yes, the statistical fact speaks to a talent decline in New England. Aaron Hernandez is in jail. Rob Gronkowski hasn't played a snap. Wes Welker is in Denver. And Danny Amendola is injured, as he perpetually seems to be.

Tom Brady doesn't have the supporting talent he's had in the past. (It's like watching the 1996 Dolphins with Dan Marino and only one worthy wide out, O.J. McDuffie, a possession receiver).

But this statistic is also interesting because while the Patriots have played Tampa Bay and the Bills and the Jets -- none of them playoff teams a year ago -- the Dolphins have played two 2012 playoff qualifiers -- Indianapolis and Atlanta -- in two of their first three games.

Now, I recognize this is a small sample size. The season is still very young.

But I suggest the Miami offense has room to grow. The running game, mostly a non-factor so far, can get better. The combination of Tannehill to Wallace is still not quite comfortable for both players. The pass protection has been poor. Tannehill, while very good so far, could help by not holding the ball so long.

There is great room for improvement in Miami.

By the end of the year 24.7 points per game might be the Dolphins' output on a bad day.

All this is good news for the franchise. The truth is fans who grew up watching and expecting great offense every week when Marino was quarterback have been starved for good offense for nearly a dozen years.

Yes, the defense has often been very good.

But the offense has rarely been any good.

The Dolphins have had to win many 20-17 games in which they score only two TDs. It was unexciting.

This year the Dolphins have scored three touchdowns in two of their three games.

Progress. Perhaps a new day.


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I saw this stat about Ellerbe on the Sentinel by omar too that Ellerbe is ranked as the #39th ILB by PFF. Yuck!

Aren't there only 32 teams? OK, so give or take 5 teams running a 3-4 so that would make 37 ILB'ers. He is ranked worse than a couple of back up ILB'ers?

Oh boy! I'm not saying he is better or worse than Dansby & I understood the need to shed those bad contracts & get younger but, I haven't see a big hit, big stop, broken up pass play, hit behind the line, etc. from him yet.

Nothing to justify the contract...yet.

All we need is to stay healthy.

We have young talent developing all over the field. Every position. Maybe linebacker needs a little work and a tackle for depth, but who doesn't need that?

And, lest we forget< we all said from day one, we can,t do this without a good QB. Now we have him. Any doubts?

Truth hurts gets it.

Ireland in year number six finally puts some decent skill position players outside and the team wins games they would have lost in his first five years.

Most of us were frustrated with the guy's belief in Ginn, Camarillo, Bess, A, Armstrong L NANNEEE FOR FFS. In year number six Ireland goes out and overpays for free agent wide receivers and low and behold the team is better.

He should have drafted receivers five years ago.

He was too bust taking LB'S and O-lineman...and those areas are still problems btw.

Now he's a good GM lmao.


I believe the one thing that really is fun about this whole deal is that most people can see that Miami has a TON of room to grow. Makes you wonder what Miami will look like in 2 years... I see a nominator being built. I see players who WANT to be here... I see room for improvement. We say it every year... But it holds true... Miami needs a good, smart, well thought through draft in 2014.
They either need to build that O-line in the draft... or do what they did with the WR corps and go FA fishing. I DON'T see the FA thing happening. Miami will be spending a bunch of money on the players it wants to win with. That means they have to keep strong, young 1st contract players at some positions. Rookie contracts is when you get your value. Developing players is great, I'm all for it so long as your developing a guy your going to pay after his rookie contract expires. Fortunately, the main ingredients of this team are bought and paid for for at least 3 to 4 years. And we have one hell of a capologist in Dawn Aponte... Woman KNOWS how to spend cash the right way. Just keep hoping some of these youngsters take off...If they don't, we'll get stuck fixing and finding ways to pay people to keep it competitive. As for the next 2 or 3 seasons we're good to go...

Rdubs is gonnna make his Bold prediction of the week

Ryan Tannehill will be sacked 1 time or less on Monday.

My keys to the game:

Put the kid to bed

Warm up with some lobstertube

Pop open a beer

Watch pregame

Watch us prisonsex the Saints

Try not to scream to loud after the Phins win, so I dont wake up the wife

Watch more lobstertube

Go to bed

Have a hard time getting up on Tuesday

Blueprint for success!!

Hey YG, why don't you give us some of your patented 1-4 blather?

