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Dolphins sign Watkins, waive Samuda

The Dolphins have signed guard Danny Watkins, a former first-round pick of the Eagles. To room on the roster for Watkins the team waived guard Josh Samuda.

For Watkins this is a chance to redeem himself after a tough couple of years in Philadelphia. For Samuda, who had a poor preseason moving from center to  guard, his time with the Dolphins is in jeapardy as he is not practice squad eligible. 

The 6-3, 310 pound Watkins joins Miami after spending the last two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles (2011-12).  He was selected with the 23rd overall pick by the Eagles in the 2011 NFL Draft. In his career, Watkins has started 18 of the 23 games in which he appeared for the Eagles.  

Watkins was a two-year letter winner and started all 25 games played at Baylor after beginning  his collegiate career at Butte College. As a member of the Bears he earned first-team All-Big 12 Conference honors as a senior. Born November 6, 1984, Watkins played rugby and hockey at Mt. Boucherie Secondary School in West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Watkins is a reclamation project to be sure. He fell out of favor under new head coach Chip Kelly. But even before then, there were questions about his desire and love for the game.

The Dolphins have had success with reclamation projects at guard before with Richie Incognito. Of course, that was under a different head coach and staff.

We'll see.

Watkins signed a one-year contract.

Watkins played 126 snaps in the preseason at right guard and ProFootballFocus.com rated him the 39th best offensive guard in the league. He committed one penalty, gave up one sack, and had a minus-1.2 run blocking grade during those games.

Last year Watkins was ranked the NFL's 54th best offensive guard based on the seven games and 461 snaps he played. He had a minus-4.7 overall grade, allowing just one sack, nine quarterback hurries and committing two penalties.

Watkins was considered a bust in Philadelphia. Bottom line is he is better off in Miami where he comes in as a backup with a chance to prove himself. He has no draft pedigree he needs to live up to here.

If he's only good enough to be a backup, no one will complain. He was, after all, signed to a low-budget deal. If he's good enough to push John Jerry at right guard or eventually succeed Richie Incognito, who is in the final year of his contract, he'll be considered a huge success.

If he isn't very good at all, he'll be another bottom of the roster player that eventually is churned out on waivers.

It's a win-win-win.


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I enjoyed the draft Mark. Felt kind of dirty taking Spiller number 6 overall. No Pats or Jets on the team though if I remember right.

Rogers must be a crazy dude for no one in the league to pick him up even for their practice squad.. At least we kicked the tires on him.

Craig M, I think we had 7 or 8 guys for the live draft. It was a decent turnout.

On topic, a good move by the team I think getting Watkins.

This could be a key signing, good move Jeff!

Yeah, Samuda was looking like the weak link on the offense during the preseason.

In the Dolphins 2nd game Rogers will be in a Colts uniform,playing with arguably the best passing QB in the NFL that is under 25.

Pryor, not Flynn, is now Raiders starter.
Ha ha ha ha

Good Morning FIN FANS....

hope you enjoyed the LONG WEEKEND....CHRISTMAS is comming SUNDAY AFTERNOON....

I see WHY GEE spent the HOLIDAY weekend talking to himmself on the blog...good for you....even impostering HIMSELF....lol....this guy is pure looney tunes...

not 1 peep 'bout the phinz opener,
all on the canes/gators at the joe,
the joe will be sold out 4 once this sat.

Matt Flynn

Miami has made a ton of mistakes in the past signing certain FA's, most notably Culpepper over Brees but man Flynn can't even beat out Terrell Pryor. Believe in Tannehill or not but for the doubters you have to admit Tannehill gives Miami a punchers chance of success where Matt Flynn would of set Miami back another 3-5 years. Sheesh!

2 watt you maybe pretty dumb but sub life is already sold out for Dolphins home opener and is already 80% sold for 2nd gone game both will probably be sell outs . Haha I love stating facts to clowns on here.

I don't know Armando....from what I saw of Philly last year...looked like they had the worst line in the league....

thjis feels like signing a DALLAS scrub for the sake of signing someone....

with the injury to Keller...and the poor showing (offensively) in pre-season...some of the shine has already been removed from the Ireland's STELLAR (imo) off-season...

this guy (to me) only serves as more oxidation....and continues to tarnish....

this is a HUGE week one game....

Who is going to pay $ to watch this garbage team?

hey Canadien Bacon, err, YG, there are now two Canadian on the Miami Dolphins.

Canadians talking Miami football, hilarious ....

neMo, he's a proven vet. nice insurance. And speaking of feeling dirty, I have Ridley and Luck on my team. That's three times I hope to lose in fantasy football is when Miami plays those guys.

Where is Dashi on Samuda? I thought he was the future?

