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Dolphins sign Watkins, waive Samuda

The Dolphins have signed guard Danny Watkins, a former first-round pick of the Eagles. To room on the roster for Watkins the team waived guard Josh Samuda.

For Watkins this is a chance to redeem himself after a tough couple of years in Philadelphia. For Samuda, who had a poor preseason moving from center to  guard, his time with the Dolphins is in jeapardy as he is not practice squad eligible. 

The 6-3, 310 pound Watkins joins Miami after spending the last two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles (2011-12).  He was selected with the 23rd overall pick by the Eagles in the 2011 NFL Draft. In his career, Watkins has started 18 of the 23 games in which he appeared for the Eagles.  

Watkins was a two-year letter winner and started all 25 games played at Baylor after beginning  his collegiate career at Butte College. As a member of the Bears he earned first-team All-Big 12 Conference honors as a senior. Born November 6, 1984, Watkins played rugby and hockey at Mt. Boucherie Secondary School in West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Watkins is a reclamation project to be sure. He fell out of favor under new head coach Chip Kelly. But even before then, there were questions about his desire and love for the game.

The Dolphins have had success with reclamation projects at guard before with Richie Incognito. Of course, that was under a different head coach and staff.

We'll see.

Watkins signed a one-year contract.

Watkins played 126 snaps in the preseason at right guard and ProFootballFocus.com rated him the 39th best offensive guard in the league. He committed one penalty, gave up one sack, and had a minus-1.2 run blocking grade during those games.

Last year Watkins was ranked the NFL's 54th best offensive guard based on the seven games and 461 snaps he played. He had a minus-4.7 overall grade, allowing just one sack, nine quarterback hurries and committing two penalties.

Watkins was considered a bust in Philadelphia. Bottom line is he is better off in Miami where he comes in as a backup with a chance to prove himself. He has no draft pedigree he needs to live up to here.

If he's only good enough to be a backup, no one will complain. He was, after all, signed to a low-budget deal. If he's good enough to push John Jerry at right guard or eventually succeed Richie Incognito, who is in the final year of his contract, he'll be considered a huge success.

If he isn't very good at all, he'll be another bottom of the roster player that eventually is churned out on waivers.

It's a win-win-win.


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This could be a key signing, good move Jeff!

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 03, 2013 at 09:48 AM

You're exposed, Exposed.
Horrible signing, when Fernando Velasco, ex Titan, and 4 year starter is available. Guard/Center, excellent player caught up in numbers, as Warmack was drafted abd Velasco in final year of contract. He is the real deal, and better than half the guys we have. Watch NE or Pittsburgh get him.

week 17 = 28-0.
week 18 = week 1.?

Mace Faggert, nobody cares what you think. We all know you are a JETS fan who would give Sanchez a rubout anyte he needed one. Get off out blog.

it was a good draft fellas watch out for the cereal killers.....

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 03, 2013 at 10:53 AM

From your lips to the Almighty's ears!
On paper, we should win, but our advantage is barely more than paper thin, meaning our O-Line. Tanny needs time, as I don't believe we'll run very well.
Sturgis better be on his game. I see at least 3-4 attempts for him.

I see something like 16-13 Fins win.
Hope so.

that a pretty lopsided trade between you and marino.....seems like it may be a comspiracy for you to have a beast team....I voted against the trade lobster

veto the current trade in out league....vote no....conspiracy.....nobody trades jimmy graham for martellus Bennett....even with a rb kicker.....horse crap

"You Dolphinsfans really wanna know what the rest of the country outside of S.Florida really think about the dolphins ? In my fantasy team...................."

There couldn't be a better f%$#ing example of a stupid twit of a troll. I don't even think this one is looking for attention or hits, he actually believes this.

He lives in a fantasy world in here, probably walks around fantasizing he's someone else, I KNOW he fantasizes about guys in here, so why wouldn't he equate fantasy football to real football? The lines of reality and fantasy are so blurred to him he can't keep them straight. Dumb, dumb, moron


I've had this argument before on here but you don't just applaud your GM for the moves he makes but also for the moves he doesn't make. Not sure he got my argument. This is the NFL, where you have a finite number of dollars to spend. Dumb moves like signing Flynn to an inflated contract would ave hurt this team. Anybody wish we'd given up a first and a second for Carson Palmer? A third for the guy who was the Broncos? (Now with the Cowboys). These are the kind of moves that have crippled this franchise for years. Anyone think the Jets aren't kicking themselves for the contract they gave Sanchez?

