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Dolphins shopping for CB help

The Dolphins have had trouble keeping their cornerbacks healthy this year and with two Super Bowl winning QBs on the shedule the next few weeks, the team went looking for help at the position Monday.

The team brought in half a dozen cornerbacks for tryouts Monday, according to a league source. Among those were former University of Miami and Oakland Raiders starter DeMarcus Van Dyke.

Former Bills starter Terrence McGee, cut by Buffalo in February, was among the players brought in although at 32 years old he doesn't fit the Dolphins typical search for youth.

In that regard, the tryout for Ron Bartell also raises eyebrows because he's 31 years old. Bartell was a second-round pick of the Rams in 2005 but has bounced around with Detroit and Oakland.

Ryan Mouton, a former third round draft pick of the Tennessee Titans, was among the group trying out also. Mouton was cut by the Washington Redskins from their injured list in August.

The Dolphins also took a look at Jacob Lacey, who was waived by the Vikings in August after he had arthroscopic knee surgery. Lacey played with the Colts but after being cut in 2011 bounced around to the Lions and Vikings.

The sixth of the CBs brought in was Jalil Brown, 25, who was with Kansas City until the final round of cuts this year. Brown was a fourth-round pick of the Chiefs in 2011.

The Dolphins are concerned cornerback Dimitri Patterson last week seemed to take a step back in his return from a groin injury suffered the first week of the season. Patterson had practiced on a limited basis the week after the injury and was a game-time decision for the game against Indianapolis. After missing that game Patterson was again limited in practice last week and then ruled out days before Miami's game against Atlanta.

The Dolphins have been trying to get both their rookies -- Willie Davis and Jamar Taylor -- ready to play and so far have had only mixed results. Davis recovered sufficiently enough from a toe injury to be active for Sunday's game but Taylor was not.

Taylor, fighting a groin injury and the aftermath of hernia surgery, has practiced the past two weeks but has yet to play a game for the Dolphins. 



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Don "Hitman" Jones or R.Marshall ?

Haha, I hate the word "hater" .. I've decided only douchebags use that word. So flippin ghey that term... people don't have haters ... just as simple as people don't like him... if you have enough people not liking you .. it's probably for good reason.

NH, why are you trying to take advantage of Dolphins fans... offering up a 5 point spread when Vegas offers 6.5 ... shame on you.


Again I couldn't care less about the money they were making. It was a dumbmove to cut him. Patterson hasn't been healthy since game one. He wsn't a guy we could count.the kids hsve been injured since camp and they're unproven. Couldn't count on them. It's wrong o be havong these discusions when we're 3-0. It wasn't necessary for Ireland/Philbin to put us in tos situation. They got cheap on us.

craig is trolling soldy. How pathetically sad!

We all knew he was a troll, now we have proof.

I'd like to see Miami run the 2 minute offense for 60 minutes next week.

Spread the field, make the Saints defend every inch of it. I've got a feeling that had something to do with the improved pass protection on that last drive Sunday.

It'll be a fast track for Wallace too, I'd like to see them take an early shot.

I like this team they've put together.

wow...its up to 6.5 --- I did not check the line prior to my post.

sorry guys...anyone in for $50??

Craig does have a point but then again spending $5M on cap space that you could use next offseason on a 5th CB was a bit of a waste. marshall was garbage in camp .., now if he had won the nickel spot, fine but he was behind Carroll and Will Davis..

NH, taking off my homer cap, I see a 16-0 Perfect Season in the Dolphins future. Strictly analyzing the team without any bias. I wouldn't even change the trainers. We're possibly in the midst of witnessing the first perfect man-made construct. Does that mean Jeff Ireland is God?

I don't bet before week 5, rule of thumb ...

Come on DC, you're going to rbign on the horde of locusts and having all Dolphins fans lose their first born sons!!

Craig you keep 5 CBs on a 53 man roster. Who do you Cut?


1 of these 5 would have to be cut in order to keep R.Marshall. Plain and simple.

The $5Mil you think Ireland didn't spend are being saved up for next off season to pay Grimes his $10 mil a season.

Again, to keep R.Marshall you would have to cut someone else in the Secondary. Who would it be?

