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Dolphins sign Watkins, waive Samuda

The Dolphins have signed guard Danny Watkins, a former first-round pick of the Eagles. To room on the roster for Watkins the team waived guard Josh Samuda.

For Watkins this is a chance to redeem himself after a tough couple of years in Philadelphia. For Samuda, who had a poor preseason moving from center to  guard, his time with the Dolphins is in jeapardy as he is not practice squad eligible. 

The 6-3, 310 pound Watkins joins Miami after spending the last two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles (2011-12).  He was selected with the 23rd overall pick by the Eagles in the 2011 NFL Draft. In his career, Watkins has started 18 of the 23 games in which he appeared for the Eagles.  

Watkins was a two-year letter winner and started all 25 games played at Baylor after beginning  his collegiate career at Butte College. As a member of the Bears he earned first-team All-Big 12 Conference honors as a senior. Born November 6, 1984, Watkins played rugby and hockey at Mt. Boucherie Secondary School in West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Watkins is a reclamation project to be sure. He fell out of favor under new head coach Chip Kelly. But even before then, there were questions about his desire and love for the game.

The Dolphins have had success with reclamation projects at guard before with Richie Incognito. Of course, that was under a different head coach and staff.

We'll see.

Watkins signed a one-year contract.

Watkins played 126 snaps in the preseason at right guard and ProFootballFocus.com rated him the 39th best offensive guard in the league. He committed one penalty, gave up one sack, and had a minus-1.2 run blocking grade during those games.

Last year Watkins was ranked the NFL's 54th best offensive guard based on the seven games and 461 snaps he played. He had a minus-4.7 overall grade, allowing just one sack, nine quarterback hurries and committing two penalties.

Watkins was considered a bust in Philadelphia. Bottom line is he is better off in Miami where he comes in as a backup with a chance to prove himself. He has no draft pedigree he needs to live up to here.

If he's only good enough to be a backup, no one will complain. He was, after all, signed to a low-budget deal. If he's good enough to push John Jerry at right guard or eventually succeed Richie Incognito, who is in the final year of his contract, he'll be considered a huge success.

If he isn't very good at all, he'll be another bottom of the roster player that eventually is churned out on waivers.

It's a win-win-win.


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In a perfect world, we wouldn't even have to see Watkins. I'm not saying wither Watkins nor Velasco will be difference makers. Velasco was cut probably because he's like our Richard Marshall. Expected production did not equal the cap number so he's gone. Probably will be a good depth move for someone else.

The thing I like most about the Watkins signing ... spells the end of YG using that stupid Canadien Bacon login ... talking about spelling , it's Canadian in English, not Canadien unless you parlais Francais....

Two Canadians on the Miami Dolphins. That alone guarantees 5 extra wins ...

"But lets just see which organization gets Velasco, and then we'll determine perhaps WHICH GM has the goods."

IMAWriter that's the thing. Any GM can sign this guy, that's not the hard part. If the Pats sign him it's because they believe he is a fit in their system. The hard part is identifying players that will fit into your locker room and your offensive system. And making the determination that he has upside over another player and can be coached up. The o-line coach is involved in the process, the coach is heavily involved. This is a team decision. Not on Ireland alone ESPECIALLY 4 days before game day, this is when the coaches take over. Ireland more than likely went to Philbin with the idea and Philbin had to okay it. After all he had been working Samuda a lot and knew better than anyone whether he was a keeper.

The bottom line is the Dolphins run a different system. Therefore a player that is gold for another team could be garbage for our team. Am I wrong here?

For all that is holy, you should probably know that professional organized football was played in Canada before the United States ... just saying...

Actually, I'm ready for some bygones, Craig, if you are.
I'm a conservative, and a bit USA provincial, as you are towards your country.

I do appreciate FATIH having my back, though! LOL
Thanks, man.

Not so confidentially, I've been called a blowhard as well, usually music.

Kris at 12:09,,,,BINGO. (except for the blind homer glasses comment, I do not endorse that ;)

CraigM, I believe Velasco was making over 3 million a season, and perhaps the shock of his release is still there. Maybe his agent is weighing offers. He goes to the 53, so the best team, + best money has to be weighed.