I remember we'll what a once well respected NHL GM, Cliff Fletcher, once said, "sometimes the moves you don't make are more important than the moves you make".

78,remember, u can't bring u'r purse 2 the stadium any mo.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 03, 2013 at 10:44 AM

Kris (lol)

1. I watched a lot of three and outs. Kris
2. Out of 16 drives 5 were 3 and out. Mark
3. You can't use preseason as an example. Kris

1.st of all trolls.inc loser kiss my a** and losers in here actually have a fantasy draft among yourselves really so sad. Wow I know other than 2 years of Ricky (02-03) and 2011 Marshall boy I know it's been a pathetic 21.st century with nobody of relevanance. Me on the other hand knows how to win big, with you sorry losers in here I'll guarantee I go undefeated in your clown a** league !!

Posted by: AndyNJ | September 03, 2013 at 10:35 AM
Just thinking, carpenter makes those 2 kicks, Tanny would have led us to 9-7 record.
Not bad, considering.
ETF, backup center? That's why I've been screaming to sign Velasco. He was a STARTING center/guard for the Titans, and actually good enough to move Pouncy to guard in an emergency.
Ireland is clueless.

And the Samuda thing? Good, he sucked. He was bad in every phase of the game I watched him in and the roster position needed upgrading. If a change of scenery does this guy good he could be a beast. Even if he plays at his current level of play he is lightyears better than Samuda. I don't see why or how anyone would have a problem with this.

Which leads me to believe Kris is trying to keep everyone grounded today so there's not a massive freak out on Sunday night if the team loses! haha

But seriously, we shouldn't take Cleveland lightly. Weeden has been on fire, their line is much improved, and they have a stud running back. This is going to be a close game damnit.


So I'm lead to believe that your guy from the Titans is "an excellent player, cut in the numbers, in the last year of his contract". Did you even re-read that comment?

Teams don't get rid of players like that. Last year of his contract? Isn't that a good thing for a team? One of the reasons you get rid of a guy is because he has multiple years left on his contract, not because he's on his last year. So I'm missing your point.

And he 'got caught up in the numbers'? What does that even mean? It's obvious the Titans weren't happy with their guard play, so they drafted Warmack. If they were happy with your guy they wouldn't have drafted him or would have kept him around to mentor your guy.

An awful lot of things in your statements not adding up.

Craig, absolutely agree (the move you don't make could be more important than the ones you do).

Phins, here's how I look at it, Fantasy is about individual achievement. But SBs are about teamwork. Your 53-man roster needs to be on point to win a SB. So just because your team may not have individual players who are fantasy-worthy, doesn't mean they aren't a possible Playoff team.

ESPN the magazine predicted we're making the Playoffs, and I CONCUR!!!


Cleveland is improved....no question. Their defence is a lot better to. Richardson is a beast when healthy and their TE Cameron is an up and comer. They will miss Gordon a lot but Weeden is under-rated.

Bottom line:

If we are indeed. To going to be a playoff team this year, these are the games we need to win. No excuses Sunday.

Remember when Samuda was talking crap on twitter stating "none of you guys can do what we do" evidentley he cant either. LMAO!

I admit I don't know much about Watkins or Velasco but I don't think that counts as me being 'exposed'.

A backup struggled and was replaced by another backup, so be it.


Who cares about fantasy football (well actually we all do now.....but anyways)......fantasy football success does not equate to winning in the NFL. Where would Joe Flacco be drafted in FF? Much lower than how he plays in the NFL. Big Ben? Eli Manning? How about Cam Newton?

You can have all the stats you want, I only care about winning. A middle of the pack Tannehill and a top 5 defence should be enough to get us to the playoffs. I'd take that.

Horrible signing, when Fernando Velasco, ex Titan, and 4 year starter is available. Guard/Center, excellent player caught up in numbers, as Warmack was drafted abd Velasco in final year of contract. He is the real deal, and better than half the guys we have.


Not to rain on the parade but Velasco was an undrafted free agent and Watkins was a consensus first round pick. Velasco played in an entirely different system where he is used as an anchor and Watkins is a mauling puller who is good getting down the field. He fits perfectly with what the Phins are trying to do offensively and comes at a much cheaper price with higher upside.

