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Dolphins shopping for CB help

The Dolphins have had trouble keeping their cornerbacks healthy this year and with two Super Bowl winning QBs on the shedule the next few weeks, the team went looking for help at the position Monday.

The team brought in half a dozen cornerbacks for tryouts Monday, according to a league source. Among those were former University of Miami and Oakland Raiders starter DeMarcus Van Dyke.

Former Bills starter Terrence McGee, cut by Buffalo in February, was among the players brought in although at 32 years old he doesn't fit the Dolphins typical search for youth.

In that regard, the tryout for Ron Bartell also raises eyebrows because he's 31 years old. Bartell was a second-round pick of the Rams in 2005 but has bounced around with Detroit and Oakland.

Ryan Mouton, a former third round draft pick of the Tennessee Titans, was among the group trying out also. Mouton was cut by the Washington Redskins from their injured list in August.

The Dolphins also took a look at Jacob Lacey, who was waived by the Vikings in August after he had arthroscopic knee surgery. Lacey played with the Colts but after being cut in 2011 bounced around to the Lions and Vikings.

The sixth of the CBs brought in was Jalil Brown, 25, who was with Kansas City until the final round of cuts this year. Brown was a fourth-round pick of the Chiefs in 2011.

The Dolphins are concerned cornerback Dimitri Patterson last week seemed to take a step back in his return from a groin injury suffered the first week of the season. Patterson had practiced on a limited basis the week after the injury and was a game-time decision for the game against Indianapolis. After missing that game Patterson was again limited in practice last week and then ruled out days before Miami's game against Atlanta.

The Dolphins have been trying to get both their rookies -- Willie Davis and Jamar Taylor -- ready to play and so far have had only mixed results. Davis recovered sufficiently enough from a toe injury to be active for Sunday's game but Taylor was not.

Taylor, fighting a groin injury and the aftermath of hernia surgery, has practiced the past two weeks but has yet to play a game for the Dolphins. 



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Might as well kick the tires on anybody who might be able to help.

Message to Ireland...call Cleveland. I hear they are having a sale.

I wonder if they regret cutting Richard Marshall right about now?

The crowd in N.O. will be jacked up on Monday night. You have to run the football early to take the crowd out of it and settle everybody down.

Excited to see Vernon, Jordan and Shelby. I'm more concerned about Patterson not playing though, I was counting on him coming back for this game.

Very excited about this dolphin start but Brees will shred a banged up secondary if given the chance. There are no panacea's here. I'm predicting a shootout that will set passing yard records for tannehill's personal stats. Whether the win or not will remain to be seen. May come down to the rookie kicker launching one for the win in the dome!

I'm already hearing people talking about a record of 3-1. Here on this board. There talking as if this is a "Gimmee" game for the Saints.

I don't believe it and I'm not buying it. The Saints will be a tough-TOUGH test! But, we all said the same thing about Indy......and then The Falcon's. These Miami Dolphin's keep surprising everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE. I for ONE, believe the surprises continue.

The Saints have the No. 3 passing Offense and the No. 5 passing Defense. That does sound truly impressive. But the fact is, they haven't been playing The Miami Dolphin's when they ran up those rankings.

I've been posting about a "Perfect Storm" since we rolled off of a victory against Cleveland. That storm consists of a bunch of young Kids getting experience and confidence. With that and these wins, they're now getting The Confidence of **PLAYING TOGETHER** as a **TEAM**.

You can believe it's a bunch of old cliches and a couple of lucky wins if you like. But I believe in this "Perfect Storm". They believed in themselves and now they're believing in The TEAM!

As your new, Self-Appointed Weather Man, it's a Perfect Storm alright and the forecast is calling for MORE of the SAME! It ain't letting up anytime soon.

PS: And don't worry too much about these injuries, We're getting a some people back. But we also have some talented youngsters and all they need is some playing time.

Oh Yeah!