Andy NJ....

I agree...

this team..and we as FANS can not be waiting a moth until we have a win under our belt...

this team as of late is a slow starter...in terms of game play...and length in to the season...

Let's change that with an EARLY SEASON win...

Let's get a OPENER....when is the last time we did that...maybe against minnisotta....i don't know...

I just remember that being Dansby's BEST game ever as a FIN...

I also like the Watkins signing, if the change of scenery helps him find his mojo and mean streak then the phins got quality back up on the cheap. Being a big mean nasty sob is one of my favorite traits in an O. Lineman. Makes me think of Ron Heller...

"the bastardized version you Americans use."


Gotta go, lunch break WAY over, music awaits.
Good stuff today, much appreciated.

Phins 78...

was blind homer a bit much....


i'll dial it down a bit...

how about LOYAL to a FAULT fans...

(just kidding men)

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 03, 2013 at 12:19 PM

hahaha, 2 Canadians.
Didn't we think that about multiple Samoans?

The Fins were respectable when we were the ONLY team in the NFL with 2 "Irvings", Friar and Spikes.

Cleveland has no one to cover Brandon Gibson.

Cleveland has no one to cover Brian Hartline.

Cleveland has no one to cover Mike Wallace, not even Haden.


Yeah I think you took my comments the wrong way. My comments about the Queen's English were actually tongue in cheek too. It's obvious YG missed that point too.

Mark, is right though, football was played in Canada long before it was played in the States. The CFL is the longest running North American sports league. With all due respect to you guys, I know for a fact they don't spend a lot of time teaching in schools what happens outside of the US. Shame.

And your point earlier about the Steelers, both Harrison and Wallace (and others) were without contracts when they let them go. Mendenhall too. Pretty sure Woodson was the same way. Your guy from the Titans was still under contract. Big difference.


Yeah our early schedule is very tough after a winnable game vs Cleveland. Miami has to win that one to gain their footing to start the season. Week 2 at Indy is a team everyone see's as a playoff caliber team with Luck. Week 3 we play hands down the best skill positions team in the league in Atlanta. Week 4 on the road at night vs the Saints (that game could get ugly IMO). Week 5 vs the defending champs.

Miami has to come out of those first 5 games minimum 2-3 before going into a bye week if they want any chance at going 10-6 which is what it will take to take a wildcard. Still see Pats as division winner.

And YG,

Welcome to the daily blog. I see your alarm didn't go off again.

For all that is holy, you should probably know that professional organized football was played in Canada before the United States ... just saying...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 03, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Mark is right. The sport failed there because they couldn't run through grass on skates.

lol @ 12:31....


Kris, before Week 1 is the PERFECT time to be a "blind homer." There's no data that cancels out the behavior. Now, post Week 1, you have data with which to analyze the team. I don't believe there is any definite (or even valuable) data that stems from Pre-Season. Starters only play a hot minute, the entire playbook isn't available, and there's no game-planning (or very limited). No good analysis can come from that.

I will put my critical hat back on next week, once I have true date with which to critique.

But until then, I'm a BLIND HOMER and I'm PROUD OF IT!!!

Craig I knew you weren't serious about the comment which is why it made me laugh. But I also knew there would be a few who didn't understand and a couple who would pretend to not understand on purpose. Welcome to the Dolphins in Depth, sheesh.


How are we 'lightyears' ahead of Jets and Bills?
The jets have 3 #1 picks on thier DL, Dee Milliner at CB, Stephen Hill and Holmes at WR, solid OL. Oh yean and Geno Smith who many though would go #1 overall is thier QB.

The Bills also have talent to be reckoned with: Mario Willams, CJ Spiller, Steve johnson, Leodis Mckelvin and EJ Manuel at QB.

New Power Rankings have us at 20 at espn

IMAWriter, am I not making valid points? Or are they so valid that you don't have a response? ;p

(sorry about the emoticon DC!)