Slam, I just wanted to put the Stat up. I don't see him doing that for a whole season. Tannehill put up 30TD 15 INT in year 2. Without a full offense.

Right now we only have 3 WRs. And C.Clay.

I don't know if I can take Hartline scoring 8 Times this season. Can we play that on TV?

Tannehill will need to score at Least 3 TDs to beat D.Brees. and thed

DD, yeah, i expect Tannehill to keep getting better too. Bright side is that he has the athleticism, arm, and intelligence to get better.

The play calling is not predictable.

We have scored 8 touchdowns on 7 different plays. As the season goes on that is big. If you are a DC, how do you prepare in the end zone?

After Sunday in the final drive, which receiver do you put your best cover corner on? Which one do you let the LB cover. Tahhehill hit everybody, even the rookies. Predictable it ain't.


Rishard Matthews looked like a pretty darn good receiver on Sunday. Fights for the ball, gets YAC , good hands. I say we have 4!

rdubs, two lobstertubes - where u getting all this stamina?

A GM is measured by his drafts. Ireland's drafts have produced squat. He drafted Tannehill (his only qb option at eight, and no brainer). He spent Ross' money to sign free agents. Any arm chair GM could have made these moves. Also, the reason Ireland had so much money to spend to begin with is due to the fact that he hasn't drafted any stars. The Phins never had free agent money to go shopping when Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Tim Bowens, Daryl Gardner, Trace Armstrong (trade), Chris Chambers etc..,were here. Because they drafted well and resigned their own. That's how it's done. 2013 was another poor draft for Ireland. Can anyone realistically see a pro-bowler in his latest crop of mediocre to poor players ?
I'm glad you feel warm and fuzzy about 3-0, but Ireland sticking around is the worst thing for this franchise.

Phins future

2013 9-7
2014 7-9
2015 6-10
2016 7-9
2017 Ireland buys another 9-7. Ross extends his contract. Phins officially begin paying their games at Sea World. Change their logo again.

Dashi, another 30 point effort will be required ... and can't lose the turnover battle!

Fire.....he didnt draft Ginn.....Camarillo was there when Ireland got here, and was a non-factor in the big picture--Bess was an undrafted good find, productive player--but also hardly a big factor in all of this--these are the guys/facts that you reference? Armstrong and Nanee were reaches but were FA signings (not draft picks), here and gone quickly, no big deal/harm--what are you talking about?

...Just as some are putting a nail in the coffins of the 2 linebackers we acquired(who have so far been less then impressive) Can't we see how it plays out? I think fans have every right to be excited about this teams start. You should be. We haven't played great, yet we are 3-0, and beat 2 pretty good teams along the way...

So back to the Lb's...They may have their say in things before it is said and done. Is it possible that one of them makes a huge play to win a game, an important game. Already Wheeler sacked Luck on a huge play. IMO that goes a ways toward some credibility to Ireland for these offseason moves.

People have to get off the "Every player we paid in the offseason had better play like an All_Pro or it was a bad move wagon"..38th is right in the middle of the pack as far as linebackers go. Not great, not totally awful either. It has been 3 games. At the end of the season if the linebackers were the cause of a pourous defense that couldn't stop anyone..Then throw your I told you Ireland was an idiot party.

Right now it seems like some are only satisfied if they can point out the shortcomings of this team. Like we are the only squad out there that has some.

Dashie, Wallace, Gibson, Hartline and Matthews. Four right.

And didn't Matthews look great Sunday. He is timed up with Tannehill.

You are what your record says you are and right now we're 3-0.

Benz, if you were to ask me I'd say...most of us are thrilled at being 3-0. It's been so long it has to feel good for everyone, trolls n all.

With that said, the writing is on the wall. This team has ALOT of holes & most of them are on defense. They've been masked to this point but, they are GLARING weaknesses.

Offensively, we can't open any running lanes. Like Dashi said, we need 2 new guards & a RT. The oline NEVER gets fixed.

Defensively, we can't stop the run which is goal #1 every week. Stopping the run allows you to not have to fear play action. If teams run well on you, you can NEVER get a beat on what they're doing.

To me, we are just as poor covering TE's this year or worse than in years past. Our LB'ers although younger, don't appear to be an upgrade. And this is coming from a guy who LOVED the Ellerbe signing.

He is looking like an ordinary player, even subpar. Nothing more. I know Mark in To will hate reading that because I recall how jacked he was when we signed him out of nowhere. But, the tape doesn't lie. He looks like any other guy thus far.