For any of you that missed the game, or had to live stream it off of a terrible feed(Like I did), The NFL Network is featuring the Dolphin's vs. Falcon's as their FIRST "Replay" tomorrow at 2:00 EST.

Set up the DVR before heading out tomorrow ;)

Should've added. The peanut gallery says we should've kept Marshall.

A win feels good. A 3 game winning streak to start the season is marvelous.

This should be our toughest test yet. The good thing is we play a team game. For somebody to beat the Dolphins they would have to beat us in all 3 phases of the game. Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

Tannehill won that game. And he is only going to get better.

Philbin must line up DJ against Graham. Only chance to stop that beast. DJ matches his strength and speed. No one else in the could cover him.

Having Wake out is HUGE! It doesn't matter who we have on the schedule, anytime you have somebody this good out, it's HUGE!

Having said that, we have a bunch of youngsters an it's their job to be able to step up and be "The Next Man Up". With a Long Week to prepare, I'm confident!

OK, so having no sacks on Ryan was bad and would be worrisome. Especially now that it's official, Wake's out. But I still think it will be a blessing in disguise.

Right off the bat, Coyle had the Atlanta game, game planned for Wake. Coyle's latest Game Plans, call for Wake to free lance a bit in certain situations too. So, that obviously is part of the problem we had last Sunday. We weren't prepared enough to have Wake go down.

Shelby usually gets a limited number of snaps because he plays behind Wake. Also, because of his production in games 1 and 2, Coyle moved him over to start getting reps on the RDE spot(He's only played LDE behind Wake up till now). That experiment(promotion)will be put on hold until Wakes return IMO. But, it'll give Shelby a week to prepare knowing that he will be the LDE. This should help overall IMO.

Also, I suspect Vernon will get the start at RDE as usual. But I believe Dion Jordan gets in the game a lot earlier and a lot more often than in the first 3. This is where I think the "Blessing In Disguise" comes in.

This will be Jordan's Big Chance up on the Big Stage! They've eased him in and he's played well at times. He hasn't seemed overwhelmed in the least. And according to Armando and PFF, Sunday was his BEST GAME to date. So all the Star's are aligning just right for the 3rd overall pick of the draft. You couldn't write a more exciting script for the Kid. Monday Night Football? Against a Legend like Drew Brees? And your "Best" pass rushing Defensive End is out injured?

The Perfect Storm Indeed!

One last point. Knowing that Wake will be out should help in the respect that we'll PREPARE FOR IT. As opposed to having him go down in the first quarter and winging it the rest of the way like we had to against the Falcon's. And if things don't go so great with the Kiddy Kats at DE, we'll be prepared with a contingency plan. With the return of Solia, we can put together a good back up plan. Odrick and Vaughn Martin can both play DE at a High Level as can Randy Starks.

So, missing Wake sucks. But we can have a better showing than last Sunday just because of the fact that we know it ahead of time and won't have to scramble during the game. It sucks, but it ain't the end of the world.

The Weather Man is calling for a "Perfect Storm" inside the Super Dome. I'm predicting that Dion Jordan has a Break Out Performance and he has it at the expense of Drew Brees!

You heard it here First, The Dolphin's Will Not be denied. They are going to shock the NFL one more time and "FINALLY" Force all the doubters to sit up and take notice. The Dolphin's handle the Saint's in a Close One.

Book It - 4-0 Baby!!!!

Bad timing on this news. Especially with the Saints on the horizon and Wake out for a couple of weeks.

How bad of a Groin Injury did Patterson have? It's been two and a half weeks since he was injured. Damn!

I don't think that playing Will Davis is all that far fetched. If he had a good week of practice and I mean a real good week, I would consider playing him.

I mean, after all, he was a 3rd round draft pick. He did have a good camp, good practices and got some Pre Season reps. You have to take shot with the Kid sooner or later ANYWAYS(Yes, I realize that this latest CB search indicates that the powers that be disagree with me. So what-LOL).