Posted by: Craig M | September 03, 2013 at 12:28 PM

CraigM, you said "I know for a fact they don't spend a lot of time teaching in schools what happens outside of the US. Shame."--
That is SO much BS.
Do YOU have kids in the American school system?
I do, pal. 3 of them.
The crap regarding Muslims and the "3rd world" they have to swallow is sickening.

I hereby, for at least today take back my "bygones."
What a tool, man.


It is somewhat disturbing to think that in the past 10 seasons we have only won twice on opening day. In 2010 we beat the Bills and in 2005 the Broncos.

Not sure of the stats for the second game but would not surprise me if in most of those years we ended up 0-2.

IMA, we had the multiple samoan thing a few years back and it didn't work out so well with a young Soliai,Misi, and that fullback who ran through a wall then punched out some dude in the parking lot of the local Cheesecake Factory.

It's ok Phins, this blog respects everyone, including the LGBT community.

And Cleveland is favored by 1.

Uh oh....I'm hearing the Browns just signed 2 corners off the street.
Banged up secondary = doom come Sunday.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 03, 2013 at 12:31 PM

THAT one?


Yeppers, Mark in Ontario, CraigM in PEI, seems like we didn't study Canadian football in elementary school.
Reading, writing, arithmetic, science somehow got in the way.

ETF, because both of those teams have projects running their offense. And as we all know, this is QB-driven league. So you can have 52 ProBowlers on your team, if your QB is worse than Mark Sanchez, you're light years behind every other team.


Its all good....i've become accustomed to your week 1 rants...even to the point that I look foward to them...

and by rant...i mean...positive and emotionally charged PRO-FIN post...I actually believe you could be a motivational speaker....

So yes...this is the best week with which to let it all fly...

but for me...i'm like Phins 78...

I feel kinda sick to my stomache right now...

looking forward to a GREAT showing tho...

Well played p78, well played. I guess I should turn in my citizenship since hockey is like my 3rd favourite sport ... that's like an Italian not liking pasta or a Greek not eating Olives, or an American not eating ... hot dogs???

DC and Craig M...

watched BREAKING BAD on netflix....

awsome show....

its kind of artsy...but i really got into it....the wife...no so much....

looking forward to the conclusion.....

IMA, we had the multiple samoan thing a few years back and it didn't work out so well with a young Soliai,Misi, and that fullback who ran through a wall then punched out some dude in the parking lot of the local Cheesecake Factory.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 03, 2013 at 12:37 PM

You;re referring to Reagan M'aui'a (spelling), I believe.
We'll, at least he and victim ate well.

imawRITER I think he meant on world politics and I certainly can't deny that. The system is getting better in that sense in that they are starting to try to make american students more aware of the entire world. For so many years we were taught about our own history and barely touched on world history. And we never were told about goings on in other countries as children, most of that stuff being hidden from us. It set us back a bit in education and the stats prove it.

But have no fear although we have our flaws we live in a great country. We have recognized the problem and have started implementing changes. Our kids are learning about more than the Muslims but I can see why you might focus on that part after recent events.

Always remember the Muslim faction that causes the problems is a VERY small percentage of Muslims in this country. It is not what they are all taught, those are the extremists. You shouldn't hate the Muslim religion because a small minority of them are idiots.

If that's the case you should hate all Christians because the KKK exists.

20th? up 3 spots without playign a game... hold on NFL Network, we're coming!!!

And is it the NFL Network or the RG3 network. Holy crap, we are now joining already in progress as RG3 gets his chest waxed ... man...

ETF @ 12.35

OK, maybe light years was a slight exaggeration, LOL. I do think we are better than both of those teams though, and would fully expect to sweep them.

The Jets may have some talent but they are a mess right now. They have a coach waiting to be sacked and their O is just a joke. They will not have a running game, and yes Geno may have been touted as #1 pick overall, but he is by no means ready to be an NFL starter. Milliner is being expected by all in New York to replace Revis, but he just isn't ready to do that yet and he will have a rough introduction to the NFL this season.