This team is winning cause Tannehill has been money when given time. However, his tendancy to hold the ball waiting for things to open up downfield will cost the team & his health. Good winning teams don't have to run but, when they need to they can. We can't.

Good teams can stop the run to make the opposing offense 1 dimensional. We can't.

These are very disturbing trends which are usually indicative of losing teams. Happy right now? Sure. Realistically expecting this to not be exposed & cause major harm to our postseason chances? Absolutely!

Ross, almost true except that 12 of the 22 starters are Dolphisn draftees and true except that most people thought Tannehill was a mistake... that the team should've drafted Keuchly, Poe or Fletcher Cox...

Otherwise almost one thing you said is almost accurate although I don't know what it is.

Fire Ross, how's the phishing in Daytona?

..EK..I agree. When was the last time a Miami Offense completed passes to 9 different recievers? We have had diversity throwing the ball to more then 3-4 guys like years past. Even last year..It was Hartline or Fasano, maybe Clay, maybe Bush. We have a different guy lead the team in receptions in the first 3 games this year. Add to this we can't run it..I would say that Sherman gets an A as far as playcalling..

Look at the end of halves..We are scoring points. Last year we were begging the team to take a knee at the end of the fist half.

OBVIUSLY, rage is craig or dashi

What is all this crap about stopping the run. The run game hasn't beaten anyone in 4 years.

Last year when we gave up all those big pass plays, THAT was a problem. Let them run the ball in the middle of the field until they go blind. Ten great running plays and then you make a mistake. How many times have we seen that?

Screw the run, both ways. We have a quarterback!

mark sure, phins get 30+ but the big problemo~ is the saints will get 40+.

LOL....love the fact that they're 3-0 but totally agree, there are plenty of holes and things to fix--no doubt--LB play doesnt concern me because even if they are just decent/similar to Dansby and Burnett, its a wash...not great but not terrible, and its only 3 games (I do like the fact that they're younger....how many teams lined up to sign Dansby?--tells you something)--OL and DL are biggest concerns, and definitely need to be addressed/shored up--our depth there is not great--need to upgrade at RB--TE too but with Sims in the mix, we can hang at least for now/near term--I liked Matthews last year so I think our WR depth is solid (as good or better than most teams)--improving OL and DL, and re-signing Grimes, should be priorities.

OBVIUSLY? Obviously, some one needs to learn how to spell.

2 watt, well if they allow 40+ then they will lose ... oh well, the sun will still rise in the morning.

However I just know that you are not going to stop the Saint offense. You just have to beat on their defense and try to limit them to field goals instea dof TDs which this team is pretty good at too.

yeah, a 60+ yarder in that giant katrina cess pool is not far fetched mark.

It is probable that the porous run D we have exhibited up to now is mainly due to poor LB play, tackling I know, maybe poor calls also on alignment.

the 'lil homer in me say if dey beat the saints, oh nelly.
but the big anti homer in me say, uhuh.
all weakness' will be exposed and the league will take notice.

Oscar, it's all Paul.. there was nothing wrong with theh run d in weeks one and 2

® Dijon Mustard


give frenchie 50 snaps.

Hey, Dashi or Craig, Being that we are the same person, could we not forget to tell the wife NOT to wash the Dolphins jersey after we go on a 3 game win streak.

playoff teams usually have good to very good offensive lines....so even mediocre RBs can be effective when running behind a good OLine--yes, we havent been as good stopping the run but we have played 2 very good/playoff teams....who have good/very good OLines-aint easy to stuff the run when facing that....couldnt that be the primary reason, we've faced 2 good Olines, as opposed to Miami having "trouble stopping the run"?--might be that simple, no?

Maybe, Mark, but the indisputable fact is that Ellerbe and Wheeler missed on several tackles last Sunday.

The primary responsibility of a LB is to tackle, and well. Look at Luke Kuechly.

that was mainly in the first half, a lot fo ti was cleaned up in the 2nd half.

oscar.....I hear you, but Indy and ATL arent donkeys....theyre very good teams, so couldnt it be that their Oline simply outplayed us?--and would that be such a surprise?--as opposed to Miami having a "porous run defense"?--2 very good teams' Olines got the better of us....not great and we need to improve, agree, but its not like they got pushed around by crappy Olines.