This is the spot where I usually have some anti-Carroll/Wilson comments and ask Why Not Davis?

But, so far we're 3-0 and Carroll and Wilson are playing the best they ever have. That's probably not saying a lot, but you do have to give them some credit.

I'm just getting antsy because of how well things are going and how much better they can be. JUST FROM GETTING THE GUYS ON OUR ROSTER ON THE FIELD.

Jamar Taylor and Will Davis are going to be stars. They are also going to be playing with Grimes. The Grimes that's been returning to his former pro bowl self. I want to see this Great Backfield playing behind our Bad Ass Front 7! Is that asking too much?

Ireland's last two draft classes(and Free Agent signee's)are really staring to contribute. Tannehill, Clay, Sims and Gibson jump out. Then Wallace was key against the Colts. I also still think Lamar Miller is awesome. The O-Line being the real problem.

On Defense, they're everywhere. Shelby and Jordan. Ellerbe and Wheeler too. Wheeler's been a beast and Ellerbe is solid and improving within the system. Then the backfield mentioned above. Just wait till these all these guys get healthy and are contributing too.

Wait, wait, wait, I'm sick of waiting. 3-0 has got me going and I don't want to have to wonder how good we could've been......."If".

Philbin must line up DJ against Graham. Only chance to stop that beast. DJ matches his strength and speed. No one else in the could cover him.

Posted by: Ectoplasm | September 24, 2013 at 01:02 AM

When DJ was dropping into coverages at Oregon and when his measurables were taken at the Indy Combine, he was tipping the scales at about 238 to 242. Right in that range.

When he reported to the Dolphin's he was already up to 248. Then, just prior to the Hall Of Fame Pre Season game, his weight was reported to be 262.

In an interview with Dolphin.Com, I believe I heard him say that he had a target weight of 270 to 275.

I'm no expert, but I personally believe that his days of covering TE's are over. Good, Bad or Ugly, other than the very rare instances in which a DE drops into a Zone, I believe that's all behind him.

I thought this is what they would do with him when he was drafted. I thought he was going to be the answer to our "Covering The Tight End" woes. This was before the Patriots Hernandez Thugged himself out of Million Dollar Pay Days(Still LMAO over that one. Duh-LOL). They had Gronk and Hernandez and were going to ride the double TE set into the playoffs.

I thought they would give Jordan a target weight of 250-255, play him at OLB and have him covering the Patriots TE's.

I think it's safe to say, I was WRONG! Jordan's coverage days are behind him(IMO)!

Preferably, get a CB that has played vs Brees before. Drew is very crafty.

It's nice to finally have a defense that doesn't give up in the face of adversity.

How many times did we see our defense give up after a Tannehill interception or a fumble last year?
It is evident that the whole team believes in Tannehill now! They are playing with the belief that no game is outside of reach if they just buckle down and play hard. This is something we didn't see with Dansby,Smith and Burnett on the field.

Per Adam Beasley:

Pro Football Focus has Tannehill rated as a Top 10 QB so far on the year.

Great, that's what I wanted to hear!

Mr. Ireland, you have your Top 10 QB, you need to protect him. Maybe you should hold up on those CB workouts and look for an Offensive Lineman! Ya' Think?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Per Adam Beasley

Dolphins have outscored their opponents 41 to 16 in the 2nd half.

Including 17 to 3 in the 4th quarter!

Huh........? What.......?

That's HUGE in my Book! I would like our stats to look better for sure. But the above stats are the ONLY stats that really matter. We're talking points FOR and AGAINST here!

The Falcons ran up some good stats on us, especially Rushing. But, for all the good that did them, I'll take OUR scoreboard stats!

I figured we were doing pretty good in PF and PA, but Damn!

Instilling confidence in the Players it's all on the Coaches. And of course, the more they win, the more confident they become.

"We have never lost a Game, we just ran out of time", Vince Lombardi.