ETF, haven't seen the troll hit that the Dolphins were too cheap to pay Matt Flynn. Guy can't beat out Terrell Freaking Pryor...

Where is Canadian bacon... guess we've seen the end of that schtick....

Kris, how was Miami's first team offensive display poor in the preseason? Tannehill was on pace for near 300 yards in the 3 pre season games (post HOF) and no INTs and a few passing TDs.

Actually I extrapolated the numbers and if he produces at that level, he would be in line for a 4,800 yards, 32 TDs, and zero INTs. I know it won't work out that way but the first team offense produced. Backups ... they suck except for the WRs...


looked like a lot of 3 and out to me...

that equals a 2nd half TIRED DEFENSE....

take into account no game planning...and yeah...you can petty much throw those numbers out the window...

I will pay to watch this team on Dec 7 in Pittsburgh. I will be easy to spot. I will be the one guy in an orange hat, not waving a yellow towel.

Danny Watkins over Samuda

I guess I had a premonition we would look at Watkins once he was cut. I was out Saturday with some friends for my wife's birthday and a good friend of mine works in the Eagles PR Dept. was there and I said I wouldn't be surprised if Miami looked at Watkins.

He said Watkins never adjusted in Philly. He was outspoken and a bruiser/brawler OL type at Baylor but yet in Philly he was a loner and never showed his personality on the field or off it. He said which was the obvious answer a change in scenery is best for him. He didn't really say anything bad about his skill set just he wasn't able to play his game for whatever reason in Philly.

Now Watkins over Samuda is a good bet to me. Watkins flashed the skills to be a 1st round pick. He busted out in his first stop but he has obvious ability now its up to Miami's coaches to see if there's anything there. Ireland's ties to Baylor also says just maybe he had some insider info or has liked Watkins all along. Im sure he's very familiar with him. Samuda sucked all preseason so to me if Watkins sucks at least you took a shot cause Samuda wouldn't be any better.

Kris, it was hardly 3 and out ... hardly.... now whether this translates to the regular season, we will see but you can't ask anymore of Tannehill to this point in this offseason. Looks like he's doing his job.

I've been saying all along that anyone can throw 6 TDs in a game playing for GB.

Let's see you win some games when Ginn & Camarillo are your starting WRs.

? if they're 1-4-0-5 will they be there after the bye vs Buffalo&Cincy ?

Idiot Philbin wanted Matt Flynn! LMAO!!


Your boy got demoted to the practice squad, McNutt! That sucks I felt he did enough and when he needed to make something happen and being on the bubble he stepped up. Shame! I think the injuries to the DBs had a lot to do with it. He had to be the last guy out IMO. Why else keep only 4 WRs and counting on Thigpen as the 5th is a mistake. He's not a WR.

I hope McNutt gets activated once Will Davis and Jamar Taylor are ready to go. And let Sanford or Carrol walk.

You Dolphinsfans really wanna know what the rest of the country outside of S.Florida really think about the dolphins ? In my fantasy team I picked L.Miller in the 9.th.rd M.Wallace in the 12.th R.Tannehill as my bsack up QB in the 19.th that's all you need to know !!

Believe in Tannehill or not but for the doubters you have to admit Tannehill gives Miami a punchers chance of success where Matt Flynn would of set Miami back another 3-5 years. Sheesh Posted by: AndyNJ

You can add this past draft to that argument as well.
Tannehill hasn't proven much yet (I was one who wasn't a big fan when he was drafted, but thought he acclimated himself well in a difficult situation last year), but as you said he looks to be the correct choice over Flynn...And there wasn't one QB in this past draft I would have wanted over what I saw from Tannehill last year. After seeing the rookies in the pre-season that is still the case.
Tannehill is certainly still a work-in-progress, and at this point he is still a question mark...But it a year or so later, the gamble does look a bit better, when it comes to trying to find that proverbial "Franchise QB."

Andy, I was shocked he wasn't on the 53. I mean, he couldn't have done anymore to win a spot on the 53. Guy averaged 20 ypc and had more yards than any WR in preseason. I mean he's not perfect nor will he ever be a star but he's as dangerous and talented a 5th WR as there is in the league. Hopefully he doesn't get poached.

Flaherty right on the money dude, most of these ignorant fools in here will be the same fanboys who will run him out of town by Thanksgiving. Especially if they get off to a 2-6-1-7 start !!


I'll put it to you like this....

there is a reason why they don't keep stats in the pre-season...

I am a FIN fan like you...and I know...as Tanne goes...so do the FINS....but in reality...Tanne was.... Meh....so to this point...I am like the olympic gymnast with the UNIMPRESSED face....