@OmarKelly In a Stadium which is the proper way to pass someone sitting down, butt first or crotch first? #XOmar
armando, do u get q's like this?
and the only way to get by some1 at the joe is 2 tea bag them.

we need to draft ha ha Clinton-dix from Alabama to be our safety across from jones. he can d up any te in the league. ROLL TIDE

or sign Jarius Byrd

Errybody was missing tackles last sunday...except when Starks tossed that OLman the FK out of his way and blew up the RB...man that was beautiful...but the D was VERY average last week...except when it mattered...but I reckon...thats all that matters!!!

get Jenkins more involved in coverage....wasnt that supposed to be his strength?

How can anyone still hate on Ireland?

The roster is filled with young, homegrown talent.

If you think Ross or Ireland should go then you're either not really a fan of this team or you're a pathetic crybaby that has about as much common sense as a lamp.

Ireland has saved our ass by drafting the right way and not allowing fan pressure to force him into bad moves.

I'd list all the players that we've drafted and are now showing real progress but there's so many of them it would be a waste of time.

Thankfully our owner can recognize talent when it comes to management.

While credits and accolades are deservedly passed around to all, I would like to include Philbin in the mix. That amazing last drive was a culmination of the offseason. It was reported throughout all summer that the team was constantly practicing two minute drills and at break neck speed. If you look at the scores over the past few years, you'd see many games were won and loss by a field goal or a TD. Philbin understood this team was competitive, but it needed to learn how to win in the fourth quarter and under 5 min. It was also reported that THill was calm and business-like on that last drive. He wouldn't have been if he had not practiced it throughout the off season. So kudos to Philbin for preparing this team to win.

and although there was never a ton of it, but enough.....the Philbin bashers have disappeared as well--its early and Philbin still has plenty to prove, but I'm not sure how any fan wouldnt like what they've seen so far....and even more so in year 2, when he's clearly more comfortable/established--solid dude, good coach, decisive....comes from a winning program and seems to know exactly what he wants--not much to bash anymore, huh?

great minds think alike, 48...

OK... SO... I do not hat Ireland, But I was never on the scale of Loving and hating this guy. The fact as far as i am concerned. He has made some bonehead picks and pickups, and he has made some good ones. He does not suck, but he is not a superstar. what the hell is the debate about him? right now we are 3-0.

Fatcells and Morano helped him with his thoughts before.

Philbin is now helping with his thoughts.

It is not all one person it is a team all the way around.

FACT 3-0 feels good, long way to go, Evaluation goes on... sigh...

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | September 25, 2013 at 12:06 PM


Ireland has really improved as a GM since the Big Tuna and his big shadow and ego left. nothing happens overnight. mistakes were made sure, but so do the Patriots make mistakes.

but just open your eyes and see that we are improving.

The front 7 were doing a terrible job of shedding blocks all game...I imagine that and tackling will be a big focus this week in practice...practice??? We talkin' bout practice!?!

THill is on pace for a 4,400yrds,21TD's,and 10INT's season.
Not fantastic or mind-blowing #'s, but I will take it.

Poizen all comes down to this, you find a Qb that can be a great equalizer and give you a chance to win - you're a good GM. If you can't and your offense is inept - you're horrible. Name the lsat great coach or GM who didn't find or have a Qb that could carry the mail ... never existed.


Coyle kept running d-line stunts to go after Ryan but Falcons kept running the ball where they moved from. they need to stay in position more. i think the Saintls will look at the tape and hope the Fins keep running stunts...Stay in your lanes....

Mark you are for the most part correct.

Gruden - Brad Johnson

Billick - Dilfer

1983 I think, Doug Williams.

Those are the only 3 that come to my mind at this time. None of them were great equilizers, just game mangers, Like Fiedler, Henne(atm), Pennington.

Great D's won those.

One Brad Johnson in his day was better than a game manager but regardless those were all one year (game) wonders - things fell apart fast for the first two real bad.

But Joe Gibbs yeah, he was probably the only guy to win consistently with crap at QB - Rypien too. Well played.

Interestingly, in the next five games, both Miami and Pats will each face against four playoff caliber teams. Note: I included our game with them as playoff potential as well. The AFC East could be an interesting race.

Also have to give MAD prop's to the rookie Caleb Sturgis. That kid is dynamite! He handles a 50+ like he's been in the league for year's!
Try to ice the rook? No problem. He'll just make the opposing coach look foolish.
Great job, kiddo!

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