Tannehill is ranked #9 in QBR in the NFL right now. He is ahead of Drew Brees and Andrew Luck.

With our whole right side looking abysmal, I wonder if there is a decent RT available. We may do better replacing Jerry with Clabo and finding a free agent or trading to get a good RT.

Clabo just looks slow in lateral movement. Putting him inside could prolong his career.

Reading Barry Jackson's column, I saw this quote from Vaughn Martin. I think it's Good enough to be:

****Quote Of The Week****

Vaughn Martin, who played 484 snaps for San Diego last season, has logged only seven through two games but likely will play more in Soliai’s absence, as the primarily backup tackle behind Jared Odrick and Randy Starks.

Asked if he expected to play more when he signed here as a free agent, he said: “My only concern regarding playing time is to make my reps as impactful as possible. It’s a long season. Don’t count reps. Make reps count.”

I love the unselfish Team Mentality exhibited in that statement!

Kudo's Vaughn Martin.


Tannehill is ranked #9 in QBR in the NFL right now. He is ahead of Drew Brees and Andrew Luck.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | September 24, 2013 at 03:40 AM

Thanks for the Info Woodshed.

I don't know if you were here during that draft?

But I blew a Gasket when we picked Tannehill. I was so upset I turned off the NFL Draft for the First Time in my Life! The only time, actually.

I posted so much negative crap for a little while that I pissed off some of the regulars.

So I went ahead and posted my feelings about in one long, NEGATIVE post and promised to leave it alone until he was benched or waived-LOL!

Tannehill proven me wrong every step of the way - Go Figure.

So how about you Woodshed, AT THE TIME OF THE DRAFT, were you happy with the Tannehill pick or against it?

Tell the Truth-LOL?


Believe it or not, I wanted Tannehill but l really wanted to suck for Luck.

Tannehill was my 2nd favorite QB. I didn't fully trust RG3 because I think he relies to heavily on running around for a WR to get open.
I liked Tannehill because of his quick release. When he is decisive, the ball comes out quick. The problem seems that it's all or nothing with his decisiveness. It either gets out in a hurry or he waits forever. It's improving though.

Other picks that I got right were:
I knew Hartline was better than Patrick Turner, who was picked a round earlier. I liked the Clay pick to. I started to give up on him towards the middle of last season but he is making me a believer again. I had Rishard Matthews over Cunningham too!

The guys I liked that went bust on me were Phillip Merling, Clyde Gates and I can't get an Olinemen pick right to save my life. I'm hoping Dallas Thomas will change that trend soon.

I feel like I'm on to something with WR's though. I wanted us to get Sanu last year instead of Egnew. So far he looks like a solid WR when healthy. I also liked Robert Woods from this years draft. We will get to see how he works out.


Did you see the LT from Clemson who laid out the guy with an uppercut last week?
I know that kid! If he can control that temper and apply himself, he will be a beast at the next level. I have never seen a kid as big as him move so fast in my whole life! He was a damn good basketball player too.

I'm hoping he will be a Dolphin in 3 years. It would be fun to be able to root for someone I know and my favorite team all at the same time.

Beggars can't be choosers. We can't be picky about a the age of a CB. We are desperate. Any good CB will do. Unfortunately, there probably aren't any out there. But, if you are going to take anyone that was cut by another team, you should probably take someone that at least has experience. But, maybe we should concentrate on our O-line -- if there's any good players out there.

i see an onside kick coming

It would also be nice if the refs would call holding on the other team when its blatanly obvious except to the bias announcing media.

oh yeah....and we need to stop playing poorly on our way to tieing the game up at 20

mando, there is an ebb and flow to football games.....let it flow brother.

Groin injuries = forever to recover

Releasing Marshall = bone headed

No Wake or Solai = ugh

But hopefully both are back after bye week...

I'm glad I took off PTO for Monday night's game 2 months ago, lol

We must keep up the good fight...stay undefeated...god speed my brothers...

And the losing begins.LMAO !