As for the Bills, again outside of Spiller who do they have as a proven game changer. E.J Manuel has a long way to go before he is good enough to start winning games for the BIlls, and that is if he can stay healthy. Their D may well be improved for this season but they still have many of the same players who were a disaster last season.

The Bills I see as a slightly bigger threat, but only slightly.

Dolphins 34
Browns 20

Mace Faggert knows how to win guys!! Nobody has gotten more underage boys in his bed then good ole JETS fan Mace. WINNER!!

Mark I kid because I love! You know I'm a huge hockey fan and have played hockey since I was 10. Couldn't resist the joke, the imagery was priceless.

Dear Mr. Kris

It was recently reported that although Breaking Bad is scheduled to air the final season this summer, AMC has been talking about creating a spin-off surrounding Bob Odenkirk’s character, Saul Goodman.

Saul Goodman: If you're committed enough, you can make any story work. I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it.

Soiled :)

Go Phins

IMA, I hear what you're saying about curriculums in school. My wife is a high school teacher so I ahve a pretty good sense of it. Because of the hogwash, we fully intend to have the kids enrolled in Cathlic schools. SOme of that "stuff" is curtailed there at least.

DC lol @12:38


That would be cool to see that many points up on the board and I'd take them points anyway I can get them. I see perhaps the stinker of the weekend offensively but with Miami having more weapons therefore making a few more plays in a 20-16 type of game. But I'd gladly take your prediction over mine if it holds to be the case.

And yes! They shouldn't even wait for you to turn your papers in, they should just come to your house and take you out in the middle of the night. Drop you off in Texas somewhere. How dare you not like hockey first! Haha

Kris, the artsy stuff in Breaking Bad is what I appreciate the most. The whole dark, lonely, cold vibe makes the show so much better. Best example of cinematography in any show ... I think cinematography is the right word there. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Lets go dol-phins clap clap clap clap clap lets go dol-phins

Posted by: Phins78 | September 03, 2013 at 12:45 PM

I keep getting hooked back in.
So, we can study one religion in school (Islam) but not Judaism, Christianity, etc?
Where is the Muslim american communities outrage for all the genocide perpetrated by so called Muslims?
Folks that take your position either don't have kids in school being subjected to this crap, or have swallowed the Kool Aid.

I must stop, as I am doing exactly what I don't appreciate others doing. For 6 years, I was a moderator on www.coffeegeek.com, and should know better.

GO DOLPHINS, 16-13 WIN!!!!

Miami Dolphins = under rated
Screw the line<

Freakin soiled! Love that line from breaking bad. Bob Odenkirk used to be on an hbo thing called Mr. Show. Was real funny back in the day.

Have to go gentelemen. Great thread today and talk to you all later.

P78, someplace like California would be more appreciated since it is football then futbol that really capture my imagination then hockey. All those sports are big there. yes, California is producing big time hockey players. I believe 9 first round picks from the state a few years back.

'gentlemen'. Couldn't leave on a typo.

Thanks 2 watt. Someone has to make the donuts.

Do I have fears, butterflies in my stomach, hell ya. Dustin Keller was a HUGE loss (I'm not in agreement with Craig and others that the "next guy up" can fill that void). Offense, while looking better, still isn't churning the way the great offenses do (almost without effort). We've got youth EVERYWHERE (which means on the job training and learning in the FUTURE from the mistakes they make NOW). We're thin in a lot of areas (the injury bug could separate us from our goal of positive improvement this year).

But you guys think 31 other teams aren't thinking that right now? You think the NFL isn't a league filled with parity? Anyone can do it this year. Why not us? Stranger things have happened. Same owner, same GM, same HC, same OC/DC, same QB, same Cameron Wake. These guys make too much money to keep walking in place. When I went to the White House to honor the 72 Dolphins I heard the same refrain, "when will it be our time again?" Fans are ready. The Owner is ready. The GM is ready. The HC and the players want the glory to be remembered for all time as the guys that made it cool to be a Dolphins fan again. Because being a Dolphins fan means you're a fan of a WINNER. In the end, in Feb 2014, only 1 will stand. We don't have to escape reality and demand it's us. It might take longer than that. But there are attainable goals. 3 FGs last year would have made them come true. With a rookie QB. With a depleted WR core. With a horrendous secondary.