Dashi, the answer would be RJ Sanford but still - allocating the money to someone so buried in the depth chart in week one was not wise.

Here we go again, no confidence in the coaches or players.

What was Matt Ryan chopped liver? If Carroll can cover Julio-down-by-the-schoolyard, he can cover anyone. Relax we have it covered.

We have a lot of players filling on D this week. The good news is that they will have had an entire 'long' week to get prepared...unlike Sunday. Those guys came off the sideline and performed well...testament to good coaching and high character.

Naw Mark, the New Testament. 2nd coming of the Messiah. Has anyone ever seen Ireland drinking water (it's always wine...suspiciously).

Did anyone notice how Jenkins played Sunday. I didn't hear his name called so I am assuming he did not screw up real bad.

Didn't Stanford have a good play? Oh, that was special teams.

Hartline already has 2 TD's in week 3 of the season! Somewhere, YG's head is exploding.

The truth is, I don't want to be clear-headed and rational. I want to bathe in my irrational exuberance until the bubble pops. Hell, Wall Street did it, so why can't I? I won't ruin the world economy by doing so (just give myself a letdown once we lose).

But think about the plight of the Dolphins fan from the mid 2000's-today. Can you think of a more sad example, needing empathy and compassion? I relate it to ecstasy (and other drugs). The way these work is by releasing serotonin (neurotransmitter in the brain) which causes pleasure. However, the "down" felt after the drug is the experience of lower levels of serotonin. The Dolphins fan has the opposite effect going on in their brain. We've had low levels of serotonin watching our team lose year after year. Now, with this flurry of wins, our levels have increases, giving us a sense of euphoria that may not be sustainable, but feels so good we are not willing to let it go and want to ride it as long as we can.

I'll come back to Earth when we lose, not a second before. I don't know when I will get to feel like this again. Therefore, don't try to rationalize any of my posts this week, I'm not thinking rationally.

At least we get an extra day to TRY and get a couple guys healthy...bringing in CBs for workout looks like the staff amy have already made up its mind to let these guys rest all week and see if we can pressure and out shoot the Saints on Monday night...

...This tells me the rookies(CB) are not close to ready. Even if they get healthy they aren't seeing the field this week..So it makes sense to try and sign a vet.

The question..Who do you cut?? Craig M..I agree with you. Looks like a poor move getting rid of Richard Marshall. We could have kept 6 CB's on the roster..Not unheard of. Especially since Wilson is a Saftey as well, you get a 2-1. The money argument is kind of week to me..We didn't need that cash against the cap. The player is much more valuable then the salary...especially if there is a scenario where there is another injury in the secondary

I get that Marshall was going to be a pricey backup..I don't remember when Marshall was released. But were the rookies both dinged at the day of his release? If so it makes the move very questionable.

Rishard Matthews breaking tackles for 1st downs was huge...

Sims right arm being held = TD with left hand = high light reel

Brandon Gibson aka SPAWN "played a helluva game" to quote Philbin.

Over all Grade = A to Dolphin receivers

DC, I subscribe to this theory. Until we lose it's up to other teams to figure us out. Not many people going to complain about making a DE the third overall pick with Wake's injury right now... good thing we have him or we'd be screwed ...

We can and will overcome. Our secondary did a good job against Ryan and the Falcons ... last I checked, Ryan only passed for ~230 yards without any significant pass rush.

N.Carroll is better than S.Smith.

Mark, RJ Sanford is the answer but I think they have him off the Practice Squad. You can't stash Marshall on the Practice Squad. Ireland needs to do a better job drafting or finding acorns.

Marshall wasn't worth the Money.

Marshall would've been the 7th best CB, 10th DB on the team. Plus he doesn't play special teams. Defense or Return.

2013 R.Marshall Stats 14 Tkls 1 PD 0 INT 0 Starts

2013 N.Carroll Stats 13 Tkls 2 PD 1 INT 2 Starts

Great start!!!

1.If you would've told me that Miami would get zero sacks I would have said we definitely lose to Atlanta.

2.If you would've told me Miami allows 146 rushing yards and 4.9 per carry to a team who has a great QB like Matt Ryan I would say we definitely lose to Atlanta.

3.If you would've told me that Atlanta holds the ball for 15 more minutes then Miami I would say we definitely lose to Atlanta.