It's a no brainer for any gm.

Posted by: mace taggart | September 03, 2013 at 11:34 AM

Sounds like a spurned lover. Just because you weren't invited to join the league bro, don't hate. We see your nose pressed up to the glass, watching the other kids play ball, and you feeling left out. There's always a kid or 2 that feels left out. Don't take it personal. The point here is, you have a chance to be part of something special here. Maybe since the Big Bang! In a few weeks, people all across the GLOBE will be jumping on the bus, wanting to be a part of the Miami Dolphins road to the SB. You can get in while there still seating. I suggest you break out your old Marino jersey, take that aqua and orange face paint you were saving for special occasion, and let it all hang out. Once this bus leaves the station, we ain't stopping for NOTHING!

Smauda must have been pretty bad cause Watkins sucks and really doesn't want to play football

Jet Hater,
Are you Cereal?
If so I just want you to know I put Eifert on the bench and replaced him with Owen Daniels for this weeks game.

Phins 78...

would you like to take more of my post out of context...or would you care to REPOST all of them...in their ENTIRETY...

talk about aking liberties wit someone ele's work....wtf....

Craig, what I meant to say was, unlike the Dolphins, the Titans try to re-up guys BEFORE the end of the season. Munchak was never fond of Velasco, inherited him from Fisher. Also, in reality, Warmack didn't replace Velasco, but another guy.
Your statement regarding teams that release guys is totally incorrect. The Stealers have made a career out of releasing guys due to money, or ,IN THER opinion, the guys is on the downside. Most of those guys have had productive careers after their release. Guys get let go ALL the time, some for cap reasons, often because the new GM wants HIS guys. Watkins is another Baylor guy, no coincidence, IMO. Ireland needs to zip his fly.
One thing not mentioned when Cleveland was evaluated was their HC, Rob Chudzinski. Don't be surprised when Cleveland pulls a few surprises. Rob was one of, if not THE best OC's in the NFL.
I still think we win.

D.C. WOW! You are fired up man and I think it's contagious. I'm not going to catch it though because I prepared. I can't be positive until I see the results.

There are so many question marks and no answers because we haven't seen these guys play together. And not many teams with so many new players gel in their first season. So I'm going to be cautiously optimistic. I know the future will get brighter but I'm just not sold that future starts Sunday.

But you're definitely making me smile! And you've forced a small amount of hope into my psyche.

And CraigM, even though my mum was from "Winterpeg", it's "offenSE", with an S.
DefenSe, with an S.
American football, my man. LOL

Craig, not sure about the local TV coverage. I'd be getting the laptop or Sunday Ticket ready.

I am loving the optimism on here today, even if I can't quite bring myself to 100% believe it, LOL.

I am more optimistic about this team than I have been in years, but the heartache is never far away from past disasters.

However, one thing I am sure off is we beat Cleveland. Yes they are improved, but they are missing a couple of key players, and as an organisation they always find a way to blow it. We have to win this game to throw down a marker to the rest of the NFL, and I think we will win by a touchdown or more as our D shuts the Cleveland O down.

Phins 78....

I actually believe we can...and should win....I mean after all...its the browns....one of the few teams who have actually been worse than us over the past decade....


for whatever reason they seem to beat us on the regular....

This game means everything....if we can't beat the browns...then we will be talking draft position by the end OCT...

speaking of draft....

Manziel comes in the game...throws 8 passes...3 of those for TDs...makes a a T.O. like signture gesture....followed by the universal sign for money....and his coach pulls him....

He may be a jack-hole....but the kid is ultra talented....

True Craig, playoffs means you have to win these games. I'm just afraid it will take a few games for the team to start to gel. And if they come together nicely there's no reason why they can't win some of the games they're not expected to win toward the end and still sneak in.


Very true on Carpenter. He definitely screwed us on 2 FGs you gotta be able to make and that's why he's been making more then a few rounds this preseason. What was it from Miami-Arizona-NY-Cleveland-Buffalo. Wow. Let's hope Sturgis has that clutch gene to make big time FGs.

I will be ++++ Tannehill when the 2 of his first 6 passes aren't thrown BEHIND his receivers.
If our #2's and 3 guys were blazing, I'd understand it, but neither Gibson nor Hartline are gonna win any footraces.
Can't wait to see the first big connection to Wallace. Hopefully that will shut up the ESPN guys saying the Wallace trade was folly. If the Jets had picked him up, they'd be falling over themselves in homage to Rex's boys.
Rex gone by game 5.