Nothing matters until SUNDAY...

check out the link...



Terrible towels = skeet blanket for bearded bears!

Mace, that's very improtant and relevant because I know your fantasy league is filled with guys who should be running NFL franchises. BY the way, Big Ben is my backup picked late - guess his two super bowl rings mean he stinks too because he was drafted to be a backup ...


Yeah I agree bro. He still has a lot of development and growth before he can officially sell us all on he's the answer. But like you said he was in a very difficuly spot last year with a lack of playmakers around him and just a lack of development at the position. He was supposed to be a 2 year project and be starting now but he started Day 1 and handled himself very well. He had clunkers along the way and that was to be expected for us realistic thinkers. He will have more this year but the fairest way to judge Tannehil is against himself. "Is year 2 Tannehill better then rookie Tannehill."

Flynn - wise choice not to give him the royal treatment he so expected and was ultimately why he didn't sign.


beter link maybe....the first one looks broken

I liked Samuda as the backup centre, but am not surprised he ended up being cut after the preseason he had. Who do we now have to move across to centre if Pouncey has to miss any playing time?

As for Watkins, I don't see how he can be any worse. I don't think we have lost anything bringing him in and if the change of scenery works then even better.

He may have not had a lot of success in Philly as a first round pick but suspect the talent is there

Flynn fu***ng blows, I predicted last year that R.Wilson was going to beat him out, now T.Pryor he should stop stealing money. And donate every penny he stole to the homeless people of Ca,Wi,Wa.st and apologize to America for being the liar thief and fraud he truly is !!


Agreed. I told you I conceded in the end that McNutt earned the spot over Bumphis. Not neccessarily Bumphis fault either btw. He produced when given the opportunity but whatever the case was McNutt produced more in a roster bubble, make or break moment and that TD was him showing his playmaking ability.

Again I feel the injuries to the rookie CBs has to have something to with this. There is no way you can go through an entire NFL season with just 4 active. Injuries will happen even if minor you can't expect say for example Hartline being a game time decision with a tweak or something in week 4 for Miami to have only 4 active. My bet is he will first to be called up. And I expect it sooner than later.

Kris, by the way

preseason game three - drives of 17, 5, 6, 10 and 7 plays

game 2 - 3, 4, 7, 3, 11, 3

game 1 - 3, 4, 3, 7, 5

So of 16 drives, 5 were three and out - less than one third and none in the one home game he appeared. Sure it wasn't perfect but my expectations are that this offense will finish at least 15 th in the league, the defense top 5, and the team be in the top ten in turnover ratio. This happens, they're in the playoffs. Offense and defense sure looked up to the task in preseason.

Sorry I missed the draft all. I was on a motorcycle road trip and thought the draft was Monday. I'll make the most of it roster wise (save me Chip Kelly, save me!!!).

Andy, i agree and re Bumphis, it's clear that the coaching staff just didn't like his physical skills. IN that case they did the guy a disservice by bringing him in. he is clearly a chain mover but not a big play guy. Can't ask the guy to be something he's not.

Not complaining about the move, I like the move watkins over samuda, just curious in case Pouncey goes down.

Clap-Clap Stomp, Clap-Clap Stomp, Clap-Clap Stomp, Clap-Clap Stomp!!!

That sound you hear is the '72 Undefeated, world-class Fantasy team taking the field against all rivals. Led by the best GM in the division (DC Dolfan) the '72's look to another magnificent Season. Anything but the SuperBowl would be considered a failure. Yes sports fans, this team isn't a run-of-the-mill mediocre squad, they are out for blood.

With that said, I am GUARANTEEING a Miami Dolphins victory this week. When's the last time we started the year with a win? Never you say, well it sure feels that way. EVERYTHING is different in 2013. Tannehill will become the #1 pickup next week on fantasy boards across America, fresh from a 300 yard, 3 TD game, NO INTs vs. Cleveland. Miami defense will have 1 pick-6 + 2 turnovers. Inevitability has just washed over this franchise. The long road back to redemption starts SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 8. BE THERE!!!

I really like this move for the Dolphins. Here's why:

The guy has the same birthday as me and is Canadian. So you're getting the 300 pound version of me. Actually I think I prefer football more than this guy....but whatever.

Armando's right.....it's a win- win situation for all involved. Fresh start for the kid and low risk move for the team. It actually feels a lot like the Incognito addition. Guy just wasn't working out somewhere else and gets a fresh start here. Now can he get nasty and play like we know he can? Hope so.

He didn't fit with what Chip Kelly's trying to do in Philly. He comes here without the pressure of being a first round pick and with having to start right away and hopefully the coaches can make him better.


how many of those drives were kept alive by a penalty...