You add 1, 2 and 3 together and I wouldve told you we lose by 20 or something. I am impressed with this group a lot. Miami found a way to win their home opener to a Super Bowl caliber team when they could've been blown out.

This group is tough and hung in there. Back to back weeks vs top tier QBs and they bend but dont break. Back to back weeks where franchise QB Ryan Tannehill is clutch when it mattered!

Miami has a huge game in the spotlight this week I don't know whether they win or lose but I know I'm confident they show up. This team seems to play its best in the toughest game situations.

DD, Marshall was released when Will Davis was intercepting everything in sight in practice. Taylor was injured tho. But I have to side with Dashi, Marshall was being outplayed not only by Patterson but Carroll and Will Davis ... want to blame someone, blame marshall for showing up like crap.

Can't justify paying your 5th corner $5M ... it's not ireland and Aponte's approach and you can't blame him for that now because that's the reason we have $30-$40M available going forwarrd to improve the starters...

I posted yesterday that Tannehill completed balls to all potential receivers Sunday. I was wrong. Klutts and Gillislee were potential receivers and they did not catch a ball.

Egnew looked a little afraid of getting hit on his catch. But give him credit, he got out of bounds. Better than Miller did.

Miller also dropped a third down pass in the first game. He needs to step up. Potential only takes you so far. If he can't catch and he can't break tackles what good is he? And he did get caught from behind, by several guys.

Dashi, who is available?

Is it Gillislee time?





Dashi, I agree with you for the most part but I do think RJ is on the 53 ... at least he was on the initial 53

Who you cut for Richard Marshall? Very easy. EGNEW! Really, we needed that 1 catch for 8 yards? If that's all it takes to stay on the team then sign me to TE, and I will match that in one game, AND I'll play for under the league minimum.

DC, what's this about a possible US govt shutdown??

...I think this game is going to be difficult to win. Before the sky has totally fallen. I want to see how banged up we are. Even at full strength this was going to be a tough ask.

I have been to 1 game in the dome..It was a Sunday game versus the Giants..both teams were undefeated at I think 6-0.. Now Seattle is the loudest stadium in the league(I saw the Giants in Seattle as well..Go figure)..But the Crowd the energy at the dome is like being at a European footie match..It is a celebration. To bad it's a dome or it would be the best Gameday experience in the league(IMO)..People are going to be fired up. It's just different there. You have to experience it to understand.

All this said..This is a game of 2 pretty good teams. I just don't see how we stop their pass game this particular week...I hope we find a way. But our linebackers, and safties still struggle covering tight ends..Gonzo was shredding us till he got nicked. Perhaps this is the key..Knock Graham out of the game

Put Done Jones on him!

Brees throws for almost 400 yards every week against teams that have very good DB's.

What's your point YG...I mean soldy?


Never want to say any game is a throw away game...obviously...but this team is fairly beat up...might as well rest guys and we get the Bye after Baltimore at home...but I would really like to see this team be healthy going into the bulk of their division and conference schedule...a L to the Saints is not a huge deal...3-1 to start the season with 3 of the 4 on the road???? Thats damn good folks...now obviously...I hope we win them all but I don't quite think that is a reasonable stance to take...

Don Jones is layin the smack down!!!











On the CB issue, I agree with Dashi.

Mark, Sanford was on the PS & activated because Patterson battled the groin at the end of camp & went into game 1 questionable. And they still saw fit to cut Marshall.

Marshalls cap savings rolling over will be critical next year to resign Grimes, Soliai/Starks & bring in a competent RT. Also, Cogs & Jerry are both UFA.

People who are complaining about what it does this year don't know much. You have to have a future plan.

Marshall was getting picked on during his 2 or 3 preseason game. He simply wasn't all that great & not worth carrying his salary. As poor as they are, Carroll has played well enough & Wilson can play CB so, they had options to replace him & not lose productivity.

Everyone is just panicking because Brees is up next. Well, NEWSFLASH people, Brees lights up teams with good DB's.

I think the BIGGEST factor in this game, and no one talks about it is, the Saints D. They are MUCH improved & have a great pass rush.

Forget the DB's. If we can't protect Tanny, it won't be a game at all.