I've got to agree with Craig, if oyu are depending on other team's cuts to find starters or buried treasure, then your team is in rough shape. These guys are depth guys - in case of emergency break glass types or guys you hope your staff can coach up. NO all pros out there without a job .. So the signing of this guy over that guys is pretty much semantics. Doesn't really matter at the end of the day. To have this result determine that our GM is clueless??? That's a leap...

Kris LOL I was just messing around. I looked at the posts quick so I'm not denying they were probably taken out of context. No offense and sorry about that!

Wow, I think all the normal..and I mean normal people are actually on today. Told Mando I may come back and give the blog a try again. Hello fellas! Here's looking at...hopefully... a great year.

Andy, y'all can shorten it to "IMA." just watch what comes after. LOL
It's odd that carpenter has had such a tough time. SOMETHING must really be going on in his =head, of course acknowledging that kickers are a bit different.

DC @ 11:37, absolutely right. Last year's SB winning Qb doesn't ahve one pro bowl to his name, yet the guy who lost the game is on every commercial kissing his biceps and showing up at the ESPy's in sungalsses and tacky clothes and being mobbed by the ESPN clowns. You can have the fantasy football and the boy wiht pretty pictures and stupid slogans on his chest. Give me the winners ...

we'll see but should be a definite upgrade over Samuda, which aint saying much--but Watkins' game experience alone is a major positive.....seems like quality depth at the very least

drsamii.WELCOME to Fantasy Island.


We talk the Queen's English in Canada. It was around long before the bastardized version you Americans use.

Last point on your guy in Tennessee:

I'm not saying he's not a good player, he's fine. But easy on saying he's an 'excellent player'. Teams don't get rid of excellent players in the last year of their contracts. You use the Steelers as an example. Care to give me some examples?

Samuda gone? Good, should have been gone. Philbin seems to want to believe some players will 'get it' when they absolutely suck. Watkins? Maybe be the right move if he sees this as his last opportunity and changes his mindset.


For sure. Carpenter lost his confidence and seems like he cant find it again. I don't think he was terrible in OTA's or anything but you better nail everything dead center and boot some long kickoffs to hold off a kicker who has a 5th rounder used on him.

Not complaining about the move, I like the move watkins over samuda, just curious in case Pouncey goes down.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 03, 2013 at 10:48 AM


(Saw some more discussion regarding Wr's on the prior page, not sure who it was, but adding to that...)

I believe what ultimately hurt both Bumphis and McNutt was their lack of versatility.
Philbin has been on record now a few times saying his desire is to have interchangeable Wr's. I'd imagine at the backend of the roster, such versatility becomes even more important, so you can fill in where ever you are needed.

I liked McNutt when he came out of Iowa, but that was because I thought he could be the prototypical "X" in a WCO. The problem then would be, that's all he would be. With Bumphis you had a guy who could play the slot.

At the end of the day each guy had some positives, but what they lacked was that versatility. If either of those guys could contribute both wide and in the slot along with ST's I'd bet they'd be on the roster right now.

How can you NOT be optimistic? Other than Dustin Keller?

1 - We don't have a HC calling 1950-era plays in 2013.
2 - Our OC isn't older than the Earth
3 - WE HAVE WR!!!! Not 1, not 2, but THREE LEGITIMATE OPTIONS. You know what that means, we intend to PASS THE BALL (I know, who would a thunk it, right? You can actually pass in this league).
4 - EVERYONE is touting our defense.
5 - Our rookie QB....isn't a rookie any longer.
6 - Joe Philbin is 1 year wiser.
7 - We have a kicker who can kick a 50+ yd FG.
8 - Getting rid of bottom of the roster types that have been here for years (Spitler, Samuda) is actually a GOOD thing (shows your talent is getting better)
9 - It's not completely absurd to suggest we go 4-0 over the Jets/Bills this year.
10 - The GM/coaching staff know they don't have forever as a grace period to make things right. THEY ARE ALL ON THE CLOCK!

Those are just 10 reasons off the top of my head. There are hundreds more.