I'm not afraid to say it was a mistake to cut Marshall. I said it at the time. If that makes me 'the peanut gallery', then so be it.

Like i said at the time, 'i couldn't give a shyte how much money Marshall makes and if he's worth it or nor. It's not my money. I care about winning'. I had to listen to this bullshyte about how he's 'horrible' and 'how you never get over a back injury'. Now we're bringing in guys who haven't played in the league in years for a tryout.

You can never have enough CBs in this league. The Dolphins cheaped out on this one and i only hope it doesn't end up costing us a playoff spot.


OH WAIT.....

WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!

5-11 ON THE HORIZON!!!!!



One--It won't be 95 degreees with 90% humidity under the dome. I give that a plus for NO or at least less of an advantage for us.--still, it may help some of our younger guys aviod some of the wilt and help through the game. WOuold that be a wash--I'm not sure.I have not seen the spreads yet but have to expect NO will be favored. If around 3 pts I'm encouraged cause that means even with our injuries we are taken seriously. If closer to 7-a more signficiant prognostication (without the obvious.

Not a great game to be out of some of our key D players, but a real chance to see the TEAM do its thing. As usual--the keys are to keep Tanne off his butt (or AT LEAST give him another 2 seconds per play) and win the TO game. tANKING THE CROWD OUT WOULD BE NICE TOO. wE WIN THE 2ND AND 4TH QUARTERS, BUT IF WE CAN PUT SOME NUMBERS UP EARLY TOO THAT WILL CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE. Special teams will he huge in this one and no one seems to focus on this. We have the best kicker in the game (challenge that one) have a great punter and a good fast squad. They will play a bigger role.

Uncle Jeffy figured that these young pups would be ready, Taylor and Davis! I'm surprised they are not ready yet...

Ireland's last two draft classes(and Free Agent signee's)are really staring to contribute. Tannehill, Clay, Sims and Gibson jump out. Then Wallace was key against the Colts. I also still think Lamar Miller is awesome. The O-Line being the real problem. Posted by odinseye
So you believe the Dolphins should have kept Jake Long at his price?


The eRly line I've seen is NO by 5.5. Cool. That's fine. Actually don't expect us to win Monday night. What I'm more interested in is getting our guys healthy for the Ravens and two games against the Pats. We're not going to win every game but those will be good tests for us.






NO by 6. LV


Injuries are a part of the game and since this team is young we shouldn't even worry about them. It just gives other new faces a chance to shine. Let's see what DJ does replacing Wake, Shelby replacing Solai, Davis replacing Patterson, etc. You may find a diamond in the rough. Plus the NO game is not a must win. If we take care of the AFC East opponents, we are right where we want to be.

I'm seeing between 6-7 in the spreads--giving NO a pretty strong favor in this one. OK--let it happen. Keep questioning us. We have 2 wins in AFC-one against a srtong at least possible wild care player. Sure NO is 3-0 but they have played weaker teams (we both beat Atl so not a bad barometer???). A banged up Phns may not show where they really are before the game, but that is not our concern. We have to go play our game and see how things look @ 11:30 ET Monday night. 4-0 would be verry pretty. On one hand--this is not a must have game. On the other it is. 4-0, wins against three playoff teams, etc would only give our guys a sense of being able to beat anyone. Limit mistakes and give Tanne a chance to move the ball and we can surprise the spreaders. I'd consider taking the points (or we lose by 20) but it's only FUN money! 4-0 straight up!!!