I think we should be more concerned about the OLine than anything right now. That is the Archilles heal for the team. Tanny was making plays under pressure all day Sunday.

Good news- he is growing up before our eyes.
Bad news- He won't last the season unless this crew gets their act together

The Saints can be beaten otherwise they would win the Superbowl every year. Atlanta, the team we just beat, has won that division a few times.

I will bet Philbin is not giving this game away. Every game needs to be played like the play-offs depend on it.

Dashi is correct above.....yes, many are questioning the cutting of Marshall but the numbers didnt work (remember most here, over the summer, also recognized/thought that either Patterson or Marshall had to get cut anyway, after drafting 2 CBs)--we had 1 too many and both were making 4-5 mill/yr....1 had to go--plus I think Marshall wouldve gotten some bonus money if on the roster past a certain date--just obviously sucks that 3 CBs are now injured--bad luck more than anything

Jack 10.6

I agree with you. It is a national spolight game so as fans we want to see the best players play but we also have to understand that week 5 and week 7 vs Baltimore and Buffalo are more important then a Monday nighter vs a NFC opponent.

I didn't buy into we were playing with house money vs Atlanta because you have to protect your home field. It was also the home opener so I was feeling if Miami is for real they had to show it and they did. However this week vs Saints is truly house money if there ever was a game. I wouldn't play Wake, J. Taylor, Soliai at all.

Dmitri Patterson is the Danny Amendola of CB'S. What i mean by that is they are both above average to borderline really good players,but neither can stay healthy. i really hope Dmitri can get his groin worked out (Lobstertube is good for that) and he can finish the season. New orleans yall ready to get Katrina'd? Yes I went thereMy prediciton

Dolphins 97
Saints 86

Exactly EK, I concede games to nobody!!! F*** New Orleans!!! F*** Brees and that spot on his face!!!

We're coming, you hear???

Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | September 24, 2013 at 10:49 AM

Decent point. If Miami had a choice of which games to lose, they'd rather lose out of conference games for tiebreaker purposes. Winning the first 3 was huge, anything else is gravy.

We all wanna see them win them all but, let's be realistic here. I'd be thrilled with 3-1. I'm happy with an L as long as they don't lose any more guys & don't get blown out.

Hard to tell given the secrecy about injuries but shouldn't Taylor (groin) be put on PUP list?

and Im sure many here played HS or college sports....so also know that groin injuries linger sometimes for months unfortunately--especially for a skill position like CB, where a ton of running/quick moves/change of direction is needed--those injuries will linger all season, just a matter of if they can play through them, and how well--but they aint healing to 100% anytime soon

Add to that list of inactives I would have vs Saints

Wake, J. Taylor, Patterson and Soliai and if Misi or Wheeler or even both are dinged then depending on if the injury can get worse playing I'd sit them too.

It's a marathon not a sprint.

Mark, it's the quarterly Republican attempt at relevance. Since they control 1/2 of 1 branch of gov't, they have no power. Yet they have convinced themselves they are in charge (and more so have even one good idea on how to improve government). Nevermind that they are the Party of less government because government is evil (which begs the question why are they so quick to run for office since they are joining what they detest and want to kill). But I digress.

These imbeciles, after trying to kill Obamacare (I don't know, something like 50 times) have passed legislation in the House tying the funding of the government (there are 8 or so Appropriations bills that must be passed each year to pay the national governments expenses) to defunding Obamacare (the President's most prized achievement and a dream of all Democrats for over 50 years). So, yeah, like that's going to pass a Democrat-led Senate or get past the President's desk (who has promised a veto if by chance it was to make it through the Senate). Seriously? NEVER, in the history of the United States, has a Party tried to tie some other legislation as a prerequisite for passing Appropriations bills. But, like I said, this isn't your father's Republican Party anymore. This is a mob of leaderless fools who only listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin (i.e. idiots).

Democrats are weak and spineless, but even THEY won't cower to this craziness. So, you have a showdown. A game of chicken. With the American people (and by extension the world) hanging in the balance. They have until next Monday to pass at the very least a CR (continuing resolution) extending the current appropriations bills for a limited amount of time (this is how government has been working lately by the way, they haven't passed new Appropriations bills in years, careening from crisis to crisis by finally agreeing to these CRs).