Are you REALLY using the pre-season as the BE ALL...END ALL....

if that was the case...the 4-0 PRESEASON CHAMP Lions of a few years ago woudn't have went 0-16 in the same REGULAR season...

defenses isn't showing....and the line looked rough...and that was with SHORT work....its hard to believe that thru 4 quaurters that the line gets stronger...most likely they wear down further...and the pass rush gets more fierce....

You don't have to prove your fandom to me Mark...I know you are a real DEAL FIN fan...

but you might want to tell your wife to pinch you...cause it looks like your still dreaming....

Sorry DC, it all about The Lobstertubez this year. Wait till you see the TE coming to my team tommorow

Craig M...

Feels like a move for the sake of making a move...

Mark inToronto,

I have Eli Manning as my backup. We'll discount those two Super Bowl rings as well then,just to keep Mace happy.


Stop being a grump, put on your aqua and orange colored glasses and just anticipate a fun fin year. You are probably right with your assessment. But until then we will assume you are wrong Lol

Less than a week

Lets go Phins!!!

Just looked back at my 53 man roster prediction. I was pretty close. I had 50 of the 53.

Players out I had in- Francis, Randall, McNutt
Players in I had out- Devlin, Don Jones, Stanford

Year 2 Tannehill will be better than year 1 Tannehill. He had only 19 starts in college. Last year he was supposed to learn on the bench. He has a full year of NFL experience now.

He has far better weapons this year. His WR corps goes from Hartline/Bess/Matthews/Moore to Wallace/Hartline/Gibson/Matthews(I won't even get into Llegedu Nanae, Anthony Armstrong, and Jabar Gaffney.)

ETF, guess that would be Garner


I see DC guaranteeing a win for the wins this week. I like it! I'm also guaranteeing a win this week over you (ala Mark Messier). Looks like we both missed the draft Sunday but I think auto pick was kinder to me (just my opinion).

Good luck this week but expect a razzingTuesday as Brady, Bush, Wallace and Vernon Davis carry me to victory....lol.

jordans a moron,he must be an out of touch out of towner.
those are empty orange seats u moron,not peeps wearing orange jerseys.

Ted Ginn the jet killer has been looking pretty good lately.

Kris was probably in the bathroom when our starting offense drove right down the field against the Texans and Bucs. Both good defenses. Tampa had #1 rush defense last year.

Poor Zonk. You've been missing killer tail gate parties.



Kris @ 10:57am,

I don't get why you would say that. It's the possibility to add a guy with a bigger upside. You make that move EVERY time. If it works out its a stroke of genius. To me he's a better player than Samuda.

I laugh at the guys this morning who were handing out all the accolades to Samuda just a month ago. And I'm looking for all the MORONS who criticized the team for not signing Matt Flynn. What else you got fellas?

Kris, I'm not using the preseason as an end all and be all but simply as an indicator to show that he is improving.

For example, if he stunk it up and threw INTs every time out, we'd all be nervous no? So teh fact that he led the team down for a few TDs and made no mistakes that would cost his team a game not be reason for some optimism?

YOu brought up the Lions of a few years ago. I am not talking about a team's record but simply how the ones played vs ones. Tannehill did well.

You brought up penalties. Weren;t those penalties a result of our offense putting pressur eon their defense? Good offenses cause defenses to cheat to try to stop them.

Again, pay attention to what I'm saying. I expect the Dolphins to be a middle of the pack offense and keep their turnovers low and have the defense carry the mail. I don't think that's unrealistic.

Craig, I'm trolling ANYONE on here NOT predicting a win for us this week.

IT'S WEEK ONE DAMNIT! If you can't support your team THIS WEEK, then you're team DOESN'T WANT YOUR SUPPORT!

MIAMI! That's right. Tannehill, Miller, Thomas, Hartline, Nolan Carroll DOLPHINS! Slurp it down. Then burp yourself. Then slap the cop who's just pulled you over for speeding. WHO CARES! THE REGULAR SEASON IS FINALLY HERE!


my glasses broke when Keller's knees bent the wrong way...

but momentum is building....come KICKOFF SUNDAY...i'm all in...

Guys, it's a. Waste of time trying to analyze preseason. Means very little t the end of the day. It all starts Sunday and you'll be glad to know I have no baby showers or bar mitzvahs to attend Sunday. I'll be tuned in attentively to the game. Like DC. Says, "2013 is all new'.


I'm assuming we'll be able to pick the game up on Sunday on regular TV?

Good point on Flynn Craig. For all that's said about decision-making, the GM (and Philbin I guess should get credit here too) made the right decision by NOT paying Flynn a fortune to ride the pine since he's not good enough to start in this league.

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