Playoffs isn't a dirty word this year. Playoffs is a laudable goal. AND IT'S WITHIN SIGHT. We just need to play with passion. And ferocity. We need to see ourselves as winners. This isn't the post-Jay Fiedler Dolphins. This isn't Saban's Satanists. This isn't Cam Cameron's Band of Dysfunctional Disasters Waiting to Happen. We've been through those nightmares. We've made it to the other side. We have nothing left to fear. We've seen the worst they have to offer. There's nowhere to go but up. Protect your house. That's all. Falcons, Ravens, Bengals, Chargers, Panthers. PROTECT YOUR HOUSE. Then go 4-0 vs. weaker division rivals (or split with 2 and go 2-0 vs. the other) and you're right there. It's not hard. But it takes sacrifice. And effort. And yeah, a little luck. But we have to believe. If we don't believe, then how can anyone else.

I BELIEVE! Make a difference. Join me.

dc, do you have any guns,pills,1" rope,amonia + chlorine,1 car garage high balcony's or a gas stove near by,

As for the Bills, again outside of Spiller who do they have as a proven game changer. E.J Manuel has a long way to go before he is good enough to start winning games for the BIlls, and that is if he can stay healthy. Their D may well be improved for this season but they still have many of the same players who were a disaster last season.

The Bills I see as a slightly bigger threat, but only slightly.

Posted by: verbalkint1 | September 03, 2013 at 12:46 PM

I watched the FSU Vs. Pitt. game last night and as a fan of UM and ACC Conf. Football I saw plenty of EJ Manuel QB'ing and was NEVER impressed in the least. Last night True Fr. QB Jameis Winston playing with the exact same O outside LT M.Watson looked alot better running that team. Some teams just really reach! The Vikes selection of noodle arm C.Ponder at #12 overall comes to mind as another recent reach. I see Leftwich in Manuel.

I did also watch the Jets Vs. the Lions and can tell you that Milliner more than held his own covering Megatron one-on-one. Big kid who runs 4.35/40, was nicked coming in with Sports hernia and nagging ankle trouble but nothing that will keep him sidelined.

browns toss ^.
colts loss.
falcs loss.
saints loss.
ravens loss.
or 0-5.

I do have 1 child in school (10) and a niece and nephew in college in North Carolina. I also have two nephews age 8 that I help my sister (who works for the school board here in Upstate NY) with so I'm pretty close to the situation.

I teach my son and nephews everything they need to know about our religion (christianity) and they attend Sunday school all together. When they are old enough they can make up their own minds on religion as I'm not forcing my personal beliefs on them. I do not want the school system teaching my children about my religion when they should be spending time with more important courses that will actually help them get ahead in a very competitive world.

Why would I want a stranger teaching my child about my religion? Silly you know?

And the only reason they are being taught about the Muslim way of life/religion (they're not just being taught about acceptance of the religion but about the way the people are as well) is because people in this country have no clue what these people are like and think they are all terrorists. They are beating them in the streets because of their religion. Is that America? Not my America, they should have the same freedoms I'm afforded. And it's not my religion or culture so how will they learn about it if not through the school?

Who's going to teach them about Muslims,,,,me,,,you? We don't know the first thing about these people so yes the school is trying to educate. They feel that between church and home we should be able to teach our own children about our OWN religion.

And if they grow up more educated about a religion and way of life that covers much of the world won't they be better able to face future challenges in the workplace? The Muslim population in this country is growing and are kids are going to have to work with these people to get ahead.

So do we want our kids scared of every Muslim they encounter when they grow up or do we want them to be able to accept their differences and work together toward building a better world? That's my stance, I'm not going to let hate and irrational fear guide my childrens lives, I want them to be happy and successful for the betterment of our country. Just a different way of looking at it I guess.

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