Updated: Tuesday September 24, 2013 8:00:33 AM EDT

Cuban Menace turned in a strong primetime performance with 51.30 points on Monday Night Football (57% of their total score) to get the late win over Armando's Buffet Pants 90.10 - 75.86. Cuban Menace proved to be too strong an opponent and was led by Peyton Manning (374 Pas Yds, 3 TD). Manning passed for 374 yards, and contributed 24.76 points to the total when the dust settled. Sidney Rice also helped out with 19.90 points on two touchdowns (79 Rec Yds, 2 TD). To make matters worse, Armando's Buffet Pants got zero points from Josh Brown. Cuban Menace (2-1, 258.46 points) climbs into fifth place while Armando's Buffet Pants (1-2, 275.22 points) stays in sixth place. In Week 4, Cuban Menace gets Truth Ballers (1-2, 269.56) while Armando's Buffet Pants goes up against Queens Club (1-2, 289.48).


With 2 of our 3 best D-line players out (Wake/Soliai) plus Patterson in the secondary...Advantage Brees.

When we have the ball I'm going to give the advantage to Tannehill over the Saints D... since all his usual weapons are healthy.

Special teams advantage = Dolphins (Sturgis is $$$ and Fields is having a pro-bowl year)

Summary - Shootout with advantage to Brees since its a home game

Saints 30
Dolphins 24

Damage minimal as we lose to an NFC team

not good needing secondary help badly going into game at new orleans. playing with house money but this week could be ugly

Who woulda thunk it? The three hardest injuries to come back from are turf toe, lisfranc and groin hernias. It's easier to come back from a blown out knee. Get your groin right people!

F'n manning! Congrats Cuban... IMAWriter brings up a good point from last night ... if Cleveland is indeed having a sell off and we need CB help - why not give up a first for Joe Haden? Doubt Cleveland would go for this but I'd do it in an instant.

HA! Surprise the spreaders...

Where's rdubs when you need him?


Sounds like my kind of party ...

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | September 24, 2013 at 08:58 AM

Tannehill = Superman > Brees

Win Miami 56 - 0.

Offer up a second round pick for Joe Hayden. Shop low, maybe they bite.

The Dolphins are probably looking at veterans because of their experience they could step in and help right away. They would likely be released when the young guys can heal and get back on the field.

Give the O-line time to gel....

Phin78, Your obsession with Kaepernick and Newton on a Dolphins blog is telling. You definitely come off as a hater. It's not necessary to tear down one player to lift another up. Maybe Tanne will be a great qb in time and a certainly hope so, but the facts are Kaep had a great season last year leading his team to the superbowl. He deserve a lot of the attention he got(earned it)Newton broke almost all the records in the book for an NFL rookie. Should that have been completely ignored? Kaepernick has lost his top receiver from last year(Crabtree). Randy Moss retired, Tedd Ginn is in Carolina having a nice season and Vernon Davis is out with a hamstring injury. Guys are not open and there was no place to throw the ball. Yet, he didn't throw a ton of int's to hurt his team. Under the circumstances he did pretty good. I guess you didn't see the GREAT TOM "PROFESSIONAL" BRADY frustrated going after his receivers and team mates a couple of weeks ago. When it comes to professionalism I'll give that destinction to Peyton Manning. He's routinely done more with less compared to Tom Brady. Yes, some of you guys smell like hatters for sure!


Yes, that was a little stab at you. I don't feel we lack depth, we just have a lot of injured CBs.

If we kept Marshall who in the Secondary would you release?

We carry 5 CBs on the roster, without counting J.Wilson.

W.Davis, J.Taylor, N.Carroll, and J.Wilson combined get paid less than R.Marshall.

My guess is Haden is untouchable because of the combination of his skill and young age (24).

I didn't see Richard Marshall do much to show me he is actually good. He is also injury prone and was way over priced. I'm glad the team released him. Carroll has stepped up and I like the potential of rookies.

DC....I'm not a Tannehill hater, in fact I see great improvement over last year.

I am a realist and have watched Drew Brees pick apart every teams secondary under the Superdome.

Can we win...'Any Given Sunday' (or Monday).

Which brings up my next point...we suck on national tv.

...any takers out there? $50 bet and I'll give you 5 points.
Drew Brees is on fire right now and only Peyton Manning is having a better season.

Love my Fins...but man, let's get real here folks.

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