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 03, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Canadians sticking together. LOL
Mark, I agree that these fire sale guys should only matter in cases of desperation.
But lets just see which organization gets Velasco, and then we'll determine perhaps WHICH GM has the goods.
Truthfully, I will be ecstatic if Watkins becomes our next Larry Little, a guy who was let go by San Diego, came to the Dolphins, and only is in the HOF now,
My problem is that The Fins had a GREAT O-Line coach, and Shula. Watkins will not have that benefit, judging by the mediocrity the Fins O-Line has been for several years.

Kris that's the thing. I don't even know if we SHOULD beat them. There aren't many answers on our team right now.

And I don't want anyone to get me wrong, I'm not saying I have no faith or hope. There just isn't any tape, any evidence that these guys can play well together. Preseason means nothing to me because I know what goes on in those games with the play calling.

So there just isn't a good feel for this team right now and that's why I've seen predictions from 5-11 to 10-6. I have no idea what this team will look like when the starters play four quarters so it's hard for me to say we should beat Cleveland. They've been building their squad just like we have, it's their home opener, I'm feeling sick to my stomach!

Phins 78...

when read your 11:36 post...I realized wehere you were coming from...

and then the first post didn't seem like such a shot...

I think we are on the same page here...we want to see something...and there is nothing wrong with that...

DC and Mark and Rdubs want to wear BLIND HOMER GLASSES...and that cool....more power to them....be a fan the best way you know how....

I am a bit more grounded this year....more cautious....not jaded...but...give me something to root for...i'm on the EDGE of my seat waiting to stand and cheer...and if we are another boring....13-17 points (struggling) team again....ugghhh...is all I can say...

Kris is dead right (and I've seen him say it a few times now), this is a must-win game for us this week. This is a team we SHOULD beat. Lose this game and I think we have Indy next week, right? To me that will be a harder game. Start the season 0-2 and we have a problem.

Must win in week one, IMO. No excuses.

Everyone says the preseason doesn't mean much. I agree. So therefore it doesn't mean much for LG Martin either.

The next 2 or 3 games will tell us if we need an LT.


I guess I'm wondering why if your guy is such a good player, he hasn't signed with somebody yet. I mean shouldn't the Pats be all over this guy and shouldn't he be salivating at the thought of playing for them?

Just another part that doesn't add up.....

If McNutt ever gets on the radar espn will have a field day with his name. They will bust a Mcnutt over the guy.

DC @ 12.06

If we don't sweep the Jets and Bills I will be very disappointed. I know games against them are different, but we are light years ahead of them both. The Jets don't have anybody to fear at all and Bills only really have Spiller. That is why I do not understand the predictions some talkign heads have given that we will finish 3rd in the East. No way that happens.

It will be so nice to see this Dolphins blow them away this season. Having said that it will be nice to see this Dolphins team blow away all of the weaker opposition and not relying on Sturgis.

Craig M, least 4 of their all pro LB's, including Harrison. Hmm, Wallace?
It's ALWAYS a $$$$ thing with the Steelers, but their FO and ownership are SO much better, as evidenced by their drafts.

Language, so "put the biscuit in the basket" is terrific use of the English language?
Eh? That one REALLY impresses me.
I was tongue in cheek regarding your spellings, but your attitude is not appreciated, nor appropriate.


We talk the Queen's English in Canada. It was around long before the bastardized version you Americans use.

Posted by: Craig M | September 03, 2013 at 12:04 PM

A. Who Cares?

B. Football is an American sport, not canadian or some queen from Englands.

C. Bastardized or not; AMERICAN English is used when discussing American Football. Not some English queens version anyone cares about.

It's pretty ironic that a snobbish arrogant buffoon would make such a condescending, arrogant, snobbish comment about a bastardized language.

If the shoe fits eh!

12 PM...

WHY GEE is right on CUE...

OK...we have narrowed it down to WHY GEE does not have access to a computer until about noon....

is he in a MENTAL HOME...or in PRISON...that is the only question that remains...

I was tongue in cheek regarding your spellings, but your attitude is not appreciated, nor appropriate.

Posted by: IMAWriter | September 03, 2013 at 12:13 PM

Like I just said in the previous post. What do you expect from an arrogant self absorbed neomaxizundweebie?


I still see it somehow, someway of getting to 10-6. I am a strong believer in momentum for young teams. Miami has to win a very winnable game on the road. A vet team can bounce back after a slow start but a young team usually folds fast after slow starts to a season. Grabbing that 1st one is big for the Dolphins and other young, playoff hopeful teams around the league.

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