In a word, it's a complete sh*t show Mark, and it's best to tune it all out because worst kept secret is, in the end, as most (if not ALL) Republicans know, they will have to cave and de-couple the Obamacare defunding threat from passing the CR and funding government. UNTIL the next crisis, which will come in a month or so, when we need to raise the debt limit. Yeah, stay in Canada, good move (can I come?).

and a pass rush, which was very mixed vs Atlanta, will mask any weaknesses in the secondary--CB situation is not good right now, but plenty of pressure on the QB bails them out big time--and considering Jones is about a top 3 WR, I thought Carroll did ok against him on Sunday--contained him, without a consistent pass rush, which is about the best you can hope for

Even if the Wake, Soleia, Patterson and Misi are all not able to play, we have depth.

Atlanta is 1-2 because the Dolphins and the Saints beat them.

LETS GET IT ON!!! I ain't skeered!


ARE YOU HIGH?!?!?!?!?




considering we're 3-0 and have NO and BALT up next (tough wins regardless, obviously), I think the Fins should sit any of this dinged group until after the bye--I imagine they're going to be forced to do that because it sounds like they wont be ready anyway....but if there is any question, I'd rather these guys sit and mend, as opposed to playing at 85% and aggravating the injury further--we need them for the second half

hey don, obviously you're a tool.....but tell me how many teams across the league have the type of depth you're talking about?--a handful, maybe....plus their depth is alot better than you think, because we were missing several/most of these key players on Sunday, some of our best players, and still beat Atlanta....one of the best teams in the league--yeah, but more solid/intelligent commentary from you, sure

DC, you're lil rant is based on liberal talking points(lies).

Obamacare COULD not pass, even in a democrat held senate & house. Do you recall Scott Brown was essentially elected in Mass of all places to be the 60th vote to block it's passage?

Of course you don't. Republicans are the first to go through a shady process? LMAO

What did democrats do when Brown was elected? They went through a shady reconciliation process to make it a budget bill to only need 51 votes.

In spite of the will of the majority who didn't want it.

I guess you also forgot about the sweetners Demo Senators got who originally said no to have them change their mind.

Banks in North Dakota got SOLE access to issue student loans.

Ever heard of the Louisiana Purchase?
The Cornhusker kickback?

Try again clown. The people don't want it & demo's did EVERYTHING shady to pass it. Even in recent months, demo's call it a train wreck. Even the great Warren Buffet said it needs to be replaced. He's obamas idol!

Even through all this, you try to lie to our Canadian bloggers to disparage republicans for what democrats wrote the book on. DIRTY TACTICS.

Go get an education before trying to educate! Your post is paragraphs of nonsensical liberal propaganda.

While dolphins particularly prefer swimming in greater depths of water, there is one species (the bottlenose dolphin) that prefers more shallow depths (no deeper than 150 ft). So saying Dolphins NEED depth is inaccurate.

DC, thanks for the insight - sounds like an episode of house of cards.

As far as coming up here, the first time you see the deductions on your pay stub and the ridiculous amount of sales tax (tax on tax) you will be singing star spangled banner forever ... my country needs revolution...

Who's Jeffy Cocksmoker?

Mark, what DC did not tell you;

Obama and the Dems Told U.S. companies they don't have to fund their share of Obamacare this year, but they want to keep throwing taxpayer [yours and mine] money into that black hole.

DC, the Republicans did not fold on Sequestration. And, the world didn't end like Obama said it would!

Honestly, this Monday night game against NO had me more worried than the Atlanta game with all the injuries they had coming into last week.......NO at home in the spotlight where drew brees always seems to shine his best games makes this a tough matchup for Miami, to which I can see why vegas has a high number going into this game

at the same time, Miami has won twice on the road albeit against lesser offenses but still the fins deserve a little bit more respect than that as a road underdog, but it is what it is...

I will say that win or lose Monday night, going into week 5 with either a 4-0 or 3-1 record is much better than most thought to begin with especially considering all the problems they've had running the football and allowing as much sacks as they have.....JUST SAYIN!!!!!

promichael...Jake Long was removed from rams vs dallas cause his qb was getting killed...